[Even intruders have the right to tell their own side of the story. Ryan was an unexpected addition to our household. I leave it to him to tell you how this came about and what happened afterwards]

I've always known that I am gay. Not that I was one of those soft, sissy boys. No. I played with all the other boys in the area. I climbed trees and scraped knees with the toughest of them.

My Mom was alive back then and she was the best mother around. She never yelled if I got dirty or ripped a hole in my pants. And she always had cookies and cool drinks on hand for me and my friends.

My Dad was nice then, too. I remember he helped me to build a tree house and he came to Little League games too. He changed when Mom ran away with another guy. I don't know what made her do that. Maybe my old man wasn't as nice as I thought he was.

He soon remarried and my new Mom was an absolute bitch. She resented me from the start. And I resented her too. I hated home.

So I started sleeping over at friends' houses as often as I could. When puberty came along, I mucked around with my pals. We jerked off together, we compared dick sizes; all the usual stuff. But I always knew I was different.

I didn't share their fascination with porn mags. I was bored rigid when they talked about how far they'd got with this girl or another one. I wasn't remotely interested in the size of a girl's tits or whether she sucked dick.

Eventually, my friends kind of drifted away. It was no longer "normal" to share a bed with a school friend. Only faggots did that. It was still OK to jerk off together occasionally, but it saddened me that I could only look and not touch.

I had one friend - Lars - with whom it was OK to do more than watch. Lars wasn't gay but he didn't mind fooling around on the nights I slept over. I knew it couldn't last. I knew he dated girls and that he'd eventually no longer let me suck his dick. But it was wonderful while it lasted. He never let me kiss him, but we'd hug occasionally.

Lars was the only other boy I knew who was uncut. His parents were German. My Dad was circumcised, so I've no idea why I wasn't too. Kids used to tease Lars and me about it. The teasing didn't bother me much. At least my cock was bigger than most and I'm sure size is more important than appearance.

One of my favourite games with Lars was docking. I loved it when we joined our dicks head-to-head and shared our foreskins. I didn't even mind that Lars was no clean-freak. Sometimes his cock wasn't too fresh and there'd be a rim of gunk and crystals around his knob. It was better than nothing.

By the time I was sixteen going on seventeen, I was pretty isolated. I hated being at home and my stepmother hated having me there. She and my father found out that I was giving head to a few members of the school football team. The coach caught me out one day - just as I was slurping happily on his star player's dick.

I was banned from the change rooms and they found someone else to act as gopher - picking up discarded uniforms after showers and carrying the water. I was no longer able to bury my face in soiled jock-straps and inhale the scent of musky ball sacs.

I discovered places where guys could get together furtively. I became quite popular in such places. Older guys enjoyed being fucked by a kid with a big dick. And I learned to tolerate a cock up my own ass too. It wasn't my preference, but at least it brought me close to someone for the few minutes it lasted.

My folks found out about this too. I guess that's inevitable in a fairly small town.

When my father confronted me, I admitted that I'd been fooling around with other guys. He told me that both I and these guys were perverts who were breaking the law. He said I'd end up in prison. I told him I didn't care.

I refused to promise I'd change. I turned down opportunities to discuss my "waywardness" with the family doctor or our pastor.

So home was a battlefield for the next two years. Finally, just before my nineteenth birthday, there was one argument too many and I decided to leave. Just go and never return. I had no real plans and no money either. But that didn't bother me. Anything was better than waking up in a warzone each morning.

I hitched a few rides here and there, but mostly I walked. For the first three nights, I slept in any sheltered spot I could find. It was summer anyway, so I didn't have to worry about the weather.

Then I got a ride with a guy named Martin. It was around 2.30 in the morning and I was just about to call it a night.

Martin was a bit weird. Almost as soon as I got in the car, he started talking about circumcision; asked me what I thought about it; even asked me if I was circumcised myself. I wasn't sure what reply to give him. I was worried I might no longer have a ride if I said the wrong thing.

Anyway, I told him the truth and that seemed to perk him up immensely. He pulled over at the first opportune spot, turned on the inside light, and asked if he could check out my junk. I didn't really fancy him at all - and I think he was a bit drunk - but I let him undo my pants and pull them down. He went absolutely ape-shit.

