One might think that Sherriff Gabe Daniels and his deputy would be startled when two naked and wild-eyed men ran towards them. If so, they made a good job of not showing it.

There was a momentary glance at our junk, but, after that, they maintained eye contact throughout proceedings in Pa Swanson's entry hall.

Pa, of course, maintained a string of interjections until Daniels told him to shut up, assuring him that his turn to speak would come soon enough.

As usual, Nate and Abel remained silent and slack-jawed.

'What's the problem here?' asked the Sherriff.

'Sir' I began, 'These three men have beaten me and Matthew, held us captive in an upstairs bedroom and raped me repeatedly.'

'Those are mighty strong accusations' said the Sherriff, casting a look of disgust at Pa.

'And I have mighty strong evidence to support them' I retorted. 'Matt here has a bloody nose, grazes to his face and rope burns on his torso. By morning, you'll find bruising on me too, especially around my throat.

And, if you get me to a hospital as soon as possible, the medicos will find the DNA of all three of these guys inside my rectum. And they'll also find traces of some kind of date-rape drug in my bloodstream.'

'Lies! All lies!' Pa shouted. 'We had ourselves a little party, that's all. And everything we did was between consenting adults in privacy.'

'I asked you to keep quiet, Swanson' responded the Sherriff.

But Pa couldn't keep quiet.

'This guy' he said, pointing to me. 'This guy is some fancy, big-city faggot who's trying to steal my little boy away from his family. He begged us to have sex with him. He wanted us to play rough.'

'And did he also beg you to beat up your youngest son?' asked Daniels.

'Yes siree, Gabe. Unless someone forced me to, I wouldn't harm a hair on my little boy's head; would I Matty?'

But Matt was stony-faced. He wasn't about to let Pa control him any longer.

'Sherriff Daniels' Matt declared solemnly, 'I saw my Pa and my brothers attack and rape Andrew. And they also beat me up and tied me to a chair. That's God's honest truth.'

'You ungrateful pup!' shouted Pa. 'Turning on your own kin. Accusing your daddy of beating you.'

Sherriff Daniels suggested we all move into the lounge room. He also suggested that someone find something for Matt and me to wear.

Abel volunteered to fetch our clothes but I noticed the deputy went with him. No way would Abel get a chance to make a run for it.

Our clothes were brought to us. Matt's were still in reasonable condition but my own were a sorry sight.

My shirt was ripped and most of its buttons were gone. My trousers were torn at the fly and the back seam. My briefs were in tatters too.

It was as though my clothing had been ripped off me by a wild beast. There was no way I could wear them.

The deputy disappeared and came back with a grubby pair of overalls he'd found in the utility room. They were miles too big for me and they smelled disgusting, but at least I was able to cover myself.

'So' began Daniels, 'Are you saying that Mr Tait here asked you to rip his nice clothes to shreds too?'

'I told you he wanted it rough' retorted Pa. 'So we did him rough. That's how he gets his rocks off.'

There was a prolonged pause while Daniels mulled things over. Then he used his cell phone to call the station.

'I want another squad car and two more officers at the Swanson farm' he said. 'I also need forensics here as soon as possible as well as an ambulance.

We have two men here who allege they've been assaulted and I want them assessed at Bethesda.

I also need someone from the Sex Crimes Unit to travel in the ambulance with the alleged victims. I don't want any fuck-ups with the chain of evidence.'

Daniels paused and glanced at me.

'I'm thinking you'd prefer the SCU officer to be a female' he suggested.

'Yes' I said. 'I think I'd prefer discussing this with a woman, but I'll be happy with whomever it is.'

He returned to his cell phone.

'Call Sally Maguire in' he ordered. 'She's the best at this sort of thing.'

Having disconnected the call, Sherriff Daniels turned his attention to Pa and his ugly side-kicks.

'I'm placing you under arrest, Swanson. And your two older sons too. When the other car arrives, you'll all be cuffed and taken into town to await interrogation. You got that?'

'Yes' Pa replied. 'But it's all lies Gabe.

