Pushing the door open to the bathroom, 2 guys came out grinning at me. I think they were another couple having hot steamy sex in the bathrooms of this school. I walked the floors of the restroom just to be completely secure in my mind that no one was in here. There was always something about an empty bathroom that made me pee better. Not that I was afraid of peeing in public or anything, just that it was just...better!

Unbuckling my belt and lifting my penis out of my boxers, I began to take a piss. I was always a little insecure of my peeing. Compared to other guys, well actually pretty much all guys, my piss was very quiet and light while others were loud and heavy.

With my piss coming to an end, I lost focus to marvel at my cock. It really was a great looking cock. One that I'm quite proud of and quite fond of. The perfect shape, color, and smooth texture of it would be a marvel for any guy to slide their hot steamy mouth upon. Forgetting and partly scared of returning back to my group I began to tug yet again in the bathroom at the urinal. With my dick at full mast I found myself almost on edge imagining Dustin pounding my tight ass with his giant cock, leading me to orgasm without a single touch on my penis.

Feeling the muscles in my penis tighten and my balls raise a few centimeters, I recognized the feeling about to arise, when suddenly I heard the bathroom door swing open. My balls went instantly blue.

"Shit, Justin! You're taking forever in here! Dustin and I are worried about you, buddie!" I heard Jake yell at me.

I turned my head around scared cumless to see him standing just a few feet behind me grinning that same grin that every guy I see now giving me.

"What the hell are you doing in here? Like, getting off or something?" he said jokingly.

"Pssht! Haha, no!" I replied awkwardly trying to control and contain my stricken anaconda below the waist. Positioning it comfortably in the tight jeans that I decided to wear today, I turned and saw Jake also checking the stalls and the floor of the stalls to see if they were vacant. Being the smallest bit creeped out by this I walked towards the exit, when suddenly I heard Jake call out at me.

"Hey! Justin! Wait!"

"What is it?" I said still a little bit startled.

"I need to ask you something.", he said this running toward me from the back of the restroom.


"So are you and Dustin like fuck buddies or something?"

"What?! Fuck you, asshole!"

He laughed hysterically, "Dude, I'm just kidding!"

"Fuck off." I said as I walked away. He grabbed me by the bicep and turned me around.

"Wait. Really. I have something to say. Really." He said sincerely this time.

"What?! What do you have to say?" I said dying away on the last word. I really looked at his face. His mouth. His lips. His nose. His eyes. A secret. A secret in his eyes. A truth. There was a real truth in his eyes. He really had something to tell me.

He pulled me closer into him. Our eyes and lips almost touching each other. He then took his turn examining my face. He saw my secret.

Shaking, afraid of what was to happen next I broke the silence, "What...?"

In that moment our lips touched. His soft and smooth lips rubbed against mine. Our tongues caressed in a passion like no other.

I broke away from the embrace, "What are you doing?!"

He shushed me, "You want this, Justin." He wrapped his arms around me pulling me back in. He brushed my hair.

I rested my arms on his chest moving them slowly down toward his crotch, but did not grab it. He grabbed my ass. I grabbed his. We stayed in our sensual, but very passion embrace for another minute and a half, or so, but feeling like a lifetime. I wanted to be in his arms in this embrace forever.

Jake then grabbed my crotch, rubbed it, and gave it a tight squeeze. He pulled away from our embrace and looked at my eyes again still massaging my crotch. He stuck his left hand half way down my pants just to my pubes then pulled it out and grinned.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I asked loudly.

He turned and walked towards the exit door, "We'll just have to save that for later, Justin."

"We've already been in here for like an hour, let's just do it, please?!" I begged.

"Nope!" He said as the bathroom door shut behind him.

Standing stupidly in the middle of the bathroom with a giant hard-on poking through my tight jeans, I just stared at the door. Remembering that public indecency is a crime I repositioned my cock in my jeans and thought about the ugliest girl in school.

Getting my dick down to an appropriate and presentable length I checked my self out in the mirror and exited, seeing two more male students enter the restroom.

I grinned at them.



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