[Joseph gives his version of the night we played Truth or Dare at Martin's house. I guess this is only fair - after all, I did make a big impression on Joseph that night.]

I'll never forget the night Andrew and Matt first came to Martin's cottage for dinner.

I knew that Martin had plans to make the event extra-special, but - even in my wildest dreams - I hadn't envisaged how special it would be.

I humoured Martin as he outlined his plan, but I underestimated the guy. I now know that he makes Machiavelli look like an amateur. But it was Andrew who ultimately won the war.

Initially, absolutely everything went to plan. It was just as Martin had predicted; a fantastic meal, lots of booze and a porno movie helped lull our guests into the perfect state of mind. I was particularly struck by two aspects.

Firstly, I was amazed at how controlled Martin was. He disciplined himself to drink sparingly while I continually replenished Andrew and Matthew's glasses.

Secondly, I was astonished by Andrew's unexpected acquiescence with playing Truth or Dare. I found myself wondering whether he was one very smart and cool cat, or whether he was a complete idiot who can be easily taken in by a manipulative monster like Martin.

At the time, I had no clue what was really going on inside his handsome head. Only when the night was over did I comprehend the truth.

Thinking back to the distant past, I admit that - from the moment I first laid eyes on him - I had a crush on Andrew. And when I accompanied him to the gym and got to see him naked in the showers, well - I almost fainted. Even flaccid, his dick was to die for.

But I was a good boy in those days. I'd yet to embrace my homosexuality fully. A quick blow-job from a fellow priest is hardly a full sex life. But it was enough to lead me into leaving the Church. It was enough to confirm that I was wired to have sex with men and men only.

I have never experienced the slightest desire to pursue sex with a female. I like women well enough; I enjoy their company sometimes; but the thought of having sex with them makes my flesh crawl.

Back when I first got to know Andrew, it seemed clear to me that he was a very high-minded guy with strong principles. I viewed him and Martin as being lifelong companions.

No matter how greatly I yearned to graze my lips all over Andrews toned body and impressive genitals, there was no way I would seek to come between two guys who loved each other.

And then - out of a clear blue sky - it all changed. Martin and Andrew were no longer lifelong companions. Andrew caught Martin and me in bed together and couldn't forgive the infidelity. He disappeared in a cloud of dust.

When the dust had settled, Martin turned to drink and debauchery. And then he turned to me. Not as a lover. We have never been lovers. Friends, companions, bed-mates - yes. But nothing deeper than that.

Martin taught me a lot. I gradually rid myself of inhibitions and entered happily into a world of gay pick-up joints and transient sex. From his occasional drunken ramblings, I gathered that Martin would never get over being deserted - as he saw it - by Andrew.

In his cups, Martin often mourned the loss of the best cock he'd ever encountered. Whether he mourned the loss of Andrew the person was another matter.

I think it was just the cock and the foreskin he missed. He is not designed for fidelity. He is more of a trophy-hunter. And he had lost the trophy he prized most.

I can't lay claim to having better morals than Martin. Secretly, I too grieved over Andrew's departure. I longed to see him naked again. I often fantasised about being in bed with him.

Like Martin, I never really pined for Andrew's personality or conversation. I'd considered him a very likable guy during the brief period I'd known him, but it was his cock and his balls and his undeniable beauty that I missed. He could be a deaf mute for all I cared. I just wanted to have sex with him.

So I was only too happy to bring about a reconciliation between the two ex-lovers. I hoped that there might somehow be a place for me in any renewed friendship. Knowing how devious Martin can be, I never doubted he would do all he could to regain his prized trophy.

And it came to pass. Sort of.

Martin didn't exactly recapture Andrew, but he certainly helped engineer things so I got to suck on that marvellous trophy cock. That seemed miraculous enough for me.

When Andrew decreed that Matthew was to swallow his load, I was a bit disappointed. But there was another miracle to come.

After all the preliminary fun and games, Andrew took Matthew into the hallway for a brief whispered discussion. When they returned to the lounge room, Andrew announced that he was ready to play the game right through to the end.

But he had terms. As he tossed back a beer, he made those terms clear.

'OK, guys. One of you wants to chow down on Matthew's dick. That's right, isn't it, Martin? You want to wrap your lips around Matt's cock and nibble on his foreskin. Yes?'

'Yes. That's right' Martin said, his voice husky with desire.

'And at least one of you wants my dick up his ass. Is that right, Joe? You want me to fuck you?'

