Joseph's re-entry into my life has had several positive impacts.

He helps control my drinking, he takes good care of my cottage and its gardens, and he's available whenever I needed to be fucked.

But I soon wearied of the monotony of this. I am not designed for monogamy. Fidelity is all very well, but some occasional variety is more exciting.

Though he'd die rather than admit it, Joe is as interested in sexual adventures as I am.

He may have successfully repressed his desires for many years, but, deep down, this ex-priest is no different to me. We are both sluts at heart.

When boredom began to set in, I told Joseph that I needed to hit a few gay hook-up places and wallow in raw uncomplicated sex.

'Are there places where you can do that?' he asked.

'Sure there are. My particular favourite caters to every taste imaginable.'

'So I'm not enough, Martin?'

'No' I told him. 'Any more than I'm enough for you. You want to explore the possibilities just as much as I do. You transitioned almost directly from the priesthood to life with me. You've never really lived.

You're gay, but you've never experienced gayness to the max. There's more to sex than routinely fucking boring old me.'

'I'm quite happy the way things are' Joseph protested.

'Well, I'm not. I'm bored, Joe. And I think it's time we both spread our wings. More than that, I want to spread my legs and take on every guy that's out there.'

He didn't require much persuasion and, thereafter - whenever the urge overtook me - Joseph accompanied me on my cruises of all the local beats, book stores and far-flung truck-stops.

He discovered the magic of glory holes; the glorious uncertainty about what might be on the other side of the partition; the joy of watching a beautiful cock ease through the hole and into one's mouth. Or ass.

Joseph was fucked for the very first time via a glory hole. I was in the booth with him. I watched as he winced at the initial pain; and I watched as the ecstasy finally hit him.

I was a bit jealous, actually. He'd scored a wonderfully long and thick dick. I wanted it for myself but I was feeling generous that particular day.

We also went to the Paradise Club together. Some might say I was corrupting Joseph. I can't accept that judgement. In my opinion I was helping the man to reach his full potential.

At first, Joseph was nervous; especially in the orgy room. But he eventually took to it like a duck takes to water. He sucked and fucked with gay abandon. He even overcame his original revulsion about fist-fucking.

He watched me being fisted and then he lined up with all the others to fuck me afterwards. He wasn't prepared to be fisted himself, but he happily submitted to being gang-fucked and used for bukkake. These were pleasures he'd never have known without my guidance.

All this added a new dimension to our relationship. Previously, Joe had pitied me and regarded himself as my saviour. Now he began to regard me with admiration and awe. Martin Solomon - the legendary bottom - was back on top.

It was not a true partnership. We were not lovers. We were friends with benefits; joint adventurers. And I helped Joseph to discover his particular interests; desires he'd never previously dared to think about, let alone act upon.

Joe was surprised to find he enjoyed being fucked just as much as he enjoyed doing the fucking. He was truly versatile. Unlike me, he got equal pleasure from both topping and bottoming.

And Joseph was highly attuned to dick size. The bigger the better. He enjoyed holding and sucking a big dick. And he relished having one up his ass.

One day, Joseph reminded me that I'd said I would think about getting in touch with Andrew Tait again; Andrew - the guy who walked out on me after catching me in bed with Joe.

Truth to tell, I really did miss Andrew in many ways. I especially missed his huge uncut dick and the feel of his monstrous balls slapping against me.

'I never saw Andrew with a hard-on' Joe confided. 'But I did see him showering at the gym and he seemed incredibly well-hung. Enormous.'

'Ah. So that's why you want us to get together again' I teased. 'You're a size queen, Joe. You just want to check out Andrew's junk.'

'No. Not at all' he protested. 'I genuinely want you two to be friends again.'

And then, after a pause, he confessed.

'But if I do get an opportunity to check him out, that would be a bonus.'

'Well, don't get your hopes too high' I told him. 'Even if we do manage to catch up, I doubt Andrew's dick will be on display. He's ridiculously moral. He's strictly a one-man guy. But you're right. He does have an enormous cock. The biggest I've ever had inside me.'

Anyway, thanks largely to Joseph's diplomacy skills, we did eventually catch up with Andrew and his partner Matthew. We were invited to their house for dinner.

It was like being hit with a sledgehammer when Andrew opened his front door.

I'd been dwelling so much on the beauty of his dick that I'd forgotten how handsome the guy is. Drop-dead gorgeous, in fact.

