Before I knew it, it was the end of the day. The 7th period bell rang and I headed for the fine arts hallway to wait for my ride. And see Kristen I guess, even though I was growing greatly annoyed with her.

On the way there I saw Principal James leaning on some lockers watching students make their way out the school. I was in another "mood" again and the sight of his cool sexy body backed to the lockers just didn't phase me like it should have. He winked at smiled at me like he always did when we crossed paths, but this time there was something more in the intent. I really wish I didn't feel so shitty at the moment so that I could dissect this action. A generous nod and a weak grin was all that I could produce.

Kristen waited for me down the hall smiling. Her opened arms awaiting my embrace. I showed a lot of discontent in the hug and she realized it easily.

"Justin...? What's the matter with you? You've been such a jerk lately. Is something wrong?"

"No!", I snapped back harshly, not recognizing the reason for this tone of voice. "Sorry...I'm just...This weekend was kind of-". She hung on every last word to figure out my bitchy-ness until I was interrupted.

"Justin.", a deep and sexy voice called from behind me. I turned to find Jake with a beautiful smile on his face.

"Jake?", I said giggling. The normal "Justin mood" finally returning just from seeing his face.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Yeah...sure!", stumbling a little. We walked over to a spot a few feet away from where Kristin and I were conversing.

"Last weekend was great, dude."

"Hell yeah!", I proclaimed like an excited idiot. Reeling myself back in, I wiped the dumb smile off my face and looked down.

"No, it's ok! I just came to apologize for kicking you out...and making you find a way home...and not talking to you and everything..."

"No, dude. It's totally okay! I was so busy last weekend too, so I couldn't have communicated either." (a lie)

"Yeah. My brother said he gave you a lift? He thinks you're pretty awesome."

"Oh, yeah. He's okay..." (a lie)

"Hahaha, well he talked about you for a little while!"

"Hmmm...did he? Probably has a crush on me or something!", jokingly.

"I hope not.", serious with a shift in mood.

"Me too..." (another lie), looking down.

"'Cos you're mine...", he wrapped his hand around my forearm.

I giggled then pulled away. I wasn't out yet and neither was he. That kind of thing can ruin your reputation. Jake, pretty much HEAD of the jocks, the guy with an off-again on-again girlfriend, who at the most current moment is an "iffy"-on, the most attractive guy and coolest guy at school was showing homo-erotic affection in the middle of the hallway for everyone to see. It should have made me really happy. I should have kissed him right there in front of everyone. But I didn't. It scared me. They all scared me. He scared me.

Jake looked puzzled and some what annoyed by my action. "I don't know what's been up with me lately...I've actually been avoiding you. I don't know what it is. I've just...just...needed some time away from you to figure some things out."

"Yeah. Me too, Jake..."

"I really like you. A lot. There's something about you that's just different...I just wish that I could tell-"

"JAKE!", a voiced called from down the hall.

"I...uh...", Jake stumbled. "I'll be right there, Sam!", he called to the guy down the hall. "I'll...uh text you later or something..."


Jake stayed at this spot with me. He looked at my face. Not my eyes, but my face. He examined it intently and then away at Sam down the hall. He grasped my hand and pulled me into a tight and warm bro hug. We stayed in the embrace for 10 seconds or so. I nuzzled myself into his chest unknowingly and he rubbed my back gently, then pulled away abruptly.

As he turned and left, "See ya..."

"Yeah...", I walked away shyly.

"What was that?!", Kristen asked concerned when I returned to her.

"Nothing...I gotta go...", I said looking down the hallway to see Jake meet up with Sam and look at me from under the arm of his buddy.

"Nothing? Are you guys like best friends now? What the hell?"

"Bye, Kristen."

"Justin! Are you and he...?", eyes wide as she almost exclaimed. Many of those near turned to look in confusion.

"Kristen! Shut the hell up!" I pushed through the doors with angst.


Night came. It was about 9 o'clock now. No text from Jake. I sat on my bed tossing my phone around awaiting contact. It never came.






My finger accidentally slipping to press answer, "(whispered) Dammit. (aloud) Hello...?"


"Please, I really don't wanna talk to you right now. You've just b-"

"JUSTIN! It's about Jake."

"What...? What about him?"

"Get on the nearest internet connected and accessible device and go to Facebook. NOW."

"Why? I know you think there's something between-"

"Shut the hell up, Justin! We don't have time for this! Get your ass on Facebook!"

As every object in my room moved into position to become an obstacle for me to collapse upon, I finally made it to my laptop. "I'm on."

"Go to Jake's profile."


"Review his info, if you don't mind."

