Beral Lightray was sitting at a table in one of the classiest pubs in Aquileia. Sitting in front of him, Ernell was looking at him quite intensely.

'Ernell, what is it with you? So, Astor has found a lover. All I have to say is - finally! I was beginning to worry about the man!' said Beral.

'But, he's a peasant!' exclaimed Ernell.

'So? There is no law that forbids a Prince of Abaron to bring to his bed a peasant - who comes willingly.'

'But what if this boy tries to take advantage of Astor?'

Beral looked at his younger brother with a raised eyebrow. 'A mere peasant trying to take advantage of someone like Astor? Not a chance. No. Astor fell in love with the boy and now he is taking him to his bed. And I wish them the best of it.'

Ernell looked away hardly restraining a biting remark. A pub was not the place he would have chosen to speak about this. Still, Beral was a Bard of Aquileia and he often performed in pubs such as these, which catered to the rich and wealthy in town.

Ernell also knew that this was one of the many places where his older brother Beral found his young men that he so adored to take to his bed. Ernell repressed a shiver. He could not bear the thought of having sex with someone not from the Mages' Keep. His own boyfriend Mallan shared his elitist viewpoint. In their eyes, their union had been the most logical one, and, so far, it had worked.

Not so Beral, who was presently checking out a young man's butt with interest. 'I like the way fashion is going this year. Apparently, it's all about hiding what you got, while at the same time make it very visible,' he said.

Ernell looked at his older brother and frowned, not comprehending: 'What do you mean?'

'Look at that blonde man - over there - brother,' said Beral. Ernell looked at the young man in question and noticed he was a very good looking twenty year old boy, with curly hair and a sunny smile. He was talking to a friend who was standing next to him.

'I see him,' said Ernell; 'he is wearing those ridiculously tight, yellow leggins.'

'Those leggins cover his genitals so you cannot see them; but, at the same time, you will surely notice how they are quite obvious when he's leaning back on the counter. In fact, I can tell exactly how endowed he is with just one look. The yellow color helps to accentuate the effect.'

'I guess,' said the younger brother. 'Why wear pants, at all, if one has to show one's genitals?'

'For all your skill in magic - dear Ernell - you lack social skills - my boy. Unfortunately, at the Mages' Keep you are not taught those.'

'I am taught quite more important things, yes,' retorted the young man.

'Consider this if you will: let's say that everyone went naked and we could see genitals everywhere we go. What would you think of that, after a while?' asked Beral.

'Personally, I'd get sick and tired of watching testicles and penises every time I'd walk on the street.'

'Precisely. But if you were to cover them up, a little mystery on what the other man would be like without clothes would remain - isn't it?'

'Sure, I guess,' said Ernell - a little doubtfully.

'So, if one might be able to tell that you are factually well endowed but not exactly how much, then there would be still a little intrigue in getting to know a man better. Right?'

'I don't know. I mean, at the Mages' Keep, we all wear long robes and if I want to know how a guy looks naked I go to him, tell him I would like to have sex with him, go to my room, undress and fuck. Why have all this intrigue and stuff? It would be better to go to a guy, tell him: 'I want to know more about you.', take him somewhere where you can fuck and fuck him. That is also why the public baths exist!' argued Ernell.

Beral sighed deeply and looked at his younger brother, as if to say he was hopeless - even though he was right.

Meanwhile the young blonde man had realized that the man talking with the young Mage at a table, not to far away from him, was Beral Lightray, Grand Bard of Aquileia and second son to King Xeron.

Immediately, his heart skipped a beat. Beral had a reputation as an exceptional lover and it was renown that he liked them pretty young.

The blonde young man's name was Emerik Saltway. He was a son of a rich merchant from Aquileia and a student at the University of Economics. He was quite tall and athletic. He had a bit of a reputation as a heart breaker, especially amongst the fraternity houses. He had had quite a few relationships during his teen-age years. Since he had become of age, however, he had been promised by his father to marry the son of another rich merchant: Alastor Springfall; the son, Severin, was a timid nineteen year old young man who had quietly resigned himself to a life as a mediocre salesman. Emerik had balked with all his might at the arranged marriage. Not that he particularly disliked the young man; he had been sort of good looking, but Emerik dreamed of marrying into aristocracy. Right now, he was looking at his dream, even if an impossible one.

