"Justin...?", my mom called as she beat the door wildly.

My eyes opened accelerated.

"Justin, honey...Why is this door locked?!", she attempted to rip the knob completely off. "Is something wrong?!"

"Shit...Jake. Jake!", whispering loudly as I shook him harder than the door knob was being twisted. "Jake! Get up. JAKE!"

"Hey...", rubbing his eyes innocently and rolling over to his stomach.

"Jake, please. Get up! Jake!"

"JUSTIN?!", my mom pounded harder.


Drunk with drowsiness, "Alright, Justin. Alright!" Attempting to get out of the bed he fell to the floor with a loud thump.

"What's going on?", my dad approached the door.

"I don't know. Justin's in there with the door locked!"

"Justin, son...? Open up. Let's us in."

"Justin? Sweety, what is going on in there?"

"Justin, sweety?!", he mocked in a shrill voice, his face buried into the carpet.

"Shhh, Jake! Shut the hell up and just stay put.", I exclaimed to quiet his unbridled laughter.

"Are you talking to someone in there? Justin?", my dad asked concerned.

I tripped over everything in my room rushing frantically towards the door. The pounding grew louder with each step.

Opening the door to my mom mid-yell, "Justi-. Oh...What are you doing in here? I thought you were...dead or something!"

Nervously, "Ha, ha, ha, dead? I...I'm fine, mom, dad...And if you don't mind I'd like to get ready..."

"Well you might want to hurry up. One of your friends is here to pick you up.", my dad said heading down the stairs.

"What...? Who?"

"He's a really nice looking young man. Uh...Will something? Very handsome-strapping-young-", mom added.

"Will's here?!"

"WILL?!", Jake almost screamed from the floor.

"What? What was that?", asking concerned as she pushed the door open further to see who or what was inside.

"I think my window's open...? Must have been something outside...I'll be down in a minute."

Closing the door, "Don't keep him waiting long!"

Taking a huge sigh of relief turning to Jake, "Wow. Dude, that was so fucking clo-. What are you doing?"

Jake was agitatedly shoving his clothes on. "I gotta get the hell out of here."

"What the hell? Why?"

"I can't go with Will. I can't go home. And I'm definitely not going to school with you."


"No, Justin! It's...I'm not going."

"Where are you going to go then?!"

"I don't know...It doesn't matter. I'm on my own now."

"Just stop, Jake!" Suddenly realizing the volume of my voice I changed to a quiet whisper, "You have me...We have each other." Approaching in the most romantic way possible, "I know it'll be okay. Everyone will understand or they'll come around to. Fuck them if they don't. Just come to school with me and we can face your parents later. Together." I grabbed his head, kissing him gently.

"How do you know everything's going to be okay? It hasn't yet! I'm not this person. I'm not this guy. I'm not-"

"You are. No matter how much you want to deny, or hide, or suppress it...The damage is done. Running away from it all won't change a single thing."


"Well, that's probably not the word I wanted to have used...Your 'choice'."

"What are you talking about...?"

"The Facebook thing...."


"Your interests...?"

"Wha-? Give me your laptop. NOW!"

I quickly rushed over to the table and showed him the Facebook page.

"What the hell?!", he screamed in anger and fear. "Who...?"

"It wasn't you?"

"NO! Why would I...risk so much..." Jake slammed the computer shut and threw his face into his hands.

"Jake...", I took him into my arms.

"Why would someone do this? Who could have done it?!", bringing himself up. A cloak of glass over his eyes - tears ready to break the barrier.

"I'm so sorry, Jake. I know it's bad-" His sobbing was beginning. "I really am...but I have to get ready, so just...wait here." He collapsed back onto the bed.

Closing the door, locking it on my way out, I headed towards the bathroom.

My entire time getting ready I had nothing but a heavy heart for Jake. He was compromised. Though, what was posted wasn't a lie... I know he thinks that it was only done to hurt or spite him, but it can make his life easier... I - we have to find out who it was. I don't know his parents very well, but I don't think they would ever do it. That's kind of a far fetched conclusion anyway...or maybe not. Will...? But he wouldn't do it. I know him...or at least I thought I did.

"Jake...", knocking on my room door with a faint whisper. "C'mon. Let me in - we have to go."

There was no answer.

"Jake? JAKE?!", I knocked harder, pushing the door open with my fist. He no longer lay on the bed. "Oh shit. God, no. Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Wildly searching the room, every nook, corner - under my bed, in the closet. "JA-"

"Justin?!", my mom stood at the door with a puzzled and concerned face.

"MOM!" A nervous chuckle, "Hey! Just looking for my-"

"You better hurry up downstairs, honey. Not only are you gonna be late, but your friend has been waiting out in his truck for quite some time now."

"Yeah. I don't need the...I'm headed down now..."

She turned and headed down the hallway, "Hurry now!"

Gathering my stuff I took one last look at the room before racing downstairs.

"Dammit, Jake."



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