Chapter 7: Jealousy is A Nasty Trait.



"GoooddMorning! Keating High Killer Bass. Its Jenn Savannah here with your morning news. Friday Game was amazing. Out Killer Bass beat out WestCreek Warriors in there first game. However, this friday is a night to remember because its.... Homecoming. The theme is "Love in the air." Wear your lovely suits and dresses. It will be 20 dollars please dont forget to purchase your ticket beford hand to get free pictures. Have a nice Monday Keating High."

I Looked up at Chris at his computer desk and just admired him. This weekend was freaking fantastic. I was there all weekend, and Tommy wasnt. We was like Rabbits in heat. He fucked on every top of the hour. My ass is rare. It still hurts. 

Chelsea tapped my shoulder and whispered, "so you look like you had an amazing weekend?"

Why you say that?

"Well those hickies on your neck , tell all."

I looked at Chelsea and said, "well yea this weekend was amazing. Also, dont try to be slick. Im not telling you who she is for you to tell Ace. He has been bugging."

She snapped her fingers and said , "dammit."

Chris stood up and stated, "well goodmorning class. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, because I did. Now we have a new student in Class today. His name is Zyrin Paige."

We all looked back at the boy with dreads and he said, "dont call me that. Call me Zero."

Chris cleared his throat and said, "well Welcome Zero. Now everyone grab your books and go to page 12 and read up on the anatomy of A pig. Because it will be a project on this. Before you moan and groan. It will be partners. Zero since you new. The only person that wasn't paired was Quetin so yall are partners. I looked back at him and he nodded his head. This man looks like bad news. Dont like him already.


I winked at Chris as I walked out nd i caught uo to Zero and said, "so this project due Thursday so I was thinking you come over my house or something."

Zero looked at me and with that deep ass voice he replied, "cool just tell me where you live?"

I replied, "umm on 324 Cypress Road. Its the biggest Biege house on the road, cant miss it."

Zero replied, "ill be there after school today."

Um, okay. I have football practice until 5. So you can go home chill for awhile and come over. My little brother will be home.

"Nigga I don't have a project with your little brother. So just be home at 5 on the dot. Mr. Quarterback."

I laughed and said, "um you new, so im going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Um ill be there when i get there or you can just fail and go back to the projects you crawled out of."

Zero face got angry. I said, "Zyrin please dont tell me you are mad."

I tapped his shoulder and said, "im not the litttle fag you beat up. I will best your ass. You will need your clique for me. Im Ford Built."

I was about to walk off and he grabbed my shoulder and stated, "little nigga ill fold your ass up like a lawn chair. Ill give you two purple eyes to match them hickies on ya neck. Also, you right you aint that little fag because atleast he knew how to take pain to the ass."

Little did he know.

I replied, "like i said Zyrin see you at my house 5:15 til 5:30. Be there or fail , period."

I walked off and headed to my next class. This new clown is funny. 



(Hey its me! I sat on the wall of the cafeteria. Watching everything.)

Jax walked in and walked over to King in line.

Jax cleared his throat. King turned around and said, "i will offer you a cough drop, but then again i might will like to see you die."

King how long will you be mad at me?

"Im mot mad. Im just threw with being friends with you."

Yea, because you have a new one. I saw you at the game.

King laughed and said, "you are funny. James Bond chill out before you get hurt."

Jax replied, "no you Becareful. That dude looks like trouble."

King said, "Jax please leave me alone."

Suddenly, Zero got in line behind Jax and said, "yea before trouble, hurt you."

Jax looked back at Zero and got out of line. King said, "thanks man."

Zero whispered, "no problem. He is a damn idiot. Your mine. I slept in a damn grass land for you."

King whispered back, "yea but you aint sound this mad about it when my tongue was down your throat."

Zero said, "and my hands was down your pants."

They laughed. They got their food and sat at a table alone.

Zero said, "i have a project afterschool im doing with the most bigoted fool here. Hes a football player."

Damn, i really wanted to go see a movie. We can go later. All the football players here are bigoted. Except for my brother. That reminds me you have to meet him.

King scanned the cafe and didnt see Que.

He replied, "he isnt here. Speaking of isnt here where are your 8 minions?"

They skipping, Zero replied.

Why arent you with them? King asked.

Zero smirked and said, "someone told me that Class get you far."

