I smiled and laughed. "It's been pretty good, dude...." I said shyly.

"That's cool, bro! How long has it been?"

I answered with a modest, "I don't know, dude...", but knew precisely how long it had been. 3 years, 11 months, and a handful of days. I counted and kept track.

"Way too long, bro!" Dustin jokingly replied back.

Dustin was a long time friend of mine. Coming to high school and seeing each other in the hallway, making eye contact and not saying a word had become a weird daily routine. He and I were best friends during our childhood. Well, every summer since 1st grade. We both attended the same summer youth club program thing. We were the closest two friends could be. All of our time during the summer was spent with each other. Wherever one went, the other would follow. We kinda looked up to and looked after each other. It was as if we were brothers. Two brothers with a very strong sexual tension and attraction that was never acted upon and grew even stronger over the years.

During my per-pubescent years and early adolescence, all I did was dream about Dustin. He and I would do everything and be together forever. Because he went to a different school on a totally different part of town, our friendship dissipated during the school year, but regained its strong force during the summer.

Dustin and I came really close to experimenting one hot summer day in July when he was dropping me off in his mother's SUV at a local supermarket. As we both sat and listened to Kanye West rap on the radio and waited for his mother to come out of the grocery store, we got very bored. I stared out of the window, desperately yearning for his mother to retrieve her groceries and return, then turned back to see Dustin stroking his very hard and erect penis through his thin shorts and grinning at me. This bold act of sexual pleasure frightened me at such a young age.

"You like that, Justin? I know you do. Just go for it. Touch it!" Dustin appealed to me.

Afraid of his mother returning at any moment, I quickly refused the offer and told him to stop.

He wanted me to go for it. So did I, but my fear of a ruined friendship or being found out kept me from doing so.

"Justin! Come on! What are you afraid of?!" Dustin said as he pulled down his shorts to his knees, revealing his light blue boxers and his creamy dick head poking from out the bottom.

Forgetting all of my fears, bad consequences, and horrible scenarios that could play out, I reached for it. With my hand shaking and clammy I kept pushing myself to move closer and closer. "Almost there! C'mon! Just do it, Justin!" ,I told myself.

Two inches from my destiny, my hand closed in when suddenly the back trunk door opened and Dustin's mother threw her groceries into the back of the SUV.

"Sorry guys! Didn't mean to take so long, but the lines were from here all the way to China!", Dustin's mother hollered from the back.

"No problem, mom!" Dustin retorted back while trying hastily to pull his shorts back up and position his penis correctly so that his hard-on would not be revealed.

Scared shitless I think I peed a little. His mother finished placing all of her groceries into the back, closed the door and rolled her cart to the cart drop off that was luckily a small conquest across the lot.

"SHIT! That was a close one, huh?" Dustin said looking at me as he wiped sweat from his forehead. I sat in silence staring straight ahead.

"Justin?" Dustin asked concerned.

"What?!" I screamed back ,then suddenly his mother opened the door and began to start up the car.

"I'm so sorry I'm taking so long to get you home! I hope your parents don't mind...", Dustin's mother said stopping mid-sentence, her voice dying away after looking at me. She turned and began to drive off from the store.

Dustin subtly cleared his throat and penched my arm.

"Ouch! What?!" I asked clueless and concerned. He cleared his throat again and pointed to my crotch. I looked down to see my very erect penis standing at 70 degrees, almost straight up through my shorts. Shyly I tucked my adolescent penis back into my underwear securing that no package was leaving the flight before departure . With my hand fiddling underneath my shorts trying to reposition everything south of the border I felt a moist and sticky substance coating my boxers. At that moment I realized that it wasn't pee that was released when frightened earlier.

Caught up effortlessly in this memory of Dustin and I, I realized that I was still embraced in a bro-hug with him.

"You gonna let Dustin go, fag?" Jake said rudely to me.


"No problem, Justin. Shut the fuck up, Jake!" Dustin said quickly coming to my

defense. I suddenly fell in love with him all over again.

"Defending your boyfriend, bro?! I mean if you two wanna go outside and make out then I could go find another group to do this stupid thing in!" Jake retorted back.

"Jake! Quit being such a fucking asshole! I don't even understand why I'm your friend." Dustin yelled back.

"Bitch, you need me! Without me you're a complete loser, so just shut the fuck up!"

The two verbally fought for another two minutes drawing every eye of other nearby groups and the attention of faculty and staff.

"Uhh...yeah, I gotta take a piss. You guys put a hold on this until I get back." I broke through.

"Shut the fuck up!" they both shouted then went back to their fight. A little bit frightened by their tones and volume I turned and walked to the bathroom. Scurrying ever so quickly I heard a teacher yell, "Hey! Cut it out you two!"

Laughing quietly to myself, I realized that this was all because of me. They were, in my little mind, fighting over me!



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