His hands and mouth were on me immediately. He played with my balls and he sucked on my dick like he did it for a living. He gave the best head I'd ever experienced. But, mostly, he just played with my foreskin, muttering about how long it is and how he loved big dicks with lots of foreskin. Talk about weird.

He asked if I wanted to fuck him. I lied and said I don't do that stuff. So he just jerked me until I was ready to blow and then he swallowed my load.

He set me down when we reached the road he had to turn down. He asked where I was headed next. When I told him I had no particular place to go, he scrawled a name and address down on a scrap of paper and handed it to me.

'This guy loves boys with big uncut dicks' he assured me. 'He'll let you stay there forever. Or at least until he gets tired of you. He's harmless but he replaces his little boys regularly.

Tell you what, I'll drop you off there. If Andrew's not home, there's a shack at the back of his garden. At least you'll have somewhere to sleep.'

So he dropped me off right near a beach and then drove off into the night.

No one answered my knock at the door so I went around the side of the property. Out back, there was a huge swimming pool and some kind of cabin with a thatched roof. Not exactly the shack I'd expected.

It was unlocked. I went inside and made a bed for myself out of a heap of beachwear that was lying around. It was the most comfortable I'd been since leaving home. I fell asleep almost immediately.

When I awoke, it was light outside. I could hear men's voices and the sound of splashing in the pool. I peered through a tiny round window.

There were two guys in the pool; both quite young. Neither of them looked like a perve who would keep a stable of toy-boys. As I watched, one of them - blond and very fit-looking - hauled himself out of the pool and executed a neat little dive. He was stark naked. I decided that he and his red-haired pal must be Andrew's latest playmates.

Both were very startled when I emerged and spoke to them.

'Is Andrew anywhere about?' I asked.

The red-haired guy climbed out of the pool and approached me. Like his friend, he was naked. His dick was around average size and cut. This seemed odd to me. Martin had told me this place was like Foreskin Central.

'Andrew's inside' he said. 'I can go fetch him. Does he know you?'

I quickly explained that I was on the road - a runaway - and that I'd slept in their little hut because I had nowhere else to go.

While we were talking, another guy came out of the house to join us. I have to say he took my breath away. He was the handsomest guy I'd seen in my entire life. He was wearing a pair of shorts and his body was like something out of a wet dream.

He kind of told me to piss off, but then the blond guy got out of the pool and spoke up for me. He was dishy to look at too. His cock wasn't all that long, but it was thick at the base and he had a long foreskin. Not as long as mine, but longer than most. It was like an episode from a boys-only soap opera.

Anyway, I was eventually invited to take a shower and then have breakfast with them. The two youngest guys were Matt and Brad and the slightly older one - who looked like Matt's brother - was the creep Martin had told me about.

Except he was nothing like any creep I'd ever heard of. He seemed a genuinely nice guy; as was the fourth member of the household, Leo. He looked to be in his late thirties. He also looked a bit like a teacher I'd once had a crush on. Handsome and distinguished.

Once I'd told my story - well ... most of it - there was talk of contacting my father or the police. I assured them that I was I eighteen and old enough to go my own way. So I was invited to stay a few days until I'd sorted out what to do and where to head next.

Apparently, all four of them were gay but Leo and Brad were just visiting. It was Andrew and Matt's house. It was their clothes I was wearing.

I had a long nap after breakfast. Andrew and Leo were heading out to the gym. Brad and Matt were staying home. Apparently, they'd been up all night partying.

They woke me up for lunch. We ate out on the deck. Matt told me they practically lived out there during the warmer months.

Unlike our first meal together, they didn't ask me lots of questions. We just talked about general stuff. I was having trouble aligning this with Martin's version of life in Andrew's house.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a swim at the beach. We all wore board-shorts. Mine belonged to Matt and they were a reasonably good fit. I was acutely aware of how scrawny I must look in comparison to these four men.

They were all in good shape, especially Matt and Andrew. Not muscle-bound. Just fit and toned with strong chests and shoulders; and torsos that tapered in a V-shape to meet their narrow hips.