Beral did not miss the intense interest from that young man he had just been talking to Ernell about. Ernell had receded into silence; probably contemplating some arcane ritual of magic, thought Beral, or also about what he was going to do to his boyfriend - once they were alone. Ernell might talk like a prude but he was not one - at all. Beral knew Mallan - and he was told by his brother's boyfriend, in all confidence - of course, that Ernell was a lusty man - all right.

Right as Beral was about to make up his mind and go to the blonde pretty man, whom he was being the object of attention, another rather important man came into the pub.

Erelan Soulfire, was Evert's third son and Beral and Ernell's half-brother by marriage. Erelan was a painter of great fame. He and Beral were of the same age, with a year or so of difference. The two, though, were inseparable. The only thing that kept them from marrying was their kinship relation: closely related blood lines could not intermarry. This did not stop the two of them from living together, sharing beds and lovers.

'Hello gorgeous!' said Beral, as Erelan came over and sat beside Ernell.

'Hello, sweetheart! How are the boys in this fine establishment - today?' said Erelan, smoothing a red-haired moustache with one hand while eyeing the rest of the room. His gaze stopped briefly on the blonde man that was still watching quite intensely Beral. The young man he had been talking to, was still contentedly chatting, unaware that Emerik was not listening.

'I see we have someone who is somewhat interested in you - my dear Beral. By the looks of it, he would be well worth both our whiles,' said Erelan.

'Oh, I know. And with that bulge protruding so nicely from his loins we might think twice before telling him he has no chance of ever marrying either one of us,' replied Beral.

'Is he looking for marriage? How limiting! Maybe we should teach him how good the life of a bachelor could be.'

Ernell listened to the two of them with undisguised disgust. He knew Erelan and Beral were two lecherous goats but this was too much.

'All right - you two!' he exclaimed a bit mutedly, 'Enough is enough. I cannot stomach this nonsense anymore.' He got up and walked out of the bar.

Erelan and Beral exchanged looks, as if to say they could not understand what the boy meant, and then both turned to look at Emerik, who now had to deal with two of the most seductive men in Aquileia.

Erelan motioned for Emerik to come over and sit down. The blonde boy's friend realized Emerik was not listening and turned around. Beral smiled. He had been eyeing also that cute bubble butt - all decked out in blue; the front of it was also quite palatable. He motioned for the other boy to come over - too.

The two young men, realizing they were being called over by very important people suddenly felt a bit embarrassed; still, they made their way to the table.

As the boys were making their way over, Beral whispered: 'Yellow is mine - blue is yours. Deal?'

'Yes, but then we switch,' Erelan answered.


As Emerik and his friend arrived, Beral motioned to Emerik to sit near him. Erelan made space for his friend. 'What may be the names of such young and handsome men? asked Beral.

'I am Emerik Saltway,' said the blonde man, 'and this is my friend Aros, Aros Silkhand.'

'Emerik and Aros - very manly names,' said Erelan; 'appropriately bestowed to such handsome young men.'

'Erelan, there is no need for all of this - you know?' said Beral, 'I am sure they are quite aware of their youth and manhood,' he added with a nonchalant gaze directed at Emerik's crotch.

Emerik felt himself blushing and saw Aros was similarly distressed.

'What say you two boys come over to a more reserved part of this fine establishment, where we can all get to know one another better?' Beral proposed.

The young men looked at each other and nodded, as if enchanted under a spell. Well, thought Beral, it is not everyday that they were going to be fucked by Beral Lightray and Erelan Soulfire.

Soon, Beral had taken Emerik into one of the upper rooms of the bar, where he usually broke the ice with the younger generation. As he entered the room, he sat on one of the couches and patted the spot near him for Emerik to sit down.

Emerik sat down and reclined a bit. He realized that his fashionable leggins were now most publicly advertising his arousal. Beral did not miss this.

'Ah, the beauty of youth!' he said. 'You - young men - are so wonderful.' He passed a manicured hand on Emerik's face. Emerik closed his eyes for a second, savoring the touch of his hand. His erection now threatened to break out of his tight leggins.

'You appear to be in quite some emotional upheaval - my dear Emerik,' said Beral softly; 'would you like me to help you with that?' Emerik could only nod.

