[Having already given readers my version of the bust-up with my former lover - Martin Solomon - it seems only fair to let Martin give you his version too. Even though he's complete slut, Martin does have a few redeeming qualities. I leave it to the reader to discover them.

So, here it is - the Gospel according to Martin Solomon.]

Firstly, I freely admit that I am not a very admirable person. I have had my moments over the years; both highs and lows. But - on balance - I suspect most people have good reason to regard me as despicable.

Before I even knew what homosexuality was, I was out there having sex with complete strangers in cars and in parks and in every beat I could find on the route between home and school.

My parents knew nothing of this; nor did my school friends. I led a secret life because - regardless of whether it was right or wrong - I knew other people would consider me sinful and dirty.

Good Jewish boys can masturbate and even go too far with a girlfriend, but they do not let strange men suck their dicks or fuck them. A good Jewish boy might even be tricked or seduced into having sex with an adult male - in which case, someone has taken advantage of him - but I must confess that I actively seduced men when I was only thirteen years old.

I led them on, encouraged them to make advances.

And I enjoyed every moment of it.

Eventually, my double life became too damned hard to maintain. I reached a point where I could no longer bear the lies I told my parents; a point where I could no longer attend synagogue without feeling riddled with guilt.

So I came out to my parents and found myself cast out and shunned by my religion and my own family.

Economically, I had no problems coping all by myself in the big bad world. My grandparents on both sides had set up trust funds shortly after I was born. They were all long-dead by the time I left home in my late twenties, but I never forget their foresight.

It has enabled me to have a whale of a time. By black sheep standards, I am gloriously rich. I am also recklessly and gloriously promiscuous. I've had sex in toilets and in gay bath-houses. I've had sex via glory holes. I've paid male prostitutes. I've attended orgies. I've persuaded and coerced young straight or curious guys into having sex with me.

To summarise, I've spent most of my life as a wealthy and seemingly law-abiding slut!

You might say I went from man to man, but the reality is that I went from dick to dick. I had become a dedicated size queen.

I don't act or look effeminate. I use the word 'queen' because I am 100% dedicated to the passive role. Put a hard dick anywhere near me and I immediately want it up my arse.

I have never remotely interested in dominating any casual partner; I have no drive to penetrate another man. I live to be fucked. Vigorously. And often.

More through luck than good management, I have managed to avoid most of the nasties that may be transmitted during unprotected sex. I managed to get gonorrhoea a few times, but that's all.

For the record, I am not recommending lack of caution to other guys. Nor am I recommending that teenage boys should seduce adult males or vice versa.

I'm only seeking to tell my own story.

I am light years away from being any kind of role model.

They say opposites attract. Maybe that's why my favourite cocks have always been those that are uncircumcised.

As is customary, I lost my foreskin as an infant - it was ruthlessly snipped away in the name of religion.

When puberty and my sex drive arrived, my relentless need to be fucked by guys led me to the discovery of foreskins. I'm not saying I knocked back anyone because he was cut. If he had a big enough cock then I didn't care. But it has always been the case that I am obsessed with foreskins.

I love the look of them and the feel of them. I can never forgive my parents for allowing mine to be snipped away. If I can't have one of my own, then I'll worship the ones attached to other guys. And I really do mean worship.

And then the unexpected happened. I fell in love with a happily straight guy named Andrew.

I say fell in love, but that came later. Initially, I just fell heavily in lust with a guy named Andrew. A handsome guy ten years younger than me. A man with a physique to die for. A man with a bulge in his pants that simply electrified me.

So I pursued and ultimately seduced young Andrew. I immediately recognised his naivety. And his honest, straight-forward approach to life stood no chance against my Machiavellian wiles.

I guess you could say I gradually - but steadily - infiltrated his life until he came to see me as the most important person in his world. And - by the time that came to pass - I found myself in love for the first time ever.

Not only was he a fantastic guy; he was also the possessor of an enormous uncut dick and huge, low-hanging balls. Simply irresistible.

I recognised from the outset that I could never tell Andrew about my past experiences.

He already had a biased view that all homosexuals were superficial and wildly promiscuous. So I presented myself as having had limited sexual experience.

I presented myself as someone who wanted an exclusive relationship. I think that was almost true for a time. I had found myself a handsome and good-natured guy with a superbly large and uncut dick.

For a while I was satisfied. But leopards can't readily change their spots. I began to yearn for fresh dicks to conquer. Fresh meat. Variety. I even began to tire of Andrew's unflagging fidelity. I found myself hoping he might suggest a threesome or a visit to a gay pick-up joint.

