Chapter 5: The Dick Pic That Went SchoolWide.



I got home from spending the night with Chris. No we didnt fuck. We watched movies. I ran into the house get change and get to school. I pulled down my clothes and threw on some jeans and a shirt. As i put my feet in my Jordans, my phone ranged. I picked it up and Ace said, "bro tell me you got the txt?"

Txt of what? Another Party?

"No i cant even stomach to tell you.Imma send it to you. Bro i know you are going to be mad and want to fight today. So Jax and I are coming ready."

He clicked it on my ass and i awaited this picture. My phone dinged and I looked at the message and my fucking eyes opened wide. It was another dick picture with the name of whose own it is written in white, but this time it wasnt Tony. It was My Brother King. His dick was soft so it had to be like 4 inches. It was his , because i saw our bathroom tiles in the background. 

My body began to boil. No one ever fucks with my brother and whoever started this will be fucked up on site. I took off my jordans and jeans and put on some camo cargo shorts and some black timberlands.

I exited the room and knocked on King door. He snapped, "im not going!"

I replied, good i was telling you to stay home. Ill be back. Im going to Find out who did it.

He said something back, but i was already on my way out. I was heated. 


I swerved into the parking lot and parked. I jumped out and Ace and Jax came up to me. I snapped, "its only one person who have every one number, Jenn S."

I walked into the building and all eyes was on me. This dick pic went schoolwide. I spotted Jenn S at her locker laughing with Tess. I went up to her and pushed her up against the locker and snapped, "DONT fuckinnngg lie to me. I know you sent this picture. However, you wasnt the one who phone had it to begin with . Who sent you the picture?"

She was scared shitless. She looked around and a crowd started to form. She snapped, "you know im not going to tell you, however, heres the clue your little clique aint so loyal."

She walked off and i looked back at Ace and Jax and they looked stupid. Ace said, "well for sure it wasnt us. Tony perhaps?"

Jax chimed in, "yea check with Tony. But that dont answer what girl sent it to him."

He put his headphones in and started to sing some Blake Shelton song. I walked off mad. I walked around fhe school and i could not find Tony.I snapped in front of everyone, "TELL TONY SAINT GERMAINE IM LOOKING FA HIM!"

Tony snapped, "im here no need to look for me."

I walked over to him and stated, "you mad about Me and you find a hoe with my lil bruh picture and blast him."

Tony laughed and i didnt see what was funny. I swung on his ass with a left jab. He backed up and threw up his hands.

We began fighting. I was popping his ass , but he was gettig some in.I ducked and picked him up and slammed him on his back.

I climbed on top of him and went to pounding his head in over and over again. Blood start coming from his nose. Security came up and grabbed me and as they picked me up with my left foot i kicked him in the nose.

He fell back. 

I snapped, "now send a picture of that around the damn school. Yall know i dont play when it comes to my little brother. Let me here his name out of anyone of yalls mouth and im breaking ya jaw."


(Hey its me. My morning was shocking. Tony just got beat up for something Jax did. gosh! I wish i can talk. I fleww down the hall and I spotted Tess and Jenn S talking)

Tess snapped ,"Jenn S! Tony  just got pounded for something he didnt do?"

Yea. I wanted to tell Que who did it, but the person was right there.

"It was big mouth ass Jax , huh? But who he got the picture from."

Jenn S shrugged her shoulders and said, "i dont know like what girl do King even talk too. What if it wasnt from a  girl. What if Jax was the source?"

They burst out laughing and said, "Never! King and Jax to fine for all of that now."

(Little did they fucking know)



Today have been fucking crazy.someone recorded Tony and Que fight. Que really did it to him. I feel kind of bad because i was the one who sent it to Jenn S. I tried to txt her not to do it after but it was too late. Half of Keating had the message. King hurted me but lashing out that way was fucked up. My whole period in Home Economics was talkimg about the picture and the fight. King had this period with me but he isnt here. I know he is home probably stressing out. I have to go see him and make this right. I jumped up and was walking out the class. My teacher and he said, "Mr Jaxson where are you going?"

I put my iPhone headphones in and walked out. I walked down the hall and headed to the parking lot. Ace better ride with Chelsea home.

I jumped in the car and headed over to King/Que house. When i pulled up Que car wasnt in the parking lot. He must still be at the school.  I hopped out and ran up to the door and was about to knock. King isnt going to open this door i might as well go around the back and climb up to his window. As i walked around i was thinking long and hard about my apology and how i was going to make this right.

I climbed up to window and luckily it was open. i slid in and stood up. I looked on his bed and it was empty. However, i heard the bathroom door open and he walked out in a towel. Looking sexy as fuck.

He snapped, "get the fuck out Jax."

He pointed to me and i felt every word he spoke.

I said, "please let me explain. When I sent Jenn S the picture i tried to tell her not to send it off but it was too late."

King walked over to me and slapped me and said, "you shouldnt have sent it at all. I trusted you and you betrayed me and for what?? Because im still trying to see how you benefited from this. You ruined my life and ruined everything we had."

I started crying , "King im sorry. What can I do to help you?"

GET THE FUCK OUT, he retorted.

He walked over to the door and opened and the face that stood behind it was one of terror.... QUETIN.

Que face went angry ange asked, "WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING HERE?"

