Sir Gawain Lightray, Crown Prince of Abaron, Duke of Aquileia and Knight Defender of the Order of the Wolf, was a very strong and handsome man. He was forty years old; still, he had quite an imposing figure, maintained by the tough training that all Knights of the Order of the Wolf impose on themselves.

His husband, Amathen Patharil o' Lightray, was a little younger than Gawain. Although theirs had been a marriage of convenience to maintain the Southern Duchy of Samsara, love soon had blossomed between the two men. Both were very skilled warriors and this had made them grow close. Amathen had already fathered two kids and it hurt him that Gawain had not been able to father any - as yet.

It was one sunny morning, when the light of the sun managed to break through the thick curtains in their room, that Amathen turned over in his bed and found Gawain's strong naked body, which automatically enveloped him in his warm embrace. Amathen was still fuzzy from sleep but he was sure about one thing: Gawain's problem was not of a physical nature. There was no lack of potency to the man. The night before, he had made love to him with passion and he had been very hard and aroused. Amathen could still feel Gawain's huge phallus penetrating him with powerful thrusts, exactly like had always liked.

Amathen had found the perfect lover in Gawain Lightray. Ever since he had been a young man at his family palace, he had always found his way into the bed of older men who would make love to him roughly. He loved to be submitted and he had always fought, never allowing his partners to make him submit without earning it. It had been that way also with Gawain.

The very first night after they had been married, Amathen and Gawain had gone to their chambers to consummate their first wedding night. It began with a veritable fist fight and ended with Gawain throwing Amathen to the floor, pinning him down while he ripped off his clothes and then raping him. All this had quite the adverse effect that Gawain had expected: Amathen got even more aroused and, after Gawain had copiously come into his husband, he looked ready to fuck Gawain.

Gawain Lightray, who did not disdain getting fucked, straddled his husband and impaled himself on that wonderful member and rode his partner roughly, all the while sticking his tongue into his husband's mouth. It did not take long for Amathen to reach climax and, very soon, the two of them lay on the floor in each other's arms, exchanging fervent kisses.

Pretty much from that day on, Amathen and Gawain had become an example of how two men ought to be when married. They appeared very well mannered, even a bit aloof, during public appearances. Still, it was renown throughout the palace how passionate they were in their lovemaking.

Gawain did not show any sign of waking up. Amathen wrapped a muscular arm around his husband's head, passing a hand through his soft curls and caressing his bearded cheek. Amathen's tanned skin looked so much darker against Gawain's pale color. He had always been quite attracted to his husband's skin. For as long as he could remember, Amathen had known men who were as dark skinned as he was - or even darker. He had always thought a man's penis was dark brown and circumcised. It was not till he had seen his husband fully naked that he had realized how interesting northern men were.

Gawain was uncut and his huge light-skinned member had Amathen mesmerized from the very beginning. Another thing was that men in Samsara had been pretty much hairless: all southerners with tanned skin had very little body hair. What Amathen had really liked about Gawain was that he had a soft fur all over his body, especially in his crotch.

Amathen disengaged slowly from his husband and uncovered his still-sleeping body. He uncovered his crotch and phallus. He gently pushed Gawain to lay on his back and disclosed his muscular thighs, thus revealing his powerful phallus. No -- Definitely. Gawain's problem did not stem from him. It had to be magical. Somehow, Gawain's body must have felt his husband's hands touching him and, as usual, it responded with arousal. The big penis was growing quite erect.

Amathen parted Gawain's legs even more to be able to have full access to that manly splendor growing before him. He loved having oral sex with Gawain almost as much as Gawain liked having it with him. He knew Gawain was in love with his anus and - often - he would be the one to wake up and find Gawain juicily licking it, scoring Amathen's butt cheeks with his rough beard.

Amathen grabbed the throbbing phallus with two hands. He peeled back the foreskin to reveal the big gland of his husband's penis. The manly smell that wafted up to his nostrils spoke of lengthy hours of making love - last night. The gland was wet and, as Amathen peeled Gawain's skin all the way back, he flickered the head with his tongue tasting that wonderful taste - his husband's taste.

It was not long, before Amathen was busy sucking and licking that huge shaft. He often switched to the generous hairy testicles that he loved so much. Gawain often teased him about it. He had told Amathen that licking his own hairless balls was much better. It was in the first few months of their marriage, that Amathen had confessed to Gawain he had a thing for northern hairy men and their genitals. Gawain had told him that he could touch his genitals anytime he wanted; only so long as he could have played with Amathen's anus any time he wished. Gawain had admitted, in turn, that he had a thing for southern men and their hairless butts. The deal was struck and it had held so far, to the chagrin of the King who often had to impress on the newlywed couple that - being found fondling one another in the gardens - was not acceptable.

This brought to Amathen's mind that one little incident, when he had gone with Gawain to inspect one of the eastern garrisons and, one night, after having had a bit too much to drink, they had been indulging in some belated oral sex; one of the younger guards came into that particular storeroom and had found Amathen greedily sucking on Gawain's hard phallus. Gawain did not let the young man go away. Instead, he asked Amathen if he had wanted to try some other northern meat. Amathen was only too happy to try. Gawain ordered the guard to strip and soon Amathen had been sucking on the young man's engorged phallus, which, although it was not as huge as his husband's, would have made someone very happy some day.

