Chapter 2: MASK-QUERADE.



"Im going to the Mall , so im skipping last period. After lunch im leaving. I havent found a Mask or an outfit."

Jax and Ace stared at me and said together, "and who fault is that?"

They pointed at me and i laughed. I grabbed my phone and my mom was calling. I got up from the lunch table and walked over and said, "hey mom."

Hey baby. Mommy Miss you. I should be home tomorrow. All tomorrow. Your dad too. We should all go to Six Flags.

"That will be great for a Saturday."

I cooked for you guys. However, King told me about a party , so it will be leftovers.

"No it wont ill eat when i get home."

Okay i have to go I love you.

"Love you too."

I hung up. I love my mom. Family day tomorrow and i cannot wait. As i was about to return to the table i was stopped by a black figure. Oh wait its Chris.

"Can we talk?"

I sternly replied, "nah im good. You havent even been to work. Why are you here now?"

Ive been sick, he replied.

"Well you need to be home resting."

No, we need to talk about what happened.

"Nothing happened. It was a spur of the moment. You probably was horny. Shit im a teen i stay horny. Our bodies was rubbing and that kiss happened."

Oh that what i was to you?

"Yep, now will you excuse me."

I bumped passed him . I cannot believe his nerve. He kissed me and then shove me. Then be missing for days and come back and want to be friends. Nah, im good. Besides, i dont go that way, so not speaking with him, will be great.



"Tess you look great. Can you stop trying on clothes and come lay with me. We didnt skip school to come to your house for you to try on outfits for the party. Did you get your mask?"

Yup, i did and thats a surprise. I want you to come find me.

"Okay now come here."

Tess crawled on her bed and cuddled with Tony. She exhaled hard and Tony said, "Wassup ma'?"

What are we doing ?

"Having fun."

You know when Que find out about this. Rocky road for the both of us.

"Thats why we need to tell him soon."

Wait! Tell him that we are fucking around?

"Yes, Tess."

Tess Climbed on top of Tony and threw her Pink covers back and reveAled his dick. She was leaning down to suck it when Tony pushed her back and spreaded her legs and starting licking and eating her pussy. She was moaning loud. He knew he was doing it right.

Tess and Tony are made for eachother two sex addicts.


(I was a little backed up this morning when getting to the school. So when i arrived I saw Que leaving. I quickly flew inside his car and posted up in the back)

Que scanned through his CDs and picked Carter 4 and started bumping as he rode from the school. We was rapping his soul out as he drove to the mall. Suddenly, his phone started ringing.

It was an unknown caller i.d he turned the music down and he said, "hello?"

Chris replied, "pull over."

Huh, Que replied.

He looked back and saw A White RangeRover and Chris was driving.

He said, "why are you following me?"

Because we have to talk.


Because my gut telling me that you lying that, that kiss meant nothing.

"Okay! What if it didnt? Im not gay or you. So lets just leave it alone. DAMN!"

I want to Que, but when i wake up, i think of you.I go to sleep i think of you.lay down at night, i think of you. You are driving me nuts okay. I only knew you for all of 5 days and you have me rethinking my whole life.

(The conversation went silent)

"Chris listen. You have to tryto get that out of your head. It meant nothing to me. I love pussy. Alright. We can be cool?"

Cool? Prove it.

"Umm Come Shopping with Me."




I parked across from Que and got out my car. I was dressed in a White Polo Shirt with Blue Jeans and Wheat Timberland Boots. I spotted Que get out the car wearing A Neon Green Tank Top with Black Jeans and Neon Green Nikes. Also, my watch i gave him. I swear this boy is in love with this color.

Those jeans was hugging his ass tight. He looked right. I walked over and he said, "so stalker what store first?"

Stalker? Never. And it doesnt matter. Aint you have a party ?

"Yea. Tonight. TURN UP!"

I chuckled and said, "please yall young ass kids dont know what turn up mean. Drinking CapriSuns and Jammers isn't turning up."

He pushed me and i said, "damnn."

We walked into the mall and damn it was pack. Friday was pay day. We walked into Versace and he picked up this shirt and was like damn i want it.

I cleared my throat and said , "well get it."

Cant, our maximum we can take off our cards this week is tHat price. I still have to get shoes and ball for the weekend.

I grabbed the shirt and said, "i didnt say you had to pay for it. Nigga i said get it."

He handed me the shirt and i went over to the register and paid for it in cash. I handed Que the bag and he said, "see this why you you confused."

He quickly walked off and headed out of the store. He walked into the bathroom. I sucked my teeth and followed. I checked if no one was in there and locked the door and went over to the stall he was at.

"Yo why you bugging? You acting like a girl right now. Ain't you a tough ass man."

Nigga, i aint no girl. You treating me like one though. Buying me shit and expecting me to be happy.


I mean im happy to have the gift but not happy with the way it make me feel.

The door opened and he walked out and said, "it makes me seem safe and cute. Like a wife.or a a boy."

He walked up to me and snapped, "i have a dick. Shower girls with gifts and presents. Not me."

I grabbed his arm and said, "i know you have a Dick. I have one too. When i look at you, i dont see a boy or a girl. Or gay or straight. I see a person that i fucking love to kick it with, be cool with, and chill with."

So why the fuck did you shove me away and leave my house pissed?

I grabbed him and crashed my lips into him again and then snapped, "because i cant do that and not feel bad about myself. See ya later Que."

This boy got my head gone. It's crazy. I have to go home and rest.



(My wings flew over to Jenn S house fast because the party was just beginning and i knew Drama was waiting to happen)

Jax pulled up with Ace. They put on their masks and walked into the house. It was crowded. Everyone was in mask. From scary ones to Princess ones. The music was jumping loud.

