The hallway was quiet and empty, except for the sound of deep but faint moans that grew louder each of my steps toward the bathroom. I ran into the bathroom due to the accumulation of urine that built up some where between the time I had the little event with Gabriel and Jake and my wanderings in the hall. Arriving to my destination of the urinal, I whipped my dick out in a quick motion to find it half-hard.

I looked around the bathroom to see if I was alone. Once I was self-assured that no one else was there, I began to tug. I checked my watch on my jerking wrist and saw that it was 8:27.

"Damn! 3 minutes left! I gotta make this quick!"

Lost in a swoon of pleasure, I was horribly disturbed by the deep moans that I had heard down the hallway. "Oh my gosh!" I whispered. "Do they know that I'm in here?!"

The moans rang again.

"Is some one having sex in here?!" I nervously asked myself.

I walked the bathroom floor on my tip-toes checking each stall. When I arrived to the third stall I saw two Vans backpacks, a skateboard, two feet and two legs. Pants down ankles and someone taking a knee.

"You like that don't you?" the voice said.

With a smack and release of the mouth, "Hell yeah!", the other voice replied.

"Yeah, you little bitch! Suck my fucking cock! You know you love it!"

I bent over in a more awkward position to get a better look of the hot blowjob that was occurring only a few inches away from me, when my iPhone fell out of my pocket.

"Shit there's someone out there!" one of the voices yelled.

I picked up my phone and darted toward the exit of the bathroom. I heard the clanging of belts against metal as the boys pulled up their pants.

I was almost out the door when a voice yelled, "Hey!"

Not turning around to expose myself, I continued out of the door. From the sound of jingling keys and clanging metal, I knew the boys followed. I hid behind the partition that separated the male and female restrooms.

The boys ran out scanning the hallway, passing me without even noticing.

"Damn! Who the fuck was that?" one boy said.

"I bet it was Cory just trying to play a joke." the other replied.

"Shit I hope we don't get caught!"

"That should be the least of your worries, bitch! We got three minutes left and I still haven't cum yet!"

"Don't worry! I'm a pro! You'll get off in three seconds! Tops!"

The boys laughed and headed back toward the bathroom. I caught a quick glance of the boys before they entered the bathroom, grabbing each others dicks.

I recognized them both.


It was 8:30 now and the bell rang louder than usual, causing a ringing in my ear. I made my way to geography which was on the other side of the school. I saw Gabriel and Kristen lip-locked on the lockers. Mr. James, the principal, interrupted the kiss and gave the two a firm but quick speech about PDA in the hallways. I marveled at his magnificent physique. He was one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. He wasn't too old, no more than 37 years old.

Today it seemed as if his daily pants bulge was bulgie-er than usual. I would know, from the countless times I have stared. He wore my favorite pants today. The khakis that squeeze his butt more than usual. His ass seemed to be juicy and firm at the same time. The kinda butt that certifies a guy to be a flip-flop fucker. One of those asses.

After drooling and obviously staring at the ginormous cock that was being concealed by the constrains of his pants, he looked at me and called my name.

"Hey, Justin! You did a superb job at that one-act competition! Great job on your award!"

"Thanks! I tried my hardest!". I pushed these words out after being frightened by his announcement, thinking that he had caught me staring.

"Yeah, well it showed! I need you to stop by my office third period Monday. I need to give you something!"

"Oh, ok!" I said as he walked off into the crowded abyss of students. "He had something to give me? Hmm...I'll take just about anything from him!"

The tardy bell finally rang and I made my way through the 3 students that were blocking my way, to my seat. The hum of chatter amongst the students got quieter once the morning announcements began.

This mornings' morning announcements seemed to go by slower than usual. There was one announcement about our spring musical, "The Little Shop of Horrors". I got the prestigious honor of playing Seymour! After the announcement was made, I and other fellow thespians cheered and yelled to promote and get publicize our show.

