The Victoria's Secret Male Model #6

By : A. Williams

    Both Lance and Frankie woke up on Monday morning knowing they had to go get up and head into the office and show Tom the photos Lance had taken. They had to go to the printers before the next issue could go out. All they wanted was more... lots more time alone together. Life had been so special for both of them the last few days and neither wanted it to end so quickly but duty calls.

    Both men lay tangled together awake but not moving. Both men knowing they had to go to work but neither wanting to let go of the other. Both men thought if no one spoke the spell of sweet love they had created would never be broken.

Lance was the one who broke the spell, "Morning Baby, I love you."

"Morning Tiger, I love you too." Frankie said smiling.

"You feel so good in my arms." Lance said.

"I belong right here, I wish I could wake up every morning with your hairy chest against my back." Frankie snickered.

    "Great idea Baby, move in with me... today right after work?" Lance said excitedly pulling Frankie closer to his chest.

    "God you feel so good. Do we have to get up and go to work?" Frankie groaned never wanting to move and wanting the idea of moving in together to be forgotten.

    "You know we are on a dead-line... but maybe Tom will allow us a few days off once he sees those stunning photos Baby," said Lance sitting up and throwing the covers off both of them. "Up and at'um Baby. The sooner we go, the sooner we can get back," he laughed.

    "Come and take a shower with me. Maybe if you are sweet I will put my hard cock in the sweet ass and make us cum. Maybe?" Lance teased.

    That did the trick, Frankie was out of the bed and starting the water in 2 seconds and a tail feather. (Southern slang for "NOW") Lance laughed heading to the bathroom with a throbbing hard-on and the lube ready for another round.

    Another first for Frankie, showering with a man... his man he remembered. He shivered with anticipation as he felt Lance step in behind him. Lance grabbed the shampoo and started to wash Frankie's hair. Then he grabbed the body wash and went to town. His hands slick with soap and suds, he scrubbed Lance's whole body. Every nook and cranny was squeaky clean and Frankie's cock was leaking.

    "Please Lance, I need you inside me... please Tiger take me and make me cum." Frankie begged.

    Lance was happy to oblige. He lubed up his cock and Frankie's hole as the warm water cascaded down on them and around them. When Lance pushed in slow Frankie groaned out "Fuuucckkk... yyeesss... go faster... so great." Grabbing his waist tightly, Lance picked up the pace and switched the angle to go deeper. Frankie screamed out, "Oooohh...YYYEEESSS...RRIIIGGGHHHTTT there Tiger yes... fuck me hard!"

    All that could be heard were grunts and groans of raw man sex for about 10 minutes. Then screams of pure ecstasy... "FFFUUUCCCKKK...YYEESS CCUUUMMMIINNGGG...TTIIIGGGEERRR." Frankie squealed as he shot huge ropes of cum on the shower wall.

    As his ass clamped down on Lance's cock he shot too. "DDAAAMMM... YYYEEESSS...SSSOOOO...HHOOOTTTT," he screamed as he unloaded in his lovers ass over and over. They both crumbled to the shower floor snickering and panting.

    "Baby you are so important to me. I do love you... you know that right? You aren't a fling to me." Lance said seriously.

    "I know Tiger. Don't get all mushy on me. I still have to wash you so we can go." Frankie said standing "Come on, you need that mop of brown curls washed badly."

    They finished their shower, got dressed and headed down to the parking garage and there stood David... at the ready.

    "Good morning gentlemen, where to this morning?" he asked opening the door and tipping his hat. "Main office, please David." Lance said.

    From the Limo Lance placed a call to Tom's office so he would be aware they were on the way... very late but heading that way. Lance smiled and grabbed Frankie's hand remembering WHY they were late.

    Soon they were walking in the main lobby hand in hand and those exceptional photos in Lance's leather portfolio under his arm. They were the key to their future together thought both men.

    They entered that special elevator where they had first meet squeezing their claps hands tighter and smiling. They gazed loving into each other's eyes as they were whisked to the top floor.

    BING... the elevator sounded and they walked out and Lance stopped at the main office door and asked.

"Baby I need to know how much do you think Tom should know about US?"

    "Tiger it will be impossible for me to hide my love for you, I say let him know everything!" Frankie said enthusiastically.

    They kissed deeply and sweetly and walked on in hand in hand... proud to be in love and together. "Right this way gentleman," the secretary said leading them to a huge conference room.

    The door swung open and the table was full of the top executives of the company. Both Lance and Frankie swallowed hard, nervous now not expecting this much interest in their project. Standing Tom said "Hey fellas relax. Grab some coffee and take a seat. We have a few questions for you both."

    Lance pulled out a chair for Frankie and helped him sit. "Baby it will be fine," he whispered in his ear. Lance got them coffee and sat next to Frankie taking his hand in his own.

"How was the shoot fellas?" Tom asked

    "Perfect Tom. The photos will speak for themselves and answer ALL your questions gentlemen. Let's put those up on the screen for all to see Tom." Lance said full of confidence in both Frankie's looks and his skills to capture it on film.

    The lights were dimmed and the screen lowered. The slide show began with sexy music playing in the background. Each shot was held still for 15 seconds until the last four... the ones in the fan... they were held for 30 seconds. The lights come up and all the executives stood clapping and Tom had a huge smile on his face.

    Everyone sat back down and Tom spoke "Damn fellas, I knew it would be great but... these were the best I have ever seen in 30 years here. This offer I have for you seems inadequate so I am going to double it. Three year deal... ten million a year, six shoots at least 500 photos and we keep all the negatives."

    "No can do Tom, three years is good, only four shoots and the negatives are mine .... Take it or leave it." Lance said calmly.

"Fuck... DONE DEAL MAN!!!" Tom yelled giving away his cards.

Shit thought Lance. I should have asked for more. That was too easy.

    They all shook hands and signed paper work and soon Lance and Frankie were in the Limo and headed back home.

"Damn Tiger that was intense. What now?" Frankie asked.

    "Whatever you want Baby... We do not have to work for a month... What to go on vacation? Or do you have other plans?" Lance answered and asked.

They arrived home and walked in both men confused with the other.

    Frankie was scared to commit to Lance... he loved him but everything was happing so fast. Too damn fast.

    Lance wanted Frankie to move in NOW... he had finally found "THE ONE" and did not want to waste another second being alone.................

Part #7 .......soon....Thanks for reading and posting.......A.


A. Williams

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