Prologue: The Fly On The Wall.


Que cries out in pain, "Chrissss fuck me harder!"

Chris replied with another thrust of his 10" inch Black Dick Into Que's Wet Asshole. Chris grabbed Que's girly hips and went to ramming him over and over again. Que arched his back so far that if he arch it anymore it might break. He leaned his head down and with his pearly white teeth he bit down on Chris Bed Pillow and with his right hand he grabbed his Caramel colored 8" inch dick and went to jacking it off. He was all into this good fucking. As the pain subsided and sexual pleasure filled his body he began to throw his ass cheeks back causing Chris to grunt louder, "Ahh Baby This hole is to tight."Que replied, "its all yours Chris. Shoot all of your babies in me. I wanna have your babies floating in me."

Chris picked up speed and went to sliding his man pole in and out of Que faster and faster. Causing Que legs to give out and he laid flat on Chris King Size bed. However, that didnt Stop Chris. He pressed his thumbs into Que back dimples and went to fucking him senseless.

Moments later, Que cried out, "Chris im bout to cummmm."Chris replied, "me too. Lets do it at the same time. 3...2...1."

The both grunted, "ughh... ahhh...yeaa" at the same time.

As Chris fell on top of Que they was breathing heavy. The room air was filled with filthy sex. Chris turned Que over and with his big juicy lips he placed kisses on Que lips. Chris said, "This was a one time thing. This cannot happen again, Que."

Word, it cant. No one can know or find out about this too, Que replied.

Que kissed him back and grabbed Chris Comforter from the floor and covered their bodies and they stared out of Chris Patio window at the dark sky until they drifted asleep.


(See Im A Fly on the wall of Chris's bedroom and he think that no one knows that he had just had sex with his student. He was wrong. I know and i will be watching, because no one pays attention to the fly on the wall. However, I jumped in this story in the middle. I was not always this noisy of a fly. Lets take you back a week earlier when this all begun, right when Senior year started at Keating High School, in Atlanta. I was minding my business at first i swear it.)




I rose up out of bed and looked out my window and the sun was beaming through. I yawned and said, "fuck, School is back."I picked up my PS3 Controller and threw it on my black antique dresser.I grabbed my Taki Chips and My Empty Soda Bottle from my bed and tossed it in the trash on the left side of my room. I have to stop staying up late. I threw back my comforter and my 8" inch thick dick was standing tall. Yes, i sleep naked. It seems more comfortable and free. I got out of bed and walked slowly on my brown carpet to the bathroom. When I made it i admired my sexy ass self in the Mirror.My 8 abs, my sharp Vcut , my Nice size nipples(the girls love them for some reason), my light brown face and my mustache. 

Im a sexy dude and everyone knows it. I dont mean to sound arrogant , but hey. I lost my virginity to my babysitter at age 11. Ever since then Ive been fucking hoes daily. Actually, today i have a blowjob coming from this Sexy ass Junior, Tess. Cannot wait!I hopped in the shower and as a lathered myself with soap i closedmy eyes and just prayed that this last year at Keating High be the best. I already Made Captain of The football team , so hopefully some scouts recognize me this year and i get accepted into a good college.

After i bathe i wrapped myself in a towel and walked back into my room.I walked over and grabbed a neon green pair of Armani briefs and slid them on. My Dick fills out the front well and my Ass fills out the rear.Girls have always said i got a girlyBooty and hips, because its so big, plump, round, and soft. I even have back dimples. I thought it was kind of gay and was slightly ashamed. However, these hood ass hoes love it. So shit i let them grab my ass if it makes them happy while im beating that pussy up.I slid on some black Tru Religion jeans and a black Polo shirt with the Neon Green Polo man and horse. 

I put my Hermes belt through my pants and finally slid my feet in my all white cocaine Nikes. I grabbed my black and white MCM bookbag and headed out my room door. You maybe wondering why i have alot of name brands, lets just say my family is kind of Rich. My Dad is an engineer and my Mom is a Nurse. They make more money than we can spend and the sad thing is they are never home.So my little brother, King, and I stay here alone basically. He is like my prodigy. He is only a year younger than me and he is like my shadow. Kid thinks im a role model.

I walked up to his door and banged on it and snapped, "KING YA ASS GOING TO BE WALKING! IM LEAVING IN 2 MIN--"

His white door slung open and he was brushing his waves down. "Just chill bruh, im ready."