There ain't a grain of truth in any of it. What happened was ...'

The Sherriff interrupted.

'I'm warning all three of you that you do not need to say anything at this time, but that anything you do say may be taken down and later used as evidence against you. You have the right to remain silent and you have the right to obtain legal counsel. You got that?'

Pa nodded but proclaimed, yet again, that this was all - at best - a misunderstanding; or - at worst - that Matt and I were bare-faced liars.

We all waited in silence for back-up to arrive. Soon we heard the siren of the squad car, followed closely by the jarring whine of an ambulance.

Before Sally Maguire led us to the ambulance, Daniels asked Matt and me to show him the room in which we alleged we were assaulted.

A flicker of distaste passed across his features as he surveyed the bed with its rich store of body fluids and the broken chair and ropes at the foot of the bed.

As we clambered into the ambulance, I had the pleasure of seeing Pa, Nate and Abel being cuffed and driven away for interrogation.

My revenge had begun.

I found myself hoping the local holding cells were infested with rats and boa constrictors.

In the ambulance, I indicated to the paramedics that I was fine for the moment and asked them to assist Matt first.

He was as pale as death and his breathing seemed laboured. I suddenly realised that he was in a great deal of pain.

They gave him oxygen and placed him on a drip.

I heard a muttered 'Broken ribs; maybe a punctured lung too.'

'Can you give him something for the pain?' I asked.

'No we can't, sir. We'll be at Bethesda soon and he'll be assessed by the ER team. He'll get pain relief then, if the doctors order it.'

That seemed fair enough to me, so I relaxed a bit and turned to meet Sally Maguire's soulful brown eyes and sympathetic smile.

'He's in good hands' she said.

'I won't bother you with questions just now. It's not as though some unknown offender is still out there on the streets. But, after you've been assessed by a medical team, I'll need to get a statement from both of you.'

'That's fine' I muttered, my eyes averted.

'Mr Tait - can I call you Andrew?'

I nodded.

'Andrew, I'm guessing you know what tests might be involved with victims of a sexual assault.'

I nodded again.

'Andrew, please be assured that you and Matthew will be attended to by professionals, people specially trained to do their work as gently and as compassionately as possible. OK?'

'But Matt wasn't assaulted sexually' I lied. 'Just beaten severely and forced to watch what happened to me.'

'I see' said Ms Maguire, but her gaze was speculative.

'Well, you'll be headed in different directions when we arrive. Matt needs urgent attention for his injuries, so your own rape assessment will come first anyway.'

'He wasn't raped, ma'am' I repeated.

She turned those huge brown eyes on me. It was as if she could see right into my soul.

'You can't be sure of that, Andrew. After all, I gather you were unconscious for quite a while.

But let's not worry about that right now. We're nearly at the hospital. And, by the way, please call me Sally.'

I watched as Matt was stretchered off to the ER room.

To my irritation, I was told I must sit in a wheelchair for transport to another area of the hospital. I would have preferred to walk, but the nursing staff had to follow policy.

The elevator took Sally and me to the third floor and I was wheeled the length of a ward and then into a side-room.

I was grateful that the door had no window in it. I knew the coming minutes would be difficult enough. The last thing I wanted was to be visible to passers-by.

The nurse stayed with us until the doctor arrived. He was a serious-looking man in his forties, but he smiled when introducing himself. It was obvious that he already knew Sally and they exchanged a friendly greeting.

'I'm Doctor O'Connell' he told me. 'I understand you've been the victim of a sexual assault. I hope you can relax as much as possible while I perform some tests. OK?'

I nodded.

'Taking swabs and obtaining samples for testing is an invasive process, I'm afraid. But I'll be as quick and as gentle as I can.'

He asked me to remove all my clothes. That wasn't difficult as I wore only a pair of filthy old overalls and had no underwear.

Sally didn't exactly avert her gaze, but nor did she subject me to avid scrutiny. She was discretion personified and I felt no embarrassment at being naked in her presence.

Firstly, Dr O'Connell drew some blood for testing by the hospital laboratory. Both he and Sally initialled the label.

