Chapter 1: Feelings.



I walked into my house and quickly went to my camera room to check if anyone came. I searched it and only my little bootycall, Jessie. She came through. Okay, it will be safe to stay here and besides if someone show ill kill them period. I just cant understand why Dice will play me, he dead now. I have to stay low for awhile. I took off those tight ass sweatpants and change my gauze. I bathed and started to get dress. As i looked around in my closet for a suit. All i could think of was Que saving me from them niggas. Cuz' if i would have had to drive my Benz back to the ATL, the people i killed people would have been on my ass. Its cool though i have 5 more cars in my garage.I slid on some grey Armani Briefs and hurried and got dress. I had to make aPitstop to Jessie crib, for a quickie. Also, yesterday couldnt have happened at a better time now i can focus on finding my brother killer.



I rolled over and my bed and fell on the ground. Right on top of my dick. I grabbed it and nursed it for awhile til the pain went away. I looked around and saw Chris gone. I hope he got home alright. I walked into the bathroom and got right. My dick is standing tall. I need to release my yesterday load and bust one today. As i showered all i could think about was Chris and yesterday. He isnt that bad.

I got dressed in some sweats and a Shirt from Urban outfitters and i put on some Neon Green Chucks. I walked down the hall and before i could knock on King door , i heard whispering from the inside. Little bro had a girl in there. Oh shit! Let me give him his privacy.I walked downstairs to fix me some breakfast i had a little time.


"You have to go out the window. You have to."

Jax snapped, "dont treat me like im some whore and plus i didnt have time to say goodbye to him."

Jax rubbed my dick through my towel and he opened it and kneeled down and kissed my 8" thick dick. I kissed his lips and said, "go now."Jax leaned out the window and climbed down. I threw him his shoes and he creeped off.

I got dress quickly and hurried downstairs. Que had bagels in his hand. He threw me one and said, "hopefully that girl you had up there pussy got you hungry."

Yea, it did. How you know i had a girl up there?

This morning i was about to knock and heard whispering. I was tempted to see the girl that my lil bruh fucked , but knowing you ill meet her soon, Que replied.

Sure and my gut tell me you probably already met her, i replied.

He rubbed my head and we walked out the door and headed to school.


(Goodmorning. This fly was up late because after the park i returned to Tony and Tess. And they didnt stop fucking up until it was 5. However,I have to get to the school and see how Chris is holding up. Gosh! These people got me wanting more.)

Chris unlocked his door and limped over to his chair and sat down. Seconds later the door opened and Que walked in.

Chris said, "wow yesterday you are last and today you are first."

Dont flatter yourself. Only came early to check up on you, Que stated.

"A graze cant keep me down. However, Que your snoring can keep me up. It was like a human alarm clock."

Que laughed and said, "whatever! And aye i wanted to let you know. Everything that happened in Savannah ill take it to the grave."

Thanks. Besides, you have no choice, shawty.

"What i told you about that shawty shit? Dont call me that."

Well , thats what i call people that i fuck with. So yea.

"Oh you fuck with me?"

Yea, you cool for an arrognat rich nigga."

You aint that bad for a big mouth thug. Also, that cumstain on your pants look fresh. Maybe, want to change them or get Tide bleach pen that works.Morning quickies the best huh?"

They both laughed and Que went into his bag and pulled out the Pen and said, "here use it."

Chris replied, "dont know how to."

Que exhaled hard and said, "damn do i have to help you with everything. Sit down."

Chris sat down in his chair. Que popped off the top of the Tide Bleach Pen and started to wipe the cumstain in front of the pants.

Que said, "um can you adjust your anaconda so i can --

"Anaconda?" Chris asked.

"Yea another word for dick. Now come on."

Chris dug into his pants and moved it over to his left pants leg. Que cleaned the stain and said, "see it works."

Thanks again."

"No problem its just a stain."

No about calling my dick a big dick, Chris retorted

"I wasnt calling it big i was--"

The school bell rang and Chris said, "take your seat mr. burns."Chris cant believe that he is talking to a boy like that. Its all fun and games he think. However, he might be a little scared to keep it up because something tells him he might catch feelings.



I walked into Music and spotted Jax in the back. Our teacher was late. I ran over and said, "nigga i was calling last night."