He put on some Jordans and we headed out. I grabbed my Keys to my Neon Green Maybach and we headed out the door. If you dont know by now Neon Green is my favorite color.As we drove to school we bumped to Migos. This is my nigga.


My lil bruh was spitting out those lyrics. He better know his school work like that. Sadly, he do though. Kid was major smart. All A's since grade school. He is my opposite when it comes to education. He will not skip a class and will not miss an assignment. All i worry about i sports, hoes, and parties.King turned the radio down and said,"so bruh its the first day of Senior year for you , you excited?"

I sarcastically replied, "yes i cannot wait to begin class. How you think your first day of junior year is going to go?"


I turned the radio up to block him out. He started laughing. A few minutes later we pulled into the parking lot. He jumped out and was hurrying inside the building. Maybe, because we was five minutes before being late. I stepped out and grabbed my Armani Neon Green Brim Shades and headed inside the building. Im a celebrity at this school and i knew that everyone was dying to see me. I walked into the hallway and all eyes turned at me. Girls mouth was dropped and dripping with saliva. I know the dudes be mad that i can take they hoes , but they shouldnt because I rather fuck and go. I havent met the girl i want to settle down for yet. So I rather fuck, eat, dominate randoms.I walked up to my locker and put my code in and it granted my access. As I grabbed my New schedule and books for today. 

I heard a familiar voice come up and say, "bruh ive missed you all summer , man."I slammed my locker because that voice belonged to my bestfriend, Tony. I hugged him and said, "goddamn man , how was Paris for the summer?"

Amazing, the girls where even amazinggg.We laughed and he said, "damn i see you was working out all summer. You have gotten bigger."

I said, "nigga you just Slim thats why you say that."

Tony looked up at me and said, "man whatever."He have been mad about being slim since elementary. He can work out for 12 months straight and no muscles would come. He is lightskin , a little brighter than me. He stands like 6'1 and im 6'3. He have light hazel eyes that the girls love. Also, last year a picture of Tony Dick went around the school , because his ex was mad.he wasnt ashamed because he didnt have a little dick. He was pretty big... Wait! Why the fuck did i just say that for? I mean i only saw the picture because it was sent to me. I was shocked when i saw it because Slim ass Tony had to have atleast 12" inches of lightskin dick in his pants. I guess Skinny Niggas Winning. 

I deleted it right after the shockness went away. I never even told him i had even got the picture. I asked, "so aye what class you got first?"Music, he replied."Damn i got some new class called. Ana-tomy."Tony leaned overat my schedule and snapped, "nigga that says Anatomy. Have fun , see you next period. We have ths same class."We clapped up and he went down another hall. I searched for this class and it was no where to be found. Suddenly, the late bell rang and i was late, great. I was seconds away from Skipping.I turned the corner and Saw Prinicipal Grant. He was about 50 years old wand had white paley skin. He was a cool man though. 

Icalled for him and he said ,"whats my star football player still doing in the halls?"I walked over to him and said,"well im looking for this class and its not to be found."

He scanned my schedule and said, "oh its new. Its down the backstairs. You cant miss it. Its the only class down there. Also, Tell the new teacher, Mr.Wilson, that the Prinicipal said have a nice first day."

I smirked and walked off. I found fhe backstairs and walked down them. I reached the class and walked in. The whole class looked at me and i smiled. Mr.Wilson stated, "well since its my first day here, this is a warning."I looked at the man and took a deep breath and mumbled, "whatever."

I walked with so much diction pass his desk and made my way to a empty seat.Chelsea leaned over and whispered, "wow you still managed to be late on the first day."

I looked over and smiled at her and admired her beauty. Chelsea was the nerd that everyone fucked with. She was beautiful and elegant. She had long brown natural hair. She didnt need make-up to look good. Natural beauty is a star element to her. Smarts out this world. Her teeth was perfect and her caramel colored juicy lips. Suddenly, my thoughts was interrupted by the asshole in front of the class."Now that Mr. Quetin Burns, decided to make it to class i can continued with my introduction."

I retorted, "you didnt have to stop."He shot a look at me and we stared at eachother. His green and grey colored eyes stared at me and i just watched his face. He had to be about 24. He wore a blue Brooke Brother Suit and he was built. Dude works out. He smirked and that made me angry. The way his top lip curled up made me mad.