Amathen's attention returned to his present surroundings, as Gawain awoke with his member being sucked hungrily. It did not take long for Gawain to reach climax and shoot copious semen into his partner's mouth. Amathen drank all of it. This was another thing they had in common: a great hunger for each other's seed.

After Gawain had reached orgasm, he pulled his husband on top of him and kissed him fervently. He murmured to Amathen that he sure knew how to wake up a man in the morning. Gawain felt Amathen's hard-on on his belly and grabbed it with one hand. The man's penis filled his large hand quite beautifully. He really had married a man that fit his sexual ideal: strong, manly and extremely well endowed. He knew Amathen considered him to be such a man - as well. Still, where Gawain might have considered other southerners as a bit effeminate, here was a man that was all-man, just like Gawain was, and he was deeply in love with him. No one would fuck him like Amathen. Amathen, by now, knew that look in Gawain's face: it was the need to be fucked. Gawain always had a look in his face when he saw Amathen and wanted him to fuck him. Amathen did not waste a second. He raised Gawain's legs up and then thrust into his anus - slowly but strongly.

Gawain gave a loud hiss and then relaxed. Amathen felt Gawain's warm insides embrace his engorged member and he started to hump with his hips with powerful thrusts. Soon, their rhythm grew into a crescendo that meant Amathen was nearing climax. Gawain shook his head back and forth from the pleasure. His loud moans matched the rhythm of Amathen's thrusts. When Amathen came, he roared some unintelligible sound. He kept giving powerful thrusts into his husband's anus to let the orgasm go on for longer. The pleasure was indescribable.

Gawain felt Amathen's hot seed flood his insides. He whispered to his husband to keep his member inside. Amathen smiled and then reached over to kiss Gawain in the mouth, while keeping his member well inserted into his partner's anus. They kissed soft kisses for a few minutes and then Gawain smiled and told Amathen he loved him. Amathen told Gawain he loved him - too; and shook his hips so that his semi-erect penis, still inside Gawain, wiggled in his rectum. They both liked to do that to each other. They spent quite a while kissing and wiggling - as they called it.

When they heard a knock on the outer door of their apartment, Amathen slid his penis out and got up; he put on a robe and went to the ante-room to answer the door. As he exited the bedroom, he looked again at the spent but manly figure on the bed. He was so passionately in love with that man. He had to find a way for him to sire a child.

The man at the door was a young messenger of the palace who came to deliver a summons for Sir Gawain Lightray - and his spouse - to appear informally before the King. The messenger was instructed to say that the entire family was going to be attending so as to discuss matters of urgency.

Amathen thanked the messenger and told him they were going to prepare for the meeting right away. He closed the door and went back into the bedroom. Gawain looked at his husband who told him his father wanted to meet with the entire family right after the lunch hour. That meant they had three hours to be prepared -- even though it was an informal meeting - Amathen added.

Gawain looked at his husband and sighed. He sat up on the bed and said: 'It's because of my sickness.'

'You are not sick - Gawain,' replied Amathen - a bit hotly. 'There is nothing wrong with you physically.'

'Still, not being able to father a child, after so many tries, is indicative of there being something wrong with me,' he concluded.

'It does not prove that you are sick,' countered Amathen, sitting on the bed near his naked husband. 'I know you are not sick. I make love to you every night and your manhood is not what is wrong. I know, like many men, having sexual relations with a woman is out of question for you. Still, all the alternative and magical procedures have been done correctly. So, it's not you who is the problem.'

'I agree with you that my potency is not what's in question here. Still, the fact that I cannot lie in bed with a woman, and have sex with her, might be what is causing this,' Gawain said.

'It could be,' replied Amathen; 'but many women are also quite turned off from having sex with a man. That is why the conceiving rites have been created. And they work.'

'But not for me,' he said - a bit sullen; 'for some reason, there are some peasants in the countryside who father children by the cartload with women of all types. They father boys and girls - and more boys - and so forth. All I need is one male heir of my own blood. But it seems I cannot have that.'

'We'll fix this, do not worry,' said Amathen.

Gawain looked at his husband's green eyes. His own blue gaze held his green one for a second and, in that second, all the love a man could feel passed between them. 'You are the greatest of men - Amathen. I will never stop loving you.' Amathen kissed his husband softly.

'Still,' Gawain said after the kiss, 'what I do not understand is why there is so much importance being placed on me fathering children.'

'What do you mean?' asked Amathen.

'I am not the first guy to not have kids,' explained Gawain; 'there have been many people I know who preferred or decided to not have them.'

'What about the line of succession?' asked his husband.

'Beral's kids could take the throne after me!' Gawain told him. 'You know how many children he has fathered!'

Amathen made a face and smiled: 'Yes, more than can be counted. I wonder if there are more that he has not acknowledged as his own.'

'I am sure they are not as many as the young men he has taken to his bed,' said Gawain, exchanging a snort with his husband.

'From what you told me, the reason he did not marry was to beat someone's record - if I remember correctly,' said Amathen - teasing him.

'Hey! The life of a soldier is a tough one. One needs to release somehow the pent up energies.'

'I am sure that those young soldiers were all very glad to have you release their pent up energies.'

'Well, it was good, while it lasted. Then, I was forced to marry a stud and I was too busy sticking my tongue up his ass to notice the younger soldiers,' said Gawain, embracing his husband.

'I can still hear their cries - my love!' Amathen said and they laughed.



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