After dinner, Andrew made up a bed for me on a couch in their large living-room. What with the accumulated effects of sun, sand, food and a few days on the road, I was feeling quite sleepy. But I didn't fall into a deep sleep.

I was still as alert as I'd been when sleeping rough. I had one ear tuned to whatever happened around me.

Once the lights were out, I heard soft conversation at each end of the central hallway. Then I heard light footsteps and the sound of doors opening and shutting.

Suddenly, all the hushed conversation seemed to be coming from just one end of the hallway. The end where I'd napped earlier in the day. The room where Andrew and Matt slept.

I cautiously made my way to their door. There was a sliver of light where the door met the carpet. I listened carefully. There were definitely more than two voices and I recognised Brad's giggle. I heard the word "fuck" used several times and I sensed movement.

I waited for a few minutes more, getting very excited and feeling myself grow hard. I hastily removed my borrowed sleep-shorts, tapped on the door and went inside.

It took me a moment to take it all in. The four guys were on the bed. Matt's legs were in the air and Leo was fucking him. Brad's head was buried in Andrew's lap - he was giving him head. It took them a while to react to my arrival. They all looked quite shocked, especially when I asked if I could join in.

I think I'd half-expected them to be wowed by the size of my cock. At nearly nine inches, it's enough to impress most grown men. And I've got a nice set of hangers too. But, when Andrew leapt off the bed to face me, I realised that I was not going to wow any of these guys.

My interruption had caused Andrew's erection to dwindle somewhat, but it was still humungous. At least an inch or so bigger than mine and incredibly thick.

As for hangers, well ... they broke the mould when they made Andrew's. It's tempting to exaggerate and say they hang down to his knees, but they don't. They hang just low enough to make any other ball-sac look puny. And each testicle looks the size of a giant plum.

'No, Ryan' he said angrily. 'This is a private party. I'm sorry if we woke you up, but this is not your scene. It's ours.'

As he spoke, a glistening thread of precum leaked from the eye of his dick and attached itself to his thigh. Leo was also off the bed by now. He stood at Andrew's side in a show of solidarity.

'I think it's best you go back to your couch' Leo chimed in. 'We're going to call it a night too. Sorry if we bothered you, Ryan.'

'And I'm sorry to be a party-pooper' I said.

Brad and Matt had been whispering together on the bed.

'Does he have to be a party-pooper?' asked Brad. 'He's here. We're all in the mood for some fun. Why not let him stay?'

Leo looked a bit annoyed, but then Matt added his ten-cent's worth.

'I don't see the point in being mean' he said. 'We're all gay. We're all naked and in the same room. What's the harm in being hospitable?'

'We're already being hospitable' Andrew snapped. 'We've fed the boy and given him a bed for the night. And what about our obligation to be hospitable to Leo and Brad? It's their last night here.'

'So why not make it even more of a night to remember?' asked Brad.

Andrew sighed. He turned to Leo and made a face.

'We have an impasse' he said. 'Two votes for Ryan to stay and two votes for him to leave.'

'Which gives Ryan the casting vote' cried Matt.

Both Andrew and Leo laughed.

'Well, he's not really entitled to vote until he's initiated' Andrew said with a sudden smile. 'Come on then, Ryan. Join the party.'

Five in the one bed is a bit of a crowd, but we managed OK. I was pleased that Andrew and Matt were both uncut. At least part of Martin's story might be true. And I was pleased to discover that I was in the presence of some reasonably versatile guys.

As my hands roamed over the flesh all around me, the four men took turns sucking and playing with my dick and my balls. I was even placed face-down while Brad slipped his tongue inside my ass. I'd never experienced that before. It was awesome.

Matt explained the "rules" to me. Apparently it was never a free-for-all. These guys generally took turns putting on a performance for the others. If two people fucked, then everyone else watched. It made sense to me. And it helped ease congestion on the bed. No frustrating traffic jams.

The first part of my initiation wasn't at all unpleasant. It was agreed that I was to fuck Brad doggy-style while his lover, Leo, watched on. Andrew and Matt were to be onlookers too.

'You've got a big dick' Brad said. 'Take it easy. OK?'

'Yes' Matt chimed in. 'Be gentle or you'll really suffer in the second part of your initiation.'