And time has been kind to him. Now in his thirties, he looks no older than he did in his mid-twenties. And he obviously still works out regularly too. There was not an inch of flab beneath his shirt and track pants.

He was trim, toned, tanned and terrific. I sucked in my gut and did my best not to hate him!

I found myself unresentful of young Matthew. The guy radiates good humour and geniality.

And he is just as gorgeous as Andrew. They could even pass for brothers; both of them blond and blue eyed, and both of them slim and exuding fitness and good health. Matthew's hair is lighter by a shade or two, and his eyes are a startling blue whereas Andrew's are almost violet.

The most significant difference between them is that Matt's beauty verges on a soft prettiness, whereas Andrew's handsomeness is a classic and very masculine form of beauty.

I am not as shallow as some people suppose. It's not all about size and foreskin. I do occasionally raise my eyes above crotch level.

Anyway, as the night wore on, I became aware that Joe was not happy about the amount of booze I tossed down. But I needed to drink that night.

I wouldn't admit it aloud, but I was nervous and even a bit jealous at how happy these two guys appeared to be.

It wasn't fair. I felt that I deserved to be equally happy.

So I drank to improve my mood. I knew if I had enough to drink then the "old" Martin would emerge and I could be the witty and charming man that lights up any party.

After dinner, while Andrew and Matt were busy clearing away plates and salad bowls, I whispered to Joe.

'I'm going to strip off and go skinny-dipping in the pool. I want you to do the same. OK?'

A smile crossed Joseph's face. He knew that this might provide an opportunity to feast his eyes on Andrew's naked body.

I was hoping for this too, but I was also anxious to check out Matthew. I wanted to know if he was hung as impressively as Andrew. Above all, I wanted to know if he was cut or uncut. I was in a fever to know if he had a foreskin.

Andrew and Matt joined us in the pool.

We played games and splashed around like schoolboys. I think Andrew was reluctant at first.

I guess he hadn't expected the reunion dinner to segue into a skinny-dipping party. One should never under-estimate my ability to manipulate people.

Anyway, both Joseph and I got what we wanted. Joseph got to check out Andrew's junk and I got to see that Matthew has a nice long foreskin.

If there's a pecking order in genital size, then Andrew wins on every count. Even flaccid and in cold water, his dick is at least seven inches long, and his balls continue to hang low when everyone else's have retreated in search of warmth.

Joe's dick is the next largest, but he could hardly be described as well-hung.

And Matt and I are about equal, although his is far thicker than mine and, of course, he has that cute hood at the tip, just like Andrew and Joseph.

I think Andrew and I crossed swords a bit before the night ended. I could see that he was highly suspicious of my intentions.

His suspicions were well founded. Certain plans were already forming in my head, but I knew it was important I not show my hand at such an early stage. So I played the innocent.

Not until Joe and I were driving home did I speak my mind.

'I want Andrew's cock inside me again' I said. 'And I want to suck on Matthew's cock too; maybe even have him fuck me.'

'That's horrible' Joe protested. 'They're so happy together. You can't spoil things for them. You can't.'

'Oh, yes I can, Joe. And I will. And don't go all holier-than-thou on me, Joseph.

You'd like Andrew's whopper up your ass too. And I'm sure you wouldn't mind screwing Matthew's delicious little bubble-but.'

There was no further argument from Joe. He may have lost his religion but he still strives to be a truthful man wherever possible.

He wasn't about to deny that he craved our hosts' bodies just as much as I did.

Two weeks later, Andrew and Matthew came to dine at my place on the outskirts of town.

Joseph and I had planned meticulously. We wanted everything to go perfectly on the night. And I'm not referring to the meal alone; I mean everything.

I can be pretty devious when necessary. In fact, I can be devious even when it's not necessary. I need to be in control by whatever means are available.

As Joe and I were preparing for our guests' arrival, we talked a bit about the past.

'What did Andrew do before he met you?' Joe asked.

'Much the same as when he met you' I replied. 'He managed a few gyms. He wasn't an owner/operator in the early days. I helped set him up financially.'

'It's a wonder he wasn't snapped up to be a model or a movie star. He'd be sensational in porno. Just imagine watching that huge cock in action.'

'There's no way Andrew would ever do a porn movie' I said. 'And I made sure he never got the chance to make his face and body famous in any other way.'


