Mallan Davered was a twenty-two year old man who had studied magic all his young life. He had been born in the Duchy of Ambrosia, in a small village at the feet of the Sky Mountains.

His spark of magic had been quite evident since early childhood and his parents, albeit some misgivings, had sent him to the Mages' Keep for training and for a life that they knew little about.

The Mages' Keep was a great castle built near Amberwood Forest, in the foot hills of the the Lesser Northern Massif. That part of Abaron was wild country. The only road that led to the Keep was tortuous and fraught with dangers. The Keep's isolation, though, served its purpose. It allowed young men with the spark to dedicate themselves fully to learn the arcane knowledge of Magic.

Mages, unlike Clerics, did not pray to gods to work their magic. They relied on their inner magical source to connect with nature and bind it to their will. It took years of training to master even the simplest of spells and, on occasion, when the Mage was not strong enough, he was sent back to his family with a binding that would incapacitate him to harm others.

Mallan had never had to worry about being returned home, even if he had done so, once he had graduated from being an apprentice to the degree of Master Mage.

Another thing that kept Mages quite apart from the rest of the Abarans was their segregative and elitist life-style. Once you were a Master Mage, there was no turning back, therefore your commitment to the Keep was paramount. It was for this reason that Mage and Witches, in the case for women, were only allowed to marry another Mage or Witch.

Mallan was a very good looking young man. Like most Mages, he was tall and lithe. He was athletic but without being too sinewy. He sported long and wavy auburn hair and his eyes were of the palest amber, almost yellow-green. Being born from a poor family, Mallan would have never thought he would have been the object of attention by someone as noble as Ernell Lightray.

Mallan and Ernell had met on their Master Mage trials. They had shared a room, studied together and fallen in love with each other. Ernell Lightray came from a very good-looking family, a very lusty family and he was no exception to the rule. It was a matter of course that Ernell took the lead on many occasions. Ernell was also extremely talented and had been trained by the Archmage himself.

When Ernell had first met Mallan, the two had definitely started with the wrong foot. Ernell had not wanted to share a room with a mere peasant boy. It took a bit of time for their instructors to make him understand that, at the Mage's Keep, his titles of nobility were void of any significance. Mallan remembered with a certain irony that, despite the initial dislike, Ernell could not seem to stay away from him.

On a day of spring, right about the first sunset watch, Mallan was making his way back to the rooms he now officially shared with Ernell, after a day of teaching apprentices. He had learned so much about herbs and potions that he had been offered a seat in the faculty of Special Magical Arts.

Ernell had been very happy for him. It had also meant that now the two of them could have gotten married but they had decided to postpone that happy event till after Ernell would have returned from Aquileia with the Archmage.

News that something had been going wrong with the royal family had made its way all the way to the Mages' Keep. Ernell had spoken at the Council of Mages assuring everyone that the royal family was fine, the King was alive and healthy and that his older brother - Gawain - was also in good health. Still, in the privacy of their rooms, Ernell had been quite strident about all that had been worrying him.

'I cannot believe that Gawain has not managed to father a son - yet,' Ernell had said. 'I know for a fact he has sex with his husband! Hey! The entire palace is witness to his potency!'

'Ernell!' Mallan had replied to his lover's outburst, 'It is hardly fair for you to speak about your brother in such terms. He's not a brothel boy: he's your older brother and the Prince Heir.'

Ernell looked at his lover with a slight grimace: 'You Ambrosians are so uptight!' he whispered.

'I heard that - my love,' said Mallan with an insouciant smile. It was part of their relationship: from the day they had first met, Ernell would flaunt his Aquileian flamboyance, while Mallan would temper it with his Ambrosian level-headedness. When the Archmage had noticed this, he had thought it a wonderful match. Mallan, in fact, guessed that His Arcaneship had had something to do with Mallan and Ernell becoming a couple.

Still, that evening, Mallan was going to spend it alone again, since his beloved was still in Aquileia. Of course, he could have used the traveling stones to go to Aquileia, had he wanted to be with Ernell; however, his Ambrosian upbringing frowned on wastefulness. Reading that wonderful book, about the sexual escapades of a young Aphaidran, would have been sufficient for him.

As he came into his room, a flicker from a full-length mirror on the far end of the room meant that Ernell was trying to talk to him magically.

He went over to the mirror and spoke a little incantation and the image of his lover appeared. Ernell looked as handsome as ever.

'I greet you with love - my dear. What news from the capital?' said Mallan.

Ernell seemed serious when he said: 'You need to come to Aquileia - Mallan - there are things I must go over with you that I cannot say through the magical mirror. Please, prepare to be absent for a while. I will meet you tomorrow at the chapter house of Aquileia. The Archmage has already sent word that you be replaced.'

Mallan frowned, not understanding.

'As I said, I cannot talk right now - my love. Hurry to me and I will let you know.'

'Are you in any kind of danger?' asked Mallan worried.

'No, I'm not - be assured of that. However, there are hard times before all of us. I will meet you here in the morning.' After that, Ernell broke the magical link.

Mallan was left a bit confused. Ernell was a bit of a hothead, what with being an Aquileian and all, but he was no fool - either. If he was that worried, then something was very wrong. Besides, his own role in this was something of a mystery. What could he - Mallan - a teacher of herbs and potions - do to help?

He started to pack his bag and then decided he was going to forgo his erotic literature that night. He was going to be with his partner in the morrow and there was no telling what would happen next; he had better be well rested.

By the time Mallan woke up the next day, and finished to pack up the last few items he was going to take to Aquileia, the Headmaster of the College of Mages had asked him to pass by. When Mallan came into his office, he inquired as to the reason why one of his better professors had to go to Aquileia; was there some trouble?