Jax got a txt and it read,

RoyalDick- i have on a black and white Mask. Like checkerboard. Come find me.

He smiled and headed off on his search.

Ace sat back on the wall and observed. A girl with a Jason hockey mask walked up and said, "well my boyfriend said that he will be dressed in a Gorilla mAsk. By any chance are you Ace.

Ace grabbed Chelsea arm and they started dancing the night away.

The Front Door opened and a mysterious person walked in with the buttercup powerpuff girl mask on.they scanned the party and walked around. They walked upstairs and went to the third door. They walked in and a person with a black ghost mask said, "Tess i thought you said you was going to coming up a little later."

The person walked over and grabbed tony dick through his leather pants and Tony said, "well baby, we can do this now."

The person went into their pocket and pulled out two pills.

Tony said, "you brought drugs."

He popped one in his mouth and started pull down his pants

(I flew back downstairs.Another Person dressed in a buttercup mask is talking to Ace and Chelsea.)

Tess said, "have Tony came yet guys."

Ace said, "no i havent seen him."

Tess replied, "He told me that he will be here way earlier than me and just be ready for him. I told him to be in the third room upstairs in like an hour from now. I know he wouldn't go early. And i even told him my costume."

Chelsea said, "welll go check in the back."

Tess walked off and headed to check outside for her Tony. Little did she know he was upstairs having drug sex with a mystery man.



I pulled to Jenn S house and hopped out. I put on my Michael Myers Maskaand walked in. I didn't get time to tell Jenn S what i will have on, but she told me to meet her upstairs in about 5 minutes from now. I pulled out my phone and it was dead.

These five minutes need to hurry. Like i need to get my mind off both of those kisses with Chris. Not that they were bad. It just not what I wanted. I spotted a gorilla and jason mask grinding on the wall. They was all into it. I got kind of impatient and headed upstairs. I didnt know what door to check , so i checked the first one and turned on the light it was empty. I closed it back and checked 2 and it was empty. I grabbed the knob of door 3 and when I opened i was snatched the other way by someone and was pulled into a bathroom. It was Jenn S.

I took off my mask and said, "fuck my Michael Myers."

I laughed and started kissing her. I picked her up and leaned her down and was treating her so gentle.


We lay in her tub and she said, "umm Que. May i ask?"

Ask what?

"Who you imagined me being?"

Umm Jenn S.

"No you didnt. Tuesday and Wednesday you fucked me. Tonight you made love to me. Not saying it was bad, it was interesting good. However, you had your eyes close the whole time. Whoever you wanted me to be, they are missing out on some good lovin'."

I was silent. I cannot even respond after that. She was right. The whole time my dick was thrusting in her. I was thinking about Chris. Everytime we kissed i closed my eyes wishing it was him. This js so confusing. I have to tell him how i feel. He poured his heart out and now its my turn.

I jumped up and was getting dress and Jenn S asked, "round 2?"

No, i have somewhere to be.

"Tell whoever she is, she is lucky."

I smirked and said, "i will."

I ran out the house and headed to Chris'. I had to track his phone.


(This fly on this green wall is seeing Tony fall in love with getting his ass played with right now)

The person had Tony cheek wide open and was blowing inside his hole. The person finally spoke and said, "Tony this ass is mine."

Tony realize it was a guy, he tried to move but the pills he has been taking made his body limp and slow.

The guy unloosed his pants and let his hard black cock drop from his pants. He stuck it injsde Tony hole and went to work. He was sliding in and out of Tony. Opening Tony Hole.

"Ohhh myy goddd! " Tony cried out.

The boy just kept on ramming him. Tony toes curled and he was screaming, but the loud music from downstairs was not letting no hear that.

Suddenly, the door opened slow and Tony fave lit up when he saw Tess.

He cried out, "help!"

Tess laughed and slammed the door shut and locked it. She undressed and got in the bed. She lift Tony head and placed it on her Pussy and said, "eat it bitch!"

Tony Obliged. He had turned into a full bitch. He was getting hit from

The back and the front

Tess said, "We are sibilings Jason . Next time dont start without me. He is our bitch now."

Jason smiled and went to fucking Tony Harder. He lift Tony up by his hips and sat him down on the Dick and snapped, "ride this dick."

Tony started to moved up and down on the dick. After a while Tony got into it. Tess leaned down and took Tony Dick in her mouth.

Tony Moaned and said, "yea suck this dick. Fuck this hole. Gosh! This feels good! Ill be YALL BITCHHHH!"

They dont know if that was the drugs or Tony talking.



I Tracked our last phone call to this home address. I pulled up and damn was this shit a mansion. I pulled up and got out. I walked over to the door to knock , but it was already open. I walked in and i heard noise upstairs. I walked up slow and when i reached the top. The moonlight was shining clear into Chris room. I peeped in and saw him fucking the shit out of some broad. Her toes was curling and her nails was deep into her back. Her taking his dick made me mad and horny at the same time. Chris had stroke game and had no remorse. Suddenly, he picked her up started fucking her in the air. My dick was hard as fuck now.

All of a sudden, i heard her say, "are you going to stand there or come in."

I was shocked. I walked in slowly. Chris looked at me and snapped, "what you doing here?"

I came to talk to you, but you look busy, so ill come back.

I was about to leave , when Chris cut the light on and said, "no stay. I have a proposition for you."

Oh yea and whats that?

Chris cleared his throat and i was just staring down at his big ass black dick

He said, "meet Jessie. She would not mine if we fuck her together in every hole she got. What you say?"

To Be Continued..



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