As a counsellor for those troubled by their sexuality, I came into contact with Joseph - an ex-priest who had left the Church because of his homosexuality. I didn't feel greatly attracted to him - no way was he as desirable as my partner, Andrew - but I was intrigued.

Joseph had an air of the aesthete about him. And he had led a relatively chaste life. I saw him as a challenge.

I wanted him to discover that man-on-man sex need not be something to feel guilty about. And, of course, I wanted him to make this discovery with despicable me.

It goes without saying that I hoped Joe was uncircumcised.

He didn't realise it, but I steered Andrew into suggesting we invite Joseph to come live with us while he sorted his life out. Of course, this was totally inappropriate in all manner of ways, the chief one being that a counsellor should never cross the line and become involved with his client.

It was a huge mistake. I know that now. Having Joe close at hand every day was a torment I found hard to bear. Eventually, there came a day when Andrew was out and I manoeuvred Joe into a position where sex was inevitable.

Joseph generally spent an hour or so each afternoon in his bedroom, reading, meditating or simply having a nap.

On this particular afternoon, I'd been preparing the evening meal. I like to cook but my mind was elsewhere on this occasion. I couldn't stop my mind from racing through the possibilities. I couldn't let an opportunity pass.

Andrew was out and Joe was just a few feet away.

So I tapped on Joe's door and entered the room. He was in bed. Under the covers. I pretended I'd come to see if he was feeling OK.

'Yes. I'm fine thanks Martin. Just taking a little nap.'

I sat on the edge of his bed and told him we needed to chat sometime soon about his progress from the depths of depression and anxiety.

'We can talk right now' he said. 'But you'll have to excuse me for a second. I badly need to pee.'

I made no move to leave the room. I just smiled and told him to go for it.

When he threw aside the blankets, I realised that he'd been sleeping naked. I also noticed that - as is usual when a guy wakes up needing to piss - his cock was partly erect.

He didn't seem at all self-conscious. He made his way to the en-suite bathroom with his dick bobbing as he went.

He was a foreskin addict's dream. Joseph's foreskin was one of those extra-long ones I've sometimes encountered. It went way past the head of his cock and terminated in a cute bundle of wrinkled skin.

When he re-entered the room, he reached out for the clothes that were draped on a chair. I asked him to stay as he was.

'Please don't cover yourself up, Joe. You have a lovely body and I'm enjoying looking at it.'

A red flush came to his cheeks and one hand automatically moved downwards to cover his genitals.

'No, Joe' I said, moving towards him. 'Don't cover that bit up. That's the part I'm enjoying the most.'

I took his hand and moved it away. Whatever embarrassment he was feeling didn't seem to apply to his dick. I saw it gradually edge further and further upwards.

I reached out and took it in my right hand, gently stroking his shaft. With my other hand I cupped his relaxed balls, squeezing gently.

Joseph's demeanour was a curious mixture of shame, fear, excitement, shyness and desire. I sank to my knees and fondled his balls while watching his cock continue its rise to the almost vertical. Looking upwards, I could see that he had his eyes closed. Perhaps he thought it would be less sinful if he didn't actually witness my mouth edge closer and closer to his dick.

Before taking it into my mouth, I slowly moved his foreskin backwards and forwards along the shaft and glans. When I pulled the skin fully forward, there was enough to grasp between my thumb and fingers. I flicked my tongue at this wonderful bundle of flesh and then gently nibbled at it with my teeth. When I released hold, it automatically retreated, but not so far that the head of his dick was completely uncovered.

I then used my lips to nudge the foreskin back so I could swirl my tongue around the pink and shiny glans. I inserted my tongue into the tiny piss-slit. I could taste urine and the first drops of pre-cum. I continued moving down his shaft until his cock was entirely enveloped by my mouth.

A low moan escaped Joe's lips. I could tell he was enjoying this encounter. As was I.

Joe's dick wasn't extraordinary in any way. Like mine, it was of average size - around six inches, perhaps a little more; and it was of average girth - neither thick nor thin; but it was nonetheless wonderful in my opinion.

After all, it was a new dick - one I'd never seen or sucked before - and his foreskin was ample and incredibly sexy. I was determined that this new cock would soon be squirting cum up my arse. Fresh cum. Cum I'd never held inside me before.

I have no great concern whether a guy is smooth or hairy. Andrew had an amazingly smooth body. It was like silk with just a smattering of light-coloured hair at his groin and armpits. His chest was virtually hairless. When he occasionally found a stray hair there, it was immediately tweezed away.

Joseph, on the other hand, was an exceptionally hairy guy - masses of dark curly hair on his chest and even some on his back and shoulders. His dick, when flaccid, was almost lost in a sea of hair. And his arms and legs were hairy too.

