[Martin had his say in the last episode. Now it's my turn again.]

Matt's first week at my folk's house went by in a flash.

My mother was thrilled that her empty nest was suddenly home to two young guys. After years of cooking for two, she relished the chance to bake up big.

All the old favourites were revived and both Matt and I felt like turkeys being fattened up for Thanksgiving.

On the other hand, Dad maintained a degree of reserve in his dealings with Matt, but I could see a gradual relaxation as the week progressed.

The very day after Matt moved in, I took him with me to one of my gyms, just to show him the ropes and to see if he thought he'd be comfortable working in that environment. To my great pleasure, he loved it.

He was already fit enough in a slim and limber way and I could see him relating easily to all members. The older ones would find him pleasant and courteous; the younger ones would see him as their peer; and the dedicated, iron-pumping, supplement-enriched muscle men would not see him as a threat.

We visited my favourite sportswear supplier and Matt was kitted out with a good supply of T-shirts, gym shorts and track pants, all of them to be embroidered with the gym logo. I also insisted he get a couple more jock-straps - one black and the other pale blue - as well as some Lycra workout pants.

He questioned the stretch workout pants, saying they were so revealing that he might as well be naked. I explained that many people - men and women - enjoyed checking out a guy with a nice package.

'You never respond to any overtures or off-colour comments' I advised him. 'You just smile and move on. But for some people, checking out a nice-looking guy is part of the whole gym experience.

You can be sure that lots of middle-aged women will go out of their way to have you spot for them when lifting weights. Sex and exercise go hand-in-hand; they're both about aesthetics and achieving bodily satisfaction.'

When his first working week was over - a week during which he impressed both me and the members as a polite and helpful young man - it was time for Matt to head back to Plainsville to collect his stuff and say goodbye to his appalling family. He really didn't want to go, but I told him it was the right thing to do.

'You can't leave them wondering forever' I said. 'And if - as you say - they treat you like a slave, then just think how satisfying it will be to turn up looking all healthy and happy and well-dressed. They've probably been imagining you dead or in a gutter somewhere. They'll be devastated to learn that you're doing well while they have to stay in Pig Hollow.'

So we set out immediately after Saturday breakfast. I explained to Mom that I hoped we'd be back for lunch and that we'd definitely be back in time for dinner.

The traffic was surprisingly heavy and it took us well over two hours to reach Plainsville. Matt gave me directions. When we turned off the highway, the roads became increasingly pot-holed and narrow.

Eventually, we turned down a gravel track bearing several signs - dead-end, private, no trespassing, keep out - not exactly warm and welcoming.

When we reached a gate across the track, Matt got out to open it and close it again once I'd driven through. I had to admit that the fields on either side were lush and green. And the cattle looked in good condition too. Matt explained that his father concentrated on beef but also maintained a moderate number of dairy cattle as well.

I was a bit taken aback when the homestead came into view. I'd imagined a squalid, dilapidated hovel. From a distance, however, it looked quite grand. The ground floor walls were brick; the upper level was clad with shingles.

Only when we drew up alongside did I see how badly maintained the fabric was; a coat of paint or wood-stain was badly needed on the upper storey, and the brickwork sagged in places, with loose mortar having spilled to the ground.

I parked alongside an old tractor, leaving the keys in the ignition.

That was my first mistake.

There were no other vehicles in sight. Matt said that probably meant his father and brothers were out working somewhere but, before we reached the front door, it was yanked open from the inside.

A very tall and thickset man stood there. He had grizzled grey hair pulled back in a pony tail. His facial hair - and there was a lot of it - was also grey, except for the moustache which bore a yellowish stain that proclaimed 'chain smoker'. I assumed that this was Mr Swanson; Matt's father.

'Well, well' he growled. 'If it ain't little Matty. Home at last. And a fine-looking gentleman friend too.'

I extended a hand, intending to introduce myself, but my hand was ignored.

He motioned us inside. I noticed that Matt was careful to let me go first. I could sense that he was very tense and anxious. A glance at his face told me that he was actually experiencing fear or dread.

'I'm only here to get my stuff, Pa' said Matt. 'I'm moving out. I won't be living here anymore.'

'Ahh' his father responded. 'Well there's no rush, is there? Surely you and your fine friend have time for a coffee.'

