[Matt takes over the narrative, giving an account of how he and I forged a special bond and a very intimate friendship with Leo and Brad.]

Andrew and I grew more confident about our love with each passing day. Sometimes it's a bit too much if lovers work together as well as live together. After all, it can be tedious to feel you're joined at the hip. But it worked just fine for us.

And we'd made friends with a few other gay couples; periodically dining at their houses, sometimes having them visit us, and even - on a few occasions - hitting a dance club together.

We rarely spoke of the night we'd visited Martin's house but - when we did - it was to agree that variety might one day need to be part an integral part of any relationship.

Not the spiteful games that Martin wanted to play. No. We both hated that.

But mutually agreed fun with another trustworthy couple was something we could see adding a new dimension to our sex life - one day. If we ever met the right candidates.

But, for now, almost three years into our relationship, things were fine just as they were. The gyms were doing well; business was booming. And life was good.

Andrew's mother and his Aunt Nancy provided us with a supportive family. For the first time ever, I developed a sense of security. I was no longer the desperately downtrodden farm boy I was when I first met Andrew.

And we'd heard nothing further from that horrible snake, Martin Solomon - Andrew's ex - or his pathetic sidekick, Joseph.

Then, out of the blue, we met two guys who were to become our greatest friends.

They were passing through town as part of an extended honeymoon trip along the coast. They'd only recently embarked on a fitness campaign and they called into one of our BuffBod establishments in the hope of doing a workout on a casual basis.

As it happened, both Andrew and I were on the premises at the time. We were conducting a monthly meeting for the staff.

The gym was actually closed for the day, but we took pity on the two guys. After all, the meeting was almost over and it seemed mean to turn them away. Andrew and I were planning to stay on anyway and have a workout ourselves.

And that's how Leo and Brad came into our lives.

There was no huge and instantaneous spark, but both Andrew and I thought them very likable. And it's no use denying that they were good to look at too.

I was impressed by Leo's mature sexiness. He's a very good-looking dude. A younger version of George Clooney but without the grey hair. Very distinguished and yet very approachable too.

I guessed he was in his late thirties, maybe forty. I have a bit of a thing for older men. Andrew doesn't qualify. He may be in his thirties but he looks only a little older than I am. It goes without saying that I have an even bigger thing about Andrew. I worship the guy.

And Brad impressed us both too. A very cute guy with auburn hair streaked by the sun. Initially, I thought he was about the same age as me; early twenties. He blushes easily but, when relaxed, his shyness fades away and he becomes a real chatterbox. Both men have a good sense of humour.

Anyway, the day we first met them - two nice guys all alone in a strange town - it seemed a nice gesture to invite them to our place for a home-cooked meal. Trust me, there was no ulterior motive.

Andrew and I were not auditioning for playmates. We weren't even sure that they were both gay. Brad almost certainly was, but Leo was harder to read.

It transpired that they were equally perplexed by us. They took us for brothers - a mistake many people make - and, while they easily categorised simple little me, they weren't at all sure if Andrew was gay too.

The evening went well. Leo and Brad were the perfect guests. And it's probably safe to say that Andrew and I were the perfect hosts.

After dinner, we talked a while and then I put on some music to dance to. Dancing is good exercise. It burns up calories and revives a sluggish metabolism. It also makes you sweat. So the four of us hit the swimming pool to cool off.

It was all highly decorous. We kept our underpants on. In no way was it a prelude to some riotous sexual romp.

We all felt the chill of the sea breeze when we emerged from the water. All of us except Andrew, of course. He never seems to feel the cold. It's like he's impervious to extremes in temperature. Maybe he has an exceptionally adaptive constitution.

I sent Leo and Brad off to have a long hot shower and I threw on some clothes while waiting for their return. Andrew just continued to lean back in a deckchair, very relaxed and very much at peace with the world.

'Nice guys' he said. 'Both of them.'

I agreed, adding that it was a pity they weren't locals.

'It would be nice to add them to our circle of friends' I commented.

'Well we can always become pen-pals' Andrew joked.

'Brad's very easy to like' I said. 'He seemed really shy at first, but there's an appealing personality once he relaxes. And he's cute too. I love the colour of his hair. I'm sure it's natural.'

'And Leo?' Andrew enquired.

'He's dreamy. He's smart too, but he doesn't use his intelligence to put people down. He's distinguished and yet very approachable. How old do you reckon he is?'

