Chapter 3: Me and You



I exhaled and took off my shirt and pants. I stood there in my briefs. I walked back out and they was on the bed laying their filling up on eachother. Im about to have  threesome with my thug teacher. I went on the other side of Jessie and started sucking on her titties and feeling on clit. I guess its not turning back now.



"Jax can you take me home. Im not feeling to well. I think i had to much to drink."

Jax helped Me off the stool and we walked to the parking lot. This party was to turnt. I swear imma throw up on Jax. We got in the car and we pulled off. He was going to fast. I said, "baby can you slow down."

Jax looked at me and said, "see this is what happens when you drink amd dont know what you drinking."

I snapped, "you didnt stop me, so be quiet. And hows your brother going to get home?"

Chelsea there and Tony. He will find away.Im not leaving you alone tonight.

I rubbed Jax face as he drove and said, "thank you."

About 30 minutes later, we pulled up to my house. We got out and i rushed upstairs to my room. I stripped down and jumped in the tub.

Jax walked in and laughed and said, "you have to turn the water on."

He turned the knob and the warm water started filling the tub. He was about to walk out and i said, "Jax, boy close that door and get in this damn tub."

Jax Turned and took off his shirt and pants and then boxers. He got in the tub between my legs. We sat in silence and Jax asked, "is it me and you?"

Always and Forever. I mean until I found the right girl.

"But what if you never find her. Im willing to just be with you King."

Jax i thought i was drunk. Not you.

"Im serious."

Jax turned around in the tub and said, "King i-i-"

I felt vomit coming. I leaned out the tub and spit all of the liquor up. My throat was on fire. Jax patted my back and i felt horrible.

"Please dont ever let me drink again."

Believe me, im not.


(This Night have Been to crazy I finally found Chris house and lord amI shocked. Chris, Que, and Some chick is all in Chris bed kissing.)

Que kissed Jessie lips , while Chris kissed her pussy lips. Them they switched positions. Then Jessie grabbed both of their faces and they three way kissed. Que lips touched Chris lips more and i think thats what the wanted. Que then moved and started to climbed on top of Jessie and kiss her and then two started to make out.

She rubbed down his strong back and slapped his ass and whispered, "damn you have a girl ass. I like."

Que chuckled and thats when the light cut on Stopping Jessie and Que. They looked up and Chris said, "yall get dress. This shit over."

Jessie didnt waste no time she grabbed her clothes and ran out the room. Que jumped up and went to the bathroom and grabbed his. As he was walking towards the door, Chris was standing in the way.

Que said, "could you move?"

Before i do, why you came here?

"Its doesnt mattsr anymore. Now move Chris."

He slid to the side And Que went to putting on his clothes as he walked downstairs. Chris followed they got to the front door and Que snapped, "listen here and listen carefully. I came over here to tell you that i may care for you more than  homeboy or a friend. Then i get here and you fucking some bitch. Yall push me into a threesome and then you stop it. What the fuck?"

I can tell you was feeling it and you was uncomfortable.

Que snapped, "no you was wasn't feeling it and you was uncomfortable. I was fine. Plus, you are so tough, but always afraid to admit when you are wrong."

Que opened the door and Chris snapped , "WAIT!"

Que looked over his shoulder and Chris said, "this is it. Once you walked out that door dont ever talk to me again Que. I cant have this constant back and forth shit. My life was perfect. Drugs, hoes, and money. but you just had to come with that slick ass mouth, that sexy ass face, and that fat ass and bring --"

Que snapped, "bring what?"

Bring Love into my life. After my brother died i didnt think i can love again. Until, you walked into my life. You was late but you walked in right on time. I need you Que. Please dont leave me.

"Chris dont just need me to need me. Want me. Okay. I never felt this way about a nigga and it scares me. It scares the fuck out of me."

Chris walked up closer to him and grabbed his arm and said, "ill protect you from whatever scares you i promise. Can i just show you how much i care."

Que lip trembled and he wiped his tears and said, "how?"