Next he took a swab of my mouth and further swabs of my dick and my scrotum. These too were placed into separate bags and initialled.

Next came the worst part. I lay on my side while he parted my ass cheeks and shone a beam of light.

'Bruising and contusions' he advised Sally. 'And a tear to the anal sphincter.'

He next inserted several swabs - perhaps five in all - and these too were individually bagged for testing.

He was gentle, but I couldn't help but wince as the swabs touched my insides. It felt incredibly sore and tender in there.

He apologised for the next measure and I came close to screaming as some sort of speculum entered me and opened up my ass for deeper inspection.

'Andrew' he said. 'You have significant tearing of your rectum and there is some bleeding that needs attention.'

A few more swabs were taken and then he asked me to lie flat on my stomach.

This time he was looking for hairs and any fluids that might be on my body.

I felt the swabs again on my thighs and buttocks. And I sensed the use of tweezers as he searched for hairs.

Next he asked me to lie flat on my back while he scanned me again. A few more swabs were taken and then it was tweezers time again.

He lifted my sac while he searched for hairs and fluids, and then he supported my scrotum with one hand while he obtained samples there too.

He rolled back my foreskin; he roamed through my pubic hair; he even looked in my ears.

I amused myself at this point by wondering just how many rape victims would have semen in their ears. There must be some, apparently; why else would he check there?

The last step was to obtain samples of my own hair from my head and my groin. And then he excused himself for a moment and asked Sally to accompany him outside.

I strained to hear them talking but only caught the occasional word or phrase. At one stage, I definitely heard the doctor say 'an extremely brutal rape'.

Even though I was feeling a bit sick and sorry for myself, it cheered me up to know that at least one person other than me was using the word rape.

They both came back into the room.

'You'll be pleased to know I have no further tests to conduct' said the doctor. 'You've been very brave and helpful, Andrew. But you do need a few repairs down below.

I'm going to leave you with Officer Maguire and a nurse while I arrange for a surgeon to look you over.

Oh yes, and here's a gown to wear.'

Sally had to help me with the gown. I've always been hopeless at tying knots behind my back.

'You did well' she assured me. 'I've sat through these examinations more times than I care to remember. You held it together well.'

'Is this when we talk?' I asked.

'We can talk by all means' she replied. 'But it won't be your official statement. I'll get that from you later. Right now, it's more important that they stop your bleeding.'

'OK' I said. 'Well, I'm going to tell you something now that I won't be saying in my statement.'

She frowned a little, then nodded for me to continue.

'Matthew was raped by them too' I told her. 'But that was nothing unusual.

He's been used as a punching bag and a sex toy since he was about twelve years old. By all three of them.

We were there today to pick up Matt's stuff because he was leaving home and coming to live with my parents. That's what sent them into such a rage.'

Sally was listening intently.

'I'll be urging Matt not to press charges for rape. He's suffered enough. I don't want him in open court with an audience hearing tales of incest.

His father deserves that humiliation, but Matt doesn't.'

'That's for Matt to decide' she responded. 'But, once he comes out of surgery, he'll need to be assessed by Dr O'Connell too.'

'Well, here's the thing' I confessed. 'Swabs of Matt will reveal the presence of my semen inside him too.

I know you'll have trouble believing it, but they forced me to have sex with him.

I know people won't believe that's possible, that I must have wanted it, but I assure you I didn't want that to happen at all.'

'Oh, I have no problem believing that' Sally assured me. 'People think men can only get an erection when they're sexually excited and motivated by lust, but terror can cause an erection too.

Men who are hanged by the neck often ejaculate at the point of death. So you needn't worry too much about your own part in Matt's assault.

After all, he's hardly likely to accuse you of rape, is he?'

'No' I admitted. 'I guess I'm more concerned about what the police might think when the test results are in.'

'You leave that with me for the moment' she said. 'Let's wait for the results and let's wait for your surgery to be over. I'll take your statement then.

And, Andrew, I'd advise you to put everything in that statement. The truth can't harm you. OK?'