Oddly, in this sea of human wool, his ball-sac was quite smooth and hairless. I notice these things in every man I encounter sexually. They're not the main course - it's the dick, the foreskin and the cum that I crave - but I also notice the accompaniments, the extras, the sides.

Anyway, there I was - after weeks of yearning - with Joe's dick totally encased in my mouth and his balls resting against my chin.

There was no requirement for me to display how far I can deep-throat someone - his cock didn't really stretch my expertise in any way - but I used my lips and tongue to maximum effect, exerting as much suction pressure as I could.

I could sense when Joe was about to unleash. Not only did his scrotum tighten and his dick grow more engorged; but he also reached down and applied his hands to my head, ruffling my hair and almost steering me onwards.

It was at this point that I withdrew my mouth and sat back on my haunches to simply gaze at this wonderful new cock nodding and oozing pre-cum.

I leaned forward to gather a droplet of his juice and then I attempted to take his balls in my mouth. One - the left one - I managed to trap and suck upon. The other had already retreated beyond reach.

This was in stark contrast to Andrew's balls. They were always available - swinging, swaying and slapping against my arse or my chin. Even when Andrew was ejaculating, his hangers remained impressive throughout.

I didn't mind that Joe was built differently. Big balls are nice to look at but it's the uncut dick and the jizz that I really crave.

Having lapped at his wrinkling scrotum for a while, I stood up and used my hands to manoeuvre Joe's face towards my own. I kissed him.

At first there was no kissing back, but I managed to force his mouth open until our tongues were able to meet and thrust against each other.

I moved Joseph backwards until he was at the edge of his bed. I then pushed him downwards to sit there while I hastily removed my clothes.

Joe made no move to touch me. And I wasn't at all concerned because I didn't particularly care what he might do with his lips or his hands.

My sole focus was on what he might do with his lovely uncut cock.

'What are we going to do?' he asked.

'You're going to fuck me' I replied. 'I can hardly wait. I've wanted you for weeks and weeks.'

'What about Andrew?' he said.

'Andrew won't be home for ages yet. We've got all the time in the world.'

'That's not what I meant' Joe protested.

'I meant what about your commitment to Andrew? What would he think if he knew you were unfaithful?'

'Andrew's cool with that sort of thing' I lied. 'He and I have an arrangement. We are each free to play around a bit.'

I slid into bed alongside Joe. Hoping to end all the talking, I engaged him in a deep and thrusting kiss. Our bodies pressed against each other.

Our dicks and balls were blissfully and somewhat moistly intertwined. I reached down and placed his cock between my thighs and beneath my scrotum. Moving my hips slightly back and forth, I could feel his dick sliding within its own silky sheath of skin.

'Andrew doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to fool around' said Joe as he moved his face away to look into my eyes.

'Fuck bloody Andrew' I exclaimed. 'If you must know, he's been at me for weeks about you. He wants you and me to get together. He wants me to come to him smelling of you.

He finds that a real turn-on, especially if I've got another guy's jizz inside me. He loves fucking in someone else's cum.'

This seemed to stun Joe. Perhaps it was my bad language. Who the hell knows how an ex-priest might think? Anyway, at least he stopped asking questions.

I moved down the bed and paid more attention to his cock. It was definitely primed for action. I was careful not to give it too much stimulation. I didn't want a misfire into the atmosphere. I wanted a depth charge inside my hungry arse.

Having slathered his shaft liberally with saliva, I moved up the bed to sit astride Joe's abdomen. He didn't speak. And he certainly didn't protest when I positioned the head of his dick at the tight entrance to my ass-hole.

I watched his face as I began a slow descent. When the entire six inches were inside me, I paused and began to clench upon his shaft.

There was really no fucking involved. Just a few squeezes and I could sense that Joseph was about to squirt his priestly Catholic load inside my Jewish guts. I felt the twitching motions of his cock as it gathered momentum.

And then - just as I was about to receive the ultimate reward for all my efforts - there was a knock at Joe's bedroom door and Andrew was standing there with his mouth wide open in shock.

I quickly leapt off Joe and launched myself to my feet at the side of the bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Joseph's dick had reached the point of no return. I saw it erupt and spray cum all over his chest and shoulders. And then I saw him hastily draw up the sheet to cover his body.

But I don't think Andrew noticed any of this. His eyes were locked on mine. I could see a truckload of sadness, disappointment and betrayal in those eyes.

And then, Andrew's unfailing courtesy kicked into action. He actually apologised for interrupting us and left the room, closing the door behind him.

I guess a spark of anger must have kicked in after that, because he re-opened the door and remarked that he hoped I'd managed to notice that Joseph was indeed uncut.