Chris grabbed his arm and pulled himIn. Slammed the door and threw him up against the wall. They kissed and Chris picked Que up and carried him upstairs. As he walked They kissed so passionately and in love. They made it to his room. Que ripped off his shirt and pants. Chris started sucking on Que nipples. Sending him into overdrive. Que was moaning like crazy. He moved down and with his teeth pulled off Que briefs. He came back up and they kissed and Que pulled down Chris briefs. They rolled over and Que got on top and started kissing on Chris neck and down to his chest.

Chris whispered seductively, " take it to the head."

Que replied, "i never did it."

Shit me neither. Just do what makes you feel good and also dont use your teeth.

Que went down and started sucking on Chris Dick. He was taking all 10" inches in his mouth. 

Chris moaned, "you sure you havent did this before."

Moment later the moment of truth came.

Chris was behind him and ready to hit him from the back.

Que pleaded, "please go slow."

Chris ate his ass a little more and he he slid his head inside Que. Que ached in pain and said, "oh my god! Thats a big dick."

Chris started making love to Que. 

Que cries out in pain, "Chrissss fuck me harder!"

Chris replied with another thrust of his 10" inch Black Dick Into Que's Wet Asshole. Chris grabbed Que's girly hips and went to ramming him over and over again. 

Que arched his back so far that if he arch it anymore it might break. He leaned his head down and with his pearly white teeth he bit down on Chris Bed Pillow and with his right hand he grabed his Caramel colored 8" inch dick and went to jacking it off. He was all into this good fucking. 

As the pain subsided and sexual pleasure filled his body he began to throw his ass cheeks back causing Chris to grunt louder, "Ahh Baby This hole is to tight."

Que replied, "its all yours Chris. Shoot all of your babies in me. I wanna have your babies floating in me."

Chris picked up speed and went to sliding his man pole in and out of Que faster and faster. Causing Que legs to give out and he laid flat on Chris King Size bed. However, that didnt Stop Chris. He pressed his thumbs into Que back dimples and went to fucking him senseless.

Moments later, Que cried out, "Chris im bout to cummmm."

Chris replied, "me too. Lets do it at the same time. 3...2...1."

The both grunted, "ughh... ahhh...yeaa" at the same time.

As Chris fell on top of Que they was breathing heavy. The room air was filled with filthy sex. Chris turned Que over and with his big juicy lips he placed kisses on Que lips. 

Chris said, "This was a one time thing. This cannot happen again, Que."

Word, it cant. No one can know or find out about this too, Que replied.

Que kissed him back and grabbed Chris Comforter from the floor and covered their bodies and they stared out of Chris Patio window at the dark sky until they drifted asleep.




The sunlight from the window woke me up and as i opened my ass i was a little taken back. I had forgot about last night. Thats when everything registered to me. I had sex with Chris... a Boy. I was a girl. I got fucked in my ass by a boy. However, i cant say it wasnt good. I looked around and Chris wasnt in his room. I jumped up and ran into shower and turned it on and bathe. As i bathe my ass it tinged. And slimy stuff came out. I guess that was Chris Nut. I finished getting all of that out me and i bathed. After about 45 minutes i got out. Grabbed a towel from the rack and placed it around my waist. My legs are so sorr. It feels like i cant walk right. I see what girls go through, i promise to be gentle on them from now on.

I walked up to his drawer and opened it. I grabbed a shirt that way bigger than me and some briefs. I really felt like a girl. Wearing the man who fucked me clothes after a night like last night. I walked downstairs and he was talking to someone. I walked into the kitchen, because i smelled breakfast. It was a lady sitting there eating.

She said, "hey im Chris grandmother. Im in town from New Orleans. You must be his friend, Que."

Yea i am. And Chris it smells amazing in here. 

He walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said, "thats grandma Rose."

I was shocked he kissed me in front of her. She said, "yAll two are adorable. "

I smiled and my phone started ringing from the table. Chris said, "oh i charged it for you."

I walked over and answered it and myMom said, "honey we Leaving for Six flags in an hour get here."

I had totally forgot.

"Okay mom im on my way."

I kissed Chris and said, "i have to go. Ill see you later.