Mallan told him, in all truth, that he - himself - was quite out of the loop and he hoped to find out everything once he would meet Ernell in the capital. The two shook hands and Mallan went to the room where the traveling stones were situated.

Mallan spoke a brief spell and a flash of light enveloped him. When he could see again, he was in another room and he could see from the small window to his left that the sun was higher in the sky. He had arrived in Aquileia.

As he walked down a silent corridor of the chapter house, he heard noises from the room at the very end of it. A door opened and the silhouette of the love of his life appeared. Ernell ran to him and the two embraced. Mallan was quite picky about public displays of affection, so Ernell did not kiss him just yet.

Ernell led him to the courtyard where a four-wheeled, covered coach, all painted in gold and silver, was waiting for them. Mallan was going to the royal palace.

The two mages arrived very soon. Ernell told his lover that, after lunch, the entire Lightray and Soulfire clans were to meet and he was invited - too. Apparently the King had something to discuss with everyone. Mallan was still not comprehending and asked Ernell to tell him what was wrong.

Ernell told him to be patient, as he always was; then, the young Lightray looked at his lover's eyes and kissed him sweetly.

'I missed you,' he told him.

'Yes, but I sense you have not been extremely forthcoming about all that has happened here,' said Mallan.

Ernell knew better than to lie. 'Oh, that! Well, that is part of the problem. I had to figure out if someone had the spark or not. Apparently, we have our hands on a wilder that wields strange magic - sex magic.'

Mallan's eyebrows shout out of his forehead, 'Do you consider me a total fool? There is no such thing!'

Ernell gave his lover a sweet smile, 'Go ahead and read my mind, then; find out for yourself.'

Mallan knew that that was not necessary. Ernell had no reason to hide if he had had sex with another person. They were not married and neither of them had been exactly faithful throughout the years.

'If you say it was that way, then, I believe you - of course,' was all that Mallan said.

When they had arrived at the palace, Ernell helped Mallan to settle into their shared room. He told his lover that he was going to take a bath and would he like to join him. Mallan had been too long without his partner to decline. He had longed to be able to make love to his life-mate.

Their lovemaking was passionate. Ernell wasted no time in placing his lover on top of him so he could ride his erection. Mallan gently eased himself on him and, when he was ready, started to slowly undulate to a silent rhythm.

Ernell kept him firmly in place. The water of their bath sloshed gently as they mated. Ever so slowly they increased the speed of their fucking. Ernell buried his head in Mallan's neck and kissed him softly as his partner started to ride him faster.

Soon, the two were bucking and riding quickly, with the water splashing out of the pool at an irregular tempo. Mallan's moans of pleasure became louder when he leaned back to allow Ernell to mount him. Face to face, they kept copulating as if on fire.

Mallan arched his back as much as he could to push his lover's engorged member deeper into himself. Ernell's thrusts became stronger and longer. Then, he turned Mallan on his belly. By now, the water in the pool had receded to a mere trickle, leaving the two young mages bare and wet.

Ernell speared Mallan's ass and started to fuck him with urgency. They were both moaning with incredible pleasure. Mallan raised himself, he reached back and grabbed one of Ernell's smooth butt cheeks and pushed his hips towards his own butt, to urge him to fuck him more.

Ernell - instead - reached over with one hand and grabbed Mallan's penis, which was very hard. The two kept slamming into each other with urgency till Mallan cried out and came into his lover's hand. Ernell gave two or three more powerful thrusts and then exploded into Mallan's insides.

The two remained in that position for a while, catching their breath and exchanging soft kisses. Ernell reached out to the handle that activated the flow of water and a fine, warm fall came from the ceiling of the pool.

The lovers disengaged and allowed the misty water to soothe them. Then sat on the floor of the shallow pool with their legs intertwined and exchanged occasional kisses but - mostly - they looked at each other. Ernell could see Mallan's after-sex glow. Mallan instead was, as usual, enraptured by the Lightray's crystal-blue gaze.

They stayed in the bath for a while; then, they got out and dried themselves.

'I needed this,' said Ernell.


'This moment of respite from what has been going on here.'

Mallan came over and caressed his lover's face gently: 'I am glad I can be of assistance,' he said in his typical Ambrosian dry humor.

Ernell smiled sweetly: 'You know - you are not just my fuck-boy - Mallan. There is no one who understands me like you do - or who can make me feel so good.'

'Is this a round-about way of saying you love me?' asked Mallan.

'I guess. But you deserve better - I love you - Mallan Davered,' said Ernell and kissed his lover's juicy lips.

Mallan emitted a small sound of ecstasy. He was about to reach for Ernell's dick, under the towel, when the clock tower rang the midday watch.

'Darn! We need to get going. We need to hurry or we'll end up going to my father's meeting in small clothes,' said Ernell.

'Well, some of your brothers would not care,' said Mallan getting dressed. 'Maybe some of the Soulfire crowd would have something to object. Of course, Astor would be extremely put off.'

'Oh, don't talk to me about Astor! He and I have a couple of things to talk about,' said Ernell, a bit annoyed.

'What's he done now?'

'He's found a lover, a peasant boy.'

'That does not sound like much of a thing for a Lightray,' said Mallan. 'Is he Ambrosian?'

'No. From Dunvale.'

'Well, they are not a bad lot. Almost as straight-laced as Ambrosians - but not quite.'

'Mallan!' said Ernell - a bit hotly, 'The boy is the wilder I mentioned before.'

Mallan's jaw nearly fell to the ground.



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