On the northwest border of the Kingdom of Abaron, there lies a duchy called Meledin. The Duke, Elenio Delaez, was loved by his people and the land flourished. The city of Meledin was the pride and joy of its people, built to withstand any siege. Meledin was also Abaron's first defense by those that would conquer the kingdom by coming through the Tiger Pass between the Northern Mountain Range and the Shadow Mountains.

The Delaez dynasty had ruled Meledin now for centuries and Elenio had been a young man of twenty when he rose to power. Meledian pride would have led to civil war if not for King Xeron's husband, Evert Soulfire, and his brilliant move to send a young cleric, member of the royal family, to Meledin.

This young cleric was Medril Lightray. He was a cleric of Piros: one of the many gods the Abarans worshipped and called upon to protect them and watch over them. With Medril's arrival to Meledin, the young Cleric called upon Piros to be the god-protector of the city and duchy. A temple was raised in his honor and an altar with the ever-burning flame consecrated to Piros was lit. Medril found himself in the position of being the Bishop of Meledin at the young age of twenty.

The Abaran pantheon was formed by twelve deities. The three most important ones were: Ashnor, god of the Sun and god-protector of Aquileia; Zarutha, goddess of the Moon, goddes-protector of Serment; and Piros, god of the Land, god-protector of Meledin. Then, there were four other deities that were elemental gods: Saramon, god of Air and Justice; Elysia goddess of Water and Healing; Zuroon god of Fire and War; and Armisia goddess of Earth and Wealth. Finally, there were five more lesser gods that were: Ceerun, god protector of Caervon; Silima, goddess-protector of Merigis; Ashur, god-protector of Samsara; Echnisya, goddess-protector of Zaras; and Ephestion, god-protector of Aphaidros.

The life of a cleric is mostly a life of devotion and asceticism. The greater part of the Abaran pantheon was comprised of gods that demanded absolute spiritual devotion and, therefore, a detachment from the material. It was not so for Piros; being a god to whom the Land was consecrated, he also represented the personification of human love in its most raw form: the sexual act.

Clerics of Piros were allowed to marry because in this fashion they could follow Piros's most basic commandment: 'Thou shalt fill the Earth with thy seed.' It was the reason why Piros had become such a powerful god. He bestowed blessings on those who practiced sex with the utmost freedom.

Needless to say, Medril, being a member of a rather sexually uninhibited clan, like the Lightrays, found his vocation for Piros since an early age. It was, however, when he was ordered by the Pope of Abaron - himself - to found a temple of Piros in Meledin that Medril realized how much his calling would have been fulfilled.

Meledin, amongst other things, was a city known for its bacchanalian traditions. The Meledians jumped at any chance to feast and have sex in the streets. To someone who came from more reserved and moderate parts of Abaron, like the Ambrosians, Meledin was a city of debauchery.

Medril did not see it that way. He just saw a way to aggrandize Piros's power in the pantheon. In order to do so, he needed followers and Meledin was a city ripe of them.

When news came that Meledin was going to receive a Bishop from Cebola, Elenio Delaez immediately inquired what divinity was he going to build a temple for and, on finding out that it was a temple to Piros, he immediately approved the project and the temple was built in few months. Elenio was a lusty young man who had decided he was going to remain a bachelor all his life. He figured Cebola was going to send some randy old goat of a Bishop whom he could tease and have him organize fantastic orgies, which was what his people liked the most - anyways.

However, when Elenio first saw Medril arrive, his heart skipped a beat. Young Medril Lightray was the personification of all that Piros wanted in a cleric: young, beautiful and manly, ready to copulate and spread his holy seed on the land.

The day of the consecration of the temple arrived quite soon and Medril opened the ceremony with a gargantuan display of fornication. At the base of the temple, there was a pit where young men and women fucked each other. Anyone could join in and was welcome. The bisexual orgy was only the beginning, though.

Higher on the steps, couples of men and women of all ages made love in front of everyone. Then, on one of the first levels of the Temple, where the junior clerics officiated, several young men were sacrificed to Piros, each in a gang rape by seven swarthy men, chosen amongst the Meledians.

Finally, on the higher level of the Temple, where the ever-burning altar was lit, the Bishop of Meledin entertained the nobility of the Duchy in a special ceremony where he and the Duke would copulate right under the altar. Elenio, on seeing Medril, willingly gave himself to him and allowed himself to be fucked. Once Medril had come copiously inside Elenio, thus blessing the Duke, he offered himself to the young lord and allowed Elenio to make love to him.

Needless to say the experience was legendary for both of them and, after a few months of courtship, Elenio and Medril were married at the Temple of Piros, with another great orgiastic ceremony.

That night, Elenio brought Medril to the palace and presented him with their nuptial bed, a great four-poster that would have easily accommodated other three couples, which Medril was sure it had in the past. Elenio and Medril fucked all throughout the night and for some reason one orgasm was stronger than the other, a sure sign that Piros looked benevolently on the union.

The marriage jubilee continued for a whole week, with parties and outings. Once the honeymoon was over, however, Elenio and Medril went back to their respective work. There was a new temple to manage and a whole duchy to lead. Nonetheless, every night, they would meet at the Duke's Baths and make love. It was there that Elenio said for the first time in his life that he loved somebody.

The years passed happily for Elenio and Medril. Elenio, through his husband, gained quite a favorable ear at the King's Court in Aquileia and this cemented the couple even closer.