I could tell that Matt wanted to be in and out as fast as possible, but I also thought it wouldn't hurt to be civil.

That was my second mistake.

But then, the old man had never done me any harm and he probably deserved some explanation about where Matt was headed next.

So we followed Pa through a shabbily-furnished living room and into a large kitchen. It amazed me how much this house resembled a time capsule from the seventies or the early eighties. The furnishings and the style reminded me of my grandparents' houses when I was a little boy on visits.

The much-worn carpet was clean enough, but almost dangerous to walk on. And the floorboards creaked alarmingly too.

'Nate and Abel should be here soon' said Mr Swanson. 'I'm sure you'll want to say goodbye to them too, Matty. And we don't get many visitors. I'm sure they'd like to meet your fine friend too.'

I didn't much like being repeatedly referred to as Matt's 'fine friend'. It sounded threatening in an obscure way. I'm sure he probably talked of fine heifers and fine bulls too. I felt as though I was being assessed like livestock.

On balance, the house was surprisingly clean inside. Testimony, I guess, to Matt's years of housework.

It was very untidy though - clothes flung everywhere, dishes piled high in the kitchen sink and food slopped all over the stovetop - and I took this as an indication of how greatly these guys relied upon Matt to clean and pick up after them.

He'd been gone just a few days and chaos was beginning to take over.

It was suggested we wait in the lounge while the coffee was being brewed. I chose what looked like the most comfortable armchair only to find its springs were a torture to sit on. All the armchairs, like the shabby curtains and the wallpaper, were stained heavily with nicotine.

The entire house smelled like an ashtray with the added aromas of stale urine and male sweat.

'One cup of coffee and we get my stuff and go' Matt whispered.

As I was nodding in agreement, there was the rattling sound of some decrepit vehicle pulling up sharply outside. Nate and Abel were home.

They entered through the front door and they didn't come quietly. They thundered their way into the house, stopping abruptly at the sight of their little brother and I perched on armchairs. There was to be no greeting.

'Where's Pa?' demanded the larger of the two.

'In the kitchen' said Matt. 'He's making coffee.'

This seemed to surprise his brothers. I guess they reasoned that if Matt had come back home then he should be the one brewing coffee.

Anyway, they stomped their way into the kitchen, leaving Matt and me alone.

'Which one's which?' I asked.

Matt explained that the taller one was Nate and the shorter one with the hare lip was Abel. Like their father, they were both built like brick shit-houses. I'd be stunned if either one of them weighed less than 250 pounds.

It seemed an eternity before anyone came back into the lounge. We could hear mutterings from the kitchen but it was impossible to make out what was being said. Eventually, Mr Swanson reappeared and told us we were to have coffee in the kitchen.

We all sat around a very old wooden table. None of the chairs matched and I detected a whiff of stale animal fat coming from the stove. I could think of better atmospheres for a friendly chat over morning coffee.

Nate and Abel simply sat staring at me with slack jaws. They ignored Matt completely. After all, they knew him well, whereas I was an object of curiosity. It was to be Pa Swanson who did most of the talking.

He plonked coffee mugs in front of each of us. He didn't ask if I needed cream or sugar. I didn't press the matter. I don't like my coffee black and this was a particularly strong and bitter brew, but I bravely took a few sips.

'So - you're taking my little boy away from me' said Pa.

'You make it sound like a kidnapping' I said. 'I've just driven him here so he can collect his stuff.'

'And where is he moving to?' he asked.

'He's moving in with my parents for a while.'

'Ahh. And where do you live?'

'I'm temporarily staying with my folks too' I replied. 'Just for the time being.'

'Would I be right in guessing you've been screwing my little boy?'

That question threw me a bit. It was more direct than I'd expected. Before I could think of an answer, Matt spoke up.

'Pa - I'm just here to say goodbye and collect my things. I just want to move on, that's all.'

Mr Swanson then surprised me even more.

'And what am I supposed to do then, hey? Your fancy man swans in here and takes away one of my boys - one of my lads who help me run this farm. Who's to keep house for me if you go? I reckon I'm entitled to some compensation.'

Nate and Abel still didn't speak, but they nodded their agreement. I bravely swallowed what was left of his vile coffee - my third mistake - before responding.