King smiled and replied, "well listen to that person."

Jax watched them from across the café and his blood began to boil with Jealousy. He cant believe that King is really done with him. It was just a stupid picture, he thought.



"Que ride this dick ohh yeaaa!! Fuckk!"

I cupped Que girly ass and bounced him up and down. We are im the closet of my classroom. 

Que cried out, "damn i swear this dick get bigger everytime."

He bounced up and down one more time and i came in the condom. He slid off of it and jacked off and nutted all on the floor. We got dress and came out.  He fixed his vneck cut Armani.

"Goddamn you going to have me sore for practice."

You txted me during your last block.I buckled my belt as the door opened and Tommy walked in.

He said, "what have we here?"

Que leaned over and Kissed me dead on the lips in front of Tommy. He have been telling me that Tommy know about us , this should prove it. Tommy laughed and said, "bruh i already knew about this. I was waiting for you to tell me."

Before i can speak. Que snapped, "no you wasnt. You wanted to break us up because you was Jealous."

Tommy replied, "jealous of a realtionship with two men. Well a men and a younging. Nah, I love pussy."

Que looked at me and said, "believe this man if you want to.ill see you later, bae."

He walked passed Tommy and they gave eachother the most dominating look. They are both fighting for my attention. However, Que is taking it overbroad with the whole Tommy Jealous. Tommy walked over and said, "ya boo trippin' train his ass that when im around watch his mouth. You must aint piping him good enough , because my bitches dont speak until they are spoken too."

Now you know my stroke game been on point, you use to sleep next door to me in My people house. You heard them hoes screaming stop.

We laughed and I said, "so why you came here?"

Was bored at the house, so i went to your traphouse and boy is Rock mad with your ass. He say you need to come see him ASAP.

"I know i been meaning to go over there i just be--"

Been hanged up on a child. Dude he 17, lets not forget he a dude. Like bro im not one to judge but damn when you became this person.

"Um ive always been Chris and with Que i dont see him as a dude. I see him as a person that i want phyiscally and mentally."

Well the world see it as Gay.

"Fuck the world with a sick dick if you ask me now im finna take of the rest of the day. Lets go visit the traphouse. See i told you im still that thug ass nigga."

Tommy laughed and said, "yea a thug fucking a boy."

I punched Tommy in the stomach and said, "but we cool right."

Yea we cool. You still my nigga.

Good, now lets go.




I walked out of the school with the keys to Que Maybach. Ive been loving this shit. Ever since practice started i have the car afterschool. Chelsea ran up and said, "you wanna go shopping?"

I looked at her and said, "you are lucky my plans got rearranged and plus i need something to wear. Also, i have no homework."

Chelsea hugged me and we hopped in the car and pulled off. She scanned through Que CDs and said, "eww where is Beyonce?"

I laughed and said, "put in your phone cord and play it."

Chelsea did and started playing Yoncé. She started singing. I was about to shock her ass. I said, "i got this be quiet."

Chelsea looked at me and said, "yea right. Dont mess up Bey."



She started clapping and i was laughing. 

"Oh my god King Marry Me. And we can have little beyonce babies."

I laughed and said, "I think Ace already have that spot taken. Besides, no one knows i love Beyoncé like that, but now you do."

Chelsea turned down the radio and said, "well damn i feel privileged. Also, Ace and I have been rocky."


"He wants to fuck all the time. I like a relationship that i can go to the movies and dates"

Amen to that.

"Well both of the burns had a blast this weekend."

She had to be talking about the hickies on my neck , that Zero made.

"Yea i did have a blast this weekend. Well, friday night and saturday morning."

With who i may ask? And dont give me the whole Im not telling yet like your brother.

"My brother is getting serious with someone? Didnt know."

Yup and dont change the subject.

I exhaled and said, "if i tell you Chelz you cant say nothing."

Chelsa crossed her heart and i said, "well its Someone who I really like and im not telling you yet."

She playfully hit me and i was cracking up laughing. We pulled into the mall parking lot , parked and got out.


I dropped Chelsea to Ace homd and she said, "sse you later Kingy."

Back at you Chelz. Also, just tell Ace what you want. I highly doubt he will wanna lose you.

"Okay i will. I call you tonight with the details."

Chelsea and I are growing so much closer. However, my feet was throbbing from that damn mall. Dont ever wear Gucci Loafers in a damn mall.