But my mind was elsewhere. Sally could tell by my expression that I was anxious about something.

'Are you in pain?' she asked.

'No. It's something I said a while back.

I mentioned my parents. Have they been told?

Do they know where I am? My mother will be going crazy.'

'You can relax' she said, smiling. 'They know and they're on their way to see you.

It was your Mom who raised the alarm, Andrew. She rang the police.'

'But how did you know where to find me? And what made her think I was in danger?'

'It's all quite simple, Andrew. She knew Matt's surname; she knew his father is a farmer; and she knew you were headed for Plainsville.

There's only one Swanson farm in Plainsville.'

'Oh' was all I could say in response to this.

'And your friend, Matthew, had told your mother how violent his family could be. When you didn't show for dinner, she immediately sensed there was trouble.'

'Do they know everything?' I asked. 'Like, do they know the details? The sex stuff?'

'No. They only know you've been assaulted and that you're now safe in hospital.'

'What about Matt?' I asked. 'Is he going to be OK?'

'Depends on your definition of OK' she replied.

'He has multiple bruises and contusions, a black eye, broken ribs and a punctured lung - but, apart from that, he's perfectly well. Nothing that can't be repaired.'

I began to laugh, but the laughter turned into hysteria, and then I passed rapidly into shock, shivering all over and beginning to convulse.

I heard Sally press the alarm buzzer and I heard her open the door and call for assistance. And then I passed out.

When I awakened, I was in a private room and my father was sitting at my side, clasping my hand and looking suddenly older.

'Dad' I croaked. 'Am I dying?'

He gave a weak smile.

'No son. You're doing fine.'

'Where's Mom?'

'She's resting, Andrew. This has been a terrible shock for her. I thought she might have a heart attack when we first saw you.'

'Why? Has my face been destroyed or something?'

'Not destroyed, but temporarily scary, son. I'll get a mirror for you if you want.

Your face is very swollen and bruised and you've got some nasty marks around your neck. But you'll soon be as handsome as ever.'

'Do you know what they did to me?' I asked.

He sighed and I saw a tear trickle down his cheek.

'I don't know everything, son. But I can guess.'

'They raped me, Dad. They raped me continuously.

It was so painful and so ... so ... humiliating.'

My father squeezed my hand very firmly. He looked me square in the eye and said things I'd never expected to hear from his lips.

'Your mother and I love you Andrew. We've known you are gay or bisexual for quite some time now. It doesn't matter at all. You're our only child.

You're good and kind and you are a very loving son.'

He paused, as though choosing his words with care.

'I never think about what might happen between you and another man. That's not repugnance. It'd be the same if you were still with Gemma.

I've never allowed my mind to dwell on what might pass between you and a woman either. As a parent, it's like a no-go area.

It's something we don't need to know. Perhaps it's something we have no right to know, any more than you have any right to know about your parents' sex life.

But, Andrew, knowing that you've been fucked by three vicious thugs makes my blood boil. I want to kill them with my bare hands.'

I had never heard my father use the word fuck in my entire life. It was ample proof of just how shaken up and distressed he was.

'Dad, it probably doesn't matter much now, but I want you to know that what they did - sodomising me - was the first time that's ever happened to me.'

Tears ran down my cheeks as I said this.

'I don't know why it seems important to me, Dad. But I want you to know I had never had that done to me before. I'd never wanted to have that done to me.

And now I feel as though I've died a bit inside. I feel degraded. I feel dirty.'

'I know, son. The surgeon who mended you has told the police that there is sound medical evidence that this was your first time.'

'But I still feel dirty, Dad. Will that ever go away?'

My father had no words for this. He simply squeezed my hand again. He was still holding my hand when I drifted off to sleep.

A few days later, both Matt and I were discharged from hospital. We still didn't look too pretty, but we were alive and free, whereas Pa, Nate and Abel were languishing on remand pending trial.

A plea bargain was eventually concluded that spared Matt and me the embarrassment of court proceedings. And it still meted out justice to Matt's family.