'Mr Swanson' I said. 'Matt is an adult. He's twenty-one and he's not your slave or some indentured labourer. If he wants to leave home, then he has every right to do so. Surely you know that.'

'You don't want to believe a word the boy says. He ain't right in the head. He needs his Pa and his brothers to look out for him.'

'And' I replied, 'there's no reason I should believe every word you say either.'

'Did he sell you some crock of shit about how he's treated here? I'll bet he did. Does it all the time. Gets guys to feel sorry for him. Plays poor little me. Practically begs guys to screw him. Like I said, he ain't right in the head.'

I can't recall what was said after that. I only remember feeling suddenly dizzy and disoriented. A great lassitude came over me.

It was like nodding off during a boring lecture at school. I could hear murmuring around me. I know I tried to focus. But it was impossible. I slumped over the table.

I was asleep.

When I came to - and I have no idea how long I was out to it - I was naked and face-downward on a bed. There seemed to be a great weight on each of my shoulders - a force that prevented me from rising.

As the world grew clearer, I realised that Matt's brothers were holding me down on the bed. I struggled but it was useless. They were far too heavy, far too strong. And I was feeling incredibly feeble and groggy. It was like coming out of an anaesthetic.

The sound of Pa's voice quickly brought me to greater awareness.

'Keep him still, boys. Time he experienced some real Swanson hospitality.'

And then my legs were abruptly and forcibly spread apart and yet another weight was pressed down on me.

In shock, I realised that Pa was mounting me. I made a feeble attempt to clamp my thighs together and then - as I felt them being parted by rough hands - I also tried to clamp my ass-cheeks together.

I heard Pa hawk loudly and then spit. As he did so I felt a glob of phlegm land on my ass-hole. It grossed me out but that was not the burning issue.

For me, the issue was that I was about to be raped; penetrated by a sweaty, middle-aged man on a filthy bed in darkest Pig Hollow.

I yelled and screamed and shouted in outrage, but that only made Pa, Nate and Abel laugh.

'I love a screamer' growled Pa. 'It turns me on. Holler all you want. Ain't nobody gunna hear you.'

I felt a rough thumb at my ass-hole. Pa was using his phlegm as lube. I tightened my sphincter but his thumb still entered me for a way. It hurt like crazy. And then I felt Pa's hard dick pushing its way into me.

That was pain beyond belief. I screamed even louder.

Luckily, Pa was having difficulty in maintaining his erection. The resistance within my rectum was proving too much for his ageing cock. Virgin territory was waging war against the invader.

He finally admitted defeat. Before he managed to get far inside me, I felt Pa's dick soften and bend and then fall out of me. But my luck didn't last long.

'Oohwee' he said. 'I think we've got a virgin, lads.'

He lay down flat on top of me - which was like being run over by a truck - and then whispered in my ear.

'You've been fucking my little boy. I figure that makes us kin. Time you got up close and personal with your new family.'

I was unable to reply. His weight was squeezing all the air out of me. It was a relief when he drew away from me.

But then my head was pulled up from the pillow and I was staring at a dick belonging to one of my new brothers. It was thick, just as thick as Matt's - maybe it ran in the family - and there was a glistening string of pre-cum hanging from its engorged head.

'Chow down on this' a voice urged me.

'No way' I gasped. 'You put that in my mouth and I'm going to bite it clean in half.'

'You bite me and I'll kill you!'

'But half your dick will be missing before you do' I said.

'Let it go, Abel' commanded Pa. 'Get down here and fuck the shit out of your new kinsman.'

'Oh God' I thought. 'Now I'm going to be penetrated by a sweaty, dim-witted hill-billy with a hare lip.

Not to mention a dick as thick as my wrist!'

Pa and Abel swapped places. It would have been an opportunity to struggle if I hadn't still been so weak and groggy. By now I'd worked out that I'd been slipped a Mickey Finn in my coffee.

I wondered what had happened to Matt, but I didn't wonder for long - I was way too preoccupied with my own fate.

Hands grabbed at my waist, hauling my hips upwards and wedging a pillow under them. I felt Abel take up his position between my legs. I felt my ass-hole being exposed to view once more. And then a rock-hard cock plunged its way inside me.

