Jake and I walked from the field and toward the street that would lead us off campus.

Innocently I asked, "Are we actually going off campus?!"

"We'll be fine!", he replied

"But, what if we get caught? I mean, it's almost lunch time and all of the teachers will be out trying to get lunch and they'll see us!"

"No they won't. And even if they do, who gives a fuck?!"

"I wish I could be more like you, Jake..."

"Yeah, I know. Everyone does." There was a slight pause between us both.

"Where do you wanna go eat? I want a burger."

"That's fine."

"Whataburger ok?"


Cautiously maneuvering my body behind Jake every second and step that we took, I made sure that no teacher could see me in their car. With every passing vehicle I bobbed my head from behind Jake's back to make sure we, but more specifically I, would not be seen.

"Will you quit being such a bitch and walk beside me! No one cares if you're fucking off campus! Shit, I do it all the time!", Jake teased.

We finally arrived at our destination from the long conquest. Entering the Whataburger we were greeted by just about every jock in the freshman class. Jake quickly went over to haggle with his buddies leaving me alone standing awkwardly amongst the occupancy of the restaurant. Trying to avoid this awkwardness I shuffled quickly to the restroom, where upon I found Zach at a urinal.

Peeing in front of the urinal next to him yearning to catch a peek of his cock, not separated by a partition,

"Hey..." I said trying to begin conversation.

"What's up...?"

"Nothing much...I uhh...you -"

"YOU walked all the way here by yourself? Little-Mister-Goodie Two Shoes, Justin? Leaving an assigned school activity?" Zach interrupted.

"Ha, ha, ha. No...", I said seriously and waited. Thinking of the idea to make him jealous, "I actually came with...Jake."

"Jake? Seriously? That douche? Why?"

"Yeah, Jake. He's not a douche! He's actually really cool if you get to know him!"

"Oh, I know him. You shouldn't hang out with him. I've heard things about him. He's not the kinda guy you wanna associate with, Justin."

"Who the hell are you to tell me who the fuck I should associate with?"

"I wasn't trying to be rude, Justin! SHIT! What's been you're fucking problem lately?! You've been such an asshole! Is it him? Is he the reason why?!"

"No! You shouldn't be concerned in my business in the first place."

"I'm just trying to help YOU out, Justin. He's bad news. Seriously. We can go hang out somewhere else." He started to lead me away.

"No! How are you helping by choosing my friends for me? And what's wrong with him? What's so bad? What have you heard?"

Avoiding the latter question, "Ok. That's not what I was doing. At all. If you just don't wanna listen, fine. I was just trying to help my best friend out, but now I don't know if I can call you that seeing that you found a new one."

"Yep. I sure did"

Regretting every word, I watched infuriated as Zach left the bathroom in what looked like tears. Standing there dumbly I thought of chasing after him. Contained in my pride and exhilaration of being with Jake, I did not.

I flushed the toilet and went to the water faucet. Washing my hands, I looked into the mirror. I saw my eyes. Splashed water in them then looked back up. I saw what was Zach's face in my imagination and stared into his eyes. Realizing what an idiot I had been, I bolted out of the bathroom for him.

Upon opening the door I saw Jake jog toward Zach and ask him if he had seen me. Zach uttered a sarcastic, "Pssht" and laughed for a reply. Jake saw me walking toward him and told Zach, "Thanks, bro!" patting him on the back.

"Goddamn! Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you! You ready to order?"

"Yeah, but I gotta do something firs-" I started toward Zach as he left the restaurant, but I was intercepted by Jake.

"Cool, 'cus I'm starved! Let's go!"

We ordered our two burgers, then stood looking for a table. During the silence as he looked for a table I asked, "Aren't you gonna go sit with your friends?"

"No...? I wanna sit with you. Look, there's a table over there!" He pointed.


Jake and I sat a few minutes in silence while we ate our burgers. Every time I looked up, I saw his eyes locked in mine and at times fixed upon my face. He read me. He always knew what I was thinking, and I was just an open book for him to peruse. All feelings and thoughts that I would never share were already known by him.

The awkward few moments of silence were finally broken by Jake's inquiry of what we should do next. Try effortlessly, but greatly failing in trying to be cool, I answered, "I don't know. I'm up for anything. Whatever you wanna do is chill...". I mentally smacked my head at the statement.

"I hoped you would say that! Let's get the hell outta here!", Jake exclaimed.

"Wait! I haven't even finished my burger, or fries!", I said as he grabbed me by the arm and I looked down longingly at my unfinished food.

"Shut up!"

We made our way towards the exit of the restaurant hastily as Jake aggressively pulled my arm. Devan, one of Jake's friends called over to us.

"HEY?! Where the fuck are you going?"

"We're just gonna go...chill..."

"Oh...oh yeah? With who? Can we come?", Devan said as he looked at another one of Jake's jock friends, Matt.

