A week passed, as the Mages and Andril looked for any reference in Dun Lolar concerning the location of the remains of the ancient city of Farn Galad. In the end, they managed to find out the location where it probably used to lie before it was destroyed in the Mage Wars, five hundred years ago.

Ernell had even travelled back to the Mage's Keep and involved several other people in the search for clues. When they were all satisfied that they knew enough about where Silver Wolf wanted to meet Andril, they planned how to get there.

The remains of the city appeared to be nothing other than a few circles of stone in a field. The Queen of Losfaloth knew where some of these circles could be found. She even knew of a pretty safe trail to get to the southern foothills of the Shadow Mountains that passed close to where such a circle of stones could be found.

'They are located to the west of the springs of the river Cel├║var. The circle of stones is inside the forest so it cannot be seen from the path. Nonetheless, it is pretty close to it,' the Queen had said.

'Silver Wolf told me I had to go there alone,' said Andril; 'Is the road dangerous?'

The Queen shook her head. She did suggest, however, that the mages go with him, at least up to the closest settlement on the path: the village of Tor Burin.

So it was that Andril, Mallan and Ernell left for Tor Burin. They arrived at the village within two days. Andril decided he was going to go on his own after taking a day's rest.

The next day, at sun-up, Andril left with his horse to continue the trail and reach the point where, supposedly, the last ruins of Farn Galad could be found. It took Andril the greater part of the day to reach the point where he would leave it to venture into the forest.

It was almost dark when he dismounted and led his horse along a rather imperceptible forest trail. He walked for another mile or so and, by then, night had fallen. He had with him a lantern and he lit it.

He shone the light right and left and then saw that he was at the edge of a spacious clearing where the ancient stones still stood.

Andril made his way towards the center of the clearing. A cloud parted and a ray of moonlight lighted the night with a silvery light. Suddenly, Andril found himself by the shore of a very large pool.

Andril decided to take a drink of water and , as he inserted a hand into the pool, he felt that the water was quite warm: the pool must be a hot spring. Since the moon was doing already a good job of giving light, he decided to save lantern oil and turned the lantern off. He took a few minutes to accustom himself to the darkness and then he noticed the figure of a man in the pool.

The man standing in the water was extremely beautiful. By the silvery light of the moon, his hair seemed to be also made of the same precious metal. Silver Wolf, thought Andril.

The man must have felt someone watching him and he turned around. The man's body was perfectly shaped. His full chest had strong pectorals and his abdomen rippled with muscles. His arms were big and strong. His long neck tapered off into broad shoulders. Andril thought that the man looked a lot like Astor except that he appeared to be several years younger than his future husband.

'Are you Silver Wolf?' he called out.

The man made his way towards Andril and, as the water receded from his body, Andril could also see the rest of him: his chest tapered into a slim waist that then broadened again into very nicely shaped thighs. His legs were very long, which made the man quite tall. Andril, thanks to the moonlight, also noticed that he was also extremely well endowed, despite having been in the water; after all, the water was quite warm.

The man came out of the pool and walked calmly towards Andril: 'Yes - I am Silver Wolf. And you must be Andril. Would you like to join me for a swim?'

Andril was a little taken aback by this invitation but could not find any excuse why not. He quickly undressed and then made his way towards the water.

Silver Wolf looked at the young man. Under the moonlight, Andril appeared to be no more than a boy yet he sensed a great spirit. Silver Wolf really liked what he saw. He had been alive long enough to have had many boys and men. In fact, he was even married - up north - in the lands beyond that mountain range called the Northern Mountains.

Andril knew that Silver Wolf was looking at him. This reminded him of that day when he and Astor had met in that pool in Dunvale. For a second, he missed his lover so.

As if reading his mind, Silver Wolf said: 'I also have someone I love - where I come from - Andril.'

Andril turned and looked in his eyes. In the moonlight they seemed to shine silver - too.

'Why did you leave him or her to come to me - then?' asked the young man.

'I left him because you needed me. I had to come or you would not be able to fulfill your destiny - Andril Suiler of Dunvale,' said Silver Wolf.

'Do you know what my destiny is?'

