The town of Aquileia is the capital city of the Kingdom of Abaron. Its king, King Xeron Lightray, has ruled the kingdom for seventy years to the current date. The King has seven sons and two of them were Knights of the Order of the Wolf: the holiest and most prestigious order of the kingdom. The first-born, and heir to the throne, is Sir Gawain Lightray. He is a tall man that much resembles his father when he was young. He now serves as Duke of Aquileia. He is married to Lord Amathen Patharil o' Lightray, son of the current Chief Advisor to the King: Lord Savar Patharil. Sir Gawain is forty years old and has still failed to produce an heir despite many women have been commissioned to bear his child.

The other brothers, in sequence of birth, were Beral Lightray, Grand Bard of Aquileia; Astor Lightray, Duke of Ambrosia; Ambrosia was a very important trade center, on the eastern border, with the lands beyond the Sky Mountains; the fourth son was Medril Lightray, a Cleric of the God Piros, god-protector of the city of Meledin; he was married to Elenio Delaez, Duke of Meledin; the fifth son was Ernell Lightray, Master Mage of Abaron, Voice of the Council of Mages and pupil to the Archmage; the sixth son was Marad Lightray; he was still sixteen years old and attending the University of Law. Lastly, there was ten-year-old Brindal Lightray, who was a hellion and showed great promise as a warrior one day.

However, my lord Astor Lightray, third in line for the throne, lord over one of the most important duchies of the kingdom, had been summoned by his father due to the discovery of a fact that had been kept secret: somehow Gawain Lightray could not father an heir. Still, this did not seem such a terrible thing. Gawain did not appear to be ill; so why had my lord been called to Aquileia then?

Sir Astor is not a very talkative man. His usual intense gaze usually serves well to let you know whether he wants you near him or not. After our encounter just outside my village, it was seldom that I have seen his beautiful smile. In fact, that smile was always reserved for me when we were intimate with each other.

It was on one particularly hot summer night, a few weeks after I had been invested as his servant, that Sir Astor told me that he wished to visit the baths and that I should join him. Servants are usually not invited into the personal baths of the ruling family. Nonetheless, I did as my master bid me to do as always and helped him undress and get ready for the baths.

As he stood there in the candle light, in all his naked beauty, my master asked me to undress. He always asked politely when he wanted to make love to me. He has never, to this day, forced himself on me. Needless to say, I would welcome his attentions no matter how he would present them. I quickly undid my buckles and soon was standing in front of him - naked.

I had learned to gauge his emotions from his gaze. The intense look in his sky-blue eyes told me he desired me and it was not long before his erected penis confirmed my suspicions.

I approached him and started to kneel in front of him, when he gently pulled me up again. I looked at him slightly confused.

'Later - Andril. I am dirty after a full day of drilling the militia. I need a bath and I want you with me when I take it,' he said with his masculine voice.

It was not the first time that I had bathed my master. Each time, our lovemaking had been extremely passionate and good. What was strange was that, if he wanted to bathe, his apartments were fully organized for baths - and were a lot more segregated. I did not understand, then, that my lord had something in mind for me and that, at the baths, someone was waiting for him.

So, I gathered all the needed material to bathe my master and, with towels wrapped around ourselves, we made our way to the baths of the Royal Palace: the most prestigious baths in the capital city; for this reason, they had been called the Baths of Aquileia.

The baths are in an adjacent building. We had to walk for a while along silent corridors that were only frequented by servants and maids. None of the people we met said a word. Some of them stopped and looked at Sir Astor with longing; after all, he did look like one of those ancient deities that the myth-tellers narrate to entertain the people of the kingdom. In those tales, every man was as beautiful as a god.

At one point, we reached the majestic gardens of the palace, which veritably extended for miles. It was our luck that tonight the air was hot and humid; it allowed us to walk bare-chested along the paths that led to the baths with no problem.

As we walked, my master grabbed gently my hand and enfolded it into his large one and we walked all the way to the baths hand in hand. He did not hurry along the way; instead, he often stopped to show me a peculiarity of the halls or a painting and then he showed me the full moon that could be seen through one of the large windows. There, he embraced me warmly and kissed me with his manly lips. I instinctively put my arms around his strong neck and brought my body into contact with his. He held me close within his muscular arms and we kissed for quite a while. At one point, he released me and looked down: I had sprouted quite an erection. There hasn't yet been a time when I have not been totally ignited by my lord's kisses. Truly, he has put a spell over me.

