"Justin! Get the heck out of bed!", my mom yelled as the door swung open fiercely.

As if possessed, I shook and sprung from the bed scared of a punishment for a crime that I wasn't completely sure I had committed.

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Huh...?", barely conscious I spurted.

"Justin, you have 10 minutes to get to school!", she walked over to pull the entangled covers off my body. "And you're not even dress- ...oh...I guess you are. Well you don't have much time so we'll just stop and pick you up something for breakfast. Hurry up!"

Wiping the crusted drool from my cheek and the boogers from my eyes I headed toward the bathroom. After splashing cool water on it, I finally woke up to see the face in the mirror. It was tired, scared, and confused.

With a quick teeth brushing, lathering up of masking cologne, and two or three brushes of my hair, I made my way down stairs.

It was hot this morning. The sun stung my skin and its bright light blinded my eyes. I felt my way into the car and laid my head on the window. The ride to school was quiet. My mom and I didn't speak a word.

Journeying to school was long, as too was the rest of the week. I sluggishly made my way through school, completely disconnected with the world. For some reason I felt responsible for Jake's absence. He was somewhere out in the world and it was because he told his family how he felt about me. The fear of the word - love - and the belief that he would never return shocked me to the core. There was a pit in my stomach, a hole in my heart. Every moment I lived, every thought I imagined was of him.

It was Thursday night by now. In my room I left the window cracked letting the chilling night air come through. Laying on the bed, squeezing a pillow, I thought of him. Drowned in pity and depression. My eyes fixated on the pure white of the ceiling. Smooth and soft on the top, rough and rigid toward the edges.

My phone buzzed on the pillow.

NEW MESSAGE: JAKE -Come let me in.

"What the hell?", I thought.

- Jake...?

- Yes! Let me in! I'm here. On the porch.

- What?

- Justin, hurry the hell up! It's cold out here.

- I'll be done in a sec...

I raced down the stairs in excitement and anticipation. My pace controlled by bewilderment and confusion. I examined the living room and foyer. They were deserted of both parents, so I was in the clear for now. I turned each lock slowly and pulled the knob even slower. The door opened with Jake sitting on the porch bench, his light brown eyes staring up at me, his hair flapping gently in the cool wind.

I smiled softly at him as he entered the house. We didn't say a word as we headed up the stairs. I lead and he followed closely behind. Hearing a simultaneous excruciating snore from my dad, I knew we'd be safe.

I shut the door, twisting the lock. Jake wandered the room. Deep in thought; examining. He went over to the window and just stared at the night outside.

Anxiously, "I'm so excited you're here and safe! If only you knew what Will, and I...and Sam...went through to find you! We searched everywhere! I was so worried! But you're here now and you're safe." His attention still fixed out the window. "Where'd you go, Jake? I was so worried." Almost a shout, "If only you knew what I went through knowing that-" He looked up at me with hazed dreamy eyes. "Oh...well I guess you've probably been through worse these past couple of days..." I went over to the closet to throw my shorts into the hamper. "I'm so proud of you, Jake...I wish I had your courage. You're brave...and you did it because you... because..." He was in front of me suddenly as I turned around.

His finger quieted my lips. He removed it and placed his hands on my cheeks, pulling me in for a passionate kiss. Silenced, I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer to me. We kissed ourselves toward the bed, flipping off the lights as we crossed. Jake and I slowly and gently fell onto the bed never letting go of our lip lock. He rolled on top of me as he took off his shirt. The luminescence of a street lamp shined modestly on his tan body. He began to slide my briefs down while caressing my hair and cheek. I started to do the same, grabbing his tight and muscular ass. Finally naked, we stared at each others' bodies for a moment. Our love eminent in these few seconds. He smiled at me flashing his beautiful bright teeth, and I giggled just at the fact. Knowing what we both wanted I rolled from beneath him and ruffled around below my bed to grab my secret stash of lube. Jake took it from me and lathered his beautiful erect cock. I lowered myself beneath him again and grabbed it to lube it myself. He took another generous amount of lube and massaged my asshole. Nearly on the verge of climax just from the massage he pulled his fingers out and bent over to kiss me again, raising my legs to his hips and placing the tip of his cock to the opening of my asshole. He moved closer, shoving the cock in further. We kissed harder now while I frequently lost the grip of his lips to moan and grunt in ecstasy. He fit it in completely and moved with a moderate pace. His hand in my hair the other on my cheeks; my hands on his ass - he made love to me. I smiled at him and he smiled back in excitement. I started to jack myself off. The light patter of rain began to hit the ground outside. I moaned. He fucked. The smell of the air from the rain made its way into the room. The dim light of the rising sun showed the glistening sweat on Jake's body. We started kissing again. Jake fucked harder and deeper now, never losing the grip of our kiss. The moaning grew louder as the rain fell harder. Jake held my head in his hand and started jacking off my cock. He stroked in rhythm with his thrusts. My balls tightened. He kissed my neck. I clenched his ass tighter as I got closer.

"C'mon, Justin. I'm almost there."

"Fuck me, Jake."

Our moans grew louder - we were both so close.

"Jake...Ja-", I moaned faintly. "I...yeah...Jake-" He kissed me silent while his pace picked up. He clenched my hair. I squeezed him tighter, pulling him closer to me. The rain was falling heavily now as a roll of thunder bellowed. Our moans simultaneous - the inevitable was near. We looked into each others eyes. I felt the climax in my cock.

"C'mon, Justin..."


Sweat ran down his body like the rain splashing to the pavement. Jake kissed me hard and passionately. I knew it was coming for both of us. His moan was heavy and low, his grip tight. With a final thrust we arrived in unison. My load shot up my chest and to my chin.

Jake's movement slowly subsided. He stopped and we looked into each others eyes; romance, passion, love.

He pulled himself from me and started to lick my cock, sucking all the cum and tonguing himself up my chest and into a kiss. His warm lips on mine while the chilly wind blew on our naked bodies. Jake finally rolled off of me, turning to his side, and stared out the window. His eyes fixated toward the departing night. I wrapped my arm around him. He snuggled closer to me.

"I love you too, Jake.", I faintly whispered.

The rolling thunder bellowed softly as the morning began to rise slowly from the distance.



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