CHAPTER 9: That Party.


Tony and I finally came down from our high and got dressed for Jenn S. Party. We knew drama was around the corner, but Oh well. We walked out of my House,  after I changed and jumped in my Maybach. We drove down the road and made it there in like 15 minutes. We jumped out and walked up to the door. I opened it and Jenn S. Said, "guest 3 and 4 are here." She looked at us and said, "Tess and Jason in thwart front room. Find a seat in there."

We gave her a fake smile and walked in. Jason eyed Tony and if I knew Better, I'd think he had the hots for my boy. We took a seat. I asked, "where's Tess?" Before he can reply, she said, "I'M right here"!!"

She handed us red cups filled with liquor and said, "drank up." I sipped it and it was Peach Ciroc, my favorite.  Tess winked at me and licked her lips. This girl knows she want the D, However, she can't get it. I'M sort of with Chris. A txt came through and it was from him.

"Hey Baby. Sorry,  been kind of busy. Was wondering can you come over. We need to talk."

I exhaled and replied, "sorry, at a party. We can talk later. Is it important?"

Seconds later, "Yea. It's about Jessie. The Girl, I was fucking with. She told me some news a couple of minutes ago." 

I didn't reply. I knew what was next. I slid my phone into my pocket and the door opened and Ace, Jax, and Chelsea walked in. We all greeted and they was give a cup. Suddenly   Jenn S. Said, "whose left?"

I said, "my brother. "

King then said, "sorry. We are late."

He turned into the living room and He had a guest, Zero. Whh are they together? 

Zero said, "I'M Zero and wassup. Let's turn up."

Jenn S. Eyed him and said, "you can sit next to me." She grabbed Zero hand and we all sat.

She cleared her throat and said, "so we all know Homecoming is Friday. Turn up. So this is ohr prehomecoming game night. The game was..  I Never. However,  Chelsea said that she isn't spilling her guts to us and Jason agreed. Then Ace.  So we will play Duo Paintballing Gun Fight. We have my Dad guns in this box. Everyone pair up. And we can go out to Tepee Forest and play."

She continued,  "green team is Ace and Chelz. Blue team is Myself and Que. Yellow team is Jax and Jason. Red team is King and Tess. And Orange team is Tony and Zero. get your team shirt and paintball guns and colored balls and head out."

This was about to be fun. It was night time too, she Also had flashlights. Tepee forest us what she calls her backyard. It has plot of acres and trees. Her people are filthy rich.

I took off my shirt and put on a Blue One. Jenn S. Then said, "once you are shot return to the living room and take 5 shots." 

She walked over to me and we walked out. 

"Also, Everyone has five minutes to go and hide out with there partner."

We all ran  out in different directions. It was dark as shit. I said, "jenn S. We have to win babe."

She replied, "I don't accept losing."

We hid out behind a tree and the game begun.


Tony and Zero walked in silence. Tony said, "so how you know Baby Burns?"

We met the day I came here, he Cool. Also, helping me with a project,  Zero said.

Zero continued,  "so are you a dick, like ya bestfriend?"

Tony laughed,  "no way am I ever. Quetin only mean to people he can't intimidate, so feel honored. Dont tell him."

They chuckled.

Suddenly, Zero covered his partner mouth and ducked off behind a tree. He whispered in his ear, "I hear someone." Tony backed up more and they was still as a rock. Seconds later, King said, "Tess, you have to fucking want to shoot someone."

She replied,  "Yea, that jerk Tony. Just because,  he haven't fucked me today."

King laughed,  "is that all you think about. I have a plan to win. Let's find a team and work with them."

Tess replied,  "okay and how we win?"

King whispered , "because we can  shoot all the other ones and then shoot them."

Zero and Tony hopped out and Tony said,"freeze."

King said, "wait, I have a plan. Why don't we work together? "

Tony said,  hell no. You guys are out." He shot and Zero followed. King and Tess was out. They argued a bit and started they walk back to the House. Tony and Zero  clapped eachother up.

Jax  said from behind, "don't get to happy."

He shot Tony and Zero ducked off and started running. Tony was out.