'Yes' I whispered.

'Louder' Andrew demanded. 'Pale enthusiasm won't get me rock hard.'

'Yes' I shouted. 'Yes. I want you to fuck me.'

'And I wouldn't mind a rematch either' Martin added slyly.

But Andrew ignored Martin's comment.

He paused for a while, as though thinking things over.

'Let me see now. There was something else we needed to cover. Oh, yes. Of course. There was the question about whether I'd ever surrender my virgin arsehole.'

'I asked about that' said Martin.

'Well, I'm interested' Andrew responded. 'I'd like to give it a try and Matthew has given me permission to do so.

Here's the rub, though. You, Joseph, must fuck me before I fuck you. I won't feel like being ravaged if I've just blown a load.

And you, Joseph, will be on the receiving end of a real hammering once you've had your wicked way with me.'

'Not fair' cried Martin. 'Joe won't want your big cock splitting him in half if he's just shot his wad. His libido is no different to yours.

Do me first. Give him time to recover.'

I cast caution to the wind. I wasn't about to let Martin talk Andrew out of fucking me any time he wanted.

'I'm sure I'll cope' I declared.

'So where does all this activity take place?' Andrew asked.

'In our bedroom' said Martin. 'Four in a bed. And with all the lights on.'

'I'm betting you have a hidden camera all set to roll in there' Andrew suggested.

'No' Martin lied. 'I never even thought of such a thing.'

'Whatever' said Andrew, beginning to unbutton his shirt. 'Let's all get naked and hit the hay.'

It was odd to be four in a bed; even a king-sized one. It was even odder to be exchanging partners. But none of the other three seemed to find it confronting.

With Andrew and me looking on, Martin immediately wrapped his lips around Matthew's dick and demonstrated his oral skills.

I could tell they were both enjoying themselves. Matt was smiling contentedly and Martin was in what he calls 'foreskin heaven'.

A brand new cock and a brand new prepuce for him to tease with his teeth and his tongue.

Meanwhile, I was stroking Andrew's long shaft with one hand and fondling his balls with the other.

My mind was ablaze with the thought that this magnificent penis would soon be inside me.

At this point, Andrew asked Martin and Matthew to take a break.

'Just play with yourselves for a while' he said. 'I want you to witness my deflowering. I want you to watch while Joseph fucks me.'

They did as he asked. Matthew helped apply a generous amount of lube to Andrew's ass and I slathered a copious amount on my dick.

'How do you want to do this?' I asked.

'On my back' he replied. 'With my legs on your shoulders. I want you to get maximum penetration. But be gentle at the start. OK?'

It didn't even occur to me to disagree. I was willing to do anything if my reward was to be fucked by Andrew in return.

The thought that I was going where no man had been before was doubly exciting. I was determined to ensure that Andrew's first attempt at bottoming would be a success.

I positioned the head of my cock at Andrew's asshole and pushed in gently. It was like hitting a brick wall. I was accustomed to receptive and experienced arseholes. This was more difficult than I'd expected.

I could feel Andrew's sphincter muscles fighting hard to repel the invasion. Each time I managed to get the head of my cock inside him, there was an automatic and powerful force that pushed it back out again.

I retreated. With his legs still wrapped around me, I inserted my right middle finger. He winced a little but didn't pull backward.

I moved my finger slowly and looked down at his dick. It had gone soft while I was trying to penetrate him with my cock. Now it slowly grew back to full size as I gently massaged him with first one and then two fingers.

'That feels nice' Andrew said, smiling for the first time. 'Try again. I'm ready.'

So I tried again to slide my dick inside him. There was still enormous resistance, but I could tell by his face and his breathing that he was trying to relax.

Suddenly, it happened. I felt myself gliding into him. I lessened the forward pressure. I didn't want to go all the way in at one swoop and cause him unnecessary pain.

Matthew leaned across and kissed his lover on the mouth. He whispered encouragement.

It seemed an eternity before I was finally inside Andrew fully. I moved back and forth as slowly as I could, gradually increasing the degree of penetration until I had no more to offer. I rested at that point.

I glanced across at Matthew and Martin. They were transfixed. Their attention was absolute. Each was idly toying with the other's dick, but I don't think they were even aware of it.

'Go for it' said Andrew. 'It feels good. Just take it easy though. OK?'

So I picked up the pace and began a gradual in and out movement. I've often wondered why men prize virginity so highly. I was discovering the answer.