Jax whispered, "sorry i was at this bad bitch house. Fucking."

Shit i was fucking too. I was calling to ask if you had some more rubbers. I was going to fly down the street. But the hoe had some, i replied.

Mr. Hampton walked in and said, "take your seats and lets begin."

I pulled out my phone and turned it on. i had 5 messages.

Tess- i cannot wait to after school.           -7:18am

Tess- your house. My parents are coming back tonight.

-7:16 am 

Ace- bruh my brother at your house he didnt come home last night. 

- 5:45 am

Dad- keep it down in there 

- 3:23 am

Dad- dont have sex in my house 

 2:35 am


I replied to Tess and started to pay attention in the boring ass class. I looked over in the front and saw King. He was paying full attention. I looked over at Jax and he was watching King. That was wierd as fuck.My phone vibrated and it was Tess. Im lowkey catching feelings for her. She have been my boy hoe for two years. We started fucking around this summer in Paris and goddamn was it hot. I know Que will be dissapointed and mad if he found out but his dick cant satisfy her.Suddenly, my phone vibrated again and i think everyone phoke and class did because, everybody checked their phone.

"MASK-QUERADE. Thats right we cannot start school without a banging party to end the week. On friday it will be a party at Jenn. S house for the Juniors and Seniors. Be there at 9 and you have to wear a MASK. --Kisses Jenn S. "

Jax hit my back and whispered, "hell yea bro i cannot wait."I smirked , "me neither."


30 MINUTES LATER**BellRang**


I packed up my bookbag and headed out of the class when Chris told me to stay back. I didnt even do nothing today. Chelsea slapped my butt and said, "damn even when you good you get in trouble."

After the class was empty.I walked over to his desk and asked, "wassup."

He said, "look you know im playin with the whole dick jokes and the shawty mess."

Yea, i know. Its cool.

"Alright. See you later Shawty."

I laughed and said, "hey you did pretty good today teaching.I acutally learned some body systems."

I walked out and was smiling.I dont know why i was smiling. I guess Chris. He is mad cool. The way he joke is so funny. Suddenly, Tess bumps into me and says, "hey i hope you got the Txt to Jenn S par--"

Yup, also i was hoping we can get together today."

Sorry. My parents come back today and i have to help them unpack . Maybe later tonight, she replied.

She walked off and caught up to Jenn S . Something is up. I have to release this load. I havent jacked offed in awhile to pleasure myself and im not resulting in that. I walked over to my locker and changed books and my phone vibrated.I looked at it and it was a txt from Jenn S.-hey cutie. Seems like Tess doesnt want the dick, i guess she have feelings for someone else. Well, you are lucky. My pussy is hot and throbbing for some black dick. Girl locker room and ten minutes."

I smirked because i knew this hispanic girl was about to be aching. She might dont be able to walk into her own party straight im about to fuck her brains out.------


(hey guys! Its me! I followed Que down the hall after sneaking a peek at the txt from Jenn S.)

Que walked down the hall and went into the Gym Wing. He waited outside the door and thats when he was snatched into the Girl locker room fast.Jenn S had ran him into the coaches offices and locked the door.Que unbuckled his belt and she grabbed his briefs and pulled them down. She went to work slobbing on Ques knob like a pornstar. This girl know how to suck dick. She had me feeling like the man already.I snatched her by her arm and liftedup her dress and started sucking on her nipples and grabbing at her breast. She pulled her panties to the side and said, "its wet for you."Que slid a condom on and went to fucking Jenn S. She was pulling hard on Que's shirt as he fucked her pussy. She grabbed on his ass and she said, "ohhh myy gooddd thiss feelsss amazinnggg! I love Daddy dick."

Que loves when girls call him Daddy. He went to thrusting inside her pussy more. As he fucked her he was forgettig about Tess.Moments Later, they both climaxed and they got dressed. Jenn S said, "boy you have gotten better from Middle School."

Que smirked at her and said, "girl thats only a quickie wait until the night of your party.imma have you eating this dick."

Que escaped from the office and headed to his next class, late.

(thats was steamy. I flew out of the locker room so fast. I had to wash that out of my brain. Que have skills when it comes to sex. As im flying i spot Ace and Chelsea skipping school.)