I sttutered, "i-i-i  --"

King cut me off and said, "he was here to tell me that he got the picture from some girl and sent it to Jenn S. It was Him, Que."

Que charged into the room and tackled me to the floor and was about to punch me and said, "you know what it aint even worth it. JUST DONT FUCK WITH ME ANYMORE. We aint cool, we aint boys, we aint even teammates. Get out my crib."

I hopped up and ran out the door.



"What girl you sent it to, King?"

He sat down on his bed in his towel and said, "look some chick i use to fuck."

Why did he do it?

King Slid his briefs on and took off the towel.and snapped, "i dont know why he did it? Just like we dont know why he went and stole that shirt from the mall last summer. Jax do some dumb shit."

Well i have to go apologize to Tony. Wait! That blake Shelton shirt.


I started thinking. My dad said he found a dirty Blake Shelton shirt in our trash and i dont remember King having one. Then i heard Jax playing it this morning. 


King looked at me stupid and exhaled.

He grabbed my hand and said, "it's something i need to tell you bruh."



I was in the living room in only sweats literally dying. This was one hot ass summer. Also, our central air unit was broke. My dad was at work so he couldn't fix it. Sweat was dripping down my face and body. I got aggravated and ripped my sweats off and only had on my green Abercombie&Fitch briefs. I walked into the kitchen and fixed me a glass of water. As i drank it , it was a knock at the door.

I wondersd who could that be. My brother was at Tess house, probably entering round 3 in that pussy. I walked to the door as i was. I didnt even bother to put on my sweats.I opened the door and their stood Jax. My brother friend since grade school.He mexican looking and short. I look down at him and he said, "Aye. Your brother home?"

Nope, he at Tess house. 

"Damn well you may can help me. Can i come in?"

Yea, sure. But let me warn you. Its hot as fuck.

"Oh i know. The swear is literally soaking down your abs like a waterfall."

We laughed as we walked upstairs.

Jax said, " why you aint in the pool if yall air broke?"

Well i have did that twice today. I might turn more blacker. Im team brownskin and will like to reamain that  way.

We walked into my room and he ran over and opened my window and pounced down on my beanbag chair.

He said, "damn i love this chair.l"

I replied, "well you going to love it in Que room. I lost a bet last night and its his now."

I sat down on my bed and he said,"so have you did your summer homework snobby ass?"

Yup and because im smart , that doesn't make me snobby.

I threw a pillow at him and he caught it.

I asked, "so you came here for help on that?"

Hell no. Im not doing that. Actually i came because umm...well... The girl next door wants to fuck me.

Umm, if im not mistaken isnt that a good thing?

"Yea, but im not that experience."

A.K.A You are a Virgin?

He shook his head in shame.

I burst out laughing and said, "aww man dont be ashamed. However, so you dont fuck all those cheersluts that Be all over you."

He snatched off his shirt and said, "nope. Just fingered and ate they pussy and they suck my dick. However, i really wanna fuck this chick."

I replied, "okay. I only had sex a couple of times so i can help. But what exactly do you need help with?"

Well what to do. I have to make it seem like im a pro. She looks experiences.

"Umm okay. stand up."

I threw him my pillow and said, "picture the pillow as the girl. Now lay her down on the bed and fuck her."

He laid the pillow down and started dry humping it. He looks petiful. He have no stroke game at all. I chuckled a bit. He stood up and said, "nigga dont laugh. Plus i have these jeans on. Lemme take them off."

He unzipped the skinny jeans and slid them off. He had on high rise black briefs. They was right under his ass cupping it. He had an ass. Like a good one.... Why am i looking at fool ass. Maybe this hot playing tricks.

He laid back down and started stroking the pillow again. It was a little better. I snatched his arm up and said, "better but you not making love to her... You fuckin' her."

I climbed on top of the pillow and started fucking it. 

"See like this. Fuck the pussy up. Once you start everything else fall i  order. Start sucking on her nipples and neck. Licking her tits and all."

I stopped and turned around he said, "i cannot believe im taking sex advice from a soon-to-be jun--"

He stopped talking and was looking down at me. I followed his eyes and noticed he was looking at my erect dick pitching a tent in my briefs. On real shit i didnt even notice it.

I grabbed it and forced it back into my pants and he said, "umm King."

I looked up at him and said, "what? Stop looking. Its been awhile."

He laughed and said, "no comment. Anyways umm.. Well .. This isnt helping. I need a human to practice on. What if you-- nevermind."

He sat back on the bed next to me and asked, "what was you going to say?"


"Taco eating ass lil mexican. What was you going to say?"

He laughed and said, "i was going to say how about you stroke on me to show me what to do and then i try on you. But that pushing it. Well we wont have to take off our briefs. Just like dry hump. I mean im comfortable with my self."

This boy crazy he must really want to Fuck this girl.

I replied, "you want me to dry stroke you to show you and then yo do me. You must really want to learn and you must be dying to fuck her."

He leaned down in his pants and said, "you telling me you wouldnt do anything to fuck her?"

He was showing me a picture of the girl in his phone. Damn she was bad and looked very experienced. I cant let my boy go down like that. He will be the laughing stock of Atlanta.

"Okay fine. Only three strokes."

3?? Thats just the beginning!!