He cleared his throat and said, "so like i was saying. Im 24 i moved to Atlanta Georgia from San Fran Cali. I graduated form UCLA and im an Anatomy Teacher. Now im new here to bare with me. And i can already see someone in this class is going to give me a hardtime every morning."I replied, "you can count on that Mr.Wilson."I jumped up and stated, "i know you want us to introduce ourselves so ill go --"He snapped, "no need for that. You will be telling me after school today in my class. Now the young man behind you can start."

The whole class said "ohh" i cannot believe this man shut me down. Out of all students? Me. Nah. Not Quetin Burns. He dont know what the hell he just did.I sat down and Chelsea laughed and said, "i guess someone isnt under your command and orders."I bit the top of my pen and replied, "i guess not."


-(Hi, its the Fly. Sorry im interrupting the feud between Quetin and Mr.Wilson, but i was on the wall of the bathroom stall minding my own business when i eyed something a bit more interesting. I told you the drama came to me)

Tony burst into the stall of Girls bathroom and said, "Tess dont play with me. I thought you was giving me head today."Tess said, "well i have other plans. Besides my mouth is still hurting from the last time."

She ran her hands through her long black hair and then placed her hand on her hip. Tony grabbed her arm and said, "okay its not my fault that my dick 12" inches long. Besides, last time you aint even deep throat me. Cmon Tess, let me just jack off and nutt in your mouth then, while you suck on my balls."She bit her bottom lip, because she was tempted. She was never one to give up on sex. She need it to survive. Sex to her is Water to A Fish.She grabbed Tony hand and they burst into the stall and she locked the door. She unbuckled his Fendi belt and pulled his jeans down. He grabbed the brim of his Black Hollister Briefs and pulled them down.She gasped.He spit in his hand and went to waking up the 12" inch beast. As his dick raised to the occasion Tess started to suck on his low hanging balls. They was big too. Like Ostrich eggs. This Slim nigga know he blessed. She was gagging on the balls.He jerked his dick fast and he was grunting. She grabbed his hand and told him to turn around so she can suck the balls from the back.He obliged. He put his knee of the toilet cover and leaned foward, still jerking his dick. She spreaded his ass cheeks and exposed his pink virgin asshole.He asked, "aye what you doing with my ass?"She said, "shut up and keep jacking that dick. I got you boy."She licked her lips and started eating his ass. Digging her tongue into his virgin hole. He was moaning and crying like a little bitch. He even started to push her head into his ass more. He said, "damn that feels good."She spreaded his cheeks more and spit on his hole and was eating him out swell. She then stopped and licked on her fingers and he asked, "why you stopped?"she said, "boy jack that dick. I got you."Next thing you heard was his dick and spit colliding together. 

She pressed her index finger up against his hole and he snapped, "aye! Im fine with you eating it , cuz thats shit feel good. Now putting ya finger up my ass , im not with that gay shit."

She seductively sucked on her finger and sighed, "but baby its going to feel good i promise."He said, "fuck it, just one alright damn."She smiled and he went to arch his back to ease some of that nearing pain. She slid her finger into his tight hole and he said, "fuck it burns."She picked up speed and saying take it bitch.He got into the moment and said, "im bout to nut."

He spinned around on her finger and she opened her mouth wide and he shot ropes of cum into her mouth.She licked it off her lips and said, "Tony damn it taste like pineapples."-




We was sitting at the lunch table with Jax and Ace, two football players. When finally spotted Tony. I called for him and he walked over. He sat down slowly a had a grin on his face.I said, "nigga you skipped last period. Also, i already have detention today."He smirked and Jax chimed in, "damn nigga you grinning hard. You got pussy today or something?"Jax was always blunt. He is mexican mix with black. He had long black hair and he had a big ass gap in his mouth. 

However, the hoes still liked him. He was 5'3 and was the second shortest dude at the school, but that nigga can play some football.

Now his Twin brother Ace, is different. He is quiet, but always observant. He is laid back and doesnt have the gap. Also he is 5'2 he iS the smallest guy here. But like his brother he can ball.Tony replied, "nah i got something even better. Bathroom Blowjob."

My eyes got big and i said, "nigga by who?"A school whore, he replied.We laughed and as we laughed i noticed Tess walk over to the table with some friends. gosh! I cannot wait to have my dick all in her mouth tonight. 