Here, Andrew was referring to my recent speculation about Joe's circumcision status. Knowing that Joe had accompanied Andrew to the gym several times - showering with him afterwards - I had demanded to know if the guy was cut or not. And Andrew had refused to tell me, saying that he didn't use the showers to spy on guys' junk.

This had annoyed me. Maybe it had added to my determination to find out for myself.

Anyway, Joe and I clearly heard Andrew slam the front door and - shortly afterwards - we heard his vehicle start up and speed away down the driveway. He was gone and there was no point in crying over spilt milk - or cum.

Close at hand, there was still a naked guy whose cock had yet to go the full distance inside me.

'He didn't seem all that "cool" to me' remarked Joseph.

'Probably just had a bad day' I muttered, returning to the bed.

I could feel Joe's resistance at first, but then he seemed to relax more and more as I moved my lips and tongue all over his body, slurping up cum that glistened in his matted chest hair, licking away the jizz on his abs and around the base of his cock.

I took his limp dick in my mouth and just lay with my head on his abdomen, my tongue occasionally swirling around his shaft and occasionally probing his foreskin. There were still traces of cum there. I tasted them greedily.

I don't know how long we lay like that, but Joe's dick eventually started to grow again. This time I positioned us so he could fuck me doggy style.

It was obvious that he'd never done this before. I had to guide and instruct him. But - once he was all the way in and more confident about the movements required - he began to fuck me with increasing energy and enthusiasm. Maybe a little too much enthusiasm.

He withdrew too far several times and I had to help him find his way back in again. I didn't mind this as it gave me an opportunity to grab his rock-hard shaft and move his foreskin a little with my fingers.

One thing I must say about dicks that are only average sized or even a little less than that; they are apt to fall out on the back-strokes and more likely to cause pain as they stab away at the walls of my ass. On balance, larger dicks are better as they can swoop and glide far deeper inside me and rarely fall out.

But, even though he was not built on a grand scale, I revelled in the knowledge that I was hosting a brand new cock while Joseph fucked me; a dick, moreover, that had never fucked anyone before.

It's hard to describe my excitement. I guess I was a bit like a collector discovering a hitherto unseen work of art. I was with a brand new male body, a totally new cock, yet another unique foreskin and - to top it all off - anticipating a load of jizz my ass had never tasted before.

Concepts like foreplay and pace variation were obviously unknown to Joe. Basically, he was like a jackhammer at my rear. His movements grew faster and faster and it wasn't long before he was gasping and breathing like a man about to explode.

I wanted him to pause at the very end and let himself explode as deep inside me as possible, but I didn't suggest that he do so. Maybe I could give him some hints on technique next time; for now I was content to let him get his rocks off at any speed he wanted.

So - as cum sprayed and spurted out of his lovely uncut cock - he continued to stab in and out of me in a frenzy of sensation.

When it was over; when he fell away from me and allowed his softening dick to fall out of my ass, there was no recognition on his part that I too might want to ejaculate. If he'd been straight, he would have been typical of the slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am guys that women complain about.

To his credit, however, he allowed me to sit astride him as he lay on his back. He seemed to accept that I jerk myself off all over him.

He was a bit startled when flecks of cum hit his face - even landing in one eye - but he did not seem in any way revolted. Indeed, he seemed fascinated throughout the process; keenly watching the eye of my dick and waiting for the jizz to fly.

After that, we lay side by side in a state of mutual satisfaction. I was feeling proud that I had added yet another uncut dick to my storehouse of memories. And Joe, I thought, was feeling proud that he'd finally had complete sex with another man.

From our past counselling sessions, I knew that he had only experienced oral sex prior to that afternoon. I thought it might be good to boost his ego by telling him how great he was in bed. Untrue, of course, but I wanted to reinforce his belief that he was gay.

'That was amazing, Joe. Thank you.'

'I enjoyed it too' he admitted. 'But now I feel a bit conflicted. I feel I've crossed a line in the sand and done something that damns me for evermore. And I also feel I've wronged Andrew in some way.'

'Well, don't worry about Andrew' I said. 'He's probably at some gay hangout at this very moment and banging some guy without a worry in the world.

And, Joseph, you have to face the fact that you truly are homosexual. You got hard automatically, you fucked me like a madman - which I loved - and you happily filled me up with jizz - which I also love.

You have a beautiful cock, Joe. Why not put it to good use?'

'I can't jettison years of teachings' he replied. 'Penetrating another man still feels like a huge taboo to me.'

'That'll pass with further practise' I assured him.

And then I went off to cook while Joe showered before dinner.