'He did a few television promos for the gym chain and that resulted in lots of approaches from agencies; scouts looking for a new look to launch underwear or men's cologne or toothpaste.

I told him it was all crap. That a male model's life is hell. That he'd become an object instead of a person. That his look would eventually go out of style and he'd be dumped even faster than he'd been taken up.'

'I guess that's all true' said Joe. 'How do you know so much about the industry?'

'I don't' I replied. 'They're just the assertions I made in order to ensure he didn't leave me.

Andrew has no idea how gorgeous he is. He's oblivious to his own appeal. He has no ego.

I guess he looks in the mirror and sees himself as presentable, attractive; but he has no clue of the impact he has on others; the visual impact. I don't think he knows that he takes one's breath away.

He knows guys lust after his dick - well, I think he must know that by now - but he despises that. He genuinely fears that someone might love him for his dick alone.

That's my fault. I planted that idea in his pretty little head.

He wants to be loved for himself; for his character and his qualities.'

'Oh boy' Joseph said. 'He doesn't seem that naive to me. You sure did a number on him, didn't you? You're such a bastard, Martin.'

'I know. And you love it.'

'You're probably right' he admitted.

'You're a very corrosive person, Martin. And I guess I've become open to any corruption you serve up. Thank God I left the priesthood. I would have been excommunicated long ago.'

We just had time to shower and get our glad-rags on before our guests arrived. They were at our door looking like something out of a catalogue.

Matthew was in a jacket and a pair of fashionably distressed and exceedingly tight jeans. With my usual attention to such matters, I could see that - unusually - he dressed to the right, and that the thickness of his cock helped give him a very admirable package.

Andrew was more conservative. His jeans were not as skinny as Matt's but his generous assets were still discernible. I ushered them inside.

I won't bore you with gastronomic details. Suffice to say, the dinner was a triumph. But, with me as the chef, that was never in doubt.

It was after dinner that the night grew more interesting.

Andrew and Matt are not regular or heavy drinkers but - always Mr Responsible - Andrew had organised a chauffeuring outfit to drop them off at my place and take them home afterwards. No way was he going to blot his copybook with a DUI charge.

It was something that despicable me would never worry about. But it was also something that played right into my despicable plans.

As the evening progressed, Joseph and I kept replenishing our guests' drinks with monotonous regularity. Conversely, I was careful to monitor my own intake.

I didn't want to lose my edge. I know how easily I can lurch from charming to obnoxious.

By 10pm it was obvious that both Andrew and Martin were at least a little tipsy.

Their cheeks were flushed a delicate pink. It was as if a make-up expert had applied blusher there. And their eyes were bright too.

Andrew was as happy and relaxed as I remember him in the good old days when we lived together, and Matthew's boyish high spirits rose to another level. His animation verged on being flirtatious.

There were no objections when I suggested we look at some old home movies.

We assembled in the lounge room and - after topping up their drinks for the umpteenth time - I turned the lights low and screened some old footage.

The tape started with a clip of Andrew and me playing golf together. There was a great deal of laughter at my pathetic attempts to drive off the tee.

After that, there were a few sequences I'd captured of Andrew playing tennis in some local tournament. He imitated the latest trend when he won his game, throwing himself to the ground and lying flat on his back in mock emotion.

I love that particular bit of footage - I'd deliberately captured a view where Andrew's package stood out clearly; you could even see the straps of his jock when he raised his knees before standing up to run into the net and shake hands.

Both Matthew and Joseph commented on how athletic and handsome Andrew looked. It was true then; and it was still true today.

In that dimly lit lounge room, he didn't look a day older. Indeed - if anything - he looked even handsomer. I guess happiness can do that.

The tape moved on to a long-ago day at a local nude beach.

We saw Andrew dash headlong into the surf, his junk swinging wildly as he ran. And then we saw him emerge, his hair slicked back and his body gleaming with water. His cock and his balls swung no less wildly.

This was a man impervious to the cold.

He looked like some fabled god emerging from the sea.

'Show off' jeered Matthew, and we all laughed. Even Andrew was sufficiently buzzed to laugh openly.

'I can't really remember you filming all this stuff' he said. 'And I'm amazed that you've kept it.'

'Are you kidding?' Joe commented. 'Some of this stuff is wet dream material.'

