The door shut behind me. Quietly and politely I should add, I have a habit of being considerate for some reason.

The hallway suddenly was big and quiet. I looked down both directions trying to estimate which way would take longer to get to Mr. James's office. Just the idea of being alone with him in a tiny office on a hot day like this, with his suit covering him tight and firm, a trickle of sweat rolling down the top of his forehead down his face, a fan on a side of the room whisking his nicely cut hair and blowing the smell of him just killed me. I need some time to walk around and get my head straight.

I decided on the left so that I can go though 2 different centers and cross outside before getting to the administrative building. I grabbed my phone from my right pocket and began to fiddle with it as I was walking. That was another habit I had to avoid looking so awkward, but within itself, that habit was even more awkward.

"Justin!", a female voice called down the hall startling the shit out of me. It was chick from my biology class or something. I could barely make her out from where I was walking. I think she liked me a little so I shot her a cute little smile and wave and she did the same. Too bad I wasn't straight. She's pretty cute. Nice little blonde, she is.

I stopped at the doors to the outside to help some substitute get through the door. She was carrying an entire classroom in her arms and dragging a cart along with her.

"Let me help with that." I offered.

"No, you look like you're off to somewhere important.", she said sweetly. She was oh so right. I read her substitute badge, "Ms. Adams". You could tell she was new and even though this was the end of the year this had to be her first time to sub. She looked so full of hope for a hopeless group of kids that she would have. She was assigned to the D-Wing. 'D' is for dumb apparently, being that everyone who has classes there is an idiot. No one really makes it past remedial Algebra 1, or other first year core subjects, so she can just pack that hope up and go home. I thought it would probably be better to help than give her the truth of what was awaiting her.

"No, no, no, I'd loved to help! Miss...?"

"Miss Adams. Susan Adams.", she said with a beautiful perky smile.

No sub or teacher had ever introduced themselves to me including their first name. I felt a relationship in bloom.

"Let me take that cart for you. I don't think that you could possibly wheel that cart down to the D-Wing."

"You're so sweet!"

We headed down the hallway and up the ramp to the god-forsaken 'D-Wing'. Her cart was from the medieval ages and it barely made it up the ramp. The wheels squeaked (if they even moved at all) as they locked and turned for no reason. She heaved and put forth every bit of effort that was possible to make it up that steep ramp into room 386 – DW.

Luckily the class room was the first going up the ramp. I twisted the door handle and looked at the tired old room with lights having seizures and walls, books, and desk covered in obscenities.

"Oh...", Ms. Adams said as she finally made it into the classroom with all of her materials. All hope gone in one heave as she threw her pink purse on the barely standing desk.

"Yeah...the students here aren't the best..."

"See, that's what they told me, but I wasn't expecting this..."

I chuckled a little bit to lighten the mood. Ms. Adams looked around a bit then went to the cart to place her things.

"Do you need me to stick around?"

"If you don't mind...? Just for a little bit!"

"No problem!"

She was placing all kinds of things that one would get from some 'super-duper-learning is fun-knowledge is power' seminar. Some where full of hope. She really had, or has, no idea was she's getting herself into.

"So what grade are you in, sweetie?", she said with that same upward infliction of Kristen.

"It's Justin. I'm a freshman."

"Wow! Really? Strong handsome young man like yourself looks like you should be at least a junior!"

"Hahaha, thanks!"

"And so well mannered! You gotta girlfriend?", the infliction higher.

"", I answered a little quicker than I had hoped.

Ms. Adams looked at me. "Oooh!", as if she knew, then winked.

Hoping to take the attention from me, "You?", but not really thinking.

"No...", she said walking to the cart with a quickened pace. I knew it was something you weren't supposed to ask a teacher, well sub, but it just happened. "Broke up 2 days ago."

Really? Were we about to have a chat session? Hell yes!

"Oh no..."

"No, no, no. I wanted out. I ended it!", she confirmed.

"Oh! Good! Was he a jerk?", I pulled a chair in front of her desk.

She plopped herself down into her seat, "Oh my god, yes! The things he would say to me! Bossing me around, telling me what to do. He never remembered any of our anniversaries! He never took me out. 3 years of my life I'll never get back. He was such a douche. Ooops. Sorry..."