" info..." (Relationship Status: SINGLE) "Single...? that what you wanted me to see...?"

"Scroll down a little bit more, buddy, and take a look at his interests. You might find something you like."

(Interested in: MEN)

"Oh my god..."

"I know right! This is so great!"

"Oh my-"

"I knew it! You and him can finally be together. I saw the way you two looked at each other today after school!"

"It was...Oh my god...I have to go, Kristen. I'll talk to you later, Bye."

"Wait, what about-"

"See ya!", I said quickly before hanging up and dropping the phone onto my bed. I sat crisscrossed staring at my laptop. Just sitting there motionless. The bright and radiant light of the screen emanated as it showed the words that instantly changed my life, my being, and everything I thought.

I read the words over and over again.

Jake Davis

Relationship Status: Single

Interested in: Men

I looked up at the profile picture, a goofy smile taken with a webcam. This was Jake, the guy that I fell in love with over the course of one Friday. I giggled a little at this aspect, but still remained frozen and some what dead inside because my heart stopped beating a long time ago.

"JUSTIN!", my mother screamed from downstairs, sending a strong shock through by body and reviving me completely.

"Yeah, mom...?", I called back nervously.

"Come here.", a long separation in the space between the words and a thousand times calmer than before.

I bolted out of the room, of course falling over everything and taking the laptop with me as I pulled its charging chord, and stood on the stairwell shaking with nerves.

"Yes ma'am...?"

She stood at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me with the front door slightly ajar, "There's someone here to see you, Justin."

The door opened farther to reveal Will. Smiling with a sense of concern and nerves he waved a hello to me. "Can I come up?"

"Uhhh...yeah! Just one sec, let me...", I said racing back to my room.

Scrambling to find a pair of shorts, pants or pajamas to put over my tight briefs, I ransacked my room. Without taking heed of my, "just wait a sec", Will let himself into my room while I was mid-left leg in pajama pants.

"Hey...", a little out of breath and eyes wandering around my room.

"Have you spoken to Jake?"

"Not since school today..."

"Has he texted you or anything?"

"No...why? What's wrong?", my heart fully revived and beginning to pick up in speed.

"He's gone, Justin.", plopping himself onto my bed with the laptop open on Jake's profile page. "So you saw, huh?"

"Yeah...What happ-"

"Will you come with me to look for him? I have no idea where he possibly could be!"

"Uh...mmm...yeah. I can't just walk out of the front door though. Just...just let me walk you out and I'll go out the window or the back or something."


We headed down the stairs to the front door. My parents were in the living room watching TV.

"Is everything ok?" "What's wrong, Justin?" they inquired.

"Nothing, one of my friends is having a little trouble and his brother just came to talk to me about it."

"I hope everything is alright." "Yeah, is there anything we can do?" they inquired more.

"No, everything is fine..."

"It's all okay, ma'am.", Will lied for comfort.

"We hope so...", they responded.

Everyone said their goodbyes and I let the door close behind Will. I ran back up to my room quickly as not to leave Will waiting long. I grabbed a shirt and some shorts, sprayed my body with some Axe that I found on the floor, combed my hair, and headed out of the room.

Slyly awaiting my next move on the stairwell, my parents left for their room and shut the door. Getting out was a lot easier than I thought. I have never once snuck out or done anything reprimandable so I knew they wouldn't suspect a thing.

I headed down the stairs and began the tough task of unlocking the door. I turned each lock as slowly and quietly as I possibly could. Each click was one step closer to the outside and Will. On the last turn of the third lock, someone opened my parents' room. I tactfully hid myself behind the hat rack next to the door as my father passed for the kitchen. He took at least 5 minutes to poor himself a glass of water, then decided to examine the facet for a little while. Going to his room to drink the water seemed way too overrated for my father as he leaned himself against the sink and took his time to drink and allow the water to pass through all digestive stages until he felt comfortable enough to return. My father shuffled around the kitchen and checked the refrigerator a countless number of times. I quietly grabbed my phone from my back pocket and checked the time. Forgetting to switch the ringer setting to silent, the click of unlocking the phone emanated in the foyer and through to the kitchen a few yards away. My father stopped his loud shuffling to find the source of the emanation of sound. Just in time my mom called him to show him something. He turned off the light and shuffled back to the room. I let out a sigh louder than expected and before entering into the room my dad approached the hat rack. Closer and closer with each step my heart was beating quicker and louder. It was as if he looked at me directly in the eye. He went to the door and locked all three locks, set the chain, and returned back to his room.

I let out a quieter sigh of relief, moved with the quickest amount of haste in unlocking the door and turned the handle to get outside.



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