'Which is?' I asked.

'To be fucked by Leo and Andrew' Matt cried gleefully.

I groaned inwardly. Leo's cock is a good inch smaller than mine. I could handle that alright. But Andrew's is another matter entirely. I saw myself being split in two.

But I didn't dwell on the future. I had a rock-hard dick and a nice tight ass to put it in. I thought it best to concentrate on the present.

Matt used his fingers to apply lube to Brad's ass and then handed the tube to me.

'Where are the condoms?' I asked.

There was a brief pause and then I heard a drawer in the bedside chest being opened. Andrew handed me a condom. I ripped it open and eased it on. Then I applied some lube and settled myself between Brad's legs.

I was a bit nervous. I'd never fucked in a bed before and I was a bit in awe of the audience.

Previously, I'd only fucked guys while they bent over in a men's room or behind some bushes. And it had always been a hurried process. You have to be on guard in case a cop turns up; or, worse still, a few thugs intent on gay-bashing.

I decided to take my time. I eased the head of my dick inside Brad's ass. It was a nice tight fit, but not so tight that I had to push hard. I let myself glide forward. Brad gave a soft moan when I was all the way in. He slipped a hand between his legs and felt my balls pressed tight against him.

'Oh God' he said. 'Stay like that for a while. It feels fantastic. I just need to get used to it.'

I did as he asked, keeping still while his insides grasped my shaft. The squeezing was almost rhythmic and it certainly felt great. When he began to move his ass, I took it as permission to move again myself.

I started fucking him at a steady pace. I wanted to go faster but I also wanted to last. I felt someone else's hand on my balls. It gripped my sac and pulled it downwards, just as I usually do myself when I'm close to ejaculating.

That tug at my balls spurred me onwards. I started to pound Brad's ass like a jackhammer. He met every thrust with a vigorous push back towards me. When I was on the verge of shooting my load, I asked if they wanted me to blow inside Brad or all over his back.

'Inside. Inside me' Brad cried.

So I did. I kept humping away until I was sure I'd shot every bullet in my gun. Meanwhile, Brad was jerking his dick furiously. When his asshole gripped me hard and tight, I knew that he was shooting his wad too. It was a great feeling.

When I withdrew, Matt carefully removed the condom from my cock and held it up to the light.

'Wow' he said. 'You sure blew a load, Ryan.'

He tied a loose knot in the condom and placed it on a side-table.

'Why'd you ask about blowing inside or outside?' asked Brad.

I was a bit embarrassed. I explained that I'd only seen a couple of porn movies - both of them straight - and that the guys fucking the chicks always pulled out at the last minute, ripped off the condom, and blew jizz all over the girl's face or tits.

Andrew chuckled and asked if I'd asked the same question when fucking other guys back home.

'No, of course not' I replied. 'But that was in private - sort of. I always use a condom and I always blow inside them, but I thought I needed to put on more of a show with an audience.'

Everyone laughed, but not unkindly.

'They do that in movies so people can get their rocks off watching the cum fly' Leo explained. 'It's not such a turn-on if the star blows out of sight. And it's probably not very sexy to watch a video of a guy removing a used condom.'

'Oh' was all I could think of to say. I felt a bit ignorant.

'Anyway' Andrew said. 'You're a wise young man. Wearing protection may not be sexy, but it's best not to take risks.'

'Speaking of which' said Matt, handing Leo the lube and a fresh condom.

'Yes' Leo said. 'Andrew and I won't be taking any risks either.'

I watched as the latex sheath rolled down his shaft. It suddenly looked huge. I knew it was smaller than mine, but it still looked pretty ferocious.

'Umm. I usually give it' I said. 'I don't usually take it.'

'Welcome to the club' Andrew said. 'Leo and I prefer to be on top too, but we occasionally get fucked. In our little foursome, everyone has to be a little flexible now and then.'

'And you did want to join in' Matt reminded me.

'This might help relax you' said Brad, turning me face down and parting my buttocks.

His tongue was at my asshole again. He lingered longer this time. I felt his tongue lapping at my entrance. Quick flicks of his tongue. And then a series of slow movements where I could feel his tongue sliding in and out of me.