"No problem, to hell with the teacher-student language regulations!"


"Fuck 'em!", I yelled excited and a little too loud.

"Uh, watch it, Justin."


We both laughed.

Ms. Adams and I sat chatting for another 10 minutes or so and the things she told me about herself and her life was just awesome. She was only 23. I'm only 15, but who cares? By the time I decided it was time to go we had become best friends.

I looked at the clock behind her to see that there were only 25 minutes left in the period. "Wow, I should probably get going!"

"Shoot!", the infliction higher than it had ever been.

"Yeah, I know! It's been fun!"

"Totes! We should do this again sometime!"

"Totes! I'll come today whenever I can.", mocking her teenage diction.

"I'm permanent, Justin. Through next year and everything. Open-ended."

"Really? That's awesome!"

"Yep! So where are you off to? You need a pass or anything? I got 'em!"

"No, I have one. Principal James is waiting for me. Has been for the past 30 minutes..."

"Mr. James...He's a cutie!"

Almost out of the door, "I know!". Out of the door and realizing what I said, "See ya later, Ms. Adams!" I shuffled out of the room blushing.

"Bye, Justin!", Susan yelled laughing.


I was back where I left off, the glass doors leading outside to the courtyard. There were 23 minutes left in the period and I decided to sit down on a bench and think and clear my head a little bit more.

I think that I've fallen in love with Susan Adams. The only sure "I love you" that I've thought in a long time. And it was a girl. A woman. A beautiful woman. If I was straight, she would be the perfect one. Her hair a light blonde, her eyes a crystal blue, dimples on her cheeks when she smiles, a button nose, perky breast, and a skinny, tight, body. She is perfection.I love Susan Adams. I wanna yell it from this courtyard bench.

The bench was nestled under a large tree that provided perfect shade from the bright sun, but also allowed warmth with the gentle breeze. The sounds of the tree leaves blowing in the wind and some birds and bugs making noise were the only things that I could here. It was peaceful. At that moment everything was clear and perfect.

Vibration. My phone tickled my thigh as it signaled a new text message.

It was Zach. Zach...?

Where are you? Why'd Joyce kick you out? - Zach

Hahaha, I didn't. Mr. James just wanted to see me. - Me

Oh, I was a little scared, but proud. My little Justin is growing up and getting bad :D - Zach

Yeah, talking during the announcements. I'm a rebel! ;) – Me

Hahaha! Well hurry back, dude. I miss youzzz:) - Zach

He missed me!

Damn. Dammit, Zach.

It was time. 18 minutes left in class and I was ready to face my beloved head principal.


I opened the door to the administrative building and took a seat in the main office. Awkwardly looking around, not knowing what to do or say I pulled my phone out again. I played with the lock screen key pad until being interrupted by the secretary.

"Can I help you young man?"

I could have done without the sharp tone

"Um, yeah you can, Miss.", I retorted some what equal to her sharpness. "I'm Justin Clark. I think Mr. James wants to see me.", I said firmly. If someone would have heard this they would have been pretty attracted to me in that moment of manliness.

"Oh...Justin. Justin Clark.", she said, in my opinion (if it counts) a little impressed. "Principal James does wants to see you, although he did call for you about 40 minutes ago."

"Oh...I'm so sorry ma'am! I didn't know that...when I was walking here a lady- and then I had to-", I cried out for all to hear (that time), falling down into the status of a lowly freshman who had no place coming in acting like he runs thing.

"Go right in, Mr. Clark", the secretary said harshly reasserting her power and lowering me even more.

"Thanks...", I fell into myself and hopelessly looked around the lobby while everyone watched. "Uhhh...where is his office...?"

"That way.", the secretary said as she lifted her hand and flicked it into no particular direction, obviously I was outdone at the moment while she picked up the phone and chatted.

"Thanks...", even more hopeless than before.

I looked behind me and heard chuckling. To my great pleasure it was Gabriel. He pointed toward a hallway with a sign that read "Principal Offices".

"It's that way", he pointed, making me feel even worse.

"Thanks...", I said as he continued his chuckling.