Having set the scene, I next proposed we all watch a movie I'd recently purchased. It was a man-on-man hard-core porno. Lots of sucking and fucking. Lots of spectacular cum-shots. And an absolute smorgasbord of man-flesh.

It was a Brazilian movie but the language didn't matter. Only the visuals mattered. And I knew that any guy watching would be nursing a hard-on.

For my own part, the sight of all those uncut dicks - all that fabulous foreskin - was a massive aphrodisiac.

No one spoke until the movie had ended. When I quickly flicked the lamps back on, I noticed both Matthew and Andrew were covertly tugging at their pants; attempting to coax their junk into a more comfortable position.

Joseph, by contrast, had no sense of shame. When he got up to refill the glasses, there was a noticeable bulge at his crotch and a distinct wet spot.

The guy's hopeless. I'd warned him not to wear light-coloured trousers.

It transpired that Matthew had never previously seen a gay porn movie, or any sort of porn movie for that matter. Just the occasional magazine.

So he was quite thrilled and excited by what he'd seen.

'Wow. They make 'em big in Brazil' he said. 'Some of those guys were huge; maybe even bigger than you, Andrew.'

A sober Andrew Tait would have been annoyed by that remark. He wouldn't like his dick being discussed in front of Joseph and me. But a tipsy Andrew Tait was another matter.

'I wouldn't like to be any bigger' he declared. 'I'd never be able to persuade anyone to let me fuck them. And I'd never get a decent head-job either. Except from retired porn actors.'

'Oh, I don't know' I drawled. 'I'd be happy to give it another try. What about you, Joseph?'

'I'd do it in a heartbeat' he confessed. 'Nothing beats a huge, thick cock stretching ass-holes and mouths to the max.'

I could see Andrew growing restless at the turn in the conversation. He looked a bit irritated. I decided to change tack.

'How about we play some games?' I cried.

'Such as?' Joseph asked - right on cue.

'Oh, I don't know' I replied. 'Nothing boring like Scrabble or Monopoly. What about strip poker or Truth or Dare?'

I had to explain Truth or Dare. Matthew had never heard of it.

While Joseph replenished our glasses, I explained that participants took turns in deciding whether they wanted to answer a question absolutely truthfully or whether they'd prefer to take on a dare.

'It's a silly game' Andrew commented.

'It sounds like fun to me' Matthew protested. 'I don't mind telling the truth.'

'And nor do I' Joseph added.

'It's not the truth that bothers me' said Andrew. 'It's the dare.

I've heard stories of some pretty wild challenges, even dangerous ones. I'm not about to leap off a rooftop, drink bleach or eat dogshit just to satisfy a dare.'

'I assure you I'd never dare anyone to eat dogshit' I told him. 'It tastes vile.'

Matthew's mouth gaped in shock and amazement.

'He's joking' Andrew said. And then: 'OK. Let's do it.

But I refuse to believe you're going to tell the truth, Martin. You wouldn't recognise truth if it reared up and bit off your left testicle.'

'Don't be so mean' protested Matt.

'He's not being mean' I said. 'It's true. I'm a congenital liar. But I promise faithfully to be truthful tonight. OK?'

All this time, our guests had been drinking far more booze than they were accustomed to. I could sense their inhibitions melting away. They were far from being drunk; just nicely intoxicated.

Joseph and I - on the other hand - were still relatively clear-headed.

Our own glasses had been topped up just as regularly as theirs, but we'd only taken a few sips in between replenishments; whereas Andrew and Matthew's glasses had been filled to the brim every time they were empty.

We settled down to play. Joseph and I occupied one couch; our guests occupied another, facing us across the coffee table.

It was agreed that we'd go in alphabetical order. So Andrew went first.

'Martin' he said. 'What do you want? Truth or dare?'

'Truth' I said.

'OK. Why are Matthew and I here tonight? What's the hidden agenda?'

'That's two questions' I objected. 'But I'll answer them both. You're here because I really want us all to be good friends. And I have no hidden agenda. When I want something, I have no problem in being overt about it.'

Joseph was next.

'Andrew' he said. 'Truth or dare.'

'Truth' Andrew replied.

'OK. Tell me. Exactly how big is your cock?'

Matthew giggled. I kept quiet, watching Andrew intently.

This was an important question. Joseph and I had planned it in advance. I figured it would help us gauge just how far Andrew's inhibitions had receded.

'It's about ten inches' he said.