There was no gradual introduction. Abel obviously had no difficult in staying hard, no matter how tight the target.

It was like being ripped asunder. My breathing was the first thing affected as the pain seared within me. I expelled every scrap of air and then inhaled deeply, desperately.

I heard a blood-curdling scream - a prolonged keening howl - and realised it was me doing the screaming.

Fortunately, Abel was definitely not a stayer. I don't know how many times he plunged in and out of me. Every thrust was agony but it wasn't long before I heard him panting and moaning as his excitement grew.

There was one last searing blast of agony deep inside me as Abel shot his load. He trembled and shuddered in ecstasy.

I could imagine his face at that moment; slack-jawed, drool on his chin and a vacant look in his bloodshot eyes.

Abel withdrew abruptly - so abruptly that I felt a trail of his cum dribble onto my thigh. It was almost as painful when he withdrew as it was when he entered. I could feel the walls of my ass-chute heaving in extremis.

I imagined a pool of blood and tainted cum bubbling inside me. I wondered if I'd ever be able to shit properly again.

Pa took over again. Abel resumed his restraining role as his father returned to my poor, shattered ass-hole. Watching his son rape me had obviously excited Pa greatly. I'd been opened up and lubricated with Swanson jizz.

This time he entered without difficulty. As had been the case with Abel, there was nothing leisurely about Pa's modus operandi. He too plunged deep inside me with the very first thrust.

But Pa took longer to reach the finish line. I think I passed in and out of consciousness as he bucked and heaved at me. Perhaps my mind went to another place in order to blot out the pain.

It seemed an eternity before the old man finally began to breathe faster and thrust harder as the cum spurted out of him.

I was almost beyond caring what happened next, but I began to care quite urgently when Nate replaced his father.

It became apparent that Nate was into really rough sex. It was insufficient pleasure to simply rape me. Nate liked to slap, pinch and punch as well. He also liked choking people.

Several times - with his cock lodged way inside me - he applied a forearm to my throat, cutting off my air supply and bringing me close to asphyxia. Each time he released his hold, I gulped in air and prayed he would soon finish.

I began to worry that he was a necrophiliac; that he wouldn't ejaculate until I was dead.

Nate did eventually shoot his jizz inside me. And I was still alive when it happened; but only just. I had retreated to a place where sensation and thought no longer existed. Pain had driven me there.

I'd like to tell you that my ordeal ended once Nate lay spent between my legs. But it didn't. I think Pa had run his race for the night, but Abel had grown hard again watching his brother fuck me. So, Abel's cock raged inside me again.

And, of course - having watched Abel at work - Nate returned for a second helping too. I was like a rag doll by this time.

I made no resistance when Pa forced my mouth open and inserted his limp, smelly dick. I wanted to vomit but didn't really have the energy to do so.

When they were finally done, they left the room. The door slammed shut behind them and a key turned in the lock.

I became aware of a faint whimpering sound in the room. I managed to raise myself on one elbow and looked around me.

Tied to a chair near the foot of the bed was Matt.

He was naked. He had duct tape across his mouth; his face was stained with tears and his eyes looked wild. There was a nasty graze on his left cheek and blood dribbling from his nose. He was sitting in a pool of urine.

He'd obviously been trussed up for quite some time.

I half-staggered, half-crawled toward him. I first ripped off the duct tape and then forced my trembling hands to untie him.

He fell forward. I was unable to hold him. I was too weak. But we eventually made our way to the bed and sat down together. I'm not sure who comforted whom. We were both in a bad way.

'I'm sorry' Matt said.

'Did you see it all?' I asked.

'Yes. They wanted me to watch.'

I suddenly found that pain had been replaced with humiliation.

It seemed to add to my distress that someone had watched me being pack-raped by ugly, sweaty half-wits. It made it worse to know that the loss of my virginity had been witnessed by the young man I loved.

'If it helps at all, they did the same to me while you were still unconscious' said Matt.

'Oh God' I exclaimed. 'They're like wild animals. Worse than wild animals really. Sick. Mad. Bad. We have to get out of here.'

'We can't. They have our clothes and they have your car keys too.'

'If it's the last thing I do, they'll pay for this. I believed you when you said they treated you badly, but I guess I had to experience it myself to appreciate how depraved they are.'