"Okay a solid ten. That's it. Now lay back."

I rose up and spreaded his legs and pushed my knees down on my bed to get in position. I cannot believe what we is about to do.

I leaned over him and we looked into eachother eyes. Sweat dripped from my forehead onto his face. DAMN IT WAS HOT.

"Ready Jax?"


I began to stroke him and goddamn the friction from my dick touching his ass was making me hard again.

He laughed and said, "its cool. Its been awhile."

I hurried and finished. As i was raising up. He had done locked his feet around my waistline and said, "what if  you really show me how to stroke."


"By pulling that dick out and sticking it in my ass."

I squinted my eyes and said, "bruh you tripping."

He grabbed my dick and said, "he dont think im trippin' just ten real ones. Dude you just helping me, its nothing."

He grabbed the brim of his briefs and pulled them over his legs and off. I pulled mine out of the flap. He leaned over and my drawer and grabbed a condom. 

"Nigga that's not needed. Im not nutting."

Jax replied, "umm no one has ever been in there. So its tight like a virgin pussy. You know what happened the first time you fucked a girl. You nutted in thirty seconds."

He ripped it and gave it to me. I slid it on my cock. I pressed on his hole for entry and he winced in pain. I slid it in and oh my god was this tight and wet. 

He pressed his hand against my chest and said, "slow King please."

I didnt listen. I slammed my dick in him and went to stroking. The quicker i do it the quicker its over. He was moaning "ahhh fuckk damnn ohhh awwww shhh fucckkkk!"

That shit was turning me on. I was pleasuring him. I got into the groove. And was beating his ass up.

I picked up pace and was fucking him like crazy. He cried out, "King you are pass ten stop!"

Trying to get up he sat up and we fell to the floor and my dick was still in him. Now i was ball deep. I grabbed his hips and started rocking him. This felt so muchh better than when a girl rideeeee you. He pressed down on my chest and was riding my dick. He started moaning, "you got that royal dick. Gosh king! Fuckk!"




This was pushing me over the edge. I said, "fuck im bout to cum'"

I started coming and so did he all over my chest.



I was in total shock. My brother had just described in detail him and Jax first time having sex. It was crazy. Also, i think precum was leaking out of dick i know it. 

He then said, "it happened 2 more time after that, that summer. Then when school started back. Look im not that way only Jax. He and I had just fun but then feelings came up from him and now im the one hurt."

Once my brother spoke that from his mouth. It spoke to me. Chris and I decided yesterday to just have fun. Jax and my brother is prime example of when fun turns into feelings.

"Look King im not mad and i wont tell no one. Just take each day at a time. Also, i have 5 day suspension and i cannot even go to football practice. Coach Dilan is mad as fuck. At Tony and I."

King replied, "oh shit! Go see Tony Bruh."

I jumped up and headed to see Tony. He is going to be pissed i know.


(Hey! I followed Tony Home because he was on the phone with someone telling them about Que. He went into his room)

"Jason i just need a relaxing right now okay. Just come over and slob on this knob. Your sister is still in School . She doesnt have to know."

Jason replied, "okay im on my way . Ill be there in like 45 minutes."

Tony hung up and walked over to his mirror and looked at his one swollen eye. He was mad about the fight. He dont even know what really happened. Que and him jut hit their breaking point.

Their was a knock at his room door. He screamed, "come in."

Que walked in and said, "Tony."

Tony turned around and said, "Que get the fuck out. Its no coming back from this one."

No nigga! I came to say im sorry for fighting you. I found out the truth. I just wanted it to be you because you was already mad at me from the other day.

"Que i will never do that to King. Yall family. Also, you should have known that. I just need some space from you."


"Dude i already cant play ball until Coach Dilan say we can. We fucked up. All over a stupid Dick picture."

Yea i know right. Aye i love you man. Lunch on me tomorrow. Im taking us to Cheesecake Factory.

"Love you too man. And can we actually eat cheesecake?"

Yup, any flavor.


I walked over to Tony and hugged him tight and said, "you are my bestfriend no petty fight can change that. Even though that eye is pretty nasty."

Tony replied, "yea your swole lip isnt cute either."

We laughed and Tony said, "well im finna shower and go to bed. Come back tonight and we can watch a movie or some shit like old times."

Deal, let me go handle something rightquick and ill be over. I have to go tell this person im fucking with that i just cant have fun or be friends. I have to have them as my lover.

Tony said, "well i be damned. You learned how to settle down."


4 PM 


I pulled up home from that stupid ass job. Damn i cannot wait to i find out who killed my brother. I walk up to my porch and see my door opened. The first thing that come to my head is, some nigva here for revenge. I pull out my gun and snapped, "who ever in here better talk up or  get put on mute for all eternity."

Someone jumped out of the kitchen and said, "damn B you gone kill ya bestfriend."

Chris stared at Tommy and said, "damn B where the fuck you been?"

Tommy have been missing for like two years. He was running from the feds. For killing some man. He is like 6 feet tall and lightskin. He got curly indian hair and he is built. Workout is life. Also, he looks bigger now.

"Nigga i turned myself in last spring. All my weed money paid for a goo lawyer. I did 9 months in prison and now im not and free. I came back and hear that you hanged up your thug shirt. What's that about?"

Never would I do that. I just have more important business right now.