'About? That's not good enough. I said exactly' Joe complained.

'Look, guys' Andrew explained. 'I haven't measured my dick since I was about fourteen years old and comparing equipment with some school friends. It was around nine or ten inches then and I doubt it will have grown much over the past eighteen years.'

'That's close enough' I intervened. 'You're embarrassing our guest, Joseph. Let's move on. It's my turn.'

I gazed intently at Matthew before asking him if he wanted truth or a dare. The guy was so into it. He was enjoying the game immensely.

'Dare' he replied. 'No one's had a dare yet.'

'OK' I said smoothly. 'Matthew, I dare you to suck Andrew's dick.'

'What? Here? Right now? With you guys looking on?' he asked.

'Yep' I said. 'Those are the rules.'

Andrew chuckled and stretched his legs out. There was an obvious stirring in his pants.

'You're a snake, Martin Solomon. You haven't changed one bit.'

'What if I refuse the dare?' Matt asked.

'Then you incur a penalty' Joe advised him. 'And before you ask, the penalty will be to suck Andrew's dick.'

At this, Andrew laughed out loud.

'You're both snakes' he declared. 'OK, then. A dare's a dare.'

He undid his belt buckle, raised his hips and eased his jeans and pants to his ankles. As he did so, his enormous cock sprang out at us. In all its glory. Rock hard and already seeping at the tip. I watched in awe as his foreskin began its mesmerising retreat.

I glanced at Joseph. His face was a mask of naked lust. His wildest dreams were coming true.

Matt looked a bit uncertain so I decided to intervene.

'Well, now that it's out and about, why don't you measure it for us, Matthew. That'll take care of Joseph's earlier question.'

Joe went and fetched the measuring tape I'd purchased just the day before. I freely confess to being a conniving bastard. This moment had been carefully orchestrated.

Handing Matt the tape measure, Joseph offered to assist.

'For quality control purposes' he said.

Andrew roared with laughter. I did too. I knew that nothing on earth could stop Joe from getting up close and personal with that incredible dick.

They took their time over the task. Matthew's hands trembled a little. Probably from nerves. And Joe's hands trembled a little too, but that was just an indication of lust.

Andrew was unexpectedly cooperative. He even allowed Joe to pull his cock away from its resting place on Andrew's abs so it could be measured along the top. Eventually, the great measuring task was completed.

'We have a result' Joseph announced solemnly.

It was a bit like awaiting a puff of white smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel.

'Two hundred and eighty millimetres' said Matt. 'What's that in inches?'

'A lot' I chortled. 'If you two klutzes look on the other side of the tape, you'll find inches. You're using the metric side.'

Andrew laughed again. He looked directly at me and winked while the official measurers returned to work. I knew what that wink meant. He was awake to my game and he was prepared to play along.

I felt vindicated. It doesn't matter how principled a man is. Give him enough good food and fine wine; throw in a horny movie and two guys playing with his dick - he's hooked.

'Good grief' Joseph exclaimed. 'That's a tad over eleven inches.'

'You lied' I told Andrew. 'You've been holding out on us. That calls for a penalty.'

'OK' he replied. 'But I honestly didn't know the exact measurement. I'm a grown man. I don't measure my dick regularly. What's the point?

As for a penalty, how about I let Joseph suck my dick while Matthew kisses me and plays with my balls? Would that suit your agenda, Martin?'

'Agenda' I protested. 'What agenda? I don't know what you're talking about. But I agree with the penalty. Go for it, Joe.'

Matt looked a bit bewildered. He wasn't on the same page as the rest of us. He was out of his depth. Andrew drew him into a reassuring hug.

'It's just a game, babe. It doesn't mean anything. I love you, babe. You and only you. OK?'

Matthew nodded and their hug became a passionate kiss.

I watched as Joseph attempted to feign nonchalance ... badly. Any fool could sense that he was longing to blow my ex-lover. He went down on his knees and studied the huge cock that was within his grasp at last.

Andrew's dick hadn't faltered for a second. If anything, it had grown even harder while being measured by two giggling guys.

His foreskin still hovered at the ridge of his glans and - as I watched - a string of glistening pre-cum began its descent downward. Joe quickly trapped this with his tongue before moving in for the kill.

What with Joseph's passionate cock-sucking and Matthew's hand at his sac, it wasn't long before I could tell that Andrew was perilously close to shooting his load. He pulled his dick away from Joe's mouth for a few seconds. Just long enough to make a brief statement.