As we sat there, disconsolate and aching, I felt moisture beneath me. I stood up and saw a puddle of blood-stained cum on the already grubby bed sheet.

The act of standing enabled more of this fluid to trickle down my legs. I was appalled. I wondered if something had been ruptured within me; if I might bleed to death.

'It's normal' Matt assured me.

'What? Normal to bleed from my ass?'

'Well, yes' he replied. 'Cum always dribbles out sooner or later. And I used to bleed nearly every time when Pa first started with me.'

I wasn't greatly reassured, but I accepted that Matt knew more about these things than I did.

We tried the door. It was locked and it was solid wood.

I suggested breaking a window but that idea died when Matt drew back the curtains to show me an iron grille on the outside.

It was a bit like being caged.

So our only option was to lie on the bed together and wait for our captors to return. I figured it must be mid-afternoon. I was acutely aware that my Mom would get very worried if Matt and I didn't show for dinner. If only I'd told my folks exactly where we were headed.

Soon we were both asleep. I was still feeling the effects of whatever drug Pa had used and we were both exhausted anyway.

It doesn't require any physical energy to lie on a bed while you're raped, but I can assure you it takes a huge toll on your nervous system.

It was almost dark when Matt's family returned.

I heard the key turn and was instantly on full alert. I was in fight or flight mode. Matt applied a restraining hand to my shoulder.

'Don't try anything' he warned. 'There are three of them and they're way too strong for us.'

I reluctantly accepted the wisdom of this.

The door opened and in they came, flicking on the overhead light before closing the door behind them.

Having already conceded they were too strong for us, I was forced to acknowledge another truth too. A naked man feels doubly defenceless. Pa, Nate and Abel were in grubby overalls and wearing heavy work boots. It was no contest.

'Why it's Sleeping Beauty and the handsome Prince' sneered Pa. 'Thought you might be hungry. We've come to feed you some more meat.'

Nate and Abel snickered at their old man's sparkling wit.

'You're all insane' I shouted. 'You'll pay for this. You can't keep us here forever. People will come looking for us. My folks know where we were headed.'

'Is that so?' growled Pa. 'And what would you tell your folks?

That their precious faggot son was fucked by three upstanding farmers? You want your Ma and Pa to know you've had our dicks up your ass?

You want to claim rape when you're as queer as a three dollar bill?

You want officials shoving swabs up your ass and laughing at the poor little rich boy? I don't think so.'

'So what do you have in mind?' I demanded. 'You can't keep us here forever.'

Pa pretended to consider my question. He scratched at his oily locks and then broke into a broad grin, displaying his yellowed and chipped teeth.

'Well, let's see now. What do I have in mind? Hmm ... I'm thinking maybe you could improve my cash flow a little. You'll owe me for taking away my little boy. You'd be taking away a good worker as well as my favourite bed-warmer.

And I figure you'd pay me some hush money now and then. Just enough to persuade me not to tell the whole world how you let three guys fuck you senseless. And that you loved every minute of it; that you begged for more.'

I considered this outrageous proposition. I had absolutely no intention of allowing myself to be blackmailed by this monster, but I could pretend to play along. After all, I couldn't access any money without being allowed to visit a bank or a teller machine.

They had my wallet, but there had only been around two hundred dollars in it. I'd left my cards and check book at home. I didn't think I'd need them for a quick trip to Plainsville, and my habit was to always be a small target for would-be muggers and thieves.

'OK' I said. 'You win. Give me back my clothes and my keys; I'll head home and access some money. I'll leave Matt here as security against my return.'

'There's no rush' said Pa. 'Like I said, we plan to show you a bit more hospitality; feed you some more delicious Swanson meat.'

I stood up and faced the man squarely.

'Nope. You let me go right now. If not, I promise you that when help does arrive I won't hesitate to report this to the cops, no matter how embarrassing it might be. It'll be you with the reddest face when you're hauled into court.'

Pa seemed to ignore my words entirely. His eyes were focused on my junk.

'Ain't you one well-hung stud?' he commented. 'I've got a bull just like you. Balls to the ground. Huge dick too. You been sticking that thing up my little boy's ass?'

I subsided onto the bed in an effort to keep my assets from view.

