My name is Andril. I was born in a small village near the city of Dunvale in the Kingdom of Abaron. My story is a tale common to many of my kind, born paupers and finding true love in those men that mirror all that is noble and fair - the Knights of Abaron.

The Knights are of the ancient Order of the Wolf, fighters that are taught the rules of war, of justice and they are men who make our hearts tremble with fear and, yes, also with love.

It was not by chance that a young man of twenty like me found himself traveling to Aquileia in search of fortune. My first objective was to find a means to support my numerous yet poor family. Many young men like me left their villages for the great towns of the kingdom to see if they could become the squire to some Knight. Many, though, ended up in the brothels. I did not like that idea. Living in the brothels surely was fun but my sense of freedom is stronger than my lust.

It was thus on a particularly hot morning that I bid my farewells to my father, his spouse, a tall hairy man called Aventon, and my five younger brothers whom I will always remember with love. I made my way on foot along the King's Road that would lead me directly to Aquileia. On the way, I stopped by a fairly large copse of trees that hid the clear pool I knew was there. It was hot and I wanted to refresh myself.

I slid down a small gully and entered into the thick copse of trees. The bushes hid the inviting pool of water completely, as I expected. I looked at the bubbling of the pool with trepidation. I quickly removed my meager clothes and, naked as the day I was born, I slid into those heavenly waters.

I had found this secluded spot a long time ago and I had come here often with my brothers. I even came with Algerin, a long time friend with whom I had explored and learned the ways to please a man.

Now, I let the waters soothe my muscles and lead me into a trance-like state. My body felt so relieved from the oppressive heat that it lulled me into a sleepy euphoria. I was so completely entranced by the soothing lapping of the water that I did not notice I was not alone anymore.

I missed the rustling and the brief clanging of armor being removed and laid down on the ground. I missed the motion of the water as a person much bigger than me entered the pool. I did not miss the strong hands that gently caressed my chest.

I immediately snapped back to reality and was confronted with a sight that I would have never imagined seeing before. The man standing in front of me was tall, his body was very muscular, yet not extremely big. His sinewy arms and hands had me encased firmly. His face was most of all enchanting. His strong chin was topped by a generous mouth, his hair was cropped short and dark brown. His face was shaved clean, unlike the fuzzy wetness of his chest and abdomen that my young hairless body was touching. Most of all, were his sky blue eyes that looked at me with passion.

Then, I felt it - right by my belly button. I looked down to see what was touching me so hot and wet and the man's erection, thick and long, rubbed his gland on my lower belly.

Needless to say I was a little speechless. I could not say a word, yet I opened my mouth to talk but a manly yet gentle finger touched my lips telling me to not make a sound and then his hot generous lips met mine.

I cannot describe how I felt in that moment. It was like my body was suddenly flying in the sky and swimming in oceans of fire. Part of me wanted to break free from this man whom I did not know. However it was too late; his lips ignited the fire of passion within me and I felt my own body respond. My tongue hungrily entered his mouth and frolicked with his. My member, still young and perky, engorged and rubbed against his hairy belly sending waves of pleasure each time it touched the other man's body.

His strong arms picked me up effortlessly and plastered me against his body. His kisses were a continuous volley of love-fire which I could not defend myself from. I wrapped my arms around his thick neck and hung in there for dear life. I felt his engorged manhood parting my butt cheeks open and rubbing on my inner softness.

I was now moaning softly, needing his touch, his lips all over my body. He let me down gently and then bent over me and with his hot mouth kissed my wet body. His tongue toyed with my young nipples that had hardened quite nicely. I closed my eyes from the pleasure I felt but now and then I opened them to see what else was he doing to me to make me feel so good.

Every time his eyes transfixed me with intensity and passion. Then, he would do something else that would make my body arch in pleasure. My reasonably large and uncut member was standing to attention now, asking to be savored. The huge man looked at me and then at it and it soon disappeared between his generous lips.

This sent a wave of pleasure so strong that I moaned loudly. It seemed like he sucked me for ages, with each new flicker of his tongue threatening to make me cum all over his face. He did not limit himself to sucking my member, though, he also played with my generous testicles and finally he pulled my legs upwards and over my belly and with hunger tasted my softness.

I again screamed out in ecstasy. His tongue entered into my soft anus and hungrily made its way into every fold of it. I heard him make guttural and raw sounds of passionate pleasure as he was tasting my hole. He kept it up so very long and finally I could not resist anymore: I copiously came all over my chest and face.

Seeing I had climaxed, the man lowered my butt and watched me as I breathed heavily from the aftermath of orgasm. His eyes were still full of desire and I saw now that his hard member was harder than ever as he rubbed it along one of my thighs.

I sat up and looked at him. He did not say a word. He only looked at his own penis and smiled. I was completely transfixed by the simple invitation. He offered himself to me and I could not pass up such an occasion.

I sat up and bent over his crotch. He was kneeling in front of me, yet in the particular place where we were, the water only reached him mid thigh. I put my face in front of his crotch and I breathed the musky and manly smell of his genitals. I could not withhold my self any longer and I took that large member into my mouth.

I had obviously tasted many men before. Many village boys, and even grown men, had shared beds and pleasurable moments together with me . I had never tasted the clean and meaty taste of a man such as this one before, though. His thick hairy testicles were full and round and, after I had sucked on his huge shaft a bit, I switched and gave them my full attention.

It was now the man's turn to moan loudly as he laid down against one of the banks of the pool, opened his legs and held my head, firmly but gently, right on his own crotch.

I sucked on his penis for quite a while and then raised my head. The man was struggling hard not to climax, yet I sensed he had a lot more in store for me. He motioned me to straddle him upside down so that, while I could still suck him, he could explore more of my anus. I did as he silently bid me to do and climbed on top of his muscular body.