Ace explained, "baby we arent going to get caught, now come on."Chelsea was scared shitless.Chelsea said, "you better be lucky i have deep feelings for you."They jumped in the car and headed out.




I was in my room playing Madden2014 in my Neon Green Socks and my Grey Briefs. I cannot wait to football practice start next week. Damn. I scored and won the game. I leaned over and grabbed my Soda and drank some. It was a knock at the door. I was about to scream for King to get it , but i remembered he was out with Jax and Ace to find a damn Mask for Jenn S party. Speaking of Jenn S i hope this her. I can fuck her another round right now. I walked down the stairs and the person knocked again.I snapped, "im coming."I slid on the tile and opened the door. Chris stood there in some grey joggers and a white shirt.He walked in and I asked, "um what are you doing here?"

I came because i brought you something to thank you.We walked down the hall into the livingroom and sat down.

He said, "damn yall have a pool?"

Yea, but i dont really use it. Only for working out. It is good for your legs.

"Your legs need no more work. They are good."

He looked down at my legs and admired i snapped, "no i saw your legs last night. Those shits are defined and muscled."

We chuckled and i asked, "so what you brought me?"

He went into his pocket and said ,"well i take it your favorite color is Neon Green. Last night i saw your collection of G-Shock watches and you had a box empty that says 'Favorite Color'."

Yea i lost it and i havent found a store that has it.

"Well lucky for you. I was addicted to G-Shocks and this is my gift to you."

He pulled out the Neon Green Clolored G-Shocked and i could have died ive been looking for this crap. I grabbed it and said, "damn thank you bruh. If you dont have nothing thuggish to do. You can come upstairs and i can whip your ass in Madden or we can go for a sw--"

He cut me off by taking off his shirt and throwing it at me. He stood up and dropped his joggers .Its dark out and we are about to swim. This shit is going to be cold as fuck.He had on his briefs. We walked out on the patio and he dived in. When he came up for air i asked, "is it cold?"

Hell yeah. Cmon, he replied.

I slid off my socks and ran and juMped into the pool. Fuck was it cold. I swimmed over to the tempature thingy and turned it warmer."You people have money."

I splashed him with water and said, "so!"

He wiped his face and said, "oh you are dead now."

I went to swimming and he grabbed me and slammed me in the pool. I grabbed him and tried to slam him. That didnt work."Why arent you scared of me?I have all these tats, i told you ive killed, and even saw me with a gun."Im not easy to scare and besides under all this toughness its a cool ass guy. Now lets stop with this sentimental shit, i retorted.We let eachother go and swimmed for a couple of minutes.He then said, "man im hungry."

I replied, "yea me too. We have hamburger meat as a grill. I can make us some burgers."

Damn Shawty and you can cook. I might have to move in, he replied

I burst into laughter and said, "nigga do you ever stop plAying."

I jumped out the pool and as i came out the water, my briefs fell. And when the cold air hit my ass, i knew he saw it. I quickly grabbed my briefs and slid them back up.

He was cracking up. I stuck the middle finger at him and he said, "aye you have a girly ass and hips."

I hurried in the house and grabbed the meat from the freezer and put it in the microwave on defrost. After it defrost i returned outside. Chris walked Over and was adjusting his briefs and goddamn was his print showing.He noticed me and said, "stop staring at my anaconda. It dont want none unless you got buns-- well you do got those."

I snapped, "haha. My ass have always been like that and my hips. I dont know, they work for me though. He helped season the meat as we talked.

"I have your litte brother and one of my classes. Dude is hella smart. He was even correcting me."

"Yea. He is just like my parents. I swear i dont belong here. The only thing i have going is football. If that fails ill be living off my family money. "

You not dumb. You just havent came in contact with your smarts. Hell in two days you have been a doctor, a clothing expert, and hell now a chef. Thats three careers right there. Better than i had.

"Why you say that?"

Shit growing up in the hood of ATL. You dont see houses like this only in magazines. Girls grow up wanting to be babymommas of NBA players and boys grow up wanting to be thugs. I mean it worked out for me but its rare. Ive made a lifetime of money and will be eternally grateful. However, all that money came with a cost. When i was 18 in the drug game these boys came and shot up my house killing my mom and Dad. Me not thinking i put my brother in the drug game. Just last year he died due to the same shit. Now i only got one, and thats me."

