I woke up to the beautiful light of California sun on my face and the smell and sound of crackling bacon. Jake no longer had his arm wrapped around me holding me close, but was sprawled on the bed without any covers covering his naked body. I laughed a little at this sight and reached high for an early morning stretch. Jake's alarm clock read 10:06 and I wondered how my parents felt about me not coming home last night. I reached down to the floor for my shirt so that I could go downstairs and give Will a nice good morning hello, when out of nowhere Jake's door flew open. I nearly shit my boxers at this incident.

"JACOB ANTHONY DAVIS! If you don't get your butt downstairs this instant for breakfast! You know that you have a track meet this afternoon! Move your ass!", Jake's mother screamed as she entered the room not saying a thing as to the sight that was her son and his over night fuck. She left the room leaving the door slightly ajar. From halfway down the stairs she yelled, "...And bring your friend too!"

Jacob Anthony, hardly affected by what just transpired, lay still and bare ass in his bed.

"Jake. Jake. JAKE!", I shook him. "Get up. Wake up!"


"You're mom just ran in here and asked for you to get up."

"Ugh...why? What the fuck did she want this early?"

"Um...I think you have a track thing or something..."

"Shit...I forgot. What time is it?"


"FUCK!", he yelled as he grabbed his briefs from the floor and bolted downstairs, leaving me alone and somewhat confused in his bed.

"Wait! Don't leave me.", I called quietly after Jake.


The clock now read 10:16, and I was able to locate and put on all of my clothes, and also gather the physical and emotional strength to head downstairs.

I tip-toed down the steps quietly to be as incognito as I possibly could. Jake's mother was rushing between hallways, the kitchen, and her room making sure she had everything she needed. Jake's father sat at the table while reading the paper and Jake scarfed down his breakfast. I joined them at the table awkwardly.

"Where's my purse?!", Jake's mother asked her husband.

"How would I know, honey?", he replied sarcastically without looking up from the paper.

Finally catching a glimpse of me, Jake's father said, "Hello, son? How are you?". He reached his hand out for a shake.

"Good morning. I'm fine. I'm Justin by the way"

"Justin...". He said gripping my hand

tight, displacing all of the bones in my hand.

"Hi, Justin!", Jake's mother yelled from the bathroom. She entered the kitchen soon after, "Hey! I left you a plate there. Eat up!"

"Thank you, ma'am."

"No-problem-at-all.", each word separated as she dug in her purse for her keys. She patted her husband on the shoulder and they both began to walk toward the front door. "Jake, Matthew's mother is coming to pick you up and take you to the track meet. So keep an eye out for her. Be good and good luck, honey!", she walked back over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the head. "We'll be back tonight!"

"Okay. Love you, mom. Bye, dad."

"Bye, Jake! Bye...", she trailed off looking at my face for the answer that was my name.

"It's Jared, honey.", Jake's father said.

"Um...it's Justin...", I tried to correct, but the door was slammed closed. "You got nice parent's, Jake! Where's...Will-"

"When are you leaving?", Jake interrupted mid-sentence, his mouth stuffed with food.

"I...uhh...I don't know..."

"Okay, well, I gotta be outta here by 11:30 so..."

"I'll just leave now then...", I said hoping to be interrupted or questioned.

"Oh, okay."


He said this without emotion and continued to shove food down his throat.

I turned the handle on the door, "...so I was-"

"I'll text you! See ya later!", Jake said putting his plate into the sink and running upstairs.

I shut the door.


So here I was; the walk of shame. A sweep of California air, prideful giddiness, and embarrassment came over me. The world looked at me with an eye of happiness and a head shake. The "first time" of my dreams had just occurred last night, yet I feel so distraught. It felt so right to have Jake's arms wrapped around me and his breath on my neck as we lay in bed. It felt so wrong to leave his house without so much as a smile or a kiss goodbye.

But I wasn't a complainer! I just had sex! Fuck him! He'll come around. But how am I getting home? I lived at least 13 miles away.