Finally, we reached the baths, which are none other than a large building full of pools serviced by a very vast and complex system of channels that feed water into it. In some pools the water is steaming hot and in others the water is cool and relaxing, exactly like the pool in which my master and I met not so long before.

It was on one of these large rooms with a pool, in which steam was wafting off the water, that my master had to meet someone. As we walked into the room, I saw another extremely beautiful man. It was not, however, until he actually looked my way that I saw how beautiful he really was. He was taller than my master, a few years younger and quite thinner in built. His long corvine hair rippled off his shoulders. His eyes were the same sky blue of my master's. His chin was squared and manly and his mouth was the same mouth that often bestows moments of pleasure upon me. Finally, the size of his member was comparable to that one of my master's, even though he was not as thick.

Ernell Lightray, one of Astor's younger brothers, was an impressive sight. There was no mistaking the kinship between the two men.

'So, brother mine,' said Ernell, in a similar baritone to my lord's, 'aren't you going to present me to this delicate flower of youth?'

'He is Andril - my servant,' was all that Astor said. It seemed that my lord had resumed his close-mouthed countenance.

'Your lover - you mean,' said Ernell. 'There is very little that passes me by unnoticed, as you well know.'

'Once again, you are right on the mark - little brother,' said Astor making an uncharacteristic rueful smile.

I had never seen my lord so on edge; what was happening here?

'Shall we enter the pool? This way, maybe, your manservant can bathe us,' said Ernell with a smirk, while eyeing my body from the corner of his eyes.

Astor looked at me and saw that I was a little confused. He came close and whispered to me what I was supposed to do. At first, I was a little shocked about what my master was asking me to do but I knew that he would never ask me to do such a thing for no good reasons.

I then dropped my cloth to the ground and climbed into the pool. I felt Ernell's look follow me, even if I did not look back at him. Something inside of me was fighting to come out and I could barely restrain it.

I started to soap myself and I made of that an erotic display. The thing inside of me, that part of me that always like the attention of others, woke up from its slumber and suddenly took over me. I started to undulate my body and to flow, as if to the tune of a music that only I could hear. My body inflamed and my youthful erection sprouted.

I started to feel lightheaded; like when, as a boy, I had drunk too much wine. The heady feeling, though, did not make me stop. I did not realize that around me things started happening that I could not explain. As I danced to the music only I could hear, and, as I swayed to that heady rhythm in the water, my body started to lift up in the air. The only thing that I can say is that it was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced.

Every pore of my skin exuded sexuality. Every hair on my head, and the little that covered my young body, was charged with an erotic energy. My own member was hard and dripping precum that mingled with the steamy droplets of water from the pool.

As the moment passed, the music started to fade away and I dropped back down to the ground. My blood stopped boiling and I finally looked in the direction of my lord. Both he and Ernell were sporting proud erections but what was most curious was the astonished look on Ernell's face.

He turned to my master and said: 'This boy has the spark!' Astor nodded.

Ernell looked my way again still amazed; it was clear though that his passion had been ignited. He passed an absent hand along the shaft of his erect member and then he and Astor entered the pool.

I looked at my master not fully comprehending what had just happened. Astor came to me and embraced me and gave me his gentle smile. I looked into his eyes and he murmured to me: 'Trust me. All will be fine.'

I nodded, as if mesmerized. I allowed Astor to take me into his arms and then I felt the hard erection of Ernell Lightray caress my butt. I looked back and saw the fire of passion in the young prince's face. I knew then what was going to happen, even though I did not fully understand why; still, I trusted my master.

Ernell Lightray entered me with a sigh. Strangely his intrusion in my anus did not cause me to gasp. I felt his hardness slide in and looked back at my master who still held me in his arms.

As I felt Ernell starting to fuck me, I looked at Astor directly in the eyes. Astor's gaze never wavered. In that blue gaze, I saw the love he felt for me. Right then, I knew I was safe. Ernell started to become more inflamed. I started to feel his thrusts.