The announcements continued after the normal time of 3 minutes, and my guy best friend Zach got bored with it.

"Oh my gosh! Why is this taking so long! It's been 7 minutes already!"

"Yeah, I know! Who needs know that Guadalupe Rodriguez-Matinez-Cruz-Consuela got an award at the state competition of, 'Super Cleaning'", I replied and got a few chuckles from surrounding students that herd the joke.

"Hahaha! Dude, I heard Jessica has a crush on me, fool!"

"Forreal, dude? Man, you ought to go for that! She's fucking hot!" I said back, not meaning any part of it.

Zach was another one of those meat-headed jocks, but wasn't as much of an ass as Gabriel. We had befriended each other in 7th grade when I forgot my shorts for athletics and he let me borrow his. Of course I didn't forget my shorts, nor were Zach and I of the same size. Even in 6h grade he was built like a stallion! He had bulging muscles everywhere! I think he knew that I

didn't forget my shorts when he gave them to me, especially seeing that I was wearing them when I asked for his. After he told me that I could have his to keep...FOREVER, I ran all the way home and masturbated for hours! We, like Kristen and I, grew closer over these past 3 years. We went over each others houses constantly, played shirtless tackle football, and on one special occasion he taught me strip poker! But his sister came home and we had to end the game early. Kristen saw our relationship as another one of those guys that we shared a crush on and soon dated him. After three weeks with him she was absolutely positive he was gay. Even after all of the relationships with girls he has had (none of those lasting more than a month, of course). After putting two-and-two together I finally took a chance and made a move at one of our sleepovers by encouraging him to have a circle jerk with me, well...parallel jerk. Due to his pure innocence and stupidity of anything sex related, I told him that most of the time, guys suck each other off during a circle jerk. He believed me and we gave each other blowjobs. He told me, "that was the best thing I have ever experienced!" and "we gotta do that again!". I excitedly agreed, but nothing else came of that event. We never talked about it, nor was it ever thought of or brought up during one of our teenage sex discussions. It was as if it never happened. I worried if that was how he felt about it.

Zach continued on with his story of Jessica being the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I pretty much tuned out the whole thing, only to find myself scanning the classroom, fantasizing about every hot guy and how the whole scenario would play out. I only got to the third person, Chase, and his cock was huge! He was just about to shove the ginormous thing in my tight asshole and fuck the shit out of me, when I was rudely interrupted by Zach.

"What the fuck, dude?! Are you even listening?", Zach exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah! I heard! Her boobs are fantastic!"

"Dude. I didn't even say anything close to..."

"Alright class, settle down! The announcements are over!" Mrs. Joyce yelled to the classroom. "I need you all to pack up your stuff and get ready to leave the classroom. Today you all are going to be participating in a 'Personally-Active, Internal Project'."

"What is that?" the girl in front of me asked. I never really took the time to learn her name, after 7 months into the school year. No dire need in my opinion.

"I have no clue, but Mr. James will inform you when we get down to the cafeteria. Now everybody line up!"

I was about 107.69% we had abandoned walking in lines to places in elementary school, but then again it was Mrs. Joyce. The fattest, dumbest, idiotic bitch I had ever met.

We all headed out the classroom, yelping, screaming, and disbanding out our line, except for the few nerds that remained in the line with Mrs. Joyce. Mrs. Joyce screamed and ran toward the now disbanded group to try and get us back together, but we were a pack of hyped up teenagers and she was a 300 year old bitch. Their was no chance for her to catch any of us.

Zach and I were the first to stray from the group. I brought up skipping the whole thing together and going off campus, but Zach insisted going, hoping that he would get put in a group with Jessica.

"Fuck you, Zach!"

"What's your deal, Justin?! You've been acting so different! Is something wrong? Is their something you want to tell me? I'm your best friend! You can tell me!" Zach said this while rapping his arm around my waist and not my shoulders, accenting the words, "best friends". My penis stirred.