I was encased so tightly that it was not easy to go fast. This was no easy, everyday fuck. It was a highly erotic challenge.

Each forward movement was met with a wall of protesting flesh and muscle, but we eventually established a rhythm. I eventually wore down a track inside Andrew's arse.

I took Andrew's continuing erection as permission to go for the finish line.

I'm no stayer at the best of times. It had taken great resolve and concentration not to shoot my wad the moment I first entered him. I told him I was close and he said to go for it. He even began to push back against me.

I hadn't expected that level of cooperation and my cock responded immediately.

I gasped. I sobbed. I almost screamed as my cum exploded inside him. Andrew obviously hadn't yet learned the fine art of squeezing and clamping upon a weeping dick. But then, such skills were not really required. It was tight enough in there anyway. There was no need for additional pressure.

Andrew had remained surprisingly quiet and calm throughout the last few moments. He sighed a long sigh when he realised that my jizz was pumping into him.

It was a sigh of satisfaction. He sounded both happy and relieved.

I looked downwards and noticed that his enormous cock was still rock hard. And it was leaking copious amounts of precum. It was not the dick of a guy in pain.

The painful part came when I started to withdraw. I moved too fast. There was an almost audible snapping sensation when we separated.

'Jesus!' Andrew yelled as the head of my dick came out of him. 'That fucking hurt. I wasn't expecting that.'

'I'm sorry' I said.

He just smiled his forgiveness while Martin and Matthew burst into wild applause.

'What's the verdict?' asked Martin.

'It's like visiting Niagara' Andrew said. 'A nice spot to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.'

That cracked me up. We all started laughing. I let Andrew's legs descend and I collapsed on the bed beside him.

Matthew asked Andrew if he'd found the experience satisfying.

'Yes, babe' came the reply. 'But I don't anticipate any change in our usual routine. You can be the bottom for the rest of our lives.'

I was a bit offended. I knew that Andrew wasn't criticising my technique. And I knew he'd enjoyed the experience. But it wasn't something he was desperate to do again. Not with me anyway.

Nor was it something I wanted either. Even though I'd just blown a load, I still looked forward to having him return the favour.

'Right' said Andrew. 'Time for the next scene. Come on Martin. Chow down on my lover's dick. Knock yourselves out.'

It didn't take long. Watching Andrew being fucked had proved a mighty pretty aphrodisiac for Matt. I think Matthew tried to hold back. I heard him ask Martin to pause. But the rush was overwhelming.

Matt's hips moved upwards and we could hear Martin joyfully gulping down a stream of cum. He didn't gulp it all down. Once the flow had ended, he raised his head and kissed me, transferring a glob of Matthew's jizz into my own mouth.

Tasting Matthew's cum stirred my dick back to life. I looked at Andrew. His cock was as hard as ever. He licked his lips and smiled at me.

'Ready?' he asked.

'Yes' I replied, my voice a bit shaky now that the great moment had arrived.

'I think we'll go doggy-style' Andrew said. "God knows whether that will suit whatever camera angle Martin has set up, but I think it's the way to go. I want you to enjoy your treat to the max.'

Martin leapt off the bed and left the room. Seconds later he was back, flourishing his cam-corder and urging us onwards.

'Lights. Camera. Action' he ordered.

So we took up our positions. I applied lube liberally to my arsehole. Andrew held me by the hips and told me he wanted no ducking or retreating.

'You wanted it' he said. 'Now you're going to get it.'

'You want some lube?' I asked hopefully.

'Nope. I'm good. There's enough pre-cum oozing from my dick to irrigate China. There's certainly enough to smooth the way inside you.'

And that's when I realised that my much-desired goal would be both an ordeal and a pleasure.

When I felt that enormous cock poised at my asshole, I appreciated that Martin and I might have won the odd game; the odd set; but Andrew was about to reach match point. Deep, deep inside me.

There was no slow beginning. No gentle introduction.

I felt the tip of that gigantic penis nudge at my terrified sphincter and then it just plunged inside me. All the way in. I screamed. I even began to weep. But Andrew showed me no mercy.

My cries were accompanied by slapping noises as his balls thumped against my own. Not once did he falter. He was like a metronome. He set a frantic pace at the start and he obviously intended to maintain that pace to the end.

I tried to pull away. I attempted to bob downwards and sideways, but it was no use. Andrew has the physique of a jock. He works out regularly and he's stronger than you'd think. He had a firm grip of my hips and he wasn't letting them go anywhere.