Andrew didn't return that night. And the next day - Saturday - went by without any word from him either.

I was becoming extremely worried. He'd taken no change of clothing with him. He hadn't even taken his cell phone.

I'd massively underrated the effect my indiscretion might have on his committed and gentlemanly little heart.

Joe shared my concern but - initially at least - I managed to assure him that nothing out of the ordinary was taking place; that Andrew was either at his parents' house in town or else holed up in some new guy's penthouse apartment, fucking like there was no tomorrow.

I kept my calls to Andrew's folk secret. I rang them repeatedly, asking if Andrew was there or if they knew where he was. Every call proved fruitless. Well, not entirely fruitless - I could tell I'd succeeded in making his Mom very worried about her son's welfare.

On Saturday morning, I convinced her that we should contact the police and report him as missing.

I have a friend who's a cop. He's married with kids, but he occasionally walks on the wild side and has casual sex with guys. He has received several great head jobs from me over the years and has fucked me a few times too. He's not particularly well-endowed but he has a beautiful long foreskin and a decent set of hangers.

Anyway, I gave Sam a call and - even though the requisite time hadn't yet expired - he agreed to put Andrew's name, description and vehicle licence plate number on a watch-for list.

Of course, Joe eventually cottoned on to what was happening. He must have overheard one of my calls.

'I thought you said it was normal for Andrew to go off and do his own thing.'

'Well, it is' I told him.

'So why are you so anxious and why report him as missing?'

I didn't want him to know the truth. I didn't want him to know that Andrew was not the kind of guy to be unfaithful; that Andrew was probably devastated by what he'd seen the previous afternoon.

In part, I was striving to ensure Joseph felt no guilt - otherwise, his first real sexual encounter would hit his conscience like a torpedo - but I was also striving to ensure that Joe didn't suddenly see me as a feckless sociopath who preyed on vulnerable men with no regard for the consequences.

So I managed to fob Joe off with a variety of excuses, doing my best to pretend that I was only a little bit concerned because Andrew had left without his cell phone.

'He may have broken down somewhere' I said. 'I'm not particularly worried. He's a grown man. He can come and go as he pleases and do whatever he likes.'

But, below the surface, I was already mourning the loss of Andrew. I was grief-stricken about losing the nicest guy and the biggest uncut cock I'd ever known.

At the same time, I felt not the least scintilla of guilt about having gone to bed with Joe. I'd enjoyed adding a new dick and a new foreskin to my collection. It was what comes naturally to me. It was something I'd denied myself for far too long.

To my great relief, I finally received a collect call from Andrew around lunchtime on the Saturday. It was brief.

He wasn't interested in any excuses I'd prepared to explain away my presence in Joe's bed the day before. In fact, he was quite terse, only saying that he was fine and would be back in a day or so.

Joseph was right beside me when Andrew called. We were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, both feeling a bit exhausted from our exertions in the night.

Joe had spent the night where Andrew usually slept - right alongside me - and I had pleasured him with every trick in my repertoire. He'd done very little manoeuvring himself. I'd done all the sucking and rimming. And it had been me who'd set up each new fucking position.

The guy was certainly trigger-happy. Even after being relieved of two loads, he still blew fairly quickly the third time. No way was he ever going to be a stayer.

Truth to tell, having seen his junk in several glorious close-ups and having had him inside me multiple times, I was already growing a bit weary of Joseph.

I may like adding new foreskins and fresh fucks to my memory-bank, but I don't want each fresh conquest to come live with me.

After Andrew's call, Joe and I got into an argument. Firstly, he started off with the guilt thing. A whole lot of hogwash about sin and doing the wrong thing by Andrew. And then he started insinuating that I'd seduced him and persuaded him to do things he didn't really want to do.

'Oh, I see' I sneered. 'I forced you to get an erection; I held a gun to your head while I sucked your cock and played with your balls; and I suppose you managed to fuck me all night long because you were under duress.'

'In a way' he said. 'You warned me to say nothing to anyone about moving in with you guys. You said it was against the rules for a therapist to get personally involved with a client. You were very specific about that. And now I see just how unethical you are.

You take advantage of guys when they're vulnerable. You don't really care a hoot about helping people. You just care about sex. And you're lying to me about Andrew too. I know him, Martin. Maybe not as well as you, but well enough to know he's not the least bit promiscuous.

Andrew never made any move on me, Martin. You're the one who did that.'

'Well, maybe Andrew Just isn't attracted to miserable, hairy guys with tiny dicks' I responded, angrily.

'I think it's time I got out of here' Joe said.

'Darn right it is' I snarled. 'You can fuck off right this minute. I'll drive you into town and you can find a snug little doorway to sleep in.'