Thats another reason i fuck with only these three niggas, because we respect eachother hoes. Tess have been my hoe since 10th grade. My boys will never try her. Tony then asked, "so what you got detention for?"I sighed, "messing with the new Anatomy teacher. Dude think he so fly and smart. I want to punch him So bad."Jax laughed and said, "well to meThat sound like a school girl crush."I playfully punched him and thats when Mr.Wilson walked by. I pointed and said, "thats him."Ace said, "oh Mr.Wilson. The girls in our period was literally drooling over him. He better hope these girls dont try anything."I pondered to myself. "He isnt even all that. He is handsome , but thats all.

 His black skin makes him more handsome. Im comfortable in mysexuality to comment if another manIs handsome or not. Right!"King walked over and said, "Que, Dad said go pick up his blueprints for the living room after school and also i have a ride home already."Jax said, "your little bro is still snobby as fuck."

I laughed and said, "nigga dont play with him. He is just smart unlike your box of rocks for a brain head ass."

Jax replied, "yea he is a smart little fucker."We all laughed and I continued to eat my pizza. 

After lunch, i spotted Tess leaving for class. I ran after her in the hall and stopped her and said, "so are we still on for tonight. My dad leaves tonight at 7."She tied her hair back and said, "um Sure Que will still on."I was kind of taking back. She isnt the type to say something so plain. She would have explained how she is going to suck this dick.I grabbed her arm and asked, "are you okay?"She kissed my cheek and said,"yea i am. See you tonight."




I released my last class of today and was lowkey happy. Damn, this charade is going to be hard to keep up. Im not a damn Teacher, im A thug from the hood of Atlanta. The only reason im faking this is to find out which one of these students killed my little brother last year at this school. He came during one of their football games to do a drop for me and gunshots went off. I found the niggas that he was dropping the drugs too and before i killed them, they told me it wasnt them who pulled the trigger. It was one of the niggas that attend this school. 

So this summer i did some fraud shit and made a fakeTeacher license and got the job here.I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. I was hot ass fuck. I looked at all the tattoos on my black arm and flexed my muscles a bit, i stood up to grab my shit and go, when the door opened.Mr.Slickmouth from this morning walked in. I swear this little nigga just dont know. Ill put two bullets in his damn head. 

He walked in and was just staring at me like he was early. That caramel complexion of his and those hazel eyes may have these hoes panties dropping , but not mine. Besides, i wear Briefs. He snapped, "so im here. Can i introduce myself so i can go."I took my seat back and laughed. "What makes you think i want to know you? Believe me i alreadyKnow you. You are Quetin Burns. Star Football player. Arrogant, but wont ever admit it. Have a couple of friends because you cant trust alot of people. You have one younger sibiling, a boy possibly or maybe a girl but she is a dyke. Also, you have hoes you fuck on the regular . Dont want a relationship, because you dont have time for settling down. Or maybe you just havent found the right girl. Also, MCM , ARMANI, POLO, and Tru's . Name brand which screams to me that your parents have money. However, they are barely in ya life so you are raising yaself and ya lil sibiling. Did i get you right?"Quetin face was in rage.

 I was good at profiling people. It was how i run the streets. He walked over to my desk and said, "you have me all figured out huh? Well you forgot one thing. Im Sexy As Fuck. Now my turn. Chris Wilson. A teacher. Please dont think im falling for that profession. You are doing this for a reason or your first job just didnt work out. Tattoos which symbolizes you can indure pain and has went through it. You put on suits to try not to look all hood, however you cant get the hood out of your head. You smoke from time to time. Also, the look in your eyes let me know you loss someone recently. Did i tell you im good at reading people. Also, its one more thing im missing. Imma get it. See ya tomorrow Chris."

Que walked off toward the door and i snapped, "you forgot something?"Que spinned around and said, "whats that?"That im sexy ass black man, i retorted.He smirked at me and i smirked at him and i said, "see ya tomorrow Quetin."He left and i just stared at the door. I cannot believe that i had a moment with that man. He just needs a little guidance and he didnt lie he is sexy.... wait! I mean he is. Im comfortable enough in my skin to say that.My phone started ringing and it was my main man, Dice."Talk to me."

Meet me in the Savannah Trap house tonight. We have business to discuss.

"Ill be there Dice."

I grabbed my briefcase and walked out.