On and on it went. It was like being invaded by some massive weapon of war. An armoured tank, perhaps. Or a scud missile.

Andrew's cock hit against hitherto unexplored territory deep inside me. I wondered if it would kill me. At the very least, I envisaged bruising and bleeding that would blight the rest of my days.

Each time he pulled back I experienced a small measure of relief. But it didn't last long. It was rapidly followed by another thrust of his battering ram. Another 'thwack' as his balls swung against me.

At last he began to grunt and gasp a little. He pulled way back until just the very tip of his dick was inside me. One hand let go of my hips and moved around to check my dick. It was shrivelled and limp.

Andrew laughed and wondered aloud if I was enjoying my "little treat". And then he had me in both hands again and his cock resumed its plunging motion.

There was no way I could get used to it. There was no way I could feel anything but pain. I tried relaxing but it was futile. He started to groan again and I was hopeful that the end was nigh. But no.

He paused for a while deep inside me. He deliberately flexed his dick and made the glans twitch. I could feel every miniscule movement within me.

'You like that?' he asked, twitching his cock again.

'Yes' I lied. It came out more like a sob than a word.

'Good' he said. 'I'll try not to blow too soon.'

I wanted to urge him on. I wanted the assault on my poor ass to end. But the words didn't come. I wept silently instead.

Matthew grasped one of my hands and squeezed it reassuringly. He said I'd be fine if I just relaxed a bit.

Relax! I found myself wondering if I'd ever be able to relax again; ever be able to sit or shit without pain.

I found myself speculating on what sort of ass Matthew must have to be able to enjoy a cock this big. I wondered if he used anaesthetic cream instead of lube.

The pounding finally reached an end. Andrew withdrew almost entirely. He twitched his dick again and asked if I was ready.

I was beyond replying. I had entered a state that was beyond speech or sensation. I was a mess.

There was another twitch. And then Andrew plunged into me one last time. I'd previously thought he could go no deeper or move any further up inside me. I was wrong.

It was as though his cock was lodged against my heart and my rib cage.

He ejaculated with a roar that almost deafened us all. His dick seemed to double in thickness. And I felt it pulse as his cum jetted inside me.

He stayed perfectly still for a while. The only movement was the pulsing of his cock as it continued to flood my intestines. Then he began to move again. Not frantically. Not like a jack-hammer. He was gently milking himself of every last drop of juice.

It almost felt good. I waited for his dick to subside; to reduce in thickness and length. Even when flaccid, his dick is big enough, but I was looking forward to some measure of relief.

'You OK, Joseph?' he asked.

'Yes' I lied. And I tried to move out of his grasp.

'Whoa there' he said. 'Why leave the party early?'

'I was just trying to ease a cramp' I said. Another lie. 'I'm not going anywhere.'

'Good' he replied. 'Why don't you squeeze down on my cock a little? Use your ass to tease the last few drops out of me.'

I did as he requested. I was exhausted and sore but I clamped myself around his shaft as best I could.

'Mmm. That feels good' he murmured. 'Don't stop.'

And then, to my alarm, I worked out what was really happening. Andrew wasn't preparing to vacate my ass any time soon. He was growing hard again.

Martin hadn't warned me that his ex had an extremely brief recovery time. I wanted to scream to the rooftops. I craved euthanasia. I was way beyond mere pain and exhaustion.

But it happened all over again.

This time it lasted far longer.

Again he slammed that enormous dick into me. It seemed to whistle through the air with each thrust.

Again I felt his balls slam against me. I was grateful that my own balls had fled the scene. They had retreated to a place of safety. If not, the pounding would have been excruciating.

I don't know how long that second fuck lasted. Martin captured everything on film and he says he's timed it at about fifteen minutes.

I've only watched the video once. That was enough. It brought back too many painful memories of the night my wish was granted.

Anyway, I managed to survive the second onslaught with my sanity intact. More or less. I may have blacked out part-way through. I can only recall the relief when Andrew's second load blasted into my guts.

He teased me by pausing again. He asked if I wanted to wait while he grew hard again inside me. I could only groan in reply.

It was agony when he finally withdrew completely. I'm sure it was right up there with delivering a full-term baby.

My ass felt like it would never again function normally. It felt broken. Shattered. The victim of a relentless attack.

The party broke up shortly after that.

Martin and Matthew had both been jerking off as they watched the action. The bed was a sea of cum-splatter. It seemed as though they'd had a good time.

