Staring off down Elm Drive, I watched as Cameron's car drove off into the bright light of the sun. A sigh of sadness left me, but the pain from that loss of excitement wouldn't last long as I was awoke from my Cameron swoon with a cruel stare from Jake.

Jake walked hastily and angrily toward his house, pulled out his keys and opened the door.

I tried keeping up by taking the many steps that were needed to walk all of the way up to his front door. Jake's house was amazingly beautiful in design and size. It's gargantuan size looked as if it towered and went on forever. It's modern and contemporary style gave me an extreme sense of excitement and pleasure. I tried not to think of it so much and called after Jake on my pursuit after him inside.

Stepping inside the beautiful home and taking in all of the sights and smells, I was stopped patronizingly while dumbly admiring the roof and other higher architectural aspects of the home, with Jake's harsh tone.

"Do you mind telling me what the fuck that was about, Justin?"

"What do you mean? What are you so mad about?"

"What am I so mad about? How the hell should I feel when the guy I'm on a date with is flirting it up with his childhood fuck buddy?"


Jake approached me, the anger suddenly gone from his face.

"My childhood fuck buddy? Where the fuck do you get-", I exclaimed, but was interrupted by a forceful and strong passionate kiss.

Jake grabbed my face with his hands with a passion and strength that I had never before experienced. I held him close. He smelled fresh. He felt warm. He "kissed me into the chair". I sat on top of him while ruffling and grabbing his hair with my hands. Just the feeling of the tip of his cock pressing against my butt brought some pre-cum to the head of my penis.

Our passionate kiss remained locked (for what seemed like hours), and gained even greater passion and grinding force, when suddenly it was rudely broken by my fierce jump of fright caused by his giant dogs that barked and clawed at the door that lead to the back yard. The adrenalin in my veins pumped at an even greater force from this fright causing my breathing to become heavy.

Jake jumped up. "Damn it! Chewy! Arnie! Leo! Rus! Shut the fuck up!", Jake yelled as he kicked his foot to the door. "Dumb dogs! SHIT! I'm sorry..."

"It's ok, dogs can be pretty annoying and-" I started.

"No, I mean...about yelling at you. I didn't mean to...I mean...I didn't wanna......Justin. I...really like you. And for you to flirt with that guy...I...I just...never liked that guy. He's such a douche. I wanted you first, so...and I like you more..."

"I really like you too. More than you can imagine, Jake." I walked over toward Jake smiling, "And don't mind Cameron. I want you-" I almost completely got the sentence out.

The mood was suddenly ruined again by his outburst of laughter.

"Dude!", he exclaimed.

"What?!", I asked worried and confused.

"You're hard-on, dude! Look at it!"

Embarrassed I looked down to see the giant mountain of a tent I had in my pants that was desperately begging for attention.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered embarrassed.

Jake then approached me with his eyes slightly squinted, and his mouth forming a smirk. He then said to me, his voice set in a sexy tone , "Let's take care of that."

Leading me upstairs to his room he had his hand wrapped around my cock, and my cum and I were nearly on the edge the whole way.

The passionate kissing presumed as he pushed through his door and threw both of us onto the bed. I started unbuckling his pants to finally get my prize. He flipped us over so that he was on his back never ending the kiss. He pulled off and threw his shirt onto the floor. I began to kiss my way down his smooth body to finally get what I had wanted for so long now. Unbuckling his shorts, I kissed and gnawed at his cock through his shorts, before revealing the marvelous spectacle.

Pulling down his tight light blue American Eagle briefs, Jake's 8 ½ cock popped out and nearly slapped me in the face. I immediately grabbed it and began to suck. I loved the warmth and the pulsing beat of his heart as the blood rushed through his cock veins.

"Damn, Justin!'re amazing!"

Trying to reply, a gargle is all that was made out. Jake laughed and pushed my head down. He pounded my face with his giant cock, and finally got my head all the way down to his pubes. I could smell him. His scent. Jake. I loved it. The taste of his cock. The taste of him. The taste of JAKE. I didn't choke once! I felt like a pro!

His balls tightened in my hands as I played with them not stop. He gripped the sheets and grew louder with his moans, yelling my name all the while, until finally he screamed, "SHIT! STOP!"

In total shock and fear I released his cock with a loud wet pop.


Jake laughed loudly, "I wanna fuck you, bro. You don't want me to come and ruin it, do you?"


"Get those clothes off, Justin. Bring your ass over here!"

I did exactly as I was told, threw all of my clothing items off and brought my ass right over to Jake.

He grabbed my cock and stroked it, grinning that sexy grin at me. Finally putting my cock in his mouth, I nearly came right then. Bursting with excitement and pleasure, I released a powerful moan. He chuckled and took the cock deeper in his mouth all the way down to my pubes.