'I'd say somewhere between mid-thirties and forty' said Andrew. 'But that's a guesstimate. He might just be extremely well preserved. And I agree. He does look very distinguished. Like someone from the upper echelons of New England society.'

'By the way' he added. 'I love you, Matthew Swanson. You are truly one in a million.'

'How's that?' I asked.

'Of all the gay guys in the world, I found one of the very few who would talk about someone's hair colour or intelligence rather than instantly speculate on the size of his cock. It shows you focus on the person and not solely on his junk.'

'I'll take that as a compliment' I said. 'Thank you. But maybe it's not innate. Maybe it's something you've taught me.'

At that point our guests returned.

Unsurprisingly, we paired off in accordance with our preferences. Brad and I - both devout bottoms - ended up chatting together on one side of the pool; Andrew and Leo - both alpha tops - sat side-by-side on the other side of the pool.

On a still night, we could easily have heard every word being said by the guys opposite. But, on that particular evening, the wind had picked up, and one could only catch a word here and there.

Brad thanked me for the opportunity to take a hot shower, saying he felt much warmer now. He had his eyes on our respective partners some twenty feet away.

'I have to ask you something' he said. 'Is Andrew deliberately flaunting his goodies in order to attract our interest? Seduce us? Those damp briefs don't leave much to the imagination. Or is it just an ego trip? Does he crave admiration?'

I quickly explained that Andrew was far from being an exhibitionist.

'He usually goes out of his way to ensure no one gets to see how well-hung he is. He hates it that anyone might focus only on his junk and have minimal interest in his personality or his character.

He feels at ease tonight, Brad. That's a compliment to you and Leo. He likes you and knows you're not a couple of shallow size queens.

So, he's lounging around just as he would on any other evening at home.'

'Interesting' was Brad's response. 'Is that why he wears such loose and baggy shorts at the gym? He doesn't want to be noticed.'

'I know it's a bit unusual' I said. 'Most guys like to boast about how big their dick is. Andrew would prefer to boast about his skills at Scrabble.'

'I assume you're the one who usually bottoms' Brad observed. 'Is he so big that it hurts you?'

'Only occasionally' I replied. 'He's a wonderful lover and I love having him inside me, especially with my legs in the air or going doggy-style. I've heard there are guys who can take an entire fist and an arm inside them, so I don't see eleven inches as the biggest challenge on earth.'

'We seem to like the same positions best, but ...

... ELEVEN inches!' Brad exclaimed a little too loudly.

'Actually, a tad more than eleven' I whispered. 'And let's keep our voices down. Cock size is rarely discussed in this household.

Andrew thinks it's shallow to dwell on someone's genitals. I agree with him, but I still like to gossip and find out stuff when he's not in earshot.'

'Leo's much the same' confided Brad. 'I don't mean he has an eleven-inch dick - it's about eight - but he's not much interested in size. He's a bit like Andrew. It's the person who matters. Leo's happy with someone who's tight-assed and just averagely hung. Like me, for instance.'

'What do you call average' I asked. 'Mine's around six-and-a-half.'

'We're much the same then' Brad said. 'Mine's around the seven mark.'

'Can I ask you something very personal' I said.

'What? More personal than the size of my dick?' laughed Brad.

I laughed too. We were already discussing some very private stuff. Andrew would not have approved at all, but I was actually attempting to test the water.

'Are you and Leo cut or uncut?'

'We're both cut. Why?'

'Andrew's ex was obsessed by foreskin' I explained. 'He didn't value Andrew as a person. He saw him as just a stud with a big uncut dick. Andrew grew to resent that.'

'Well, Leo and I aren't particularly fussed either way. But I guess we'd be a bit wary where hygiene is concerned.'

'Lots of people say that' I moaned. 'Uncut guys wash just as frequently as cut guys do. Perhaps more. I'd no sooner allow my dick to get all smelly and yucky than I'd allow myself to go around with skid marks on my underwear or forget to brush my teeth.'

'OK. OK. I'm not the enemy' Brad said. 'I didn't choose to be circumcised. I was a baby. No one asked my permission. It's not a statement to the world. It's just a consequence of my parents' wishes almost thirty years ago.

I'm sure I'd be happy to have a foreskin, but I don't. So I play the cards I've been dealt.'