(Yoo! Its that fly again. My little wings hurried and flew into the Maybach that belonged to Que. He had just woke up from a nap and now he is headed to get the blueprints for his Dad. He supposed to went straight after school, but King left his Key so he had to go home. Im here for a nap. He drives crazy so the wind feels amazing. And once again the drama comes to me)

Que blasted his stereo as he drove fast as fuck down the Atlanta streets. He pulled up to the shop like thirty minutes later. He parked and headed inside.He asked the receptionist for the Blueprint for Burns.The lady did some fast typing and informed him, "it was a mix up . Your dads order is in our store in Savannah. They have to be picked up today aswell."

Quetin pulled out his iPhone 5 and called up his father."Dad your blueprint is way in Savannah. Also, the lady said you have to pick them up today."Well, son i need you to go and get them. I have to be back at work in 3 hours.Que was pissed. Well because he was planning on getting some head from Tess and this was cutting into that plan."Okay pops ill go get it. Before you leave for work, tell King to cook some Shrimp Alfredo for himself."

He hung up and flew out of the shop, jumped in the car and hopped on the highway.He shot Tess a txt, "sorry change of plans. Ill hit you up later."She replied, "kk."He squinted at the txt because this was his second sign of Tess not caring. He had to know what the fuck was going on and fast.



QUE pulled into the shop parking lot and rushed in. He said, "burns."The man typed and said, "219.32 how are you paying?"Que replied , "credit card."Que dug into the pants pocket of his grey and black joggers and pulled out his Neon Green Michael Kors Wallet and pulled out his Black Platinum Mastercard. 

After he paid he grabbed the blueprint and headed back to his car.As he cranked up the car and was about to pull off. A Man in a black mask rushed inside the store next to the blueprint store and began shooting. Que put his head down and was scared shitless. He backed out the parking lot. However, he heard a man say, "help!"

The man came out limping with a gun in his hand. Que was thinking in the moment and opened the car door and the man ran and jumped in. Que was driving and asked, "what the fuck was going on back there?"Some niggas that worked for me here in Savannah tried to off me, but i killed them and they only grazed me with a bullet on my leg, the man replied.

He sounded hyped and familiar to Que. Que havent had a chance to look at him good enough. Que got far down the road and pulled over and turned and faced him and said, "are you okay?"The man was still focused on holding his leg. He looked up at Que and snapped, "QUETIN!"Quetin replied,"MR WILSON! What the fuck? I knew it was something else about you. You are a fucking gangbanger."Mr.Wilson snapped, "nigga i aint no gangbanger im a thug. Now fucking drive to your house so i can patch myself up.Que replied, "no you are going home?"Mr. Wilson replied, "not tonight. I have to make sure them niggas aint follow me. Now lets go. No more arguing."Que pulled off and mumbled, "well im taking you to a hotel or something. You aint bringing that thug life up in my crib."Man, What ever, Chris Replied.




"Shh! Be quiet, my brother is sleep. And hold that damn leg. You have enough blood you have to clean out of my damn car."

We walked upstairs and for some reason i wanted to keep this quiet.I didnt want no one to know about this. We made it in my room and i locked the door. I helped him into my bathroom and turned the light on. 

He sat on the edge of my tub and asked, "bruh where is your alcohol, peroxide, and gauze. Ace bandages will be nice too."Hey while im at it, why dont i bring you a scapel and hospital gown. Its not that serious you just got grazed, i retorted.

He ripped his pants legs and on his thigh was a burn like no damn other. It was to the white meat. My eyes was big.He said, "yea. Now stop being a little bitch and help a nigga out damn."He was really hurt. He wasnt the same man from class today this was a different side of him. This was Chris not Mr Wilson. I grabbed all of the bottles amd medicine and shit and came back. 

He stood up and said,"help me take these jeans off."I was hesistant at first, but then i thought let me stop being mean. I unloosened his belt and took that off. I then unbuttoned his jeans and slowly took them off. He sat back down in nothing but his green briefs and said, "okay pour all that shit on it. AND FAST!"

He moved his leg in the tub and i poured the alcohol. I was staring at his abs the whole time because i didnt want to watch. He had nice body. Probably better than mine.After i finished playiing doctor i wrapped it up with gauze and an Ace Bandage. He stood up and said, "let me take a shower."

Yea, ill find you something to wear.


I was walking back into my room and as i was locking the door he walked out of the bathroom naked. "Aye shawty i need a towel."I closed my eyes and said, "nigga behind you and nigga dont call me shawty."

Why not? You shorter than me so you shawty."