'Matty' said Pa. 'Get down on your knees and give your fine friend a really good head job. I want to see how big that thing grows.'

Matt did as he was ordered. Against my will, I felt my cock swell in his mouth.

After a few minutes, Pa abruptly pulled Matt away from me. A rough hand grasped my shaft and began to yank at it vigorously.

Again, against my will, I surrendered to the sensation. It had been a sexually charged afternoon and my dick had yet to achieve any satisfaction.

Then Pa pulled his hand away suddenly.

'Fuck Matty' he commanded.

'No' I said. 'No way. I'm not an animal. I can't have sex on command. And I won't stand for Matt being humiliated.'

'Mighty fine words, stud. But your cock seems to disagree.'

And he was right. My erection hadn't subsided. If anything it was harder than ever.

'It's OK' said Matt. 'Do whatever he says or he'll start whaling into me.'

So we did as Pa wanted. I was bitterly ashamed of myself. I didn't care that these men were watching me, but I did care that I was fucking my friend on demand, just as though he were a piece of meat.

I cared mightily that he might think I had no conscience or concern for his feelings. I whispered an apology - which he accepted - and then I fucked him as quickly as possible.

I was surprised that I could reach the end so quickly.

Perhaps trauma can be an aphrodisiac. Perhaps one's dick acts autonomously under acute stress. Whatever the reason, I soon blew a huge load deep inside Matt's ass.

My heart and mind were not engaged - only my cock.

When I withdrew, I felt more ashamed of myself than ever.

While Matt and I were fucking on the bed, his father and brothers had shucked off their boots and overalls. They stood around us, watching intently and absent-mindedly flailing at their dicks.

I noticed that they were all hung much the same as Matt. Not much length but definitely very thick. Abel had an exceptionally long foreskin. Only Pa had balls of any note.

I'd heard that your balls drop lower as you get older. This had obviously happened to Pa. True, they weren't as big or as low-slung as my own, but they certainly had heft and swing.

Inanely, I found myself wondering what would happen when I was as old as Pa. Would I have balls to my knees? I devoutly hoped not.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted.

'Grab him' Pa said. And suddenly I was being held fast by Nate and Abel.

'You stay put' Pa told Matt. 'We're going to fuck you in your fancy boyfriend's jizz.'

For the next hour or so, I was restrained by various family combinations while each of them took turns fucking the youngest of the three brothers. It was hard to watch. I was overwhelmed with sympathy and pity for my friend. He was now being humiliated just as I had been.

All the while I was thinking it might be my turn next; that they were going to rape me again too.

If that had been their plan, then it came to nothing. It was now dark outside and, suddenly, we heard a vehicle approaching, its headlights piercing the darkness.

I had no wristwatch but I judged it to be around ten o'clock, maybe later.

Nate went to the window and peered through the curtains.

'It's the Sherriff' he announced. 'It's Gabe Daniels and he's got a deputy with him.'

'I told you people would come looking for me' I cried triumphantly.

Truth be told, I had no idea how this miracle had come to pass. But I was certainly grateful.

Pa and his older boys were galvanised into action. They hastily donned their overalls and thrust their bare feet into boots.

'You two stay put' Pa ordered Matt and me. 'And don't make a sound or you'll be sorry. Very, very sorry.'

They raced downstairs, neglecting to lock the door behind them.

Matt and I could hear muffled voices at the front door. Listening intently, we heard Pa assure the Sherriff that Matt and I had indeed visited and decided to stay for the night.

We heard Gabe Daniels insist that he'd like to check; talk to us. I heard him say that my parents were concerned that we'd been detained against our will. And so - despite Pa's protestations and demands to see a search warrant - it seemed the Sherriff was about to cross the threshold.

'You come back with a search warrant and I'll let you in' Pa insisted.

I heard another voice - presumably the deputy's.

'We don't have probable cause, Gabe.'

I rushed to the door, flung it open and shouted to the men below.

'Yes, you do have probable cause officer. Mr Swanson is holding us here against our will and we've both been assaulted.'

I launched myself down the staircase with Matt close behind. I didn't care about being naked. I didn't care about anything except getting out of Pig Hollow.

It had been a harrowing few hours, but at last rescue was at hand. I had a lot to tell our rescuers.

And I was intent upon revenge.


Andrew Tait

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