It was agreed that the Swansons would plead guilty to unlawful detainment, common assault, sexual assault and assault causing grievous bodily harm.

Charges for rape and incest had been under consideration but the DA was very understanding about everyone's reluctance for this to become public knowledge.

Pa received a twenty-five year sentence. The other two received fifteen years each.

It was enough. Justice had been served.

And my revenge was complete.

One extremely interesting fact came out of all the DNA testing. It transpired that Matt couldn't possibly be Pa's son.

All three boys had the same mother, but Pa was father to Nate and Abel only. It seems Pa had known this all along. After all, when you looked at the two ugly boys he did help produce, it became a huge stretch to believe he could have fathered someone as attractive as Matt.

This helped explain his hatred of the boy. It also - technically at least - meant that only Nate and Abel had been involved in incest because Matt was their half-brother.

Matt didn't quite know how to react to the news that he was not Pa Swanson's son. On the one hand he was pleased to be untainted by the old man's blood; but, on the other hand, he was distressed to learn that his mother must have played around.

I told him I doubted she'd ever had much freedom to engage with other men. I suggested she may have had just one happy experience with someone she found sympathetic and attractive. I said he should be pleased she had at least one lover other than her gross husband.

My poor shattered ass eventually recovered. As did Matt's lung and fractured ribs. I returned to work and so did Matt.

My assistant had done a splendid job holding the fort and I rewarded him with a raise and a substantial bonus.

When I first got into my gym gear and looked in the mirror, I was astonished at how much weight I'd lost. Matt was thinner too. Despite Mom's efforts to fatten us up, recent trauma seemed to have accelerated our metabolisms.

It took nearly three months for me to return to my usual weight and it took even longer to achieve the muscle definition I preferred.

Matt and I continued to live under the same roof but it seemed our sex drive had died. Love still existed between us, but it was as if we were never remotely tempted to have sex.

I'd previously promised Mom we wouldn't make whoopee whilst staying under Dad's roof. That was a torment at the time. Now it was easy.

Eventually, I suggested to Matt that maybe we needed to get some help, see a trauma counsellor or a psychologist. He agreed.

We saw therapists both together and separately. It helped a great deal.

We both came to understand that the events in Plainville had created guilt and shame within us and that we both felt unworthy of being loved fully.

Moreover, we had both become apprehensive that sex would be painful, either physically or mentally.

Recovery was a slow process.

It began when we took a week's holiday in New Hampshire.

The weather was freezing and there was every incentive to stay in our cabin and bask in the glow of a log fire.

For the first time in months, we shared a bed. On the very first night, we performed oral sex on each other. It was successful, enjoyable, and it broke the ice.

The next day we had full sex. And that was wonderful too.

By the time we returned home, sex had become as regular and as necessary to us both as it had been way back in the beginning.

Soon after our return, I was home alone with Mom for the day. Matt was at work but I had a mild case of influenza and my mother had insisted I stay home so she could lavish TLC on me.

'Mom' I asked, as we were eating lunch, 'how would you and Dad feel about Matt and me sharing a room and a bed?'

'I was hoping you'd ask. Your father and I have been worried that you two might be drifting apart. I'm glad to hear that's not the case.'

'Well, Mom, we did drift apart for a long while. Not in our hearts. It was more to do with our ... um ... bodies. But things are back to normal after the week in New Hampshire.'

'I'm glad to hear that, darling. Sex is a vital part of any relationship. Even at my age.'

'Too much information, Mom' I protested.

She looked crestfallen. I apologised.

'I didn't mean to imply it was gross, Mom. I guess it's just that kids don't tend to think about their parents' sex lives.'

'You sound just like your father. He feels there are limits to what families should share. And I agree with him, but that doesn't mean I can't mention sex if I want to and it doesn't stop me from being curious about you and Matthew.'

'Curious about what, Mom?'

'Well' she said. 'Curious about what men do I guess. And curious about who does what to whom.