"Well fuck." I thought to myself. I looked down Elm desperately knowing that I didn't have any sort of will power to make it all the way home. The road and my despair stretched for miles.

I walked skulking in the middle of the street and kicked a pebble along with me for quite a while when I heard an engine rev of a pickup truck approach me from behind. Not paying any mind I moved closer to the sidewalk giving up all hope of taking the pebble with me, when the blaring of a car horn grabbed my attention.

"'Sup dude! Need a ride?", Will called from his truck.

"Hell yeah!", I jumped up and ran excitedly to the passenger side of his truck. Comfortably situating myself into his truck, Will just stared at me smiling.

"Yeah...? You gonna drive? Or do I have to?", I said as sarcastic and rude as I possibly could.

"Hahaha, you're cute.", Will said with a quiet chuckle.

"What was that?!?"

"Where am I going?", he said quickly changing the subject.

"No, Will. What'd you say?"

"You better tell me where I'm going or I'm gonna kick your ass out!"

I gave him my address and we were off. The car ride was quiet as I sat still from awkwardness that had formed by Will's statement. Well at least I thought it was awkward.

I tried my hardest to keep my hands off Will and my eyes forward or out the window. They continuously drifted in Will's direction and I couldn't help, but marvel at him. His physical maturity was a lot more attractive than Jake's. Of course I'm not calling Jake ugly or anything. Will just had that look that everyone wanted. He sat, one hand on the wheel and the other on his leg tapping the beat to the radio. His shirt had the sleeves torn off which revealed his giant, but not humongous muscles that flexed while controlling the truck. His torn shorts fit snuggling him. His red cap was backwards and he had put on shades before we left the street where he so kindly picked me up.

Will caught me staring and a took a few quick glances in my direction.

"Take a picture, Justin. It'll last longer!", he said with a smile. I scoffed and laughed a bit with a sense of embarrassment. The quiet returned. I looked back out the window at the other cars that passed on the highway.

I couldn't stand it any longer, "I was wondering-"

"So how long have you and my brother been fuck buddies?"

"That's none of your-!"

"I mean, he's talked about you before but never brings you around. You like it at your place, or are you a freak and prefer it in public?", he joked obnoxiously.


"Just messing around dude!", he said as he placed his hand on my knee and gave it a quick squeeze. The silence returned once more.

I looked up at him. Still smiling from the humor brought on by his joke, his white teeth glistened by the light of the sun. His short black hair flapped in the wind. He took off his shades and I saw his eyes. It was the first time I really looked at his eyes. From the side I could still see the light brown irises he possessed. I looked deep into that right eye. I saw that he was in fact-GAY. I saw that he had feelings for me. I saw that he wanted me. I saw us together on -

NO! What am I doing?! I have Jake. Jake is mine! I'm his. We have something. Well...I hope we do. YES! We do. But Will. He's just so-

"Looks like we're here!", Will said loudly waking me from my day dream.

"Oh... Thanks, Will!"

"No problem. I love to help a buddy out."

"I'll see ya later!", I shouted heading down the driveway to my house.

"Wait! Justin!", he called after me. "We should hang out sometime...I mean, whenever your not busy. Just hit me up."

"Yeah. Will do. I will do that...Will."

"Hahaha, take it easy bro!"

Will's pickup truck sped away down the street. I didn't watch after it.

The amount of incidents that have occurred in just these two days have been more than I have ever experienced in my entire life. My life was different starting now. I had Jake. Will somehow factored into this new life of mine in a way that I could not yet realize. God, I love that pickup truck.

I lost my virginity! That's a great, "Hey mom, Hey dad! I'm home" story to tell them. My first walk of shame, and in front of my parents. This'll be great.

I touched the handle and felt it twist in my hands and jerk back. My father rushed out the door.

"Bye, honey! We have a lot of errands to run today. Hope you had a good night! See you later!", my mother said following my father to the car and quickly speeding away.

"I did have a good night mom. Thanks.", I said to myself. I closed the door, ran to my room and sprawled myself on the bed.

My phone vibrated with the notice of a new text message from Jake.

Did you get home okay?

- Jake.



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