"WhAt? You met someone?"

Acutally i did, but we just having fun right now. Im ready for them to say they want me forreal and imma settle down. I feel like im in love. However, that isnt why i stopped. Dice tried to set me up in Savannah. I offed him and his man. Now im posing as a teaher until i found out who killed my brother at this high school. Thats the real reason. I cannot risk someone noticing me from the streets. I hope you staying in town."

Yea, for a couple of months. I was hoping can i move in here?

"Ofcourse nigga."

They hugged again and then it was a knock at the door.


Chris heard Que voice and his heart start racing. He walked into the hallway and said, "Tommy this is my homeboy Que."

Tommy walked up besides me and said, "wassup lil nigga? How you know Chris?"

He my Anatomy teacher. I came to get the homework.

Chris caught on and said , "comeWith me into my office."

They walked down the hall and when they got into the office, Chris said, "what you doing here?"

We need to talk.



"Okay what?"

Um, after today fiascos with me fighting and all. I came to the realization that i don't want to just have fun with you Chris.

"Oh hea what you want?"

Umm, I want to have a-a-a relationship with you.

We stared into eachothers eyes and i said, "boy i have been waiting for you to say that."

I leaned down kissed Que and we madeout. 

I whispered, "stay the night."

Cant Tony and I have plans.

"I can come like at 1 or 2 in the morning."

That's cool i just want to be with you shawty.

They laughed and the office door opened and i grabbed some papers off my desk and said, "here you go."

 Tommy Chimed in, "Chris go turn off that damn stereo." I ran off to do that.


Que walked passed Tommy to leave his house and Tommy stopped him and said, "well yall seem real cool. Since you get to call him Chris."

Yea, he says mr.Wilson makes him feel old.

"Oh cool. Cuz' for a second there i thought you was coming in between me and that big black dick of his. I have went to jail and tasted real dick , now i want some of his."

Que jawdropped and Tommy said, "pick up your jaw , might catch flies. Also, dont tell him because he is going to believe his bestfriend over the student who wants him secretly."

Que walked passed him and said into the living room, "ill be back later baby. Dont worry Tommy didnt hear me he is in the bathroom."

Chris replied, "good  and i plan on telling him, since he is moving in, so he wont be asking me why you here."

Que and Tommy stared at each other and Tommy mouthed "game on!"

Que mouthed back, "suck my dick, he is all me. And F.Y.I i already had the dick, its bomb as fuck."


Chapter 6: Claiming Whats Yours?



(hey its the fly on the wall. Things have kind have been the same since we last spoke. Chris and Que are secretly dating and Tommy is waiting for a chance to try to ruin them. King and Jax isnt speaking and the picture is finally history. Tony eye has went down and Him and Que are back cool. Also, he is still being a bitch for Jason and Tess. Ace and Chelsea is together and is in love. Everything is cool and calm. However, what im listening to right now might change things.... For the worst)

Que said, "Tony the first game is tomorrow night. we have to be focus. No sex tonight man."

Tony moaned on the phone, "alrightttt uhhh!"

Que replied, "nigga i know you not trying to have phone sex with me."

Tony replied, "nah uhhh"

Que snapped, "well nigga stop moaning."

Tony said, "maybe i can stop if you get off my line at 1 in the morning and i can bust this load."

Man i said no sex.

"Sex with my hand isnt sex. Plus, i havent jacked off in a while. This feels fucking amazing."

They laughed and Que confessed, "no lie, i might just do that. I cant get no sex from my lover."

Damn nigga when you go tell me who you dating. 

"When im ready. Now goodnight. "

Tony moaned back, "goodnightt ughhhhh ahhhh Queeee!"

Que replied, "nigga dont moan my name. Thats gay."

Tony replied, "nigga its just a name. Plus i never seen your dick and you never seen mine. So i can moan Queeee and jack off without no hassel. I aint thinking about you why i do it so its cool."

Que bit his lip and said, "well nigga dont do it . Plus i did see your dick , when the school pic went around."

You never told me.

"It never came up. Also, I thought you already knew."

Tony snapped, "nope i didnt know my BestFriend for 17 years saw my dick."

Dude no need to snap. It wasn't small.

Tony said, "now thats gay."

We laughed and Tony said, "man goodnight Quee."

Que moaned back, "goodnight Tonyyy uhhh. Wrap that hand around that 12 inch dick and tell him i said goodnight too."

Tony didn't reply. Que sat up in his bed in the dark. He think he just took it to far. They always use to play like this in middle school. Over Time it stopped though. 

Suddenly he heard Tony say, "ahhh fuck this shit feels good."

Que replied,"nigga what are you doing?"

Tony replied, "jacking my dick. What you think?"

While im on the line? You lying.

"Hold up."

About 2 seconds later my phone buzzed on my ear and i had a  message from tony. I pressed it and it was a picture of his covers and his dick was  pitching a tent , no doubt. I felt kind of wrong. Due to me being i  a relationship with Chris. However, its just Tony fooling around. I will never do anything sexual with Tony.

"Nigga thats an old picture."

He laughed and said, "okay hold up."

All of sudden, I heard the friction of his spit and dick rubbing through his hands. Its true Tony was jacking off.

Que leand back on his bed and grabbed his dick. He moaned into the phone, "I guess ill joinn ughhh ahhh."