'I'm amazed that you're nearly thirty' I responded. 'I would have said about twenty-five. Maybe even younger.'

'It's because I've led a pure and blameless life' Brad assured me. 'How old are you and Andrew?'

'Andrew's in his thirties' I told him. 'And I'm about ten years younger.'

'So we're both with older men' Brad mused. 'I keep telling him he doesn't look it, but Leo's about eighteen years older than me.'

'Get out of here' I protested. 'Wow. Well, you're right. He sure doesn't look it. Andrew thought maybe late thirties and I was thinking the same.'

'He's in love' Brad explained with a smile. 'Love can keep you young.'

Shortly afterwards, the party broke up. We invited them to stay the night - use our guest room - but Leo declined, saying that they had to hit the road early the next day.

We all promised to stay in touch, maybe get together on their return journey, but - as I watched their tail-lights disappear into the darkness - I was sure we'd probably never see them again.

I was wrong.

Two weeks later, Brad called my cell phone and said he and Leo were heading back home and would like to catch up again along the way.

I was pleased to hear from him and I pressed him to persuade Leo to stay with us rather than at a hotel. I also did my best to convince him that they should stay with us for at least an entire weekend and not just one night.

He said he'd do his best but not to get my hopes up.

In the event, they did stay with Andrew and me. And they stayed for three days. They were quite an eventful three days. And nights.

Two weeks previously, on the night of the dinner party - the night we first enjoyed Brad and Leo's company - Andrew and I stayed up quite late discussing our guests. I told Andrew that these two guys were nothing like Martin and Joseph. They were genuine and candid people.

We agreed that they were an ideal couple to know. We also agreed that they were also potential candidates for an ideal foursome if ever we all felt like getting it on together.

Andrew and I are not predators. Nor - as we discussed possibilities that night - were we necessarily committing to a bit of variety in our sex life. It was all speculation and what if's. And besides, as I said earlier, we didn't really expect to ever see them again.

When their van finally pulled up in our driveway again, I was the first one to reach it. I'd been watching out all afternoon. I think Andrew was amused by my excitement.

'Welcome back' I cried, kissing both Leo and Brad as they alighted from the vehicle.

Andrew joined us with one arm outstretched to shake hands with Leo. And then he took Brad in his arms and gave him a big hug.

I swept Brad inside, chatting ten to the dozen.

'Tell me all about your travels? Where did you go? What did you do? How have you been?'

'How can he answer if you keep talking?' asked Andrew, laughing.

He and Leo were toting the luggage. They seemed pretty happy with their own company, so I left it to them to stow all the stuff in the guest bedroom. I took Brad into the kitchen and put some coffee on to brew.

'I am so happy to see you again' I said. 'Sorry about all the questions, but we've been our usual boring selves these past two weeks whereas you two have been on the road having all sorts of adventures.'

'Not so many adventures' Brad replied. 'But we've certainly enjoyed touring around. I never thought I'd enjoy sleeping rough, but I actually enjoyed nights spent in the van more than I did nights at inns and motels.'

'It sounds very romantic. Looks like your honeymoon might last forever.'

'I think all honeymoons come to an end sooner or later' said Brad. 'Eventually, one has to rejoin the rat race and cope with everyday life.'

I gave Brad an enquiring glance.

'That sounds a bit depressing' I commented. 'Is everything OK?'

'Let's talk about it later' he said. 'It's no big deal. And I think those two are wondering what's delaying their coffee.'

Through the window, I could see that Andrew had taken Leo out onto the deck. They seemed to be talking freely. I was glad. I'd been worried that they might each be a bit too reserved to relax totally.

I knew that Andrew was in awe of Leo's past business successes. We didn't know that Leo was equally impressed by our own efforts to make BuffBods a successful enterprise.

Over coffee and some delicious cupcakes baked by Andrew's mom, we all relaxed and our guests regaled us with tales from their road trip. They both looked fit and relaxed.

I soon forgot all about Brad's earlier remarks, and I joined in the laughter as Leo described a few disasters they'd had in various out-of-the-way places. Leo generally gave us just the bare facts - which were funny enough - while Brad provided extra details that made things even funnier. They were like a comedy act.

Eventually, the conversation split into two separate streams.

Brad and Andrew began talking about body-surfing and beach volleyball. Leo and I talked mostly about ourselves.