I woke up in my bed and all type of pain. My head, body, and ass. I dont remember last night at all, i must have got hella wired. My room door opened and My lil sister walked in and said, "Que called ths house and was wondering do you wanna go to six flavs with him."

I looked for my phone and called him up and said, "yea let me shower and get right."

Okay, i just got home. Ill by you an hour.

I hung up and ran and jumped in the shower. I took a long bath and when i got out i called up Tess, but i had no answer.

As i placed on my shirt and pants. A txt came through.

Bae#2- goodmorning sleepy head.

I looked confused at the txt and txted, "who is this?"

Bae#2- from the party. You, Tess, and I had  a threesome it was awesome. We must have tired you out. We had to carry you home.

Me- damn yAll must have rode this dick good

Bae#2- on the contrary you rode this dick pretty good. Also, sucked dick good. You even fucked me while eating my sister pussy. Also, you even was spinning on my 9" inch dick. I know you ass hurt. I have to go ttyl.

I dropped my phone and i couldn't believe whAt i was reading. Tess tricked me into a threesome with her brother Jason. This is not happening. Tess I thought it was me and you. What happened??


Chapter 4: Sunday Madness.



"That rollercoaster wasnt no joke. dad was even about to throw up."

We cracked up around the breakfast table and my Mom said, "Dom its okay honey. Your stomach wasnt for it."

My dad ate his bacon and replied, "Penny baby i just wasnt ready for it thats all. Plus inhad ate that turkey leg before that."

King laughed , "dad its okay i got sick too."

Dad said, "yes and you must have been sick at that party aswell. I found that Blake Shelton tshirt in the trash, with throw up on it."

King coughed and I said,"nigga Blake Shelton? When did you buy that?"

King quickly replied, "online."

My dad jumped up and said, "i have to head off to work family, but ill be home tomorrow. I want the pool deck cleaned, the basement, and the attic."

My mom said, "yea and i have a meeting at the hospital at 2 and ill be back tonight."

Yesterday was the best family day ever, including Tony. We had a blast. It made me think it will last forever. Sadly, it is going to be back to the regular. I havent turned my phone on since yesterday. I know Chris have been hitting me up. Im kind of scardd to talk to him now. My ass is still throbbing if i sit down to hard. Plus, my legs hurt badly and Football Practice tomorrow.

I got up and excused myself. I wiped my hands on my Neon Green Gym Shorts. I walked up the stairs and went into my room. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and placed it on the charger. I walked over to my T.V and turned it on to CBS , and was ready for Sunday football.

As my phone cut on. Messages was dinging through.

Tony- bruh call me ASAP. We need to talk. Like now. Im coming over today.           8:30 am

Ace- Chelsea and I Finally Fucked.          12: 12 am

Jax- where are you?            11:23 p.m

Chris- Goodnight.          11:11 p.m

Chris- i see you having fun at Six Flags on I.G         7:45 p.m

Chris- i can still feel your ass walls on my dick.         7:03 p.m

Chris- ive been calling i guess your phone turned off.        5:23 p.m

Jenn S- I hope you rocked that girls world last night.           4:23 p.m

I smiled at the message Jenn S sent. She just doesnt know how hard Worlds got rocked. I called Chris. As it rung my heart started racing. I felt like a school girl.

Chris answered, "yo." In a raspy voice. He must have still been sleep.

I replied, "just calling, but if you are sleep. Ill call back."

Nah, you good. Wassup? How was your morning.

"Good we have a family breakfast. Yesterday was mad fun too. Even though walking theme park had my legs hurting more than you had them."

Chris chuckled and said, "im sorry for that."

I sat down on my computer chair and said, "its cool. And i can still feelYour dick in me , but im happy its out."

Oh so you didnt like my dick?

"Did i say that?"

Oh Okay, Because i piped your ass down. 

I laughed and said, "so what you doing today?"

Nothing. Probably just watch the games. What about you Que?

"The Same thing."

Well, you should just come over here.

"Okay, but we arent having sex again. We promised that was it. Its off our chest and now we can be cool, right?"

Right, Que.

"Okay, let me get changed and ill be over in like an hour."