I pulled off and i heard Jax saying, "wait!"

I stopped the car and rolled down the window.

"Why arent you at practice?"

Felt Sick didnt go.

"Oh hope you feel better."

Yeah. King im sorry. I miss you man. I do. I cant win , i cant reign, but i can't except that we are estranged.

"You did this."

So you giving someone else that Royal dick and now you so done with me. If you wouldn't have mad eme Jealou--

"I didnt make you jealous. You are jealous by yourself. Also, i hope you remember the taste and feel of this royal dick because you aint getting no more. Also, hope you remember these last words, because you wont hear from me again."

You sound like you dont give a fuck.

"Someone once told me when you give no fucks , you cant get hurt."

I pulled off leaving him with that one. Moments later i was at my door. I jumped out and realized that Que shouldnt be home until like 30 more minutes. I went inside and went upstairs. I quickly took off my shoes and let my toes breath. I slid down my   Cargos and took off my Versace shirt. I was standing in my royal blue Briefs and Socks. I ran downstairs and went into the kitchen. Im starving. I pulled out some shrimp and i was about to grill they asses up. 

My mom left a note on the counter, "hey boys. I will be home tomorrow. Your dad left for Italy this morning wont be back until after Christmas. I make sure you are home tomorrow."

My dad is in Italy . Shaking my head. This is becoming pointless. Our family is so screwed up. 

The doorbell rang as i put my seasoned shrimp in the skillet. I ran over to the door and opened it. I saw Zero standing there with a bookbag in his hands.

I realized what i had on and stood behind the door and said, "um how do you know where i stay? You followed me."

He walked in and laughed, "you aint that sexy now and no that bigoted fool is your brother. Quetin Burns."

You didnt know Quetin was my brother. Oh shit! Please tell me yall are cool.

"Nope. We nearly faught this morning."

I rubbed my hand and closed the door. Um, watch my shrimp on the skillet in the kitchen , while i go put on clothes.

As i ran pass him, he grabbed my arm and said,"you look alright to me."

He slapped my ass and said, "umm no, no, this ass is off limits. Now yours is--"

Zero cut me off and said, "never will anybody stick so much as finger up there."

Then it dawned on both of us. We are both Tops. Oh shit! I guess we will be playing who caves first. 

I ran upstairs and grabbed my gymshorts and a shirt. As i slid on my Nikè slides. I heard Arguing.

I ran downstairs and Que and Zero are in the kitchen snapping.

Que: "pussy ill beat ya ass. Who told you to cook my damn shrimp?"

Zero: "nigga i aint cook ya shrimp. I cooked King owns. Besides if i did cook yours, pussy what was you going to do."

Que dropped his bag and cleaks and said, "pussy meet me outside."

I ran into the kitchen and said , "hey yall ain't fighting."

Que ignored me and kept walking out the door. I tried to push Zero hard chest and that wasnt working. Gosh! He works out. I cannot wait to see those abs. Wait! Why am i thinking about this? The most important boy in my life, Que, is about to fight the boy I like, Zero.

Zero pushed passed me and i ran and took the shrimp off the stove. In hurried outside.

I came on the porch and Zero had ripped off his shirt and so did Que.

I yelled , "yall stop forreal man. DAMN!"

They threw up their hands and i knew once that happened, its fight time. I ran off the porch and jumped in the middle and snapped, "WHOEVER SWING FIRST YOU WILL HIT ME!"

They both looked at me and Que said, "nigga you lucky lil bruh dont want to see you get ya ass whipped."

Zero chuckled, "No he dont wnna be nursing his brother back to health. Fuck this project ill jut take an F."

I chimed in, "how about? I work with Zero to do half and then help you at home Que. Then yall put yall work together and turn it in."

Zero and Que said in unison, "thats a deal."

Que continued, "yall can start downstairs, im going to chill with someone."

We all walked back in the house and i went into the kitchen. I started eating my shrimp and i heard Que say, "Im gone."

The door slammed and Zero wrapped his arms around me and said, "so wheres my kiss?"

Kiss? For what? 

"For cooking those shrimp."

I laughed and turned around and kissed him on the lips. 

"There it is. Now lets start doing this work."