Tony replied, "ahhhh damnnn fuckkk."

Shhhhh ahhh Tonyyyy ughhh.

"Queeee ahh jackkk thatt dick."

Tonyyy fasterrrr uhhhh.

Quee harderrrrr ahhh.

30 moans and grunts later the two boys released their loads.

They sat on the phone listening to eachother breathe and Tony ask, "what did we do?"

I dont know goodnight.

Que hung up and rolled over and tried to sleep. Suddenly his window opened and Chris slid in his bed and said, "see baby. Im back. I told you ill make it to your first game."

Que rolled over and kissed Chris lips and said, "aww baby i missed you. How your grandmother doing?"

Bad its any day now.

Chris grabbed Que ass and said, "so can i hit?"

Que replied, "i have a ritual no sex before a game."

Chris licked on Que lips and said, "well can i  have something to eat."

Que grabbed Chris head and forced him under the covers to eat that ass like a cupcake.

As Chris was giving Que a good tongue lashing, Que was letting out little moans here and there. Chris came up and whispered, "baby can i fuck?"

Que sadly replied, "no."

How about if i just put the head in?

"No, please respect me."

Chris got out the bed and said, "what the mean?"

Chris, all im saying is. Our relationship doesnt have to be a out Sex. 

"Wow so you think you just another hole to fuck. If that was the case. I would have been fucking all types of hoes. I wouldn't have bothered to even be interested in you. Im the toughest nigga in Atlanta, fucking witb a dude. You think im doing thjs for kicks?"

Que snapped, "dont say that like im so sissy. Nigga i play sports, workout, and play video games. I aint no weak person. And im not doing this for ki--"

He cut Que off and said, "man im not finna argue with you. See you later man."

Chris hopped back out the window. Que rubbed his forehead and laid down. He sighed, "gosh im so sick of this same as arguement."-------



As I Slid up my black Armani Briefs. My room door slung open. I said, "damn bruh you cant knock. What if i had a bitch in here?"

Nigga, then i would have took off these Polo pajamas pants and we would have tagged team that hoe, he explained.

I laughed and said, "oh yeah. We did do that once. That hoe had to much dick in her mouth that night."

Tommt walked over and sat down on my bed and said, "so nigga what is your plan with this murderer, because knowing Chris this should have been over."

Ive been kind of side tracked, however, soon. Im actually working this angle with the boy that be over here often.


Yea. He is really known at the school , so he should know something.

"You think you not a little to close to him?"

I looked into tonmy brown eyes and squinted. It was like he was trying to get at something. I was planning on telling him about my relationship with Que, but i havent found a way to work it into a conversation.  

"What the mean nigga?"

Nothing. Nothing. Anyways, i came to tell you that tonight im Off house arrest and we get to go to the strip club, PinkPanties.

"What time?"

Nigga, you saying that like You have plans.

"I kind of do. Its the first game ofThe foot all season at the high school stadium."

Tommy stood up and said, "let me guess and Que want you to be there."

Actually, alot of my students play on the team want me there. Tommy can you chill you sound like a jealous little girl. You are still my bestfriend, no need to feel threatened by a 17 year old football player.

Tommt dapped me up and said, "okay just making sure  im claimed still as your bestfriend. You know you the only one i have left in this world i care about Chris. And fuck it what time the game ill be there?"


"Ill be there. Now off to this hoe house. Im gonna tear the pussy up, up,up,up."

I burst out laughing as he walked out the room. I grabbed my jeans and slid them on. Then i grabbed my Shirt and shoes and headed out. Im almost late for work. When i got in my car i had a txt from Que.

"Baby im sorry for last night. We both was heated. I hope to still see you at my game tonight."

I smiled. This young nigha be having my head gone.

I replied, "bae i wont miss your game for the world."

I cranked up my car and pulled out of the parking lot.



I went up to my locker and grabbed my books i need for today. Suddenly, i looked over and saw a long line of males coming into the school. It had to be like 9 of them. They was walking to the office. I spotted Ace and Chelsea. I walked over and asked, "who are them?"

Chelsea said, "they are from William Stone High on the other side of town. They was kicked out for jumping this gay boy and like really hurting him. They was supposed to go to jail, but instead the jusge moved them on our side of Atlanta and put them in a house to live together and attend Keating. It was on the news last night."

I replied, "damn thats crazy. I guess they will add to the crazy drama of this school."

Ace kissed Chelsea and said, "baby i have to meet up with Tony and my brother see you later."

She said, "miss you already."

He replied, "miss you too."

I love them. They are so fucking cute. I ship #Chace. She grabbed my arm and said, " you know we have been freinds for a long time King."

Everytime Chelsea this line on me, a favor doesnt seem to be far behind it. We walked down the hall and she said, "i have a job to do today as extra credit and will be so happy if you help me. Now, you will get extra credit too and plus we get a free day from classes. What do you say? I know you missed a whole week of school due to the idiot who expose your picture so what you say??"

I bit my bottom lip and said, "okay fine. What we have to do?"

Well, those 9 males that just went into the offices is our for today. We have to do their scheduling and give them a tour of the school. Also, be of any assisant they need.

"I don't wanna help no thug ass niggas."


"Okay fine. Damn cmon."