He had his index finger pointing towards the sky. I grabbed it with my meaty fingers and said, "in a world like this. That one will always be what you need, until you find that two thats going to ride and die for you."

I stared into those eyes and he stared into mine. He then said, "umm the meat ready to be cooked. How about you go get dried off and changed and ill do this."

Umm, im okay. Ill help you, i replied.

After we made six patties we grilled them. It was some meat left over. I grabbed a hand full and threw it at Chris. It hit him right on the chest.He grabbed some and slung it at me and it hit my face. I covered my face and was in total shock. He walked over and said "oh shit! Que you alright?"

No look what you did, i replied.

I removed my hands and had all the hamburger meat in my hand. I slung it back and ran and jumped on him and started choking him.He grabbed me by my waist and ran and dove into the water. I wrapped my Arms around his neck and as we came up for air , our lips was 2 cenitmeters apart. I whispered, "what are we doing?"

He replied, "um i think we are about to do something that we both dont want to do."

I replied, "but what if im not sure if i want --"

Chris lips slammed into mine and we started kissing. His lips felt so new , so different, so good. He wrapped his hands around me and grabbed my ass and held on tight. I let out a slight moan. He pushed me away and said, "what the fuck? Get ya faggot ass on! Nigga you got feelings for me or something?"I was in total shock and was slightly scared. He hopped out of the pool and walked out. I guess he was piss.

Minutes later, King and Jax walked out and Jax said, "i smell burgers."He grabbed one and King said, "damn you must really have feelings for this chick. You showed her you know how to cook, you said only cook for the women you want to be with forever."

I wiped the water of my face And got out the pool. I grabbed the towel and said, "see yall later. Clean up King."


(I picked my jaw off the wall and flew away. I cannot believe i just witnessed the thug teacher and the student kiss. Say it aint so. I had to go check up on Tony and see what he was up to.)

Tony laid in his bed on his Apple Laptop. He was searching up Ass-Eating and Fingering. He have became addicted of this. Tess had just left from doing this and he back searching up videos of Girls eating guys Asses. Suddenly a pop up screen came up reading."ARE YOU MALE AND WANT YOUR ASS FINGERED AND ATE IN ATLANTA?DIAL UP THIS NUMBER AND GET WITH LOCALS NOW."

Tony dick got hard just imagining his ass getting ate and fingered right now. He doesnt need to fuck. Before he called the line he tried to call Tess to come back but he had a feeling that she wasnt going to. Her mom was tripping.He dialed the hotline and the automatic speaker said, 21 locals , 3 in your area now. To hook up with one of the 3 press one. Tony pressed one and then the speaker said "You have a message."Tony listened to the message and it sounded like a girl moaning. Tony replied his number and said to txt him.

2 minutes later...

Unknown- hey sexy boy.

Tony- wassup so you eat and finger boys ass.

Unknown- yes i do. Ill be in central park behind the slide with my mouth open wide. All you have to do is come and slide down the slide with your ass cheek spreaded.

Tony- im on my way.Tony hopped up and got dress and headed out.

(I flied literally right behind him the whole time.)

Tony arrived to the park and got out. It was windy. He went over and climbed up. He pulled down his pants and boxers.he slid down the slid backwards and suddenly he fell two hands grab his ass cheeks and he said, "damn you better eat this ass girl."The tongue went to work and Tony was sent over the edge."Damn you better than my girl."The person started to finger Tony ass and he was loving it. He turned around to see the person, but they had on a ski Mask.He asked ,"ma' why you got on that?"The person didnt reply. They just kept on eating and fingering. Suddenly Tony flipped over and the person started to sucked Tony dick. And was deepthroating all of Tony.Tony was saying, "ohh shitt! Damn you know what you doing. Suck Daddy dick."The person kept on sucking all 12" inches and thats when Tony grabbed the person head and pushed them all the way down on it and said, "imCummmminnnggg!"The person swallowed all Tony Babies. However, they wasn't done. They flipped tony back over and went to eating his ass some more. Tony was swirling his hips around and around.The person stopped and Tony got off the slid and left. The person spit on the ground and took off the ski mask.The boy tied his hair back and said, "Tony that ass feels good i cannot wait to fuck it."

To Be Continued 


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Chapter 3 title: Mask-querade




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