No it sound like im yo bitch or something."

WhAtever.I threw him a pair of my dad briefs and some old sweatpants of mine.

He said, "you can open you eyes. I know you have got dressed and undressed in front of your football mates."

I slowly opened my eyes and he wAs done. I laughed at how tight those Sweatpants fit him.He snapped, "nigga this aint funny. My dick is screaming for a release."

I replied, well once i shower and cut the light off . You can get naked, shit i sleep naked."Yes it makes me feel free and more comfortable."

I walked over and grabbed some clothes and took a quick shower and returned.He was watching tv. I cut the tv off and now it was pitch dark."What you do that for?"

Um, for one you have to clean my--"

Did it why you was in the shower.

"Well you have to go.Its already 2."

"Im finna just sleep on the floor til the morning. Bout time you wake up, i promise ill be gone. "

I walked over and slid on my bed and said , "well heres a pillow and cover."I heard him get on the floor and i took off my shirt, pants, and briefs.He said,"so does it get lonely?"What?"Being in this house alone?"Nope, i usually have my boys over or a girl. Its cool. "You lucky."No you are. You get to be a teacher by day and a thug by night. Why do you do it?

"We aint that close yet to tell you my secrets. Now get to be school tomorrow."

I rolled over in the bed and said, "dont fucking remind me."Thanks for everything Que."No problem, Chris. You aint all that bad so i couldnt let you die."Yes, you couldnt, because it would have been two less sexy man in the world?I laughed and said, "two?"Yes, because if you wouldnt have took care of me and let me die. I would have haunted ya ass like freddy Kreuger til you died.I sighed, "whatever! And thanks for finally admitting im sexy."Chris laughed and said, "nigga stop being all sentimental now. People get one compliment and they head grow big as fuck."It is crazy he said that because My dick is aching hard right now and i dont know why.Moments later , i said, "you sexy too though."Chris replied with a couple of snores.I rolled over and drifted to sleep.


(The Fly is Back for a nightcap. Alot of people wonder where flies go at night. Well , i personally pick the most beautiful wall because you never know what might happens.)

King phones began to vibrate under his sleeping body. He got up groggily and without looking at the caller I.D he anwers it."Hello."

"King its Jax. You up?"

Nah im sleep. Wassup?"

Not Anymore snobby. Open your window. Im coming in.

King heart started to race, he jumped up and went over to the window. He slid it up and Jax mexican self hopped in.King whispered, "what are you doing here?"

Couldnt sleep and you know what that means."

That you need some Royal Dick.

"Yes, i do. I want some King Dick to Be certain."

Jax took off his shirt and gym shorts and stood there in his Hanes Briefs. King grabbed Jax by his nice bubble butt and picked him and Jax wrapped his legs around King waist. He laid him on the bed and said, "ive been waiting along time since the last time to tear this up."

(King and Jax havent sex. I didnt expect that. I had to go to calmer settings. I flew out the window and down the road and noticed a Room window open. The male was sound asleep. As i was ready to close my eyes and rest. I heard moaning. )

The covers started moving and thats when Tess head came up and said, "this dick is so much better than Que's."Tony laughed and said, "mine is 12" and you said his a 8" thats 4 inches of meat he dont have and im glad to give it to you. However, before i do i want you to finger and eat this ass again."Tess said, "that was a one time thing."Tony removed the covers and spread his legs and said, "girl eat this ass and stop playing."Tess smiled and said, "i like this new Tony. He is like my new bitch."As Tess began to tongue fuck Tony . He moaned, "ill be your bitch all the timeeee. If you do this shit. Ouch! Watch ya teeth now."

(I couldnt deal. I had to leave. I flew out into the night sky and just decided a wall may not be whats popping right now. How about a park tree. I flew into Central Park.I landed on the bench right next to a familiar face.)

Ace pulled out his phone and answered, "what you mean he got away. FUCK! he is going to find out i killed his brother."A girl walked up and sat on his lap and said, "baby ive missed you."Missed you too Chelsea. Now drop to those knees and give me some head ive had a long day, Ace said.She obliged and pulled out his mexican dick and went to sucking his thick 7.5" inch dick dry.

(I couldnt believe im catching a whole lot of juicy information fromThis group of friends. I think ill stick around in Atlanta for awhile and see how this all plays out. So Watch out , this fly on the wall because i will be watching)

To Be Continued.

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