The sun was bright. The air was warm. The rush of spring air came over the warm California landscape, bringing a sense of excitement for not only the approaching end of the year, but relationships that were sparking anew in a high school that little suspected it.

My mom's car finally made it's way to the front entrance of the school, in front of the student center. I gave her the usual goodbye's and a kiss then left the car.

My first year of high was coming to an end. The challenging days of being a small fish in a sea of great white sharks was soon going to be over.

I made my through the crowd of people standing in the quad. I bumped a few guy's butts and got that immature turn-on that you get as a high school freshman.

'What's with all these people today', I asked myself. It seemed like there were more people in the quad today than usual. Before entering the school, I prepared myself for this crazy high school day ahead. Boy, if only I knew!

My life was really different than the usual 'average' teenage boy. I enjoyed playing the violin and many other classical instruments, while other boys played the electric guitar. I also loved acting! It was a way I could be more outgoing and portray someone I'm not, in a different way. The counter point to that hobby would probably be playing Call of Duty or sports.

I wouldn't call myself a nerd, more of an intellectual. I was kinda smart. Just enough to make it in AP classes. I played sports in middle school, so no one could call me nonathletic or say I was out of shape. Compared to most guys, I had a pretty nice build, and maybe a few extra inches in the cock department. In my opinion, which is all that matters, I'm quite alright. But something was always missing.

Something was different about this morning. Something just felt different inside of me. I walked through the halls on my way to the fine-arts hallway to see many teachers in congregating groups, usually four to six per group. 'What is going on?', I thought.

I finally made it to my destination in the fine-arts hallway to get greeted excitedly by my friends.

'Justin! Hey!', Kristen said.

'Hey, what's up?', I asked a little confused by her overly anxious excitement.

'Guess what? Gabriel told me that one of his friends' cousin is the assistant to Mr. James, and he told him that we are having some kind of group therapy-project-let's tell our personal stories and problems-seminar today! We get to skip class all day!'

'Hey, that's pretty cool!', I replied.

'Yea, I know! We don't have to take that geometry quiz!'

'Hell yea!'

Kristen had been my right hand man throughout these past few years. We understood each other, through some kind of 'super telepathic connection'. It was as if we were supposed to be fraternal twins or something. This 'super connection' that we shared brought us really close. At one point, a little too close. During a trip our clan took to the movies, she told me that she loved me and kissed me. I told her that I didn't feel the same way and that we should still be friends. She knew what that really meant. During that time I realized that I was gay. That telepathic connection sent that specific message to her automatically. We have kept the secret since then. Over the phone or when we are alone, I will get the occasional hazing and teasing about being gay, but will also get the opportunity to share another thing in common with her. When ever we share the same liking or crush in a boy, she will use her 'powers' to get with him, and then dump him a few days later telling me that, 'they would rather be sucking my big, fat juicy cock than eating out her pussy.' Kristen was my little whore. She was simply put, 'Mexican perfection'. If I was straight I would have fuck the shit out of her! Her boobs were ginormous (which she received from puberty, earlier than the rest of the girls in our class), her hair perfectly straight and curly at the same time, her face flawless and smooth, her skin a soft, smooth, manilla cream. She brought guys to their knees!

Kristen's boyfriend of the week this week was Gabriel. A muscly, meat-headed jock, that I have seen look at me on many numerous occasions. And that statement was not made out of jealousy or gay-pride. It took all power within me to keep from telling her, and I really didn't want to hear what she had to say about it.

To speak of the devil at that very moment, the hot piece of ass himself strutted down the hallway.

Stopping in mid-sentence, Kristen caught sight of Gabriel, ran down the hallway and crazily jumped on him. While picking her up, he made a smug grin at me while raising his eyebrows quickly. He knew. They all usually do. I couldn't help myself but laugh at how gay he was, and she didn't have a clue, blinded by the thick wall of muscles. Dumb bitch.

After kissing for what seemed like hours, they finally made their way to where I was standing.

'Justin! Gabriel was telling me this hilarious story...' Kristen began to say.

'Is that while he was eating your face?' I interrupted while I couldn't help but bursting out in laughter.

'Hahaha!', Gabriel laughed. 'You're funny, dude!' He placed his hand on my chest while still having his other arm around Kristen.

'Hehehe.' I laughed awkwardly. I stepped back to get released from his touch, only to have his meaty hand rub all the way down my chest and abs to my dick, which grew a few inches from the touch.

Kristen was still smiling, not knowing what was going on right in front of her, and the moves her boyfriend was making on her bestfriend. Gabriel gave me a really sexy wink.

'Yeah...hey guys I gotta go. I told Meredith I would meet her in the quad at 8:13' (what a specific time, huh?), I managed to say while walking.

I tried to maneuver my way through the couple. With this attempt, I got a hard smack on the ass from Gabriel while he said, 'see you later, bro!'

I turned around pushed out, 'yeah, see you later...' only to bump into Jake Davis.

'Oh, I'm sorry! My bad, I wasn't paying attention!', Jake said as he grabbed my arm and looked in my eyes with a sincere apology.

'No, no! It's my fault, I was just...uhh...sorry!' I rambled.

He laughed, 'See ya round, man!' He smiled his perfect smile.

After leaving me he went over to Kristen and Gabriel and did that usual jock hand shake greet thing.

Jake was simply put into words, 'the worlds most perfect creature to ever walk the Earth'! Well, second to Jesus! He was tall, muscular, and sexy as hell! He wore his hair in that sexy little front spike thing that all the cool guys did. Everything about him was perfect! His smile, his skin, the shape of his head! The shape of his ass, and the cute little mole that he had on the left side of his neck! If I had a nickle for the amount of times I have jacked off to him, the United States would be able to pay all of its debts and get out of the recession. Yeah, I kinda get off a lot.

I was almost up all of the steps to the exit of the fine-arts hallway when I turned back to look at Jake. They were talking, smiling, and looking at me. I got really nervous.

'Did he tell him how I rambled? Was there something in my teeth? Oh my god! Did he put something on my back?' I reached desperately and frantically for the center of my back.

They saw this and laughed even harder.

Finding nothing on my back, I continued up the steps to the last step and turned back around.

Jake was gone, and it was only Kristen and Gabriel still standing there talking. Kristen saw me still there and yelled, 'Justin, what are you still doing here? It's 8:17! You're gonna miss Meredith!'

'Yeah! I know! I'm on my way! I'm just...' I yelled back.

She turned around, not caring what else I had to say. I looked at Gabriel, who was still looking at me with that smug grin. I winked and made a kiss with my mouth as I left.

While walking the opposite direction of the quad I heard him laugh and yell, 'Bye, bro!'

Fucking fag!



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