Silver Wolf nodded: 'Once you and I will be joined in an act of love, I will transmit all you need to know to be able to control your powers, along with all the knowledge of the Fays,' he said; 'Before, though, I need you to swear that you will never share this information with anyone; not even your beloved.' Andril nodded.

'Very well - my dear young man,' said Silver Wolf, 'come to me.'

Andril went over to Silver Wolf and, as soon as his hand touched the other man's skin, the music started playing. Andril seemed a bit puzzled but Silver Wolf calmed him: 'Do not fight the music - Andril,' he told the young man; 'Let the music play, as you abandon yourself to the moment.'

'I have hurt other people in the past,' Andril said; 'I do not want to hurt you - too.'

Silver Wolf shook his head: 'Do not worry. I am a Fay like you. Nothing will happen to me.'

At that point, Silver Wolf came close and Andril heard another melody that was playing along with his. The two sounds seemed to be testing each other like two animals sniffing the other's tail to get to know one another. Shortly, the music intertwined into one grand melody.

Andril threw his arms around Silver Wolf's large neck and kissed his lips. His passion was turned on. The feel of the man's skin on his own sent untold waves of pleasure through his body and he realized that he had sprouted quite an erection.

Silver Wolf was also sporting one and he lost no time bending down and kissing Andril's sweet skin. He licked at the young man's stiff nipples that made Andril hiss from the pleasure.

Meanwhile, the music grew in intensity, as the two men became more inflamed. Andril and Silver Wolf got on their knees and Andril bent down and took the man's thick member in his hands. Andril had thought that he would never have experienced such a pleasure in holding another's man phallus, except when he was with Astor. Although he still was very much into Astor, Silver Wolf's penis felt extremely hard and its throbbing extremely inviting. Andril took it in his mouth and swallowed the whole shaft all the way to the root.

The taste of Silver Wolf's meat was indescribable. Andril toyed with the huge member and making the man hiss and moan with pleasure. Apparently, Silver Wolf, as he became more aroused, also turned out to be even more well-endowed than he first seemed to be. Silver Wolf grabbed Andril by the back of the neck and held him firmly as he fucked his mouth for quite a while.

Soon, Silver Wolf was fingering Andril's anus and lubricating it with the warm water of the pool. When he felt that the young man's hole was ready, he turned him around and speared him in one smooth motion. Andril gave out a loud yell.

Silver Wolf kept him firmly in place while he started to thrust inside the young man. With each thrust, the music seemed to rise and fall and Andril's moans mirrored that melody.

It did not take long for the music to reach such an intensity and majesty that the two were completely overwhelmed, while they were in the middle of the sexual act. Silver Wolf's fucking became frenzied and rough but Andril could only feel an interminable pleasure.

Andril's and Silver Wolf's frenzied mating went on for several hours. They changed into different positions. Andril realized that Silver Wolf had climaxed more than once into him but had never stopped the sexual act. He had gone from one orgasm to the other without even once stopping to catch his breath.

The music they were making was now roaring with glorious beauty. It felt like the entire forest was singing of their union. Andril let himself be taken along, savoring each moment of pleasure. Sexuality and pleasure transpired from every pore of his skin, like perspiration, and that inflamed the other man even more.

At one point, though, Silver Wolf came one last time and came out of Andril's anus. The young Dunvalian had been lying on his back with his legs firmly wrapped around Silver Wolf's waist. As Silver Wolf came out of him, he mentioned a few strange words and Andril fell asleep.

When Andril woke up again, he was lying on the sandy shore of the pool wrapped in a warm blanket. He squinted at the sun and looked around. There was no sign of Silver Wolf.

As he got up to take a better look at his surroundings, he started to remember things that he had never actually experienced. Suddenly he could remember spells in strange languages and lore from the most ancient of times: the lore of the Fays, he thought.

He now knew everything that has ever been known to the Fays. The knowledge was staggering and he could hardly believe he was actually part of that small circle of beings that shared it with one another.

Best of all, Andril now knew what his destiny was and how to make it happen: he recalled the ancient ritual to bear a Faerie Child.

He smiled, as he put his clothes back on, and thought: Gawain - are you going to enjoy this one! Then another thought came to him: I think Amathen and Astor - probably - had better never find out what we are going to do.



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