Jax laughed, "sorry bro. See you back at the House."

Jason chimed in, "OUCH!" From a far. Zero had shot him, while he was peeing.


Chelsea walked into the House and said, "Ace didn't even protect me Kingy. "

King laughed, "poor baby." he poured her shots and Jason said, "where is he?"

Chelz snapped, "he ran when Que and Jenn shot at us. I got hit." She took her shots and said, "aghhh!" 

Tony walked over to Tess and said, "so are you staying the night?"

Tess replied,  "uh Yea. Why?"

Tony laid on her lap and said, "good. Me too. We sleeping together. "

Don't think so, I'M in bed with Jenn, she informed him.

Suddenly, Ace and Jenn S. Walked in.

Jenn S. Said, "we shot eachother at the same time. Now we are out. Whose left? Que and Zero."

Ace chimed in, " and Jax."

Jax walked up behind them, "count me out. That Zero, is a beast."

They all laughed. 

King said, "my brother and him already have issues. They might start fighting. We might wanna go to the porch."

They grabbed the bottles and went out on the back porch.



I heard The others on from the House saying it's only Me and Zero, left. This is what I want. The kid and I couldn't fight. So this is will suffice. Suddenly,  I heard a twig crack behind. I turned around and started shotting, However, no one was there. Zero said, "up here."

I looked up and he started shooting. The first ball hit my head and I fell down. He climbed out of the tree and shot my chest up.

"Silly Que,  guns are for Men."

I hopped up and shot the gun and it hit his face. I snapped, "FUCK YOU."

We ran and clashed into eachother. We started fighting,  blow for blow. Suddenly,  the group came up and was saying stop. King grabbed Zero by his shirt and said, "let's go. Now."

Zero snapped, "I'll see you again,  pussy. You mad you lost."

Question snapped, "King, let that hoodlum go."

Jax chimed in, " Yea he needs to go."

King stared at Jax and said, "Fuck you Jax.  Your comment isn't needed."

Zero said, "baby let's go."

All of our jaws dropped. Zero grabbed King hand and they walked off. Tony broke the silence and said, "talk about a plot twist."

Chelsea said, "I think they are cute."

Ace chimed in, "I guess this party is over. Let's go. Jax if you are getting a ride,  cmon."

Jenn S. Said, "so this wasn't what I planned. "

Tony looked at me and said, "bro let's go."

I replied,  "sorry Tony.  Find a Ride, I have someone to go."


(Hey, its the fly here. I don't do to good in the dark. Luckily, I was taking a nap in Zero car. I was woke up by him slamming the car door. King was in the passenger seat.)

Zero crank up the car and pulled off. Zero said, "I cannot believe tonight.  I was literally having a ball. Until, ya dick brother, had to show out."

King snapped, "it's over. Please leave it alone. I don't feel like going home. Can I come to y'all House. Can we sneak me in through a window."

Zero looked at him, "our House Father is sleep by this time. I can sneak you in. Plus, I outed us to your friends,  especially that Jenn S. I know the whole School knows now."

King rubbed his head and said, "I don't care."

King grabbed Zero hand and they smiled at each other. 

Zero leaned over and kissed him. It started raining and Zero said, "just great. I'M going to have to wash my hair."

King smirked, "I'll wash it for you."

(They are too cute. Love em so much.)


Quetin ran in the raining from his car to Chris porch. He knocked on the door and Tommy Answered it. He had on Boxers only. I pushed passed him. Que screamed, "Chris!!!!"

Chris walked down the stairs and said, "Que wassup?"

Que met him halfway up the stairs and they kissed. Quetin said, "I don't care. I like you a lot. I don't care you have a child on the way."

Chris said, "um Jessie is lying. I can't get girls pregnant. I am sterile, found that out when I was15."

Que replied, "but what was your txt about?"

Chris said, " that was about me having to tell you this. I can't have you in this upcoming crossfire.  I quit working at the School. I have important business to attend to."

Wait! Are we breaking up? Que asked.

Chris replied, "no taking a break."

To be Continued. 

CHAPTER 10: "Homecoming Blues."



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