In my state of extreme pleasure and disbelief, I stumbled out of the bathroom. Walking back into the cafeteria I saw that it was completely empty. Well, except for Jake and Dustin. They actually waited for me!

"Finally, dude! Bro, you took fucking ever in there! That must have been one good long shit!" Dustin said as he got up to pat me on the back.

"Ha, ha, ha. I would never shit at school. Especially in one of this school's bathrooms. God knows what goes on in there!" I replied back, looking at Jake.

He grinned and laughingly said, "Good call, bro! Those things are disgusting!"

Their was a small moment of silence. Awkward silence.

"Well enough of the diseased infested restroom talk, let's go!" Dustin finally said.

"Justin, come help me up!" Jake, comfortably rested on the cafeteria table begged. Using all of my strength to lift his beautiful body, my hand clutched his as I felt and greatly examined its smooth texture. When finally up he hit me hard across the back of the arm and yelled, "TAG! YOU'RE IT!!!". He and Dustin ran quickly outside, leaving me completely alone and confused.

"What the fuck?!" I thought to myself.

After slowly strolling out of the cafeteria and finally making my way outside, the bright and simmering California sun blinded me with its intense ultra-violet rays. Recovering from the shock of the bright light I saw that the two were out of sight, and everyone else was gathered around in the center of the field.

About 3 minutes later of taking my sweet time, I made it to the circle to see Mr. James giving a speech to everyone.

Seeing me between a crack of people in the back, Mr. James broke the flow of his speech and acknowledged me, "Nice of you to join us Mr. Clark."

At that moment you could not distinguish me from a tomato.

"Sorry, Mr. James..." I said with my voice cracking every word. He and the entire freshman class stared at me.

"Umm...You can go ahead and continue with your little speech..." I broke through the silence. Just about everyone laughed.

"Thanks for your permission, Justin" Mr. James said jokingly in a sexy tone. "Now back on topic. In the first activity you need to make sure that you..."

Scanning the crowd thoroughly I saw Jake to my far right conversing with his jock friends. Finally gaining the confidence and courage from somewhere deep inside, I pushed my way through the tight crowd and grabbed Jake's muscular arm.

"Tag! You're it!" I tried to say in my best hushed but sexy whispered tone.


"I said, 'tag!'. You're it! I got you!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Ummm...nothing." I said embarrassed, seeing obviously that I was the only one that took the game seriously.

"We should probably pay attention to what's going on so we don't fuck up." he said seriously.


There was a moment of intense focus and silence between us as we listened attentively to Mr. James. Well, Jake did. I watched HIM attentively. His amazing physique and other outstanding features were extraordinary. I started first with his feet. I marveled at the size of the feet inside his enormous Toms. It was as if they were skis, but in a good way. They weren't completely awkward. They fit him perfectly. I began to measure up our feet by placing them directly next to each other, rubbing my leg up against his. In this awkward position he looked down at our feet touching, still focused and attentive to what Mr. James was saying, moved over about a foot and a half and said, "Oh, sorry, bro. My bad".

A little bit upset by this action, I moved my focus up a bit to his legs. A really weird turn on for me is a guy's legs. Wearing American Eagle shorts today, Jake had the most perfect legs I had ever seen. His calves were extremely muscular and had little black hairs on them that gave them extra definition. I thought to myself of Jake breaking someone's head with those calves.

Moving along, I paid even greater attention to the bulge in his shorts that protruded more than most guys. Just from the sight of that bulge and the size of his feet I knew it was one ginormous cock. If only I could have it ripping me open with great force or my hot mouth wrapped around it's...NO! I can't get hard here. Images of Grammy in a bikini came flooding in. That did the trick.

His fit torso and muscular arms and neck were my next points of focus. From what I had heard from his ex's he had the best looking abs in the class. He was apparently voted unanimously by all the girls as the hottest guy in the class, shirtless and non-shirtless. At this moment of my interest Jake had his arms crossed which made his biceps bulge even more, driving me instantly to the point of climax. His farmer-tanned skin glowed beautiful in the California sun and made me want to tackle and lick him all over. His butt was just waiting there. Yearning and begging to be grabbed by my little virgin hands. The only thing containing me from doing so was the soft murmur of Mr. James's speech that wasn't even protruding my brain.

My final and most important point of interest in this examination was Jake's face. He was just that kinda guy that when you thought of California, you see him. His glistening tan skin, his dark short but wavy hair, the small and cute mole on his left cheek, his cute little nose, the perfect shape of his creamy ears, his perfectly straight and pearly white teeth, and the soft silky texture of his beautifully pink lips. He had everything and anything he wanted. Except one thing. Me. All he needed to do was just say it. I would be all his. I would do anything for him. I wanted to be with him, in his strong muscular arms forever, under his protection where I knew everything would be alright. I knew that if I was with him, everything in life would be perfect. Nothing bad could ever happen, my life would always be sunny and bright just like beautiful California, and I would always have him.

