The Victoria's Secret Male Model #5

By : A. Williams

    They woke around midnight, starving and needing to piss. It took a while to untangle themselves one from the other and they laughed at the commotion they made. They ran to the bathroom, barely making it there before the torrent of piss was unleashed. Both men smiled at the other, sharing the toilet with another man in the nude somehow seemed so intimate and special.

"I'm starving Baby, ready for that pizza now?" Lance asked.

    "Yes and chocolate ice-cream too!" Frankie laughed. "I crave ice-cream after I cum hard," he admitted. "And Hairy Bear, you sure made me cum really hard earlier." Frankie said blushing.

    Lance shook the last drops of piss off his slowly hardening cock and grabbed Frankie's still pissing member. As the stream ebbed Lance began to slowly stroke his lengthening dick.

    "Still want this beauty deep in my ass Baby. You turn me on to full throttle. You're one fine sexy man." Lance said sensually. Frankie batted his hand away.

        "Don't get things heated up yet Tiger or we will never eat. Let's order the pizza before I waste away from starvation." Frankie said smiling, pleased Lance seemed to want him again so soon.

       "Are all my nick-names going to be animals Baby?" Lance teased as they make it back to the bed and lay down in each other's arms Lance grabbed the phone. Waiting for an answer and dialing the manager's desk. Lance spoke on the phone a few minutes then said.

    "Pizza and Ice-cream on the way for my starving Baby," as he rubbed Frankie's smooth defined abs. He lowered his bearded face and pressed his lips softly to Frankie's. They kissed slowly, tongues running over each other so sensually. No rushing, lips sucked ....tongues sucked so sweetly. Lance moved to Frankie's soft neck, as he licked and sucked.

    Frankie said, "Please Tiger... mark me as yours... only yours sweet man." Lance bite hard and sucked harder, that mark would be there a while Lance thought proudly... fuck he is mine... only mine... Goddamn right.

    Frankie moaned loudly. "UUUUMMMMM.... Fuck so good Tiger....yes feels so good, here and now I vow myself to you faithfully... you are my only man Lance."

    Lance rose up and looked deep in his black eyes, "Really Baby, you only want me? I know I only want you sexy man... are you sure Frankie?"

    "Ooooh yes I am sure Tiger, come and put that monster in me... make us one forever." Frankie pleaded.

    "No Baby... we should wait to make love, we both need to be absolutely sure. Once our cherries are busted there is no going back baby." Lance said softly.

    The elevator binged, the food was here. "Food back soon with plates and spoons for that ice-cream you need." Lance laughed remembering the taste of his cum.

    He was back lickety split, with plates, spoons, 2 pizzas, ice-cream and two cans of Pepsi. "Baby the hunter is back," he beamed with pride. "With our supper," he said laughing and placing the goodies on the bed.

    "Tiger, I am impressed at your hunting skills... what a savvy hunter you are." Frankie said grabbing a slice of pizza with a huge smile. They ate in comfortable silence, eyeing each other's naked bodies with longing and thinking about what was said right before the food came.

    After they ate some pizza, Lance moved everything off the bed except one spoon and the gallon of chocolate ice-cream.

    "Now the fun begins Baby, lay back and let me feed you some ice-cream." Lance ordered and Frankie obeyed.

    Lance sat on Frankie's crotch and opened the ice-cream. He go a spoonful and slowly ran it over his sweet lips, Frankie loved the teasing and slipped out his tongue out to receive his first lick.

Lance placed the spoon on his tongue and said, "Lick it baby, like it was my cock."

    Frankie put on an excellent show and soon received more spoonsful to lick and suck, both men getting very turned on by their play.

    "Tiger, I need the real thing... let me suck your monster and get it ready for my man pussy... Please Lance... I need you, only you." Frankie begged in full blown lust for his man.

     "Please let me love you in my own special way... only a way a virgin can. I am ALL yours Lance, heart body and soul... take me, claim me for always together in that VERY FIRST TIME of sweet love making, that first penetration of love." Frankie said offering up his whole-self.

    Lance could not hold back any longer, so lust filled and love filled, his heart in overdrive. He knew right then that he loved Frankie and he would love him forever.

    "Yes My Baby I will make us ONE forever... yes let me get you ready. I need to eat that pussy... yes so sweet." Lance said as he pushed his legs over his head. When he saw that nice hairless hole of Frankie's he groaned.

    "Uuuummm. Yesss... baby. I love that asshole... that pussy of mine, only mine." Lance said as he thought how perfect ... absolutely perfect it is and ALL mine.

    He dove in licking, biting and sucking and he began to push his hot wet tongue in hard. That's when Frankie started to beg for more.

    "Fuck... yyyeesss mmmooorreee so good...... damn sssooo ggoooddd. Ga.. ga... ggiiivvveee iitt ttooo mmmee." Frankie begged and pleaded loving the feeling of Lance's beard on his ass. He was grabbing Lance's head pushing it in harder, pulling his hair ... ears ... anything he could grab to get that tongue in deeper.

Frankie screamed out "FUCK ME NOW BEROFE I CUM."

    Lance rose off his ass, face soaked with spit and pressed his leaking monster to Frankie's hole and pressed in with no resistance at all, so Lance when slow all the way in. Both men happily moaned... "OOOOoooohhhhhhh... Uuuummmmm." Lance pulled out slow again they both moaned at the intense pleasure they were having, "AAAAhhhhhhh... Uuuuuummmmmm."

    Frankie begged, "yyyeeesss Tiger...sooo ggoodd...nooo ... ppaainnn. Faster yes... II am ggooiinngg ttoo cccuummm...ffuuuckkk ...ffaasstteerrr."

    Lance was close too and began to do rabid thrust. Soon there were more screams to be heard.

"Yyeess...I...I'm ccuummmiinngg." Frankie screamed.

    At the same time Lance screamed "Ooohhh...YYYYEEESSSSSS....HHHEEELLL YEEESSS," as he blasted away in Frankie's sweet ass.

    Lance collapsed on Frankie and in all his creamy cum on his chest with such deep satisfaction of cumming in his Baby's sweet ass, the man he loved deeply. Frankie loved his mans seed in his ass, he knew he would never love another man...ever.

Lance was the first to say IT...It... those 3 little words that change your life forever.

    Still on top of Frankie, he licked up his neck to his ear and said "My sweet Baby, you are mine and I am yours... forever and always my Baby... Frankie, I love you."

    "God... Ooooh my God Lance ... I love you till the end of much do I love you... more than my heart can bear."

They held each other tighter in beautiful filling love... true love.

Part #6 coming soon.......Thanks for posting ..... And reading ....A.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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