The feel of his hairy body below mine nearly made me explode again. It was simply too incredible to put into words. I eagerly spread his thick, muscular thighs open and went back to tasting his member.

The man, instead, firmly positioned my round buttocks on his face and again started to flog me with his tongue. This sparked anew my wantonness and I sucked his hairy testicles with abandon. Soon he started to insert his thick fingers inside me.

I was so lubed by the passion I felt and by his saliva that my hole expanded like flaxseed. His long thick fingers sent shivers down my spine and I often moaned loudly. I raised and turned my head suddenly. I could not bear it anymore; I needed him inside me. I turned around to look at him and he saw my need.

He let me slide down his body till my butt was hovering over his erected phallus and slowly he guided himself inside of me. I have had huge members inside of me before, but never have I felt a man so ready to fuck me. I was ready, too, and I meant to show this man I was a fuck he would remember for a long time.

I rode him for I don't know how long. His growls of ecstasy mingled with my moans of pleasure as I slid up and down his huge member.

At one point he sat up and pushed me on all fours and then he stabbed me again as he got on his knees, entering me like a wolf. By then I was thoroughly enlarged and easily accommodated his huge member within me. He pushed himself fully in and then he started to fuck me quickly yet strongly.

Again I lost count of time as I was too enraptured by the sexual frenzy of the man behind me. He was slamming into me with such strength that his own big testicles flopped against mine. Every now and then he would stop and slide his huge cock all the way in thus causing me to moan loudly at the intrusion and then he would resume his frenzied fucking.

At one point the slamming became so intense that he started to growl again like a mad wolf. He never faltered a single thrust, but I quickly turned and saw that he was about to reach orgasm. His thrusts became more savage, I would say; in fact, he was starting to hurt me. However, there was no way that I could move away from him, not that I wanted to, anyway, since his strong arms were keeping me firmly in position.

Then the pain got too much and I tried to move away but, quicker than me, he pushed me flat on my stomach and slammed himself in again. Under the weight of his big body I had nowhere to go. I could only pray that he would climax soon. In fact, after a few more thrusts, I heard him give out a loud growl as if a lion had suddenly approached us and my anus filled with copious semen.

I lay on the ground almost senseless. This had been a fuck unlike any other I have ever experienced. I was hurting, yes, but I realized at the same time that I had cum again.

The man slowed down his thrusting and then carefully, almost trying to be careful not to hurt me any further, slid himself out and went to the edge of the water and drank a few gulps of water.

He came back and parted my butt cheeks and sprinkled hot water from his mouth on my sore hole. As if by magic, all the soreness and pain disappeared. The man lapped at my anus a little longer suckling the copious flow of cum that came out and then he rolled me on my back.

He leaned over me, covering me with his body and I automatically embraced him as if needing his warmth to recover from this moment. Ever so gently he put his mouth against my and trickled what water had remained from the river, mingled with his tasty seed. I drank it all and I felt as if I had drank a potent elixir. All tiredness washed away, all pain was but a memory. I opened my eyes again to find his smiling face right above mine. His smile was so beautiful. I raised my head to kiss him again and put my arms around his head. For a long time we lay there, in the aftermath of lovemaking.

As the sun went past the tip of noon, I looked up from where I had dozed off. The man was still lying there beside me. I could feel one muscular arm still embracing me. I snuggled against his body.

I realized that a blanket of sorts had appeared under us. We were dry, if not a bit sweaty, again. I got up and retrieved my clothes.

Then he spoke up for the first time, 'Where are you going, young man?' he asked me in a deep baritone. I smiled while dressing up. Of course, his voice would sound manly, as everything about him was masculine to a point of insanity.

'To Aquileia,' I answered.

'I would be going there, too. I could take you there with my horses.' he said.

I came over to him. I looked at his laid-back beautiful body. All muscles. His member now was not erect anymore but it still looked impressively huge. I knelt and told him I would definitely welcome a lift all the way to the capital city. The man smiled and pulled me down for another kiss. I struggled and then he got up and, naked as he was, he picked me up and whirled me around.

This got us roaring with laughter. After we were done playing around, he went to retrieve his own clothes. As I mentioned before, I had never seen the man clothed and I knew nothing of where he came from. As he put back on his clothes, I saw his armored mail had an escutcheon.

My breath stopped for a second and my heart missed a beat. I must have gasped as the man turned around and asked me what was wrong.

'You! Y-y-you are Knight!' I managed to let out.

The Knight came over and caressed my cheek softly, his intense gaze holding my eyes entranced, 'That is right, young man, my name is Sir Astor Lightray, Knight Defender of the Order of the Wolf, Duke of Ambrosia, third son of King Xeron Lightray of the Holy Kingdom of Abaron. And may I ask what is yours?' he said.

I paused for a second trying to digest everything I had learned in the last five seconds and then said, 'My name is Andril, my lord!'

'Andril, what a beautiful name,' he murmured

Then he turned around and motioned me to follow him. I did so and found that on the other side of the copse of trees, still hidden to the road, there were two horses. The black warhorse was clearly Sir Astor's, the smaller, yet sturdier roan was going to be ridden by me, I supposed.

Sir Astor asked me if had ridden before. I nodded silently and got about readying the horse. I climbed on the saddle and the horse frisked a bit. I was all too accustomed to frisky horses and soon calmed him down. Sir Astor looked at me and nodded, he seemed happy that I had some skills with horses. He climbed his own huge stallion and turned the horse along a path that led back onto the main road. As I followed him, a ray of sun hit Sir Astor's plated mail and sent a ray of coruscation all over his body.

There he was, my Knight in shining armor.



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