It had the desired effect. I felt deliriously relaxed and excited at the same time. Suddenly, I almost longed for Leo's dick to replace Brad's tongue.

Brad added plenty of lube to the saliva already inside me. He eased a finger in and out of me as well. My cock was already hard again. I was ready.

Leo pulled my hips towards him and took his place between my legs, just as I had with Brad.

I have to give Leo credit. He was very gentle. I felt the head of his dick nudging against me. I know I tightened up at that point. He used his thumb to probe my asshole and help guide his cock into me. He entered bit by bit. Each time I tensed up, he paused and waited for me to relax.

At one stage - when I felt I already had every inch he had to offer - I reached beneath me to feel his junk. I was a bit disappointed to discover he was only half-way in. Another four inches seemed more than I could bear. I felt my hardness disappear. Discomfort had made me limp.

But then I felt magic fingers playing with my cock. It was Matt. His hand was well-greased and he knew exactly how to play my instrument. I began to focus more on the sensations in my dick and less on the hard tube penetrating my guts. I'd been fucked a few times before, but never by anything this big.

Leo continued his slow invasion of my rectum. I was pleased when I knew his balls were resting against me at last. At that point he stayed still for a long time, whispering at me to relax. Soothing me. Doing all he could to excite me.

'It feels beautiful, Ryan. You have a wonderfully tight and warm ass. Try squeezing on my shaft. Oh, yes! That's it. I felt your flesh ripple all over. I'm going to make my cock twitch inside you. Feel that. Did you feel the head nod inside you? Did you feel my shaft twitch too?'

I was turned on by his words and his sexy murmuring. I certainly did feel the things he mentioned. I started to appreciate that being fucked is not necessarily something to be endured. I realised that it can be very much a participative thing.

As I relaxed more and more, he began to move faster and faster. It lasted a bit too long for me to be totally comfortable, but I was enjoying it far more than any time I'd been fucked previously.

The last few moments were a bit hectic. I know I yelped loudly when Leo began his final thrusts. His dick whistled in and out of me, always ending with a searing bump in my colon when he was balls deep. Just when I thought I was at my wit's end, his panting told me there wasn't much longer to go.

Matt's hand moved faster too. He had me on the verge of ejaculating. When Leo finally blew his load, I felt his cock shudder within me. At the same time, Matt's flailing hand caused my own cock to surrender a prodigious blast of cum across the bed.

When Leo withdrew - very, very slowly - I felt I'd survived an ordeal.

Matt seemed to be our official condom-remover. Having unsheathed Leo, Matt held it up to the light for all to see.

'Pretty good, Leo' he commented. 'Not as much as Ryan managed, but then age catches up with all of us.'

'Cheeky bastard' said Leo, but you could tell he was only joking.

The next "performance" took me by surprise. Andrew went down on his hands and knees - hips raised - while Matt and Brad took turns fucking him. I noticed they didn't wear condoms and none of them seemed the least bothered. I gave Leo a questioning look.

'We know each other well' he told me. 'We don't play around behind each other's backs so we know there are no nasties to be picked up.'

I digested this information. I wondered if my own insistence on condoms might have been offensive. Leo seemed to read my mind.

'It's fine' he said. 'For all you know we could be the most promiscuous guys on earth. I can assure you we're not, but you are right to take no chances.'

It was fascinating to watch Brad and Matt alternating in Andrew's asshole. Neither of them is all that well-hung, but large enough to be noticed. And they weren't exactly being gentle. They took turns slamming into Andrew.

When I checked out the view from behind, I could see their cocks pumping in and out like pistons. As they got closer to ejaculating, I noticed their balls had elevated, giving me a clear view of Andrew's massive ball-sac shuddering and jiggling between his thighs. It was an awesome sight.

Andrew's dick was hard and weeping copious amounts of precum. But he made no attempt to jerk at it. When I placed my hand around it, he asked me to leave it alone.

'I'm saving myself for you' he said.

I'd been trying to forget that part of my initiation. I'd been hoping they'd forget all about it too. My ass still felt a little tender from being fucked by Leo. I was not looking forward to hosting a cock that was about three inches longer.