I mean, if you had married Gemma - and I'm so glad you didn't, dear. She seemed desperate to marry you - a little too desperate for my liking. Anyway, if you'd married her, I'd have had a pretty good idea of what a man and wife might do together.'

I blushed at her forthrightness. But I decided she deserved equal honesty from me.

'Well, Mom. Guys have sex together in much the same way as traditional men and wives do.

There's ... um ... oral sex. Mutual oral sex. And then there's ... um ... penetrative sex. I guess you'd call it anal sex.

That's about it really. No big deal. Even Grandma and Grandpa might have had anal sex occasionally.'

'I know all that, dear. But I wonder if you and Matt take turns with that or is it just one of you who does the penetrating.'

She was blushing herself now, but she ploughed on.

'Your father explained to me that what happened to you had never happened before. So I assume it's always you who penetrates Matt.

I wonder if that's fair. I wonder if he enjoys it.

And knowing how much damage was done to your insides by those horrible men, I wonder if it hurts Matt when you do it.

After all, darling, you're like your father in that area. You have a very large penis.'

'Oh my God' I exclaimed. 'Mom - I don't want to know. It really is way too much information.'

'Andrew Charles Tait - don't be such a prude.

I'm not trying to shock you. I'm just saying that a large penis can hurt if you're not gentle. It was a problem for Dad and me in the early days.

And Gemma and I talked about it once. She told me you did your best to be considerate. I hope you're always gentle with Matthew.'

'I am' I lied.

No way could I tell her that Matt actually enjoyed being slam-fucked on occasions. And anyway, there were times when we took it slowly and very easily.

I was dumbfounded that my mother and Gemma had actually discussed my cock and whether I used it carefully.

'Well' she said. 'Thank you for putting my mind at ease. More coffee?'

And that was that.

It was left unsaid, but we both knew this was not a conversation my father would ever know about. He would be appalled at her candour about their own sex life.

And he'd be equally appalled that I'd discussed oral and anal sex with my mother.

Men of his generation prefer to think their wives are not interested in intimate details of other's sex lives.

The truth is that most women are avid to hear every intimate detail of other people's lives. That's what helps sell so many women's magazines.

That night, I lingered in Matt's quarters above the garage. I told him I'd asked Mom about us sharing a room and a bed like a normal couple. I asked what he thought about it and he was delighted at the prospect.

'But what about your Dad?' he asked.

'I think she's going to talk to him about it. I think he'll be OK with it.'

'What about tonight then?' said Matt, and his hand reached out to caress my junk.

'Here? There's only a single bed.'

'So we'll be snuggled up tight' he said. 'What's wrong with tight?'

And so - for the every first time under my parents' roof - I slept with Matthew.

Remembering my conversation with my mother, I was determined to be gentle that night. I was determined to show Matt every possible consideration.

Usually it was Matt who spent the most time giving oral. He particularly liked sucking on my balls. He was as fascinated by testicles as Martin had been obsessed with foreskins.

This night, however, it was me who used my lips and tongue to graze Matt's pastures.

Although it was never possible to take each of his balls in my mouth - they elevated as soon as he was hard - I was able to press my mouth against his scrotum and apply pressure with my tongue on each testicle.

I also lingered on his beautiful cock, marvelling - as I always did - at how thick it was at its base. I moved my mouth up and down very slowly, using my tongue to swirl around the shaft and the engorged head. I used my lips to drag his foreskin forward and then push it back again.

My tongue flicked in and out of the oozing slit of his glans. I savoured the sweet taste of his pre-cum, occasionally moving so I could share the taste with him in a deep kiss.

I even made my mind up that I was willing to use my tongue on his ass-hole. With his hips raised and his buttocks parted, I found the little pucker and inserted my tongue.

It was something I'd never done before; it was something I'd once vowed I would never do. But I found it surprisingly erotic.

It excited me to moisten the opening that my dick would soon be entering.

Matt moaned softly. His enjoyment was obvious.

I moved up the bed and moved Matt on to his back so we could kiss again.

I shared with him the taste of his own ass-hole. And then I returned to his cock.