Jake was an expert at everything he did. Anything he put his mind to, or mouth, he excelled. Giving head was no exception. Jake looked up at me and smiled occasionally while bobbing up and down on my cock as to say, "I'm fucking amazing, and I know it!". That's what made this whole experience so amazing.

Jake released my cock from the warm and wet clutches of his mouth and came in for another kiss. Once freeing me from the kiss he changed positions into a 69. We sucked off each other for a while before he asked, " what do you know about rimming?"

"I don't know...I've never..." I tried to get out, but froze when he had his tongue in my ass. Eating away at my ass, I was in an entirely different state of pleasure. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as Jake grabbed my cock and jerked me off while rimming my ass. To try and return the favor of pleasure I started to suck his cock. Jake released my cock yet again, pushed me off of him and said, "Shit. I gotta fucking have you right now."

Excited beyond belief of the words he had just said to me and what was about to happen, I contained myself from screaming like a little girl.

Jake got up from the bed and left the room. I watched his hard cock swing back and forth between his legs, and the movement of his tight ass confused as to where he was going.

"What are you doing?", I yelled.

Jake returned a few moments later with a bottle of lube.


"Yeah! K-Y®! My parents got the good stuff!"

"You sure they won't mind?"

"Pssht! Who cares if they do!" Jake slathered his long cock with the lube and looked at me. "You ready...?"

"Yeah. Let's do it!"

"Here, turn around. I'm gunna finger you to get you ready."

He squeezed out another antiquate amount to his hand and slapped it on my hole and onto his fingers. He started with 2. Trying my hardest to relax, I loved the pleasure felt. Beginning slow and getting faster every moment, he began to add a third finger.

"That feel good, Justin?"

"Hell yeah!"

"I got 4 in there. You ready?"

"4? What? Really?", I thought to myself.

"Umm...Yeah. I'm ready!", I said allowed.

"Alright...relax. It's gunna hurt like hell at first, so just relax, okay?"

Jake slathered his cock up and my ass again, and started by placing the tip at the entrance of my asshole. He held my thigh with one hand and his cock with another. He entered.

"AHH!", I screamed.

"I know...I know...relax. Just relax. Try pushing out. That'll help."

Finally relaxing and pushing out, he was able to fit his giant head in. Slowly but surely he got the entire shaft in. I moaned with every millimeter. When I felt his pubes brush up against my ass I half screamed and moaned with pleasure.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." I forced through my teeth.

"Hahaha, okay." Leaving his cock in for a few seconds so I could get used to it, he said, "Okay, Justin. Here I go..."

Jake began slowly to pump his cock in my ass. He was aware of when my pain subsided to pleasure when my "ooo's" turned to erotic "ahh's" and he began to pump harder.

"Ahhh...Yeah. Jake. That feels so good...uhh..."

"You like that? You like my cock?"


Jake pumped harder and faster now. I exclaimed, "Jake! Yeah! Oh yeah. Fuck me! Harder!"

"I love your tight ass, Justin! Ahhh! Yeah! You like my big cock?"

"Fuck me, Jake! Ahhh, right there!"

Jake found my G-spot, and fucked even harder and faster in my tight virgin ass. It tickled as his cock swiped the spot, and I began to laugh. Jake started laughing too and told me to turn around. I went on to my back and he shoved his cock right back in, finding my G-spot immediately.

We started kissing again and I grabbed on to his tight ass and his hair. He released the kiss and screamed out moans of immense pleasure as he fucked me faster.

"Ahh, Justin!"

"Oh, Jake! Fuck! Fuck me harder! Yeah!" I grabbed my cock and jerked as fast as I could. "Ahh, Jake! Yeah! Fuck me!"

"Yeah!" Jake yelled.

I watched his body. His sexy face as he gave this fuck his all. He was biting his lip and screamed his moans through it. His hands wrapped around my elevated thighs were in a strong grip and I saw the veins and beautiful muscles in his arms. Sweat dripped from his head and onto his chest. I grabbed his pecs and gave them a squeeze. I ran my hands down his abs and grabbed his ass, wanting to feel every part of his body. The world stopped for a few moments and I took in everything that was happening at this moment. I had waited for this one moment all my life. And to experience it with Jake was like a dream. All those nights of jacking off and imagining this one moment could not even compare to what was happening and my feelings for him right now.

Jake fucked harder and I jacked harder. Our pumps in-sync.

"Oh my god! I'm gunna cum, Jake!"

"So am I!"

We both went faster with more passion and force.

"Here it comes, Justin!"

"Ahhhh!!! Oh my god!"

My giant rope of cum shot onto his chest, while his cum shot deep inside my ass. Jake and I let out two harmonious moans and finally fell on top of each other in laughter.

Covered in passionate sex sweat, we got the strength to get up a few minutes later. Jake's cock slid out of me and tickled my ass causing me to laugh again. Jake laid next to me on the bed, our breaths one after another.

"Shit! That was THE best ass I have ever gotten!", Jake said.