It was the first in-depth conversation Leo and I had ever had. Until then - much as I liked and respected him - I'd imagined he probably saw me as a bit of a bimbo.

'You know, Matthew; you remind me of someone but I can't for the life of me think who.'

'Well - whoever it is - I hope he's nice' I joked.

'Oh, of course. Undoubtedly' he assured me with a smile.

He told me they'd passed through Plainsville and that it looked just as dreary as it had the last time he'd been there.

'Do you still have family there?' he asked.

'Not really' I told him.

I found myself wondering how he'd react if I told him that Pa and my brothers were all languishing in an upstate prison. He seems a very broad-minded guy but I doubt he often finds himself discussing incest and sexual abuse.

We moved on to other topics. I was fascinated by how many far-off places he'd visited. I'm happy with where and how Andrew and I live, but Leo's travel stories left me wistful for an overseas trip of our own. But it's different strokes for different folks. Leo seemed equally fascinated by how we'd managed to build up our gym business.

'Have you both always been interested in fitness?' he asked.

'Andrew has' I replied. 'When I first met him, I was blown away by what a great body he has. As for me, I was just a lean and simple farm-boy. I never worked out, but I never pigged out either.'

'Well, you certainly have a great body now' Leo said. 'And you look nothing like a simple farm-boy. Both Brad and I think you two are shining examples of the healthy life-healthy body theory.'

'And yet here we are scoffing cupcakes' I retorted.

'I think we all need to lapse from the straight and narrow now and then' Leo murmured. 'Don't you agree?'

He had an unusual expression on his face when he made that remark. I half-wondered if he was making a move on me, but I dismissed this as foolishness on my part. And maybe vanity too. It does no good to consider oneself irresistible.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Brad seemed to be getting on famously. They had moved to the rear of our garden where - by climbing a few limestone steps - you can admire the sweep of white sand and the waves breaking on the shoreline.

'We're going for a quick dip in the sea' Andrew announced when they rejoined us. 'Maybe catch a few waves. Anyone else up for a swim?'

'I'd love to' I said. 'But it's my turn to cook dinner. It'll be a disaster if I don't take my time.'

'It'll be fine' Brad assured me.

'Andrew has a flair for cooking' I told our guests. 'He doesn't follow recipes or measure the ingredients. A pinch of this, a splash of that - and everything comes out perfect. Now me - well, I religiously stick to all the instructions and can still end up with pig-swill.'

'I'm serious' I cried as they all laughed.

'Well, I'll pass too' Leo said. 'I want to freshen up a bit and then I'll be Matt's kitchen hand.'

It was the first time he'd ever shortened my name. I was absurdly pleased.

So Andrew and Brad went for a splash in the ocean, Leo retired to the guest room, and I embarked on a crusade to master the art of producing four perfect Beef Wellingtons for dinner. A bit ambitious, but I was optimistic.

I'd previously told Andrew that Brad was a bit disconcerted on their first visit; that he'd thought his host was deliberately flaunting his junk in a pair of wet briefs. Andrew was appalled that anyone might have arrived at that conclusion.

Now, I watched as he and Brad disappeared over the steps to the beach and I was amused to notice that Andrew was wearing the baggiest board shorts in the universe!

Shortly afterwards, Leo joined me in the kitchen. His hair was damp from the shower and his cologne smelled wonderful. I, on the other hand, was damp with perspiration as I struggled to persuade pastry, pate and four pieces of tender eye filet to look like Beef Wellingtons.

Before long, Leo had taken over entirely and the task was completed to perfection. He even added the decorative ridge of pastry on each little parcel. I'd intended to skip that bit as it looked way beyond my artistic powers.

I thanked him profusely.

'It's nothing' he said. 'I'm sure you'd still have got there without my interference.'

'Yeah. Sure' I retorted. 'In about a million years, perhaps. Andrew warned me not to be too ambitious but I wanted dinner to be extra-special tonight.'

'And it will be' he said with a smile. 'And I see no reason for anyone to know you had a little help.'

So, when the others returned, Leo and I were on the deck calmly knocking back a beer. Leo looked happy and relaxed and I looked very smug, especially when Andrew asked if I needed a hand in the kitchen.

'Everything's under control' I announced grandly.

Leo chuckled quietly as Andrew - looking astonished - and Brad disappeared inside to shower and get dressed. We exchanged conspiratorial winks.