Ernell pushed me forward causing Astor to step back a few paces. As he bent me over, his thrusts became more urgent. My master laid back in front of me and offered his member to me. I took him into my mouth and immediately savored the meaty taste of his manhood. How different he felt from his younger brother - I thought. Everything about Astor turned me on. Right at that moment, as I took hungrily Astor's member into my mouth, the music I had heard before started to play again.

I sucked Astor's large phallus at the rhythm of the music and I noticed that Ernell's thrusts also followed that rhythm. My body responded to that melody and I let myself be lulled by it. It was like entering into some sort of sexual trance. Every sensation was heightened. The pleasure of being fucked was heightened. The pleasure of my master's member in my mouth nearly made me climax. I did not hear their moans of pleasure. Only vaguely, I heard voices that were drowned by this ethereal music that was loudly playing in my ears.

Suddenly my mouth was full of my master's seed, the taste of which seemed to drug me even more. The music played louder. I vaguely heard moans of pleasure. I was blinded by all this sexual energy. I hardly felt the pounding that Ernell was giving me with his incredibly hard member. I could barely hear his growls of pleasure, as he roughly possessed me.

But the music still kept getting louder. I suddenly felt something else stir within me. Almost by instinct, I pulled my master's legs up and lifted his muscular butt out of the water. I saw the furry pucker of his anus and for an instant I was not in control of myself anymore. I wanted to suck it so badly that I inserted my tongue into it almost roughly and tasted his softness.

The taste of my master's anus made the music rise with a crescendo. I do not know when it happened, but Ernell came copiously inside of me. It was really a pity that Ernell's fucking had not being that great, not like my master's, who could play me and make love to me and make me feel like I was flying.

Again, I dove my mouth between my master's furry butt cheeks and tasted the soft skin of his anus. I sucked and licked at it with abandon and, every time I slid my tongue in, I felt in the distance the moans of pleasure that my master must have been making.

The music was so loud in my ears that it took complete control over my body. As I raised myself and got ready to lick between the cheeks of my master's butt again, I caught a glimpse of my own member. I had never seen it so hard and ready to fuck.

Instinctively, I mounted my master and speared him. As I entered him, the music gave a loud shrill of joy. I felt Astor's body become tense for a moment and I heard a loud yell coming from far away. The music in my ears drowned all other sounds and thoughts. Thinking back - now, I don't think my master had ever been fucked before.

I did not hold back - however; my master's untouched ass was tight and the friction of his inner sides on my own member made the music louder and it compelled me to abandon myself and cut any restraint. The same heady feeling I felt when I entered the pool came over me, as I began to slide in and out of Astor's ass. I welcomed that sensation and, suddenly, it urged me to go faster. It was like needing to sate a desire - so strong that it could overtake me.

I did not remember when I started pounding him hard. I only can tell you that the feeling was inebriating. I was a wolf mating and the sexual energy that was being released all throughout my body was making me stronger and want more of it. I kept pounding into Astor's ass, while the music urged me to continue.

Suddenly I felt it - the oncoming of orgasm. I felt it coming from the inner parts of me. It was unlike any orgasm that I have ever experienced. It was so animal-like and feral. As I came inside my master's rectum, I roared savagely and the music stopped suddenly.

The lights went out then. I felt drained. I started to fall in a great darkness and I must have lost consciousness.

Only afterwards, I was told what had happened: I fainted and fell over my master. Ernell came and got me off of Astor. He helped him to get on his feet. Astor was badly shaken from the pounding. Apparently, he had come copiously many times while I was fucking him and was feeling rather weak. Ernell had gotten a servant to run and fetch some potions.

They had Astor restored pretty quickly, even though, I am told, he could not walk unaided. Ernell had covered me with one of the cloths from the floor and had picked me up. He and some servants brought Astor and me back to my master's room and laid us on his bed and covered us.

We were left there to sleep; however, I did not wake up for a few days. I have been told that Astor stood by my side all the time.

I cannot yet explain everything that occurred that night in the Baths of Aquileia. One thing is for sure - though; my life had taken an unexpected turn that would forever change it.



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