I hung up the phone and was smiling. I dont know why. Damn he got me with butterflies and shit. Also, a hardon in my Gym Shorts. I dug into my briefs repositioned my dick. My door opened and Tony walked in and said, "your parents left and King left too he said he will be back."

He walked over and jumped on my beanbag chair and said, "damn man we havent chilled with us in a minute."

I laid on my bed towards the tv on my stomach and said, "hell yea. However, i have something to do in a hour."

Tony sucked his teeth and said, "so you leaving?"

Yea, but ill be back, so you can stay here.

Tony has the pout face on.i threw my pillow at him and said, "nigga dont be mad. Plus what do you want to talk about?"

He stood up and snapped, "well i wanted to tell you two things, but one of them is for my Bestfriend whenever he returns in my life."

Tony walked towards my door. I jumped up and said, "what the fuck!"

I jumped up and asked, "tony are you serious?"

He turned and snapped, "as serious as me fucking Tess behind your back. She like this Pole better than yours."

He grabbed his Dick through his sweatpants. He continued, "and you know what Que. I was literally contemplating telling you, because i was worried about my best friends feelings. For what he doesnt even see clearly  that something is wrong with me."

Whats the fuck are even talking about? I asked you yesterday at Six flags was something up ? You said no. So what the fuck?

"Oh My God ! See you later Nigga."

He walked out my door and i was confused as fuck. He is mad for nothing. We have been attached at the hip since Pre-school. I will never be mad over no hoe. Something else is up. All this bottled up feelings is killing me.

I went over to my drawer and threw on a Polo VNeck white shirt and grabbed my car keys and left. Tony had just pissed me off to the last power. 

I swerved into Chris parking lot and got out.

I walked up to the door and knocked. He came to the door and opened it. He had on some joggers and thats it. Gosh! His dickprint was showing, i know he didnt have on no underwear. I walked in and he said, "um you are here 30 minutes early."

Oh you have someone here. Ill leave.

I turned to go back out the door ,  but he slammed it and said, "nope. Now bring ya ass in the loft. To watch the game."

I followed him down the stairs into this mancave. I asked, "where is your grandmother?"

She went back this morning.

"Oh and why did you kiss me in front of her?"

Umm, she cool. I had to tell her when she walked in my room and saw us in the bed naked together.

I chuckled and plopped down on the chair and leaned it back.

He grabbed my arm and said, "guest sits on that chair."he pointed at another chair.

I replied, "but i wanna sit here."

But, thats my chair.

Well we must be sitting together. He picked me up put my ass up against his dick and sat down on the chair. I wanted to move, but it feel comfortable. I leaned on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around me and said,"how you like this seat shawty?"

Its cool.

We watched the game and silence and chilled. Sitting in his arms calmed me down from Tony.


(Hey its the fly. I was about to Fly out of Tess house when i heard Tony came into her room snapping)


Tess leaned up from the bed and said, "um i walked in and saw my brother fucking you from the back and i joined. You was all into that night."

In A swift  He slapped Tess and said, "dont play with me. You let your brother fuck me."

You dont believe me, follow me.

She jumped up and grabbed his hand and they went down the hall into Jason room.

He was just walking out the shower. Tess snapped, "show him."

Jason smirked at Tony and picked up his laptop and typed a couple keys and then showed it to Tony.

Tony saw himself riding dick, eating Jason ass, Sucking His dick and screaming he will be their bitch.

Tony slammed it close and sat down on the bed and said, "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! This is not happening."

Tess walked over and rubbed his back and said, "its okay, Tony. We here for you."

He felt a hand run across his dick and Jason said, "yea in all ways no lean back and let us have fun."

Tess leaned Tony back on Jason bed and they pulled my dick out myPants and started sharing his dick. It was enough to go around. They was deepthoating, licking, sucking, playing.

Jason had sucked on my balls and gosh he had a big mouth. He put my whole ball sack in his mouth. Tony moaned out loud , when he felt one of them eating his ass.

He was a sex addict and this is the only way he feels he have power.


All three of them lay in Jason bed breathing hard. Tess got up to go shower.