'If you guys want me to blow, then it has to be down Matt's throat. No one else's.'

Joe reluctantly moved his mouth away, but he continued to kneel right by while Matthew took over. The kid was great at giving head. He easily deep-throated his lover. I could see ecstasy on Andrew's face.

Joseph is pretty lousy at giving head. He lacks experience, especially of whoppers like this one.

It was only a matter of seconds before Andrew clasped Matt's head and drew him even closer. His hips rose as the cum spurted out of him. We could hear Matthew gulping as he drew back to swallow the first surge. And then the second. And the third.

I could sense that Joseph was wild with silent rage. It didn't please him that Andrew had chosen to bestow his load on someone else.

'Why not let Joseph clear up the last few drops?' I suggested, deliberately casting Joe in the role of a mere scavenger who is desperate for scraps.

Matthew looked up at Andrew seeking agreement. The great man nodded and Joseph lost no time in taking over while Andrew and Matt returned to kissing.

It seemed a long time before Joe relinquished his trophy. And when he did, I marvelled again at how enormous Andrew's dick is, even when it's almost flaccid.

And I wanted to reach out and fondle his balls myself. Just as I remembered from past encounters, they continued to hang proud and low between Andrew's thighs.

'It's my turn' Matthew announced.

This startled the rest of us. Andrew, Joseph and I knew that the game was as good as over, but Matthew was oblivious. He wanted to continue playing.

'That's right' Andrew said, smiling. 'You're the only one who hasn't asked a question yet.'

'Go for it' he said, as he pulled his pants up to deny any further viewing of his assets.

'Joseph' said Matt. 'What do you want? Truth or dare?'

'Truth' Joe replied.

'OK. So which do you prefer, Joe? Being a top or being the bottom?'

'Both' said Joe. 'I love being fucked and I love to be on top too. It's about equal.'

'He's telling the absolute truth' I chimed in. 'He gets a bit frustrated sometimes because I won't fuck him. I'm one hundred per cent a bottom. Besides, I'm hung like a chicken and what he often craves is a big hard dick up his ass.'

'I prefer bottoming too' Matt declared.

'And that leaves Andrew' I drawled. 'Andrew is still a virgin. Do you ever feel an urge to give up your precious virginity, Andrew? Maybe let some guy - Matthew for example - have his wicked way with your tight little pucker? Huh?'

It became apparent that I'd struck a nerve. Matthew glanced anxiously at his guy. I desperately wanted to know what secret they were hiding.

'Funny you should ask' said Andrew. 'I've been giving it some thought lately. I wouldn't mind giving it a try but Matt doesn't want to. I respect his wishes. And I love what we do together. Matthew is the perfect partner as far as I'm concerned.'

Joseph had left the room to fetch some more wine. He reappeared just as Andrew spoke.

'Is the game over?' he asked.

'Maybe' I said.

'And maybe not' Andrew added. 'I suspect the real game is about to begin.'

'You must be psychic' I cried. 'Can you guess what the real game is?'

'Yep' he replied. 'You, Martin, are hoping I'll give you a fuck for old time's sake, and Joseph wants me to fuck him too. You both want to have me deep inside you.

And also, Martin, you want to chow down on Matt's delicious uncut dick. Right?'

'Bravo' I shouted. 'Whatever happened to the naive lad I used to know and love?'

'Well, Martin, the answer to that is simple. One of us has managed to grow up.'

'Ooh. Nasty' I responded. 'But you may be right. I still like to play games. I have a large inner child.'

'You have a large twisted ego, too' Andrew barked. 'But I'm feeling mellow tonight. I won't send you to your room as a punishment.'

Both Joseph and Matthew followed this exchange with interest. Matt still looked a little lost. Joe, on the other hand, looked highly optimistic. Maybe the plan I'd outlined to him might actually work.

Andrew rose to his feet, zipping himself up as he did so. He took Matthew's hand and led him into the entry hall. We could hear them whispering. It didn't sound like an argument. When I saw them kiss, I knew there was definitely no argument.

When they returned to the lounge, still hand-in-hand, Matt's eyes shone with excitement and eagerness. I wondered if his slutty side had been sparked into action.

'Get me another drink' Andrew commanded. 'And then we'll discuss what happens next.'


Andrew Tait

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