It was rock hard and the pre-cum was flowing steadily. I slurped at the build-up before once more inserting the tip of my tongue into his piss-slit.

I used my own saliva to moisten the middle finger of my right hand. I slipped my hand beneath him, inserting my finger while my mouth began a smooth up and down motion on his dick.

I found his prostate. He gasped with pleasure. I began an insistent nudging of the almond shaped gland. It was part-massage, part-prodding.

Matt sighed and told me he was in Heaven.

He also warned me that his pearly gates would soon burst open if I persisted.

So I withdrew my finger as well as my mouth and asked him - between kisses - how he'd like to be fucked.

'Like spoons' he said. 'Side-by-side with my back snuggled into you. I want you to glide into me and just move slowly in and out.'

I did as he asked.

Once his buttocks were suitably aligned, I found his asshole and pushed forward as slowly as I could. I inched my way in.

When I was finally inside him completely, I commenced the rhythmic gliding motion he'd requested.

With my right arm across his waist, I was able to massage his hard cock. He was leaking pre-cum in a torrent. I used it like a cream on his shaft.

I occasionally pulled his foreskin forward to cover the glans. When released to fold backwards again, there was a pool of sticky juice for my finger to swirl in.

I wished I could have glided slowly in and out of Matt forever. But I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. I tried keeping perfectly still, but Matt pushed back on me and squeezed and teased my dick until it passed the point of no return.

I was still as gentle as possible, but I strived for maximum penetration so my cum would spurt deep within him. At the same time, I used my right hand to jerk him off.

I was hoping we'd hit the finish line at the same time. And we almost did.

I felt Matt's sphincter tighten on the base of my shaft. I felt every contraction as his jizz sprayed across the bed. That's when my own cock erupted.

It felt like an avalanche. It felt as though I was inundating his insides with a never-ending surge of cum.

We lay joined together for a considerable time, with Matt squeezing on my dick to tease out every last droplet of jizz. It was bliss.

Afterwards - as we again lay with Matt's body spooned into my own - he began to speak in a low tone.

'That was probably the best fuck you've ever given me' he said. 'The best fuck I've had in my entire life.'

I chuckled and said it was pretty sensational for me too.

'You know, we shouldn't even think of it as mere fuck' Matt said.

'It was more like making love. You were so gentle and I was so incredibly aroused by all the things you did to me beforehand.'

'I can always be that gentle if you want' I suggested.

'Oh no' he replied. 'I love it when you're vigorous too. I love it when you thrust deep inside me. But this was special because it felt so right and so comfortable.'

'Comfortable?' I queried.

'Yeah. I love it that you have such a big cock. I worship your cock. You know that. But sometimes it can feel a little uncomfortable, almost painful.'

'I'm sorry' I said. 'I never want to cause you any pain.'

'No. No' he protested.

'It's not really pain. I'm not explaining it well.

It's a delicious discomfort and I'm excited to have so much dick inside me. It kind of makes me proud of you; and it kind of makes me proud of myself that I can accommodate you.

It's a bit like a battle really, with you intent on hammering me and me intent on withstanding every inch you can give me. Does make that sense?'

'I think I understand' I said. 'But you must tell me if the pain is ever too much to bear. I'm happy to use different positions - like we did tonight - positions where I can't penetrate you to the hilt.'

'Fair enough' Matt said, yawning and snuggling closer against me.

I felt my cock begin to swell again but Matt had fallen asleep.

Soon afterwards I was asleep too.

One of my last thoughts was of the state of Matt's bed sheets. I vowed to get them through the laundry without my mother seeing them.

On the other hand, perhaps I should leave things as they were. God knows she coped somehow with the encrustations on my own sheets when I was a jerk-off-addicted teenager!

And she'd probably welcome signs that Matt and I were lovers again.

My very last thought was of whether my Mom had a point. Should I change roles occasionally? Should I offer my own ass to Matt?

It was a thought that filled me with dread. My only previous experience on the receiving end had been very traumatic.

Could I try it again in different circumstances?


Andrew Tait

[email protected]


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