(Hey guys. Sorry ive been busy in the car with Tommy and Chris. He just pulled up at The traphouse)

Chris and Tommy hopped out the car and walked up to the building. Went to door 7 and walked in. He saw 4 niggas at a table smoking and playing spades. He saw two niggas on the couch playing call of duty. 

The boys noticed who walked in and Rock stood up and said, "god damn the dead has arisen."

They clapped eachother up and walked in the back room. These two have been boys for ever. Even partners in this drug game.

Chris said, "sorry i been Absence man. After the Dice shir i laid low. Plus, im doing the teaching shit to deal with who killed my lil bro."

Rock replied, "i know i know.You could have atleast called. A nigga thought he will be left dry. Now ive been running shit smoothly. However, the savannah traphouse had the guns and shit. Thats all gone by the cops. Also, the russians are pissed off about their guns being took. So we have to pay them or they coming to kill us fam. Now if we want war , ill ante up on some weapons and when them mofos come up in here ill put them on blast. Its up to you Chris pay them 2.3 million or go to war."

Chris shook his head and said, "war is alot cheaper and more fun. Fuck it! Let them come."

Chris and Rock dapped eachother up and Rock said, "tell ya babymomma and Kali i said hey."

Chris eyes got big and said, "babymomma? Kali?"

Umm, yea. Jessie came up here like last week saying she was pregnant by you with a girl and she naming her Kali.

(My mouth dropped)

Chris snapped, "night don't play games."

Rock said, "in all honesty she did."

Chris said, "i got to holler at her. asap."



Que pulled up to Chris house and jumped out. He walked up to the door and before he could knock. He heard a familiar voice say, "he not home."

He turned around and saw a 3 month pregnant Jessie. His eyes got big and she said, "you the one with the threesome huh?"

Que replied, "yea uhh you pregnant?"

She said, "yup. I didnt even know. I went for a check up and they told me i was 3 months almost 4. I counted back the months and that was right around the time i moved here and the only one i was fucking was .... Chris. We are having a baby girl."

Que stepped off the porch and rushed back to his car and drove off.

Jessie said, "mmm must be something i said."


JENN S sends a txt to Jax, Ace, Chelsea, King, Tess, Jason, Tony and Quetin

--- "you know its traditon of homecoming week to have a game night. Tomorrow at 7 at my house is game night and the game this year is ..... I NEVER. See ya there."


Chapter 8: I Never....



I stepped out the shower and walked into my room like a zombie. I could not believe that, that happened today.  Chris got a girl pregnant. Like tell me this is a dream.

My phone rang and i looked and saw it was Chris. I press the red button so fast. I dried off and got in the bed. I almost had tears in my eyes. I never gave my heart to someone and the second i do.... bang! 



"Chelsea yes I got the message. I just don't understand why it's tomorrow."

Chelsea replied into the phone, "i don't know and I talked to Ace when you dropped me off at they house and he agreed to take it a step back."

See i told you to just talk to him , well goodnight i have a test in first block.

"Goodnight Kingy."

I hung up and put on my shoes and said, "are you ready for me to walk you home?"

I looked over at Zero in my bed and he said, "yea cmon. Before your brother find out."

My brother is mad about something, when i went to ask for his car to drive he snapped. Something must have  happened, i explained.

We sneaked down the stairs and went  downstairs. As we walked down the side walk he asked, "so are you happy to have someone in your bed and knock fuck em?"

Zero shut up okay.

He laughed and said, "anyways do you know that Pig shit is nutrients for the grass."

I told you that. Also, you was real smart today. I just dont know what im going to do about You and My Brother.

"Look im not here for ya brother. Im here fa you."

Yea but my brother is important to me. Very. I wanted to tell him about you, but now im not.

Zero snapped, "dont you dare tell him. See this the people problem. Always running their damn mouth.This is between us. Not the damn word. I never get to find someone who wants me and only with me. DAMN! You know what its only 10 at night. I think i can walk home alone"

I looked at him as he tied his dreads back in a ponytail. I laughed and said, "wow and you know what. I never been with someone who is real."

Zero was about to respond but i did a quick u-turn and headed back home. He had nerve. Gosh!




I woke up and read the txt from Jenn S. This smells and looks like drama. Tess and her brother will be there.imabout to cancel. These two have been on me like white on rice. After the first game, Tess told me that she was going to give me some head in the car when we dropp jenn S off.