He smiled and snickered a bit at a joke Mr. James had just told and then looked at me, looking at him. He smiled at me. I smiled back.

He asked cutely confused, "What?"

"Nothing." I answered back quietly.

"Are you sure...?"

"...and knowing that will be the only way to make it through just the first activity!" Mr. James said.

"Shit! I missed it!" Jake said angrily.

"Jake, I...." I whispered.

"Shhh!!!" he quieted me angrily.

Forgetting that, I went back to my deep examination of his face. Another day dream consumed my mind:

The field went instantly empty, except for Jake and I. We looked into each others eyes. We both smiled. He took off his shirt and kissed me. Just the silky touch of his soft pink lips brought my cock to full mast. He grabbed it and it took all my will power not to cum right that instant. He took off my shirt. We kissed even more, this time with more passion. I pushed him on the ground and kissed him while massaging his contained cock through his pants. I finally went for it. Unbuttoning his shorts, I released from our stronghold of a kiss. With the shorts almost completely off, my prize was revealed. A long and tubular cock waited for me to copulate upon it. Hornier than I had ever been, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked. I sucked for what seemed hours. His muscles began to tense. He was beginning to jerk. He grabbed my head and pushed me down more until I had the tip of his cock making contacting with my uvula. Deep-throating his entire cock he called my name, "Justin. Justin...Justin! Oh my god! Justin! JUSTIN!". He grabbed my arm and squeezed.

"Yeah..." I said in a very sexual tone, looking out into the audience of high school freshman and Mr. James looking quizzically back at me. My heart stopped, decided to take one last beat, then fell into my stomach.

I looked at a group of jocks on the other side of the circle, laughing wildly. I finally looked at Jake who had the most confused stare of them all as his hand was wrapped around my arm.

"Dude..." Jake said.

"JUSTIN! Are you with us? What's going on over there?", Mr. James asked concerned.

"What...?" was the only word that I could scramble out of my frightened mind.

"What I had originally asked was are you ready for this? But now I know that you definitely are not."

Finally coming to my senses at the moment, "Oh, no. Yes. No, I'm alright. Just the heat and all...I was a little confused about...I's Yeah, I'm alright."

"Okay...well, let's go!" Mr. James exclaimed to the crowd. Everyone dispersed quickly, except for Jake and I.

After exchanging a long two and a half minute stare with each other he finally asked me, "What the fuck was that?!"

"I'm sorry. I was kind of caught up in something..."

"Don't let that shit happen again! You embarrassed me!" Jake said jokingly. Well, I hoped.


We walked silently to another part of the field where our stations were. When finally arriving to our station, we looked down at the equipment left for us: a traffic cone, a hoola-hoop, a rubber band, a whistle, 3 yarn strings, and one of those giant balls with the handles you could bounce on.

"What the fuck is this?" I asked greatly confused.

"Maybe if you would have payed attention to Mr. James's speech instead of day dreaming of fucking the shit out of him, you might have known what's going on here!" Jake teased.

"No I wasn't! I was actually...uhh...Were you REALLY paying attention?! Do you know what's going on here?!"

"Hahahaha! No! I was doing the same thing you were doing! I'm surprised you didn't see the giant hard-on I was sporting during his whole speech! God! He's gunna be my next 'project'..."

"Shut the fuck up..."

"What? You jealous, Justin?"

"NO! Shut up!"

"It's ok. If you're lucky you could get's some too!"

"I don't want Mr. James!"

"I wasn't talking about Mr. James." Jake said grinning at me. I bashfully looked away. "Let's get out of here, Justin. Fuck this."

"What about Dustin? Where is he? We should probably wait up for him" I babbled.

"He sent me a text earlier. He and the guys are over by the stadium hangin' out."

"Should we go meet them?"

"Nahh, it's fine. You and I can go for a walk." He began to walk off.

I waited trying to consider if what was actually happening right now was real or just another one of my embarrassing and mortifying daydreams, taking account of what had transpired just 10 minutes ago with Mr. James and the entire freshman class, I deliberated that their was only way to make sure this was reality.

About 20 yards ahead of me, Jake continued to walk unbeknownst that I wasn't beside nor next to him. I punched my testicles with great forced and collapsed embarrassingly onto the ground in pain.

Hearing everyone near laugh at me, Jake finally turned around to see what was going on. Confused he looked for me behind him and saw I was collapsed dumbly on the field.

He ran over and helped me up, "What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?! Hahaha, you're so fucking weird, Justin!"

"I'm sorry..."

"It's alright, bro. Let's go."




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