With one expert move, Beral slipped Emerik's yellow leggins and underwear off, allowing the young man's erection to stand to attention. The boy's phallus was strong and full of vitality and, like all northern men, clearly uncut. Beral did not waste time and deftly inserted the member into his mouth and with years of experience suckled on that delicious manhood. The boy smelled of healthy youth. His full testicles were soft and warm and, like all fair-haired people, scantily covered with hair. He reminded Beral of Erelan, who was a redhead and who had similar testicles; when they had been younger, Beral had deeply relished licking every inch of Erelan's balls.

Under Beral's loving attention, the boy soon came into Beral's mouth, who loved the taste of semen. As soon as he had properly sucked all the semen out of the young man's member, Beral stood up and lowered his own leggins.

Like all Lightrays, Beral was extremely well endowed. The young man, seeing his erection, quickly stuffed it into his mouth and started to suck on it, jerking it, at the same time, with both hands. Emerik was making such pleasure moans at being able to suck Beral's dick that he did not mind at all when Beral asked him if he minded being fucked in the ass. Emerik immediately turned around and offered his butt. Beral speared him with ability and the young man only felt a reasonable amount of pain, which soon became throbs of pleasure, as he allowed the older man to fuck him.

Once Beral came copiously into Emerik's anus, he heard from the other room the sounds that Erelan was also about to come into the other young man. He sat near the young man who was trying to cover himself, still in the throes of after-sex pleasure.

'I would not bother covering up - my boy. My friend is coming with your friend in here and, soon, he will be having some more sex with you,' said Beral, taking the last remnants of his clothes off. The boy languidly removed his shirt exposing a pair of lovely nipples, which still remained quite hard. Beral could not help but suckle on them while he waited for Erelan to come in.

It was not long, before the red-headed man escorted in a half-naked young man who could barely walk. Aros dropped near Emerik and the two exchanged a very satisfied look. Beral and Erelan looked at each other and exchanged a smirk. They remembered all too well the times when they used to go around brothels and get sailors to fuck them in pairs. They had experienced the same sexual fulfillment that these two were now feeling. Having a grown man behind you was a feeling no man should live without.

Beral and Erelan were ready for a rematch. This time Beral went to the brunette boy and noticed that he, too, was quite well hung. He liked them well hung; he knew that so did Erelan. As Beral speared Aros's butt, Erelan entered Emerik's and the two grown men started pumping into the young butts. They looked at each other and a great feeling of sexual passion engulfed them.

They were so close to each other, both fucking gorgeous boys and they suddenly felt for each other a wonderful feeling of love. These two men had always loved each other; they had shared beds and sex with passion. They had seduced kids like these countless times together and every time, when they saw the other fucking, this incredible feeling of attraction for one another would engulf them.

As they kept on fucking the two oblivious boys, Erelan and Belar exchanged fervent kisses. Then, they started to finger each other's anus, all the while not missing a beat in the boys' fucking. Their mutual expert fingering soon made them reach a howling orgasm and they, once again, flooded the boys' rectums with semen.

After they had slid out of their respective young man, they left the two boys there to catch their breath.

They sat on another sofa, in each other's arms, and kept kissing with love. 'I love you,' whispered Erelan to Beral. 'I love you, too - my dear,' the bard replied and embraced tightly the love of his life.

Right at that moment, they heard a tapping on the door. Beral got up and went to see who it was. A young man, who worked at the pub, gave Beral a message. It was from the palace.

'What is it - love?' asked Erelan, dressing up again.

'A summons from our fathers. The whole family is gathering,' said Beral.

'Lightrays and Soulfires?'

'Seems so. The meeting is in one hour. We have to run.'

'What about the boys?' asked Erelan, pointing at the two boys who had now fallen asleep in each other's arms.

'We'll pay for the room till tonight, and then leave a message at the pub to tell them that we really appreciated them. You know, stuff as usual.'

'Very well,' Erelan chuckled. 'Still, you might want to get dressed. I appreciate the look of a Lightray with his jewels out; except you know how my brothers are.'

'Not to talk of Ernell and my father! What is wrong with people?'

'And Astor. He seems pretty uptight - too.' said Erelan.

'Haven't you heard? He's bedding a peasant boy!'

'What? No! Astor? No way!' said Erelan incredulous.

Beral nodded and said: 'And we thought he was queer!'



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