'Good' said Joe. 'I'll find the clothes I came in. You can have all the stuff Andrew gave me to wear. I don't want anything to remind me of you.'

'We threw your so-called clothes away with the trash' I told him. 'So - unless you want to wander through town buck-naked - you'll have to endure the clothes you're wearing. You'll be the best-dressed derelict in town.'

Nothing more was said. Not until we reached the outskirts of town.

'This'll do' Joe muttered.

I pulled in to the kerb and he got out, slamming the door hard behind him.

There were no words of farewell. I drove off at a furious pace until Joseph was a mere speck in the rear-vision mirror.

I drove to the nearest beat and sucked a few anonymous dicks to cheer myself up. Unfortunately, all of them were circumcised. It just wasn't my day, but at least one of them - belonging to a young surfie type - was plenty thick and generated lots of jizz for me to swallow.

That's pretty much how I spent the entire weekend. I visited every gay hot-spot I knew of. I was fucked by several guys and I sucked on a great many cocks, deliberately choosing only those that were uncut.

It didn't cheer me up at all. I was increasingly realising how great a loss Andrew would be.

Anonymous and indiscriminate head jobs and screwing were my hobby, whereas Andrew had become my life.

I resolved to discuss this when he returned home and convince him that the two could co-exist quite happily if he'd only loosen up a bit.

On Monday morning, I received a call from my manager. Apparently Joe had taken the trouble to report me for inappropriate behaviour with a client. He must have exaggerated what passed between us because my manager made it sound like I'd raped a poor defenceless little ex-priest.

I said my bit but nothing I could say would undo the fact that I'd crossed a professional boundary. It seemed my services were no longer required.

That didn't bother me too much. I was weary of listening to repressed homosexuals whine about their lonely, unhappy lives.

But it did bother me when my manager told me he'd advised Joseph to report me to the police for sexual assault.

I yelled a few obscenities and slammed the landline phone back into its cradle.

Sexual assault indeed. The guy had enjoyed every moment and magically remained erect each time I 'assaulted' him. How is it an assault on my part when a guy pumps his jizz inside me? What a heap of bullshit.

I hit the bottle after that. So, when Andrew actually turned up at my door around noon on Monday, I probably wasn't in the best state.

He wouldn't come in. He simply stated that he was moving on with his life and would be returning just one more time in order to collect his stuff.

And then he drove off as though I meant nothing to him.

I returned to the bottle, cursing Andrew for his ingratitude and for all his mean and petty little prejudices. What gave him the right to judge me and find me wanting?

How dare he turn against me over one little romp with Joseph? Joseph of all people - probably the most boring sex partner of all time. There seemed to be no justice in the world.

Later that afternoon, Andrew was back again, but this time he had a gorgeous young blond guy with him. He was back to collect his stuff.

It really annoyed me that Andrew was deserting me because of my lapse with Joe, and yet here he was with a boy who looked like a Greek god.

How dare he be angry with me - poor miserable me - when all I'd done was fool around with a fairly unattractive guy?

How could he begrudge me one lapse while he was fooling around with a beautiful young man behind my back?

I said a few things I shouldn't have said. I know now that Andrew's new friend - Matthew - was someone he'd met after walking out on me. But I didn't know this the first time I saw them together.

More truthfully, perhaps, I deliberately chose to believe the worst. Deep down, I have always known that Andrew is the most loyal and faithful guy on earth.

But, I was sauced. I went too far with the insults and innuendos. Andrew punched me out. I richly deserved it but I didn't think that at the time.

A punch and a bloody nose made me feel like a victim. I screamed and hollered. I guess I hoped Andrew would take pity on me.

But he didn't. He simply gathered his stuff, gave back his house keys, and drove off with his new love interest.

The punch in the nose helped me to sober up a bit. Maybe it knocked some sense into me because I gave up booze for a few days while I pursued a relentless drive for sex in any place it might be found.

I went to the notorious Paradise Club I'd frequented before settling down with Andrew.

The guy on the door was unchanged. He remembered me. That was understandable. I've always been a generous tipper.

Once inside, I stripped naked and put my stuff into a locker. I ignored the bowls of condoms and sachets of lube. They were courtesy of the house but I was in no mood to be courteous.

Unlike most of the other guys present, I didn't bother wrapping my towel around my waist. I headed for the orgy room. It was as dark as ever.

My ears gradually adjusted to the acoustics. I could hear moans and slapping sounds as bodies slammed against each other. Rather than grope my way through the darkness, I walked to what I judged to be the centre of the room and stood still, waiting.