"Nothing! And get off me you fag!" I said, regretting each and every word.

The rest of the trip to the cafeteria was silent. Three-fourths of the way there, he saw Chase and another group and joined them leaving me by myself. I walked the rest of the trip alone and almost in tears.


Our class finally staggered into the already full cafeteria of freshman. Last. Just like every other assembly we go to with Mrs. Joyce. The speech that Mr. James was giving stopped mid-sentence and all eyes were turned on us. I saw Meredith, Kristen, and Gabriel and shuffled shyly over to the group.

"What the fuck took your class so long?!", Kristen whispered loudly.

"We decided to lolly gag."

"Of course!" Kristen then pulled me to the side and said, "Were you suckin' Zach's giant cock?!"

"Get the fuck out of here!" I yelled back. The back vicinity of the cafeteria, that including students and teachers, turned to stare at me.

"Justin! Watch your mouth!" Kristen said teasingly. We laughed and continued to listen to the beautiful words spewing from Mr. James sexy mouth. His words spurting from his mouth sensually but effortlessly dictating every word. In my mind, each syllable had its own sexy meaning. When ever I heard him speak I wanted to jizz all in my pants. I intuitively listened to each of his words, syllables, and phrase that left his beautiful pink lips. The brightness of his teeth as he smiled when he made a corny joke blinded everyone.

" we will be placing you all in groups of 3, by your gender..."

A roar of moans, teeth smacking, and rude comments came over the cafeteria. One student yelled, "Man, that's bullshit!", causing everyone, surprisingly even a bitchy Mrs. Joyce to chuckle.

"Groups of 3, by gender!" Mr. James repeated and continued. "You will spend the whole day in these groups facing emotional, physical, and mental challenges to better understand the world around you and the perspectives of others! So have fun!"

The entire freshman class ran toward the list of names and groups that would soon be our personal doom for the rest of the day. Meredith, Kristen, Gabriel, and I remained at our position discussing ways we could either ditch our group or come together by the end of the seminar.

I watched as people began to file into their groups. Some were excited and happy, while others were sad and disappointed. I saw Zach staring at me from his clan of friends near the list. He had a look in his eyes of disappointment. At that very moment I felt like the worst person on the Earth for what I said. I was the fag in that scenario. "What's wrong with me?"

"You guys, I think I'm gonna just go and...look. I'll see you later."

"What the fuck? Why?" Kristen said.

"This might be fun!"

"I guess. Let's all go!"

We all headed over to the list. After waiting for such a long time, the line for

the list was clear.

"Move bitches! I'm first!" Kristen yelled as she pushed through all of us. She followed her name with her finger horizontally to see the names in her group. "Hell yeah! It's me, Meredith, and Alex! Lets go! Bye Justin! Bye babe!" She kissed Gabriel and skipped of with Meredith.

"Bro, I like her and all, but she's just not puttin' out. If she doesn't by this weekend I'm dumpin' that hoe!" Gabriel rudely uttered to me.

"What the fuck? Don't talk about her like that!"

"Why?! What the hell are you gonna do, bitch?! You wanna be the one suckin' my dick? Huh?!" Gabriel said this as he used one arm to grab me around the waist an pull me closer to him.

"Are you gay, or what?" I finally asked, snuggled in his very strong embrace.

He grabbed my ass, laughed and walked right out of the cafeteria.

"Fucking bitch!" I said underneath my breath.

This was finally it. I saw my name on the list and used my finger to follow the names that came afterward. The names read: "Justin Clark, Jake Davis, & Dustin Brooks."

My heart stopped. Jake and Dustin. I took one deep breath and turned to see Jake and Dustin laughing and talking on the other side of the cafeteria. With another deep breath, I walked toward my future.

I finally reached the two, interrupting their conversation to say what's up. I began to say, "Hey..." when Dustin excitedly stopped me and said, "Hey Justin! It's been years! We haven't

spoken in a long time! How's it been?"




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