Leo still looked like George Clooney's love-child, but I was no longer in awe of him. I could see how he'd managed to sweep Brad off his feet.

Dinner was absolutely first-rate. Maybe Leo went a little overboard in singing my praises, but the others didn't notice. They both thought I'd achieved a minor miracle.

I worried that Andrew might expect the same miracle to occur in the future. Maybe I'd have to pretend I didn't much like Beef Wellington.

Afterwards, we all adjourned to the deck. The only light came from the pool and a mosquito flare to one side. Our faces reflected the blue ripples of the pool water. It was a warm evening and I guess we drank more than we should have. I'm not sure that any of us is a great drinker.

Having demolished several bottles of wine and a few liqueurs, we moved on to Irish Coffees. Tongues were loosened. Inhibitions flew away. Conversation inevitably turned to sex.

Now, I love talking about sex, and I already knew that Brad liked to gossip too; but I hadn't expected Leo to be as frank and direct as he was that night.

He began wondering aloud if total fidelity was a realistic pathway for homosexual couples.

Andrew kind of sat on the fence, responding when appealed to directly, but not contributing much.

I wondered if he was inwardly disapproving or whether he was simply doing what he often does - listening to everyone else's view before declaring his own hand. He's a deeper thinker than many would suppose.

Finally, each one of us - Leo, Brad and me - appealed to Andrew for some input. He thought for quite some time - as though gathering thought-threads - before speaking.

'As I see it - Leo, Brad - you two have reached much the same point as Matt and me. You're happy together. You love each other deeply. You enjoy an active and healthy sex life together. But you worry that this might eventually grow a bit stale.'

I could see Brad looking a bit anxious, but Leo just nodded and asked Andrew to go on.

'Like Matt and me' Andrew continued. 'You believe in fidelity. Neither of you wants to screw around behind the other's back. So you wonder if it's possible to occasionally vary your diet by engaging with another like-minded couple.

Two guys you like and trust. Two guys who are also looking for an occasional bit of spice that doesn't threaten their relationship. A sort of exclusive package deal. Four close friends with occasional consensual benefits.'

'That's it exactly' Leo exclaimed.

'What about you, Brad?' I asked. 'Is that how you feel too?'

'I'm not sure' he replied. 'I wonder if it's a bad sign that Leo and I should contemplate such an arrangement so early in our relationship.'

'You must follow your own conscience; be true to your own values' Andrew said.

'One thing I'd ask though; is it better to be proactive - to put in place an arrangement that helps prevent staleness - or is it better to address the inevitable only when your sex life has already become routine and boring?'

'I have no problem in being realistic' he continued. 'Man is not created to be monogamous. Nature didn't design us that way. It's only conventional morality that imposes monogamy upon us. I'd rather my partner and I occasionally partied together and safely with another couple than have either of us indulge in secret and casual encounters with strangers.'

'So you don't see it as an admission of failure?' asked Brad.

'Nope. And neither does Matt. We once got railroaded into a foursome that neither of us really wanted, but neither of us would say that the sex on that occasion was unsatisfactory. It was just that we actively despised the other couple. It was obvious that their chief motivation was to split us up, bring us down.'

'So where do we go from here?' Leo asked.

'Let's all sleep on it' I suggested. 'And, in the interim, how about a swim in the pool?'

'And I'll wear board shorts' Andrew announced, causing Brad to blush.

'He's just kidding' I assured Brad. 'Everyone wear whatever they want. Or wear nothing at all. That's my intention. We're friends. This is your home too for the next two or three days so wear what you'd normally wear at home.'

'Then we all skinny-dip' said Leo. 'That's what Brad and I do in the pool at home.'

If our friends were in any way taken aback by an unclothed Andrew, then they hid it well. I was pleased about this and I knew Andrew would be happy too.

It increases his trust in others if they see him as a complete package - a naked man with a good body, a fine mind, a handsome face and - yes - genitals too. He's a person. He is not just a large dick with an inconsequential man attached to it.

At one stage, there was a bit of harmless pashing in the pool. Leo pulled me into an embrace and we kissed a bit. Brad and Andrew did the same. It wasn't sex. It wasn't even foreplay. I think Brad and I were the only ones who developed a full erection, and our hard-ons quickly disappeared when we all went back to splashing about and being silly.