It wasn't long before I felt hands roving over my body. My ass was fondled and my cock and balls groped.

I reached out and found a decent-sized dick. It was rock-hard and had a divine foreskin. It was exactly what I wanted.

I went to my knees and sucked on this invisible gift. I could tell by its taste and aroma that it had already been at work in someone else's ass that night. This only increased my excitement.

I stood up and, still holding his cock, I presented my back to the anonymous guy, inviting him to enter me. I could tell he wasn't bothering with condoms either. I heard him slathering lube on his dick and then - as I bent over with my hands on my knees - he began to fuck me with the assurance of an expert.

My partner and I were not alone for long. Other guys found us in the darkness. A mouth found my dick and began to suck on it. Hands raised me up a little so someone's tongue could work in my mouth.

After a while, as he pushed me further downwards, I became aware that someone was now fucking the guy who was fucking me. It was the start of a daisy chain.

Not my favourite way to fuck - you can't do your own thing when you're in a daisy chain - you have to surrender to the rhythm of the group.

We didn't form a complete circle. My own cock remained in someone's mouth as all the guys behind me moved their hips backwards and forwards. We only stayed in formation for a few minutes.

Almost as soon as the chain was broken, my guy started fucking with a vengeance. I sensed that he was about to unload.

With a few final savage thrusts and a gasp, I felt his dick swell as it pumped its juices inside me.

Some guys claim they can feel it when cum jets into their ass. I don't think they can. I think it's just part of their fantasy.

What one can feel, however, is the thickening of the cock inside you and a feeling of wet fullness when it blows. And that's how I felt as my first fuck of the evening withdrew and moved away. I felt blissfully full of anonymous cum.

It's a bit like eating Chinese food though. Not long afterwards, you feel hungry again. And I didn't have to wait long before another hard dick was fed to me.

I was approached from behind. Hands clasped my shoulders and obliged me to bend over once more. Before I had any opportunity to grasp it and check it out, another guy's cock thrust itself inside me to the hilt.

It was certainly thicker and longer than the one before. It moved smoothly and rapidly inside my cum-drenched ass.

He was definitely not a stayer. It wasn't long before three particularly vicious thrusts announced his arrival at the station. Once again I was inundated with jizz. When he pulled out abruptly, I could feel the juices beginning to leak out of me.

I was fucked again after number two withdrew. I was immediately impaled by another of the throng.

I reached behind me to feel his balls and check if he was wearing a raincoat. He wasn't. And so, after a ludicrously brief coupling, yet another load of cum hurtled inside me.

I was in ecstasy when he withdrew. I was eagerly waiting for number four to come along.

Next thing, a mouth was at my ass. I bent down further, hands around my ankles, as my buttocks were parted and a tongue inserted into my arsehole. This new guy was definitely a cream-pie fanatic. In addition to the usual slurping and sucking noises, I could hear his whimpers of pleasure as he milked my arse of its cocktail of assorted jizz.

I could also hear him whacking away at his dick. It didn't surprise me when a torrent of cum splashed against my calves and ankles. His work completed, Mr Cream-Pie moved away.

But the throng still circled around me. I felt mouths on my oozing cock. I felt tongues at my scrotum. I felt fingers in my ass. Meanwhile, my own hands were busy. I examined every dick within reach, allowing my hands to linger longest on those that were uncut.

And then came the unexpected highlight of the night.

My hand was taken by someone who obviously knew his way around. I was led to one of the smaller rooms leading off from the orgy area. The door was closed and the lights came on.

In the centre of this intimate venue, and suspended from the ceiling, was the sling.

It was the sling in which I'd often been fisted and fucked before I settled down with Andrew. I enjoyed it well enough but what I like best is being fucked by a large and uncut cock.

On this particular night, however, I was craving every possible sensation; so I was immediately attracted to the prospect of being fist-fucked again.

By the time I was finally suspended in the air, the room was packed with spectators.

The guy who'd led me there was in his forties but still in good shape. He had the build and the haircut of an army drill sergeant. And he had a wonderfully thick uncut dick to drill people with.

I was immediately his devoted slave. He had an air of authority that brooked no argument. He was intent on fisting me and wouldn't take no for an answer.

As he gloved up and slathered his right hand and arm with grease - I checked out the audience. All the guys were playing with a dick - mostly their own, but in some cases it was the dick of the guy alongside.

It was like a smorgasbord. So much junk of every size and shape. Large cocks and small ones. Low hangers and no hangers. And - best of all - most of the guys were young and uncircumcised. It was foreskin heaven.

I did my best to relax as the Mr Drill Sergeant began his assault on my arsehole. I'd already been fucked several times so my arse was well lubricated and in the mood for another occupant.