"Hey im Chelsea Whittmore and this is my friend King Burns. We are going to help you today with everything you need for this year. Now evem though i know what happened , i really am not here to judge. Lets just hope for a fresh start."

This girl know she can turn her professionalism on. One boy stood up at 6'2 and he had dreads, he had tattos down both arms, caramel skintone, amd had a deep a voice.He looked like Lance Gross with Dreads.

He snapped, "aye yo we aint no little ass kids. We can handle a school. Just make our schedules and we out."

He was staring at Chelsea and that was a bitch move. Im the male, he is a coward.

I retorted, "we aint ask yo ass can you handle a school. Apparently you couldn't because you wouldnt be here. Now get yall asses up and follow me and we are going to take the long way around school since Mr.Slick-Mouth wants to talk to girls like they his property."

All them stood up and was sighing and awwing. Chelsea smiled at me and he just stood there and stared at me. His dark eyes just looked at me like he was shocked that someone talked back to him. I was raised to fear no man but God. I turned and we walked down and Chelsea start giving the tour. I was in the back of all them so that they cant run off from it. 

Suddenly, the boy used his deep ass voice and whispered, "aye i didnt like how you showed me up back there."

I replied, "i dont care. I just dont like when men talk to girls like property. Now pay attention."

I am , he retorted.

He was staring at me with those eyes and he moved his dreads from his face and said, "so i know you heard what we did. Dont think we wont do it to you."

I laughed, "im not worried and besides im pretty sure Jail is the next step for you. And by the looks of most of your homeboys , i see alot of Bitches."

He stared at me and said, "whatever. But on some you claimed son."

I looked at him confused and said, "what that mean?"

He laughed and replied, "you will find out. Im Zero by the way."

I chuckled, "What type of name is Zero?"

"Zero is my street name.  It means i give Zero fucks about anything. So watch that mouth mr. burns. Or it will end badly for you."

What? You and 1-8 will jump me. Please.

"Oh yea you are definitely claimed."

He laughed and walked up to his boys. Im so confused at what the hell that means. I hooe nothing bad. ------

(Hey its the fly again. Im in the lockerroom as the boys get ready for practice. They are all so hot.)

Que walked in and ran over to his locker. He spotted Tony wrapped in a   white Towel and he walked over to him and said, "bruh we cool."

Tony replied, "yea we cool."

Que said, "last night was crazy and i didnt know how you was feelings after it. I know i was shocked."

Tony replied, "shocked? No. Freaked out that i nutted to phone sex with my bestfriend? Yes. However, its over and will never happen again. Now lets take this shower , get dress and go whip so WestCreek Ass."

Que hurried, changed and jumped in the shower next to Tony.

As they showered and peace, Tony said, "so was you impressed by it?." By what?

"The picture?"

Que chuckled and said, "when it came to my phone. It was from Tess and i thought it was her pussy or something. So when it was loading the message with it read 'damn your bestie have a big member.' So as i finished the picture flashed on the screen and i saw it. I was so shocked like goddamn this slim ass nigga got a mean dick. I deleted and went on with life."

Tony laughed and said , "a Mean one it is! Im looking at it now."

Que became tempted to look over the waist high wall that divided them. Tony continued, "everytime i rub against it , it gets hard."

Que said, "nigga what the fuck?"

Tony replied,"you sounded fancied by the size. So if you wanna see it you can. Its not gay. Your my bestfriend , hell."

Que sneaked a peak across the wall and said, "goddamn man. You are blessed."

They laughed and that's when the rest of the team walked in and they shut up about the conversation.



I put my black shirt on with the gold number 7 on the back.i brought it from Urban Outfitters. Lucky, Que it was his game number. Im supportting my baby. I slid on some black jeans. As i walked over to my closet to grab my Guiseppe Sneakers. Tommy ran in the room saying, "Chris i need you man."

I grabbed my size 12 shoes and said, "with what?"

I sat down on the bed and he replied, "going to my probation officers. She is downtown. I supposed to went and saw her after my quickie but that quickie turned into a longie. Then we smoked and did coke. I just came off Cloud Nine. She just called and said, "i have an hour to meet with her or she is putting a warrant out for my arrest."

I snapped, "dude really? All day you knew this. Did you go get the house arrest anklet off?"

He lift up his pants leg and said, "no thats where i have to go. This is my last meeting. She will take the house arrest thing back then she will set me free. However, if i miss it, im going back to jail. C, throw me a bone man. You have nothing important to do."

Actually , i do i have a football game to be to.

I looked down at my Michael Kors watch and said, "its already 8, downtown is 1 and 30 minutes. Damn if i speed i can make it back ny fourth quarter."

Tommy smiled and ran over and hugged him and said, "you the best."

They walked out the house and Chris was livid. He just hope that Que dont realize he aint there.



(I was flying around the loud game looking for a place to sit. It was so crowded. My life was in jeopardy. I spotted the Water cooler by the players bench.)

Que snapped, "Tony its one more fucking minute on the clock we have to score to win this damn game. We are down by three."

Que ran over to his bag and grabbed his phone and saw a message from Chris saying, "something came up. Ill be there later." Que looked around the bleachers and didnt see Chris anywhere. His face turned evil and he threw his Phone into his bag. And ran out on the field.