Suddenly, we are at her house and im on Jasons dick and eating Tess pussy. Like im not a fag. I had stop dead in the middle and left. They have been calling and txting me since. Oh well! They wont get a response out of me.

I got out of bed and walked out my door , down the hall to the bathroom. I opened the door and saw a naked lightskin man peeing in my toilet. He looked back at me and said, "you never seen a man before."

I snapped, "no I never seen you before."

He shook off his dick and a dick that was. He was soft and nearly my size. I was mad. No one dick was bigger than mine. He smiled and said, "umYou starinf at it like you want it down your throat."

I snapped, "nigga get out of my bathroom."

Suddenly, i heard my mom come running down the hall with a towel. 

"Im sorry Tony. Didnt know you was up."

He wrapped himself in a towel and said, "im Tommy, your moms new guy and you are?"

Leaving. I went back into my room and closed the door. I couldnt belivee this. My mom had a new guy. What the fuck? He looks half her age.  Someone help me. 

I opened the door and said, "MOM IM STAYING HOME. YOU CAN LEAVE!"


I almost threw up in my mouth. I closed my room door and sat down on my bed. I txted Que and said,

"Bro please skip and come over today. I need to smoke."

We havent smoke a joint since last year. We smoke a jont a year and this year joint is today.

Tony replied, "dude you was reading my mind. Ill be over there after first period."

I put my phone down and i heard a knock on my room door. I dont have time for Mr. Tommy. I opened the door and he was standing there naked and he said, "umm look I think we got off at the wrong foot. Look your mom and i arent together. We just had a one night stand. I just got out of jail and living with a friend.Im not looking for enemies."

You arent my  enemy. You just a naked man standing outside my door. Can you please put on a towel. No one wants to see your Dick.

"Yea says the one keeps staring down at it. I can tell by your bone structure you give stellar blowjobs and probanly have already given some."

I snapped, "pussy nigga leave."

Dont call me that. That gets me mad.


He burst into my door and grabbed me and threw me down on the bed and spinned me around so that my head  was hanging off the edge of my bed. I was staring right up at his dick head. 

He snapped, "call me another one and imma stuff all 13 of these inches down your throat. Ill Make you my bitch."

I closed my mouth and he walked off. I sat up and pondered, "do i got imma bitch wrote across My forehead?"


(Hey im on the locker of Jenn S and she is talking with Ace and Chelsea)

"The party will be just us the people i txted."

Chelsea said, "cool . Ill be there. I never played this game , but heard its alot of fun."

Ace chimed in, "okay ill be there."

Que walked down the hall and passed them before Jenn S can ask, he snapped, "yes i will be there."

Chelsea said, "whats stuck up his ass?"

Ace said, " baby lets go to class before they catch us skipping."

( i flew to catch up with Que in his car. He is skipping.)



I finished my test and asked to go to the library. As i walked down the hall, i  went to my locker and put on my Blue Hollister jacket. I then continued to the library.

When i arrived i walked over to the books and grabbed Moby Dick. I grabbed it and sat down. I had a book report on this book due next week. I sat down and started reading it , when i saw and one of his boys walk in.

I rolled my eyes in aggravation an continued to read. They came over and sat at my table. The boy asked, "aye aint you the mofo who showed us around."

I looked up and said, "my name is King and yea and im not a mofo."

Zero chimed in, "yea he a mofo i think so, Jasper."

They laughed and Jasper spotted a girl and said, "ill be back."

I grabbed my book and was about to return it and try again another day. He walked in the aisle and whispered , "so i take it you still mad?"

Mad? No. 

"So why havent you hit me up or nothing since last night. I didnt get the goodmorning txt."

I forgot.

"Yo stop playing with me, alright. Damn why you acting like a female?"

Why you acting like a fucknigga.

He pushed me and snapped, "watch ya mouth."

I pushed him and and snapped, "no you watch ya hands."

He balled up his fist and I screamed ,"swing Zero swing."

He walked away and headed out the library. I followed him, i never seen the ghetto out of me. We was walking down the hall and I snapped, "why didnt you swing? Huh? Answer me."

I grabbed his shoulder. He grabbed my wrist and ran into the bathroom and pushed me into a stall. I snatched away from him and said , "boy are you fucking crazy!!"

Yes, im crazy for you.

He lift me up and put me against the wall and our lips touched and we started making out. I pulled on his dreads he let out a slight moan.