I exited the bedroom on legs that trembled.

Martin and Matt followed in my wake. They looked a bit tired. And I could tell that Martin was sulking because he hadn't been given a chance to host Andrew's dick himself.

That had been the key element of his original scheme, but he'd been outwitted.

Only Andrew seemed completely full of life. His cock still hung heavily. It was still semi-erect. He seemed chipper enough to run a half-marathon.

He used his cell phone to call the chauffeur and arrange a pick-up. Apparently there would be a delay. The car wouldn't get to us for at least a half-hour or so.

We dressed and sat around drinking coffee while waiting for the limo to arrive.

I sat cautiously. I was convinced that my insides had been totally destroyed; that I might haemorrhage to death at any moment.

Andrew smiled at me.

'Be careful what you wish for' he said.

It was good advice and I made a silent vow to be more careful in future.

Martin seemed to get his second wind. He became his usual chatty and mischievous self.

'Well, that was fun' he declared. 'I hope you guys enjoyed yourself.'

Matthew indicated that he'd had a great time.

He complimented Martin on his oral skills.

He also said he'd enjoyed watching Andrew slam-fuck me. Who'd have thought a fresh-faced boy could be so sadistic?

And he added that he was pleased that Andrew had given bottoming a try. It seemed they'd discussed this often and Matthew was relieved to know that Andrew's curiosity was satisfied.

Apparently he'd been dreading the prospect of having to top his lover. He obviously preferred the status quo.

Martin turned his mischievous gaze to me.

'And what about you, Joe. Did you enjoy finally getting your man? You look a bit shook up.'

'It was hell' I confessed. 'It felt as though I were being split in two. But I'm proud I managed it. And maybe I'll want it all over again this time tomorrow.

But, right now, I feel as though I've been run over by a truck. To be more accurate, I feel as though I've had a Mack truck run all the way through me.'

'Sorry if I was a little hard on you' said Andrew, but there was no trace of regret in his demeanour.

I could tell he wasn't really the least bit sorry. He'd enjoyed humiliating me. He'd done his best to ensure that I never again saw him as a mere sex toy; someone whose only purpose on earth was to satisfy size queens like me.

'Andrew, you're just as big a snake as I am' Martin commented.

'Oh no' replied Andrew. 'All I did was go along with your plans. Matthew did the same.

If you want to be friends with us, then don't take it for granted that we're up for sex romps.

And I apologise for not realising all your dreams, Martin.'

'What do you mean by that' asked Martin.

'Well, I may be wrong; but I have a feeling you were hoping I'd fuck you too, Martin. But, you see, I never make the same mistake twice.

I'd rather jerk off than stick my dick inside you. Once bitten, twice shy. You'll never again feel my dick up your arse.

Sorry, but I'd rather force you to watch me fuck your sidekick here. I enjoyed destroying his asshole. Almost as much as I enjoyed denying you the same treatment.'

Martin shrugged and denied that he had any interest in returning to meat he'd sampled before. He claimed that it was only fresh meat - like Matthew's - that interested him.

I think we all knew this was a lie. I certainly knew it. Only a few hours earlier, Martin had been licking his chops at the prospect of slurping at Andrew's cock, especially his foreskin.

And he'd made it clear to me that he was looking forward to being fucked by Andrew again.

Now he tried to hide his disappointment. The reality was that he'd not been allowed anywhere near his "trophy" dick the entire evening through.

The limo finally arrived and we all said good night to each other. As we watched the tail-lights disappear into the darkness, Martin finally allowed his shoulders to slump.

'I underestimated Andrew' he conceded reluctantly. 'He's sharper than I thought.'

'Yes. And you overestimated me, Martin. I did too.

Whatever possessed me to think I'd enjoy playing host to eleven inches of thick, hard dick?'

'Ah, well that's the way of the world, Joseph. After you get what you want, you don't want what you wanted at all.'

'Oh, I'll recover' I said glibly. 'In a week or so, I'll be craving Andrew's whopper all over again. And maybe next time - when he's not trying to prove a point - he'll be a bit gentler than he was tonight.

Tonight we won a few points here and there, but Andrew was far smarter than us. He wins.

Game, set and match to Andrew I think.'

Martin sighed.

'I'll win the re-match' he declared defiantly. 'You wait and see.'

And then we went to bed - me with my poor busted asshole; and Martin with his dreams of winning next time.

I wasn't so sure there'd ever be a next time.


Andrew Tait

[email protected]


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