The hallway was long and lit with only 3 florescent lights. The doors to the offices were lined on each side. At the end, straightforward, a door read, "Principal David James". I took a breathe and gave the most courageous knock even though I was the most weak and afraid that I've been in a while.

"Come in!", his strong voice called from within. I opened the door to him sitting on his large chair behind the desk.

He stood up, "Justin! How are you?" He offered his hand to shake.

"Great! You?", I cried weakly.

"I'm good. Have a seat."

I sat in the chair next to the door.

We sat for about 10 seconds in silence. He staring at me, and I at the room itself. Moments of crazy sexual tension. It was taking everything in my power not to look at him and just knock everything off his desk and attack him.

"I can't talk to you way back there, Justin. That's the reprimand spot. Scoot up here!", he called forth.

It startled me as he always spoke with a strong voice. There was always power in his voice. In his body. I wanted it. I did as I was told a brought the chair forth as close as I could.

The chair was a little tall, but he still towered over me. I finally had the power to look at him. His hair was black and always in a close trim (like Hugh Jackman). His facial hair was a finely cut goatee. His eyebrows were so perfectly shaped it was crazy. His eyes were a pale green. His strong neck was being snuggled by his white shirt along with the red neck tie. The muscles of his shoulders and arms were almost ripping through the seams of his sports coat. It should be illegal for Mr. James to have to wear clothes. It really made no sense for him to conceal his amazing body in clothes. It wasn't fair to him, his body, or me.

"Justin.", he said firm and breaking the silence.

I looked into his eyes. I'm a wimp when ever I look into eyes. They just kill me.

"Justin, I'm really proud of you."

"Thank you, sir-"

"You've done so well this year in academics, music, drama..." he interrupted. "Do you know that you're ranked 6 academically in your class?"

"Really? Well, I really tri-"

"This is something to be celebrated!"


"Yes! You have achieved lots of honors this year and I'd like to top it off with the 'Gary Johnson: Principal Award'! It's a prestigious honor, you know that, don't you?"

"Yes sir! I don't know what to s-"

"I really wanted to wait, but I just had to tell you now before the Class Awards."

"Wow. This is so great."

He got up from his chair and crossed toward me. He sat down at the front of the desk and looked down to me. I began to scoot my chair back to give him more room, and hide the big hardon that this entire situation was giving me.

"Woah, you don't have to move. I'm not gonna bite", he joked.

Nervously laughing, "Oh! No! I was just making sure that you were comfortable."

"Oh, I'm comfortable, Justin. You?", he placed his large strong hand on my shoulder. I looked down at it, then equaled my eyes out to his giant muscular thighs straining to break free from his pants, his giant flaccid bulge, and finally at his eyes.

"I'm so proud of you, Justin.", Mr. James said piercing into my heart with his beautiful pale green eyes and giving my shoulder three solid squeezes sending chills down my spine, a shock to my heart, and causing each and every hair on my body to stand on end.

I melted under his hand and could only produce a dumb smile.

"PRINCIPAL JAMES!", breaking through the office door.

"Yes?!", Mr. James exclaimed, taking away his hand.

"I don't know what you think you're doing-"

I nearly fainted.

"-but something needs to be done about this!", the person continued.

"About what ma'am?", Mr. James said concerned.

"I'm sorry, Principal James. This woman demanded to see you! I tried to stop her!", the snarky secretary pleaded.

"My son has been failing all of his classes since the beginning of the year and he is not prepared for these finals. And you have some new substitute coming in? What do you plan on doing about this?"

"She's a really good teacher", I tried to help.

"Uhh, we'll have to finish up later, Justin. Go ahead and go back to class.", Mr. James said a little annoyed.

I walked out of the office into the long hallway as the voices continued to exclaim from his office.

In the administrative building lobby, Gabriel stood wearing a student-aid badge and had a sexy grin on his face.

"What...? What?!", I asked annoyed with him.

"How was it? Was it as good as you hoped and dreamed? Tell me about!", he begged.

With an eye roll and a punch in the arm, I left Gabriel, Mr. James, the snarky secretary, and the deranged concerned parent, and headed back to world geography with 3 minutes to spare.

I might stop back by Ms. Adams's room.



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