We smiled at eachother and he said, "can i take you out King?"

Yes you can.

"Tonight at 7 be ready."

He walked out the stall and thats when I remembered the party with Jenn. Well, we will stop there for a little while and then go on our date.




"Pass the blunt bruh."

I puffed and gave it to Tony. We eas high as hell. We was on our 3rd joint. Ive been literally stressing over Jessie being pregnant wit Chris baby.

Tony sighed and said, "bruh you know what i miss?"

I exhaled and replied, "whats that?"

He puffed the joint and said, "this right here. Just me and my boy. Before Jax and Ace. Before Jenn S and Tess. Ages 13-16 was the life. Sleepovers, joint sessions, chills, trips."

I laughed and said, "yea Tony im sorry man. Life just been crazy. Too crazy. Why you think i called this Joint Session? I needed to relieve stress."

Stress from what? Tony asked

I looked into Tony eyes and i wanted to tell him so bad what was going on. However, i was scared that telling him i was fucking around with Chris will be the end of US. 

I cleared my throat and lied, "nothing school and practice."

I grabbed the joint and sucked on it. 

He replied, "bruh remember when we was on the phone that night and we had basically phone sex. What was that about?"

I turned my fave and stared at him and started laughing. This weed had be geeking. I licked my lips and said, "shit i dont know. It was all in fun."

Oh cool. I was not wierded out just needed confirmation. Also, my mom got a new boyfriend/youngMAN. Thats why i needed this joint, Tony confessed.

I laughed and leaned back on his bed and said, "dude your mom needs love too. Plus, your dad died when you was 3 i think she waited long enough."

A knock at the front door startled us. I looked at Tony and he said, "come with me."

We jumped up and we walked downstairs. We got to the door and Tony opened it. Tess big Brother gay Jason stood there with nothing but some tight ass Jeans on. His body was looking right and his nipples looked so suckable. He gives off sexual vibss like his sister, no doubt. However, im confused as to why he is here.

Tony cleared his throat and said, "wassup Jason."

Jason replied, "do i look like a saleman? Let me in."

He walked in and said, "i came by to give your mom the realtor number that my mom knows. Is she here?"

I burst into laughter and he said, "why are laughin'?"

I replied, "dont mind me im high as shit."

We walked into the living room and Tony said, "she at work. We are skipping school. So give me the card and be out."

He dug into his pockst and handed him the card and said, "well excuse me , you two can get back to fucking."

We both eyed Jason hard as fuck and he burst into laughter. 

"It was a joke."

He leaned over and whispered something in Tony ear and said, "see yall tonight at Jenn S party."

Tony walked over and sat down next to me on the couch. We was in silence. 

I broke it by saying, "aye Tony remember when we was 15 and caught your sister having sex with her boyfriend on this couch."

His sister Tania, was in college now she is 4 years older than us. One night we was sneaking into the house from going to a party and we heard moaning. We looked over and saw his sister riding her boyfriend dick to the moon.

Tony laughed and said, "hell yess. She made me look at her so different. However, i commend her sister can take some pipe. His dick was mad wide."

I shouted, "WIDE! Dont forget how long it was. It had to be like 14 inches of pure dick. It was in her throat and it entered through her pussy."

Tony laughed so hard he started coughing. He stood up and climbed on top of me. I said, "Tony what the fuck?"

He laughed and said, "dude its the weed. However, im going to show you how she was."

He went to grinding on top of me as he was riding dick. I grabbed his hips and started playing along with him. We was laughing hard.

Then suddenly he jumped up and said, "umm bruh why your dick hard?"

I looked down and saw my dick hard through my joggers. I said, "niggga you was grinding on it."

Lemme see it, Tony Asked.

He went to grab at my pants and i slapped his hand away.

"Man we already had phone sex. Plus, you already saw mine. So its only fair."

He had a point. However,this has to be the weed. We were never this touchy feely. Plus, i have a somewhat boyfriend, Chris. Even though im mad at him for getting a hoe pregnant. I cant do this.

I bit my bottom lip and said, "Tony i cant do this."

Tony burst out laughing and said, "nigga you better not. I was joking. I dont wanna see your beefcake."

Umhmm Sure you dont, i replied.

We looked at eachother and started play fighting.

to be continued. 

Chapter 9: That Party.



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