The familiar opening gambits were not prolonged. There was no problem with the insertion of three and then four well-greased fingers. My prostate was massaged for a brief period and then the hand was withdrawn while a thumb was nestled into its palm.

The hand returned to my arsehole and rapidly reached the point where its widest part was attempting to enter me - the part that eventually tapers down to the wrist. This is the stage where your ass feels it might burst. Where your sphincter battles valiantly against the invader.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax. A few seconds of almost unbearable pressure and then the breakthrough. The hand and then the wrist glided inside me.

My benefactor was a skilled operator. He didn't immediately begin moving backwards and forwards. He held still, allowing my arse to accustom itself to hosting his fist and forearm.

I felt his hand open inside me. I could feel fingers probing at me like tentacles. He made a fist again and began to rotate his hand. It was incredibly thrilling. It was like having a giant throbbing dick inside me. I was ready for the next step.

The fist began to move back and forth at a steady speed. Not fast. Just steady. It also edged deeper and deeper with each inward thrust. The spectators loved this part as much as I did.

There was a huge cheer when both the arm and the fist were inside me almost half-way to the elbow.

Those who have never been fist-fucked probably think it an excruciating and painful process. It can be extremely painful and even dangerous if the fister is inexperienced or too rough. And, yes, it is excruciating, but in the best possible way.

It's a matter of overcoming fear and momentary discomfort as your arse struggles to accept a new role.

It's a bit like an extreme sport, I guess. And the rush that comes with success is beyond mere pleasure. It's like being a super-hero. And it's incredibly intimate - even with a crowd of onlookers.

You have more of a guy inside you than is possible in any other circumstance. An arm and a fist is a hell of a lot of a man. Far more than even the largest of dicks; far more penetrative than even the most talented of tongues.

After being fisted for many minutes, I was lowered onto a table and my legs were spread and held up and apart by willing assistants. The fister now invaded me with his thick uncut cock.

My ass was already adjusting to the absence of his arm and fist. The walls began to close in within me. I concentrated on clenching hard in order to provide his dick with maximum resistance and tightness.

In a matter of moments, he was pumping like a piston and I felt his cock twitch and quiver as it discharged a load of cum deep inside me.

I won't bore you with every detail of the next hour or so. It's probably sufficient to say that I was in a state of absolute ecstasy as guy after guy fucked my hungry ass-hole. Some wore protection. Some didn't. I could feel the constant trickle of cum as it leaked out of me or as it was displaced by yet another hard cock.

At the same time, there was a line of men at the head of the table. By turning my head to one side or the other, I enabled them to fuck my mouth. Most of them were uncut. I was feasting on foreskin.

After a while, the guys began to take their cocks out of me at the last moment, blasting cum all over my face and body. It was bliss.

When I felt I could stand no more; when I realised how cramped my legs were; I begged for someone to piss inside me.

There were several volunteers but I chose the one with the biggest cock - not as big as Andrew's, but still impressive and hefty and, of course, delectably uncut.

He first fucked me at a furious pace, pumping yet another load of jizz into my much-used ass. And then he paused for some time. I could feel his erection gradually subsiding and I could see the concentration on his face as he waited for the urine to start flowing.

When his urine did begin to flow, I luxuriated in the glorious warmth that filled my colon. He seemed to piss forever. I found myself hoping it would never stop. This was the most glorious liquid my arse had tasted all evening.

When he was finished - but before he withdrew - my benefactor gave my straining cock just one or two strokes before it erupted, spewing pent-up cum high into the air and then splattering down on me and everyone else in close proximity.

Mr Drill Sergeant helped me off the table. There was applause from those who remained as I stood on weak and trembling legs. I pumped my fist and smiled happily. I felt like a returning war hero.

I was assisted to the men's room where my ass discharged a seething mass of piss and cum; and then I took a long hot shower.

It had been a big night. I was exhausted when I finally staggered into the street and waited for my car to be brought around.

I tipped the attendant an exorbitant amount of money. What else could I do? I was high on sex. I felt like a god.

I was in love with all mankind - especially the kind of man who might fist me or fuck me with a large uncut dick. I was utterly blissed out.

And, you know what? I was suddenly light years away from mourning the loss of Andrew. I guess I knew I'd be unhappy again tomorrow, but I also knew I would sleep happily until dawn broke and brought back bitter memories.

At that moment - as I drove homewards - I was in no mood to dwell on exclusive relationships.

I had reconnected with the things I prized most - being fucked, being fisted, being filled with piss, and watching a passing parade of uncut cocks spurt cum all over my naked body.

I was content.


Andrew Tait

[email protected]


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