"Justin, that's who! Fuck off!", Jake protested jokingly.

Jake loosened his grip upon my arm and I quickly shuffled out of the Whataburger and sat on one of the parking lot cement bumpers. I dumbly admired and basked in the sights and odors that the cars in this occupied parking lot gave off when suddenly my swoon was disturbed by a jokingly sexual sound that came from the restaurant followed by a loud roar of laughter and some faint calls of what sounded to be my name.

Jake exited the restaurant laughing uncontrollably and helped me up from the ground, "Alright! Let's go" he could barely make out these words through his laughter.

We walked away from the school and toward the city when I asked, "What was so fucking funny in there? You guys were laughing so loud!"


"...Did I hear my name...?"

"Hahahaha! Yeah!"

"Was it about me?"

"Yeah! Hahahaha!"

"What were you talking about then?!"

"Nothi-", Jake said interrupted by a loud honk from a car behind us that was approaching. "Who the fuck is tha-", Jake asked gruffly looking behind him, then stopped when he recognized the extremely nice car.

"It's Cameron..." Jake said angrily.

"Shit...!" I whispered.

Another childhood love story unfolds itself here this very moment; Cameron was my VERY best friend in 5th grade. We had gotten so close that year because our 2-block (period) teachers paired us together and we were the most familiar. Having so much in common and feeling that mutual childhood per-pubescent love for each other to fondle our new found pieces of "equipment", we grew so much closer. To add even more power to our relationship, our parents started working together, became best friends, and came almost as close as we were (without the whole per-pubescent love and all...I hope.). At one of our many sleepover nights, Cameron crawled into my bed and snuggled with me. We began to spoon and before we knew it our mothers walked in and found us together. He, nor I, nor our parents ever spoke of that incident or to each other again. Our first year of middle school I tried to face Cameron, but he was far more mature than I and I was afraid that he wouldn't accept me for not even coming close to equalizing his maturity. He went on to excel in athletics and every other thing he tried. He also won MVP for everything, while I just focused on the arts. Our two totally different worlds clashed and we never spoke again. All of the bottled feelings for him that were locked away and almost forgotten those 3 years ago came flooding back in this one moment of recognition of this beautiful car in front of us while Jake stood angrily with his hands on his hips.

"Ugh!", Jake proclaimed disgustingly.

"What's your problem?" I asked angrily.


The car pulled up to us and Cameron rolled down the window to reveal his beautiful face. "Hey guys! I was back at Whataburger when you guys went in but left before you left and saw you walking here and thought you needed a ride...?"

"Naw, Cameron. We're good, thank you." Jake said rudely.

"Shut up, Jake. He's so modest! Sure we'll take a ride!" I protested.

"Hop in!"

Jake crawled in first to not have to sit shot gun next to Cameron. I joyfully climbed in and reclined the seat to my comfort.

Cameron sped off and headed towards the city.

"So...Hey Justin! Long time no see or talking to! How's it been?", Cameron excitedly said keeping one hand on the steering wheel and resting his other on my thigh. "Awesome...how about yo-..." I said looking longingly in his eyes. I wanted him. In that very moment. His enormous cock in my possession for my pleasure. Time stopped at that very moment.

I then looked accidentally at the rear-view mirror and saw the angry look in Jake's eyes.

Jake interrupted with, "So...Cameron! Aren't you 15..., 14..., something like that? You are most definitely not legal to drive this vehicle. So let's just hop our asses right out of this bitch and-"

Cameron releasing his grip from my thigh, "Dude it's cool! This is my mom's car! I got my permit! We'll be fine!"

"Yeah, Jake!", I yelled back.

"Shut the fuck up, Justin!" Jake said even more angry at this point.

Cameron rolled down the windows and cranked up the music as we sped down the highway on this beautiful, bright, sun-shining day. Seeing the people of San Diego doing their normal afternoon activities gave a great excitement for what today could possibly bring and what has already occurred. I smiled with great joy staring out the window making my body take the wind. The wind whipping my hair, loud tunes, and two hot guys on a car ride. This is the good life.

Turning down the music, "So where am I taking you two?", Cameron kindly asked me, but I gestured my head toward Jake in the back.

"My house. In North Ridge. 3902 Elm." Jake said mono-toned.

"Alrighty then!"

The entire ride consisted of Cameron and I catching up while Jake sat in the back silent. Riding in plain-view parts and smiling out of the window to the city, I completely forgot about the thought of getting caught by police during this completely illegal car ride.

Realizing that my flirtatious conversation with Cameron had come to a conclusion during the car ride, we arrived at Jake's house. Without leaving my seat I politely let Jake exit from the back. Cameron and I took one last look at each other, gave a modest "bro-hug", and said our "take-it-easy's", "thank you's", and "see-ya-laters". I exited the car for what I hoped would not be the last time.



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