King sat in the bleachers and he felt a person sit down beside him. He looked up and saw it was Zero. King sighed and asked, "so why are you here? I know its some weed to smoke back at your house the police gave yall."

Zero laughed and said, "damn don't stereotype me. How you know i smoke weed? Fuck that how you know i smoke?"

King looked into Zero eyes and said, "my bad. I just dont have time for bullshit anymore"

Zero replied, "well you shouldnt have made time for it in the first place and you wont be sitting here alone and bitter at the world. Thats why my name fits me. If you give Zero fucks who can hurt you."

They stared at each other and King replied, "thats a nice little motto. However, Zero fucks leave you Lonely in your bed at night. Jacking ya dick to a 3 minute porn video because you are to broke to pay for a membership."

Zero laughed , "word but aye atleast i catch my nut though."

King laughed and then they stared at each other smiling. 

King asked, "so Zero do you have a curfew?"

Zero squinted and said, "yea 11:30 p.m but the man who watch over us be knocked out by 12."

King snatched Zero iphone out his hand went to notes and typed in an address and said, "be here, I wanna show you something."

Zero said, "alright i will."

The referee blew his whistle and both teams got into position. Que hiked the ball and stepped a few steps back and was looking for a open man. He looked up at the clock and it was 43 seconds. 

Suddenly, he heard someone at the close gate over everyone screaming, "Go Que!"

He looked over quickly and saw Chris. He smiled and turned back to the game and backed up some more and launched the ball to his left. The ball sprialed in the air into it landed in the hands of Ace and he scored. Just as the clock ran out. Keating high wins!, the announcer says.

The whole crowd stood up clapping and shouting.

Jax looked over in the crowd and saw King and Zero laughing and talking as they clapped.

Ace ran over and dumped the Gatorade thing on there coach. They was happy to win there first game of the season. 

Que was picked up off his feet and carried by his team into the locker room. Tonight was a good night for them.



Tony and I was last out the lockerroom. we was walking out to the parking lot. Jenn S and Tess came up and hugged us in there cheerleading uniform. Jenn S grabbed my dick through my gym shorts and said, "call me tonight."

Little did she know that wasn't happening. My boyfriend  came when I needed him and put my head back in straight. Tony and Tess hugged. I wasnt mad anymore about that. He can have here. Tony laughed as Tess whispered in his ear. tony then said, "bruh ill see you later. Im catching a ride with Tess and her brother."

Jenn S ran off and screaming, "dont leave me I need a ride home." I walked out and spotted my little brother by the car. 

He hugged me and said, "my bro threw the winning ball. I cant wait for you to go pro."

I laughed and replied, "me neither. Aye heres the keys. Im going to celebrate."

King replied, "A.K.A fuck someone."

We laughed and he said, "thanks i need the car anyways."

I love my lil bro. After the whole Jax thing. I tried to let them mend fences, but King wasnt having it. Lil bro is the type once he is crossed its no coming back. He said that now he will find a girl to treat him right. Frankly, I wouldn't care if its a cool ass nigga. I sholl found one for myself. 

I walked over to Chris car and hopped in. Chris pulled off and as we drove to his house he said, "my baby did his thang !! Turn up!"

I laughed and said, "thanks and where did you go knowing i had a game."

Tommy had to go dow--

"Forget it. Tommy is all i had to hear. He wont stop."

Chris looked at me confused.

"Tommy is trying to -to- to fuck you. He is trying to claim you. Thats why you was late. To get me mad so i can stop fucking with you."

Tommy wouldnt do that. Besides, tommy fucked a girl today. He isnt gay.

I laughed and said, "whatever you say."

About 30 minutes later we pulled up to his house and i was about to step out and he said , "WAIT!"

He ran around the car and opened my door and picked me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he said, "tommy is out."

Good. Can we shower first im stank.

Chris took a whiff of me and said, "for some odd reason thats turning me on more."

We walked into his house and he ran upstairs to his room. He opened the door and walked in. He slowly laid meDown on the bed and started kissing down my sweaty body. My lips and neck. He removed my shirt and pants. I pulled down my briefs and let my ass free. 

I grabbed his face and pushed my lips into them and we made out. Our tongues danced in each other mouth. I bit down  on his bottom lip causing him to moan. I flipped him to the bottom and lifted off his shirt. I noticed the 7 on the back and he said, "yea that was for you."

I leaned down and kissed his lips. I unbuckled his Hermes belt and   Slid them jeans off. I rubbed on his dick through his briefs. I went down and placed my mouth on it. I was sucking on his shaft through the briefs. Suddenly, he ripped them off and his dick slapped my face.

I took it into my mouth and started sucking on the head of his dick. I open wider and took all 10 inches. Gosh! He makes me feel like a bitch. His bitch. I then went to his balls and sucked on those big bowling balls. He grunted, "aww fuckk Que thats it."

Without me even knowing he had already placed a condom on his dick. He seductively spoke, "baby sit on daddy dick."

I stood up and climbed on top of him. He aimed his dick and i pushed it up  against my pink hole. I presed down amd allowed my baby entrance. I moaned, "aww fuck, Chris!!!'"

As i took all of him in me, I swear it was in my guts. I placed his hands on my hips and started rocking me back and foward. I got the rhythm and pressed down on his chest and stared to ride that dick. He was moaning.