My mind raced frantically to invent excuses to avoid it. But nothing occurred to me. I knew there was no hope of escape. Not if I wanted to be accepted into their little group.

It was Matt who blew first. He went at Andrew's ass like a man possessed. After a few final thrusts - deep and vigorous - he gasped loudly and shuddered. The bed trembled as he shot his wad. I heard a satisfied sigh from Andrew.

I watched as Matt's dick withdrew. It was still half-hard. Andrew's asshole glistened and a small trickle of cum escaped and ran downwards to settle on his massive sac.

Almost immediately, Brad replaced Matt. He'd been jacking his cock while waiting his turn. He plunged right in with one swift jab. From my vantage point at the foot of the bed, I noticed a little more jizz being displaced by this new dick.

It was a very fast fuck. Brad was on the verge from the moment he entered. His bubble butt moved at the speed of light and Andrew pushed back just as quickly. At the very last moment, Brad withdrew.

He jerked himself like a maniac until a stream of cum erupted from his cock and flew into the air. Several more spurts followed. They splattered on Andrew's back and even landed on the pillows.

'Bravo' shouted Matt when the spurts finally stopped.

'Thought I'd be a porn star for a moment' Brad said. 'How'd I go, Ryan?'

'It looked fantastic' I replied. 'But I hope you didn't do that just to please me.'

'No' said Andrew. 'He did it to annoy me. I'd rather an ass full of cum than jizz all over my pillows.'

I thought Andrew was serious. I felt guilty about the load I'd blown all over the bed while Leo was fucking me. Matt noticed my concern.

'He's joking, Ryan. Trust me; he'd happily bathe in a whole bathtub of cum.'

'Hey Matt' Andrew said. 'Hang on to that idea. Maybe we can figure a way to make that happen.'

Everyone chatted and joked for a while. When silence fell, I dropped my gaze downwards, pretending that I was suddenly fascinated by the pattern of the bed sheets.

When I finally lifted my head, all four men were looking at me intently. My eyes met Andrew's. He smiled and licked his lips in mock anticipation.

'So, Ryan' he asked, 'you ready for the final test?'

'Sure' I lied.

'How do you want me to do you?' he asked.

I was pleased to be given a choice.

'Let's stick with doggy-style' I suggested.

'Hmm' he replied. 'Maybe. Or maybe not. I reckon I could get further inside you if I took you on your back with your legs wrapped around me.'

Was the guy a sadist? Why would I want more of him inside me? Even an inch less of his whopper would still be far too much. I think he noticed the look on my face and took pity on me.

'OK' he agreed. 'We'll go doggy-style. On your knees, feller.'

While Andrew rolled a condom onto his dick, I slopped lube around and inside my terrified asshole.

He took his place between my legs, forcibly spreading my knees wide apart. He parted my ass cheeks and teased my sphincter with well-lubed finger. It went in easily. He added a second finger and rotated his hand a few times.

I wanted his fingers to stay there forever. I knew their withdrawal would signal the advent of something infinitely larger.

'I have a philosophy about anything that's challenging' Andrew said, his fingers continuing to probe inside me. 'Some people tippy-toe into cold pool water a step at a time from the shallow end. I always dive straight in at the deep end and get the shock over and done with quickly. What do you think?'

I didn't like the direction he seemed headed towards.

'Umm ... I've never really thought about it' I muttered.

'Well' Andrew said, the head of his cock right against my knotted asshole, 'think about it now.'

And, on the word "now", he slammed his dick right into me, burying it to the hilt. It took my breath away. Every nerve ending in my rectum was outraged.

I gulped in enough air to scream. Tears sprang to my eyes. I felt as though an oil rig had somehow fallen inside me. I thought I might never walk again. I was damned sure I'd never shit properly again.

'Shh' Andrew murmured softly. 'That's the worst over and done with. I'm not going to move until it feels right for both of us.'

'I won't live that long' I complained.

'Yes you will. Just try to relax. My cock is in you now. All of it. Take a few deep breaths and get used to it being inside you.'

I tried to do as he asked, but I was too uncomfortable and too fearful to relax.