The visions started to come to Medril on a winter night. Medril found himself in a cloudy expanse where an arched door stood. He walked into the door and found himself in the presence of his god.

Piros would not speak; he merely gave Medril brief visions of the future. These were often difficult to interpret and Medril, at first, had a hard time dealing with what was happening. He confided with his closest cleric advisors in the temple and also with his husband, since some of the visions dealt with the duchy itself.

Soon the visions started to change and, one day, Medril woke up in his bed, as if finally surfacing from a nightmare. He sat up in the big bed and saw that his husband was still fast asleep.

The vision he just had, had been like no other he had had so far. It had been full of ill omens. One thing he remembered clearly: his brothers were in danger. The whole of Abaron was in danger; unless a way for Gawain would be found to father a child. He also remembered clearly the face of a young man, a peasant boy, who would be instrumental to helping Abaron survive the dark times to come.

Medril looked at his beautiful husband who was still sleeping. He sat aside his vision for a second and bent over the prone figure of Elenio to kiss him right below the belly button, where, he had learned, his husband loved to be kissed.

Elenio awoke and smiled: 'You are a tease - you know - my love?'

Medril gave him a beautiful smile and kissed tenderly his mouth. His blue eyes gazed into Elenio's penetrating amber gaze. He loved those eyes. Elenio rolled himself on top of the young Lightray.

'You must have had a vision tonight,' said Elenio. He was always quite perceptive. Medril nodded but did not speak of it.

'You feel a little tense - my love,' Elenio said. 'It must not have been like the others.' Medril's nod was the only answer.

'No matter what the vision was all about; we must give thanks to Piros for it,' Elenio said and slid down to the level of Medril's rosy nipples and started to suckle on them. Elenio had a fetish for nipples that Medril found quite pleasing. It was not long, before Elenio pulled Medril into his lap and allowed his husband to impale himself on his sizeable erection. He made Medril ride him. At first, Medril took his time riding his husband's dick. Then, with the mounting of pleasure, his riding became more frantic until his thighs slapped noisily onto Elenio's lap.

The two men moaned with pleasure in unison and then, as Elenio felt the oncoming of climax, he murmured a prayer to Piros and the orgasm exploded. Elenio bellowed an indefinite sound of exultation, as his semen flooded his husband's insides. The two lay down, catching their breaths for several minutes. Medril then slid off from his husband's lap and lay down close to him. Elenio slid back down along Medril and wrapped him in his arms.

He realized that Medril had come all over his chest and face during the orgasm. Medril was now licking him all over: 'It is a sin to let all this semen go to waste,' said the young cleric.

Elenio let his husband lick him and share with him the semen that had come from Medril's member. Medril climbed on top of Elenio and the young duke grabbed the cleric's buttocks and parted them lightly, while Medril kept doing his grooming work. Elenio fingered slightly that delicious anus. It was still wet from the fucking.

'You want to fuck me again?' asked Medril surprised.

'I believe I need sometime to recover from the last orgasm,' answered Elenio with a proud smile.

'All orgasms dedicated to Piros are like that,' said Medril.

'You taught me well - your Eminence,' said Elenio jokingly.

'You are a good pupil - your Grace,' replied Medril.

The two giggled at their banter and they rolled over, side by side, looking into each other's eyes.

'Can you tell me about your vision?' asked Elenio.

Medril's smile faded a bit. 'You were very perceptive, before,' he said, 'I did not see something good - Elenio.'

'If it helps, tell me about it. I may be able to help you decipher its meaning.'

'Oh, the meaning is very clear - my love. It's Gawain; he's in trouble.'

Elenio's smile faded completely. 'Is he alright? What exactly did you see?' he asked alarmed. Elenio had met Gawain when he had gone to Aquileia some years before.. Prior to Gawain being married to some man from the southern duchies, Elenio had even shared his bed once. He had been nineteen and he never forgot the Prince Heir's lovemaking. It had been a lot rougher than with Medril, but after all, Gawain was a warrior - not a cleric. Medril's lovemaking was about passion and pleasure. Gawain's had been pure raw sex.

'If Gawain does not beget a child, Abaron will fall. Gawain's child will be our savior in the dark times that will be upon us. If we do not find a way to make him father this child, we are all dead.'

Elenio could hardly believe his husband's words.

'What do we do? How can we save him? Do we call for a Healer?' asked Elenio.

Medril shook his head. 'No, the answer does not lie completely in our kingdom. There is a young man - I saw - that is supposedly the key to solve this problem. I do not know who he is. I just know his face.'

'Do you have any idea where we could find him? Is he in Meledin?'

'No. From what I can tell, he is a mere peasant boy from Dunvale. It is all I know of him.'

'There must be something we can do,' said Elenio, not used to giving up.

Medril gave him a wan smile; he raised himself to kiss his husband's cheek. 'I believe the first thing we need to do is to go to Cebola and alert the Pope of these visions. He has sent word to me to come back immediately to the Holy City if I see anything of importance. Then we must go to my father - in Aquileia.'

'All right,' said Elenio, laying back down in bed and smoothing his pillow, 'We'd better get some sleep - then. It seems tomorrow is going to be a busy day for both me and you.' Medril gave him one last kiss and turned around to fall asleep. Elenio spooned him and the two of them soon were sleeping deeply.



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