"Who ass is this?"

I called out, "yours!"

He snapped, "CLAIM THIS DICK!"

I whimpered in sexual ecstasy and said, "this my dick. Awwww fuckkkkk mee."

All you could here was my ass slapping against his inner thigh. I was working that dick. Suddenly,  he popped out of me and laid me down and started sucking on my dick. I removed his condo and started sucking on his. We sucked til we both nutted in each others mouth.


"On my face Que! Nut on my face!"

I cannot believe the words coming from Chris mouth. This tough ass thug is beging me to nut on his face. Im so happy to have him in my life. He makes me feel so right. As the shower water ran down my back i shot my load all over his face.

We cleaned up, showered, and walked into his room and dried off. We laid down in his bed under the covers.

He wrapped his arms around me and said, "damn you wore me out!"

No, that dick wore me out. I cant believe i just said that.

We chuckled. 

"No i can't believe you ride dick better than any bitch ive ever fucked. Believe me thats a compliment Que."

Que looked back and kissed Chris and said, "i like you so much."

Chris repled, "i like you too. Dont ever forget it. Also, i do respect you."

I know you do baby. 

We cuddled and drifted to sleep. I ended my night swell. 


(I could cry. I love Que and Chris relationship so much. I flew out of Chris house and I peeped Que Neon Green Maybach , Flying down the street. King had to be driving. I flew into the window.)

King tried to swack me, but i flew fast. 

He drove bumping to Bed of Lies by Nicki Minaj. King was singing loud,


He turned the music off as he pulled into a road off into the woods. He drove down a  little and stopped. He got out and walked over to a bench by the lake. The moonlight was shining on the water. Suddenly, he heard bike tires coming up. He looked around and saw Zero.

Zero hopped off the bike and snapped, "riverside isnt on google maps. I was riding and i saw the sign . Also, I couldnt take the car because my boys took it."

King replied as Zero sat down on the bench, "why you aint just stay there and go with ya boys then?"

Cuz' i wanted to come here , now why did you bring me here.

"I come here to relax and clear my head. Ever since i was 13 i would come here to evaluate situations and shit. It use to be a basketball court out her but now its only the hoop."

You play ball?

"Yea i just dont play for the school, because my parents only allowed my brother to do sports."

What the fuck you mean? Allowed?

"Yes. See im smart as shit. Like in everything. All As in every class. So when we got to high school, my brother wastn as smart. Sl my parents said we had to choose. Sports or Class?"

And you chose class. Why?

"Cuz' it will take me further in life."

Zero laughed and said, "well thats wassup. But why you brought me here?"

To tell you that, its okay to not be tough all the time. And i can tell to you its a full time job.

"Fuck this shit. Im not here for no counselor. I have no family so I don't need to show no feelings."

It went silent and King asked, "is that why your name really Zero?"

Zero stood up and said, "you got a ball in ya car?"

Thats my brothers ride and yea in the trunk. Why?

"Lets shoot some hoops. For every shot i make you tell me something about you that no one knows. And i will tell you something if you score."

DEAL, King screamed.

He went and got the ball and they went over to the grass where the Hoop was. Zero snatched the ball and scored. King looked at him and Zero said, "did i forget to tell that, i played ball at my old school? Now talk."

King said, "umm my dick picture went around the school about three weeks ago. I was on the verge of killing someone."

Zero replied, "why did you--"

King snapped, "thats another question. Its my turn."

King grabbed the ball and scored.

King asked, "so why did you and your friends jump the gay boy?"

Zero replied, "he was trying to suck on my dick on day in p.e, so we fucked him up."

Zero grabbed the ball and scored.

"Why did your dick picture go around?"

King exhaled and said, "well because a person i was fucking with got jealous."

King dribbled in the grass and scored.

"Why did he try to suck your dick?"

Zero replied, "he liked me and i never knew. See we was cool. He was getting signals cross and fucked up and yea."

King replied, "like im getting now."

Zero dropped the ball and said, "whats that suppose to mean?"

Zero, its okay. The person that sent my dick pic around was a boy I was fucking for kicks and he caught feelings.

Zero snapped, "what the fuck is up with me? I always befriend thes faggots and shit."

He started to walked off and King snapped, "i aint no faggot. Also, you the one came all the way out here to chill with me at night. What that say about you?"

Zero turned around and ran up and jacked King up and said, "say another word and imma beat your ass."

King snapped, "I know why you beat him up. Yall was fucking on the low and then you almost got caught so you and your boys beat him."

Suddenly, Zero tried to throw King , but they fell to the grass. Now, King is on the grass and Zero is between hus legs. They stared in each others eyes and Zero asked, "why you have to be right?"

King replied, "because i told you Class will get me a far way."

King leaned up and kissed Zero on the lips. They made out. King ran his hair threw King dreads. Zero grabbed King face and dug his tongue into his mouth. The two of them rolled over in the grass.

King then stopped and asked, "so what do you mean by i claimed?"

Zero chuckled and replied, "that you are mine , if you know it or not. I like to claim whats mine."

King kissed his soft lips and said, "well Claim whats yours."

Zero rubbed King face and replied, "however i dont like to share whats mine."

King whispered, "good , me neither."


Chapter 7: Jealousy is A Nasty Trait.



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