"Yep, that was pretty awesome!"

Realizing how disgusting I felt, I asked, "Where's your bathroom, dude?"

"The one upstairs is fucked up. Go downstairs, down that hallway, past the kitchen, past the extra guest room, and to the right. You can't miss it."

"Hahaha, I'll try not to!" Picking up my clothes I began my quest to find the bathroom. I put on my underwear before I went downstairs, just because of my weird insecurity of being nude in someone elses house and in front of a guy whose body I could never compare to.

Halfway down the stairs I could hear the sound of someone pouring cereal, then I could hear them shout, "SHIT."

"What the fuck...?", I whispered.

I walked down the stairs and saw an extremely hot, giant muscular guy in the kitchen holding and eating a bowl of cereal (Not the bowl of course. Just thought I should clarify).

"Hey.", he said without any kind of enthusiasm to see me.


"So you're Jake's friend, huh?"




"Uh huh."

"I'm gunna go to the bathroom now..."

"I'm Jake's brother, Will.", he said extending his hand. I didn't take it and tried to back off.

"Oh...Hey...", I said in fear.

"What's up?"

"Nothing much...I gotta go to the"

"You're a pretty loud one. I mean, compared to the others. Did you have a good time?"


Standing frozen in fear, my chill was broken when Jake walked downstairs nude to greet his brother.

"What's up, Will? When did you get home? We didn't even hear you."

"Not too long ago...And of course you didn't! You guys were up there fucking each others brains out."

"Hahaha, could you hear us?"

"Hell yeah! Did you guys enjoy yourselves?"

Just waiting in the living room watching and listening to this whole conversation, Jake finally acknowledged my presence.

"You meet Justin yet?", Jake said to his brother.

"Yeah. He's cool.", Jake's hot brother Will replied while giving me that same sexy grin that Jake gives me.

"What did you do to him...?!", Jake exclaimed.

"Nothing! I swear."

"You better not have..."

"I didn't! He's a cutie though. Good job, bro!"

"Yeah, I know! I pick 'em good, huh? Hahahaha!" They both shared a laugh. "Justin, didn't you say you were going to the bathroom?"

"Umm...uhh, Yeah! Yeah! That's where I'm headed right now. Where is it again?" , I fumbled.

"That way, bro!", Jake pointed. "Will, show him where it is."

"Ugh!", Will sighed. "This way..."

Will walked me to the bathroom, opened the door, escorted me in, and closed the door behind him.

"Uhh...A little privacy maybe? Will?"

"Hmm...? What?", he responded dumbly.

"WILL!", Jake yelled from the kitchen.

"Ugh", Will sighed again.

"Thank you, bro.", I said pushing Will out and shutting the door. "What the fuck is going on?", I said to myself.

After taking a piss and cleaning myself off I walked back into the kitchen where Jake and Will were laughing about some story that Jake had told. I sat at one of the stools at the counter next to Jake.

"You want a slice of chocolate cake, bro?", Will asked me.

"Nahh, I'm good..."

"Take some, Justin! It's good! Will baked it last night! He's amazing at baking!"

"Yeah, bro! Take some!", Will assured.

"It'll fill you up from all those calories we lost. Also, give Justin a Gatorade! We need to replenish our electrolytes!"

"Fine...", I said. I ate the cake. It really was delicious! The cold Gatorade was also really what I needed. Jake and Will talked about masculine things like football and girls which was really confusing in this whole situation. I sat back quietly through the entire event.

"So you guys wanna stay down and play some C.O.D. on the X-Box?", Will asked.

Jake answered for me, "Nahh, we're tired." Jake looked at the kitchen clock that read 10:32. "10:00? Damn! How the hell is it this late?"

"Hahaha, time flies when you're fucking, huh, Jake?"

"Hahahaha! Let's head upstairs."

We both got up from our stools and started up the stairs.

"G'night, Will!", Jake yelled to his brother.

"G'night, Will!", I said looking toward Will.

"See ya later, Justin.", Will said with his sexy grin and a sexual wink.

Upstairs, Jake jumped into bed and turned off the lamp. The light from the moon outside that shined through the window illuminated his beautiful face.

I innocently asked, "So...what the fuck was that?"

"What?", Jake laughed.

"Your brother downstairs...does he not care?"

"About what...?"

"...about what?!" I changed to a whisper, "About us...having sex..."

"I mean...I guess not..."

"Is he gay?"

"Will?! No!"

"Ookaaayyy. Sure he isn't!"

"He isn't! Ask him!"

"I'd rather not..."

"Hahahaha! Go to sleep, Justin."

I sighed. Their was silence. I was now alone with my thoughts. Something that I kind of feared. Millions of thoughts raced through my head.

Jake put his arm around my torso and held me close. I could feel his heartbeat on my back.

The thoughts stopped. Except one. "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

We slowly, but then all at once...fell asleep.



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