After a while, he began to rock gently from side-to-side. His giant cock was making itself at home and massaging the walls of my rectum. It became almost soothing, but my asshole still felt stretched to the max by the base of his shaft.

After that initial and terrifying plunge, Andrew was patience personified. The rocking motion went on for several minutes, I guess, before he finally attempted some gradual and slow motions back and forth. I still felt uncomfortably full, but I couldn't deny that this mini-fuck manoeuvre was also becoming highly pleasurable.

If I forced my mind to ignore the pain, I found myself obtaining a weird kind of pleasure from the knowledge that I was being fucked by the biggest dick I'd ever encountered.

In any case, the pain disappeared entirely once Andrew established a smooth and unvarying rhythm. His cock began to traverse a longer track. I used my hand to feel behind me several times. Andrew's dick gradually increased its range.

At times his shaft was completely buried; at other times, my fingers could feel two or three inches of his thick shaft outside my ass. It was bearable. I was going to survive after all.

Eventually, Andrew began to fuck me fully. He still moved slowly, but I felt the entire length of his cock move within me. He would rest with just the tip inside me and then smoothly glide until I was impaled fully. It was almost hypnotic and it was definitely pleasurable.

When he grasped my hips more firmly, I knew the pace was about to pick up. Amazingly, my own dick was still hard. Precum was streaming out of me. I knew just one or two quick jerks would be enough for me to explode.

Towards the end, as Andrew's went for broke - with his cock rampaging fast and deep inside me - I began to whimper and moan. They were mostly sounds of delight and they reached a crescendo when he slammed into me the last few times.

His balls went thwack against my own and the head of his cock seemed to double in size. His breathing was laboured and I heard him gasp as his cum finally burst forth.

I felt him shudder. I felt his dick throbbing. I felt the base of his shaft thickening and pulsing, stretching my poor asshole even wider.

It seemed like forever before I knew he'd finished ejaculating. His cock didn't seem all that much smaller, but it ceased to pulse and flex inside me. He withdrew very slowly.

My poor ass almost sighed out loud in relief. And yet, perversely, I wished he was still inside me. I wanted to try blowing with all that dick inside me. Instead, Matt toppled me onto my side and quickly swallowed all the jizz I'd been longing to release.

It was Brad who exhibited the condom Andrew had worn. I was amazed it had survived intact. By unanimous vote, it was declared the fullest of the night thus far.

I asked why the used condoms were all lined up on the bedside table. They were loosely knotted. They were ample evidence of some serious fucking.

'They're going to be part of my party trick' Matt informed me.

He sat with his back to the headboard and began to jack away at his cock while we watched on. Each time he seemed about to blow, he eased off for a while. Precum streamed endlessly from the eye of his dick.

After edging like this for some time, he asked Leo to untie the knot in the condom I'd used when fucking Brad. He jerked very slowly and opened his mouth wide. Leo upended the sheath and allowed its contents to flow downwards and onto Matt's outstretched tongue. He savoured the taste of my cum before swallowing it all.

The same thing happened with the condom filled with Leo's cum; and then the one used by Andrew when fucking me. Only as he was swallowing the very last drop of Andrew's juice did Matt allow his fist to move faster.

His own cum shot up into the air like a geyser. Spurt after spurt shot upwards before landing indiscriminately. Matt's hair, face, chin, chest, stomach and thighs were decorated with globs of fresh creamy jizz. It was an amazing sight.

That was about it for the night. Brad and Leo returned to their own room to shower and sleep in their own bed. I used the shower adjoining Andrew and Matt's room and then returned to the couch in the living room.

It was late. Leo and Brad were leaving after lunch the next day. I wondered what would happen after they were gone. Would the sex parties end? Or would Andrew and Matt continue to party with me?

As I drifted off to sleep, I found myself reflecting on Martin's warning about Andrew. Was I just one more young guy in an endless series of "little boys"? Was Andrew really addicted to foreskin? If so, then how come his visiting buddies were both circumcised?

My asshole felt a bit sore but I was proud of having taken such a big dick inside me. As usual, I fell asleep with a hand at my groin.

I idly moved my foreskin back and forth. I was too tired to do anything with the hard-on that developed. That would have to wait till the morning.

I slept.


Andrew Tait

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