Jason leaned over and Kissed Tony and said, "so how was it?"

It was alright.

"Alright? Boy i know my sucking dick game is superb."

Tony looked at him and whispered, "you was the best one yet. You can rock the mic."

Tony continued, "gosh! I cant believe i just said that about a dude."

Jason climbed on top of Tony and pressed down on his chest and said, "this dick is rare and you just admitted im the only one can handle it , so can you and i get together by ourselves."

Nope, im only doing this if Tess here. 

Jason climbed off of him and said, "oh so that night in the park was only us, Sexy Boy."

Tony eyes grew big and he said, "jason that was you?"

Yup. How you like me now?

Tony jumped up and choked him out and said, "nigga from now on you under my watch. You only touch me if i allow it."

Tony slung him on the floor grabbed his shit and left.




I woke up in a familiar bed and i looked over and saw the bedroom door ajar and shower water running. I yawned and grabbed my phone out of my pocket. It was 10 o clock. I had school i had to go. 

I got up and walked over to the bathroom and looked in and saw Chris Showering. He looked so damn sexy. The water running down his bodg was amazing. I cleared my throat as my dick was rising in my pants. He spotted me and said, "if you wanna joing , by all means get in."

I replied, "no i came to tell you that i am leaving."

Okay and next time dont fall asleep on our chill date. See you in the morning Que.

"Yea Chris."

I was about to walk away from the door when he shouted, "aye i dont get a kiss?"

I stopped in my tracks and was between a rock and a hard place. How could we try and be friends when stuff like this happen. Friday night was amazing and we both promised that, it was a one time thing. However, him asking me for a kiss made my lips wet.

I turned around and walked in and said, "this is for old time sake."

He grabbed me by my shirt and picke me up. I wrapped my arms and feet around him we started kissing. The hot water began soaking me. I didnt care. I love when i am in his arms and in his care. Fuck being friends I want to make this official. I have never felt this way about a human being this is crazy. He makes me not want to fuck other people.

He grabbed my ass and i let out a slight moan and we looked into each other eyes and he said, "Que what are we going to do?"

I replied, "i dont know, but one thing for sure im feeling you nigga."

The water poured on our bodies and he said, "im feeling you too. Why couldnt you be a girl?"

I burst into laughter and asked, "no why couldnt you be a girl?"

He put me down and said, "you might want to take off those clothes and dry them before you go."

I replied, "if you wanna see me naked, by all means just ask."

I threw off my shirt and gym shorts. Then i slowly pulled down my pants over my ass. My ass plopped out and he slapped it and made it jiggle. He said, "cAn i tell you something?"


"I cannot wait to see this fat ass in that tight football pants."

I tippytoed and kissed him and he said, "aww baby."

He kissed me back and said, "so what is this? Its up to you Que. If we together let me know. If we just having fun let me know. And if we just chilling let me know. Its your call."

I couldnt ever date a boy. Like i dont even look right to do that. 

I cleared my throat and said, "i guess we just having fun."

He replied, "so no strings attached. So no getting jealous."

We looked into eachother eyes and i said, "yup."

I pondered, "friends with benefit never ends good for one person, because someone is going to be playing with their heart. Sadly, i alreay think its me."


(Before a laid on a wall to sleep. I had to go check up on King. I didnt get to follow where he went. Luckily, his room window was open. I flew in and laid on his wall.)

King walked into his room and slammed the door. He was mad for some reason.He pulled out his phone and called up someone. As it rung , King took off his shoes.

The person answered and angirily said, "what do you want?"

King said, "you left Red Lobster angry."

The person snapped, "hell yea i did. You playing me and im not on that King. I told you that night in the tub that i was ready to be with you. Then this hoe come up to you in an restaurant and you kissed her thats fucked up."

That is one one my hoes Jax. When we started fooling around this summer . It wasn't no feelings. Now you acting like a female. This dick aint that good.

"You right its not and the school will love to see how small it is when its soft. Im sending it around as we speak. Well to Jenn S and believe she will send it around. Goodnight King."

He hung up the phone and his chest was rising and falling fast.

To Be Continued.-------



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