After that, we called it a night. I decided the dishes could wait till the morning. Firstly, I was a bit tipsy. And, secondly, all the talk about sexual variety had made me feel very frisky. I was looking forward to bed and whatever Andrew might have in mind. If he'd wanted me to, I think I would have happily fucked Andrew that night. But that didn't happen.

We had only just got into bed when there was a gentle tap on the door. It was Brad in a bathrobe.

He perched on my side of the bed, looking pink and embarrassed.

'Leo and I have been talking' he said.

'And?' I asked.

'We're wondering if you two would like to try this foursome thing tonight. I know you said to sleep on it, Matt; but I don't think Leo and I need to think to think it through any further. We're both eager to give it a try if you'd like it too.'

'Take off that silly robe' Andrew said. 'And climb in here next to me while Brad goes to fetch Leo.'

Still bright pink in the face, Brad did as Andrew suggested. I got out of bed and padded down the hallway to get Leo. His face lit up as I entered the room.

'So it's a yes?' he asked, smiling.

'It's a yes' I confirmed. 'Andrew asked me to fetch you.'

'Oh' he said. 'I thought you would be here with me while Brad stays with Andrew.'

'Nope. You know, I think you'll find it's far sexier to be four in a bed. There's something pretty amazing about watching your partner do things with another man. And you're less likely to get all jealous if you've seen exactly what happened.

It's to be a foursome, Leo - not a partner-swapping. You won't find yourself wondering afterwards if Brad did things he refuses to do with you.'

When Leo got out of bed he was already erect. He has a very nice body for his age and a tiny bit of chest hair that looks quite sexy. His cock is a good size too and fairly thick. I thought it would be a nice dick to get acquainted with. I took his hand and led him down the hallway.

'I thought you two had got lost or maybe started without us' Andrew said. 'Hop in, both of you. Hope you don't mind if we keep the bedside lamps on. I don't want to do stuff in the dark. I want to see stuff too.'

I noticed he'd placed lube on both bedside chests. No condoms. Just lube. I guess this was part of the trust thing. You don't swing with those you think might be promiscuous.

I won't bore you with all the preliminary stuff - the exploratory hands and fingers, the hugging, the kissing. It was indiscriminate foreplay. Even Andrew and Leo groped and kissed each other. And I discovered that Brad is a great kisser too. I guess my greatest thrill was when Leo and I locked lips and tongues. I'd enjoyed kissing Brad, but Leo's tongue was far more authoritative and masterful.

When we eventually split up into pairs, I went down on Leo and took his thick cut eight-incher to the back of my throat. He sighed deeply and stroked my hair. I could detect the scent of his cologne - very masculine, not cloying - and there was the aroma of fresh talc around his scrotum. He has a decent pair of balls and I sucked on them while continuing to stroke his cock.

Meanwhile, right alongside us, I could see Andrew doing much the same to Brad's junk. He was playing Brad's dick like a musical instrument. And a quick glance at Brad's face told me that he was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

When Leo started paying lip-service to my own cock, I realised that he'd applied some lube to his hand. As he blew me with skill and finesse, I felt a well-greased finger slide inside my unresisting ass. It was joined by a second finger and then a third. He moved his hand slowly and gently, almost imperceptibly, and managed to locate my prostate.

The movement inside me - combined with the mouth at my dick - caused precum to flow out of me at a prodigious rate. He paused now and then to capture my ooze with his tongue. If he had any concern about chowing down on foreskin, it certainly didn't show.

I glanced across at the other two. Brad was struggling manfully to accommodate Andrew's huge eleven-incher. I noticed he'd wrapped his hand around the base of Andrew's shaft, thus ensuring that a sudden thrust wouldn't choke him.

Leo withdrew his fingers from my ass and hoisted my legs onto his shoulders. Brad moved his mouth away from Andrew's cock and both guys shifted so they'd have front-row seats for the first performance of the night.

Having already made sure my ass was well-lubricated and relaxed, Leo positioned himself and began to enter me. He neither rushed nor dawdled. I felt the ridge of his glans as it glided past my anal sphincter, I felt the delicious thickness of his shaft, and then I felt his balls against me. He was fully inside me.

I clenched and clamped as hard as I could. I wanted to keep him deep inside. His dick, whilst discernibly smaller than Andrew's, was nonetheless a substantial presence in my gut. He began to move faster. Each time he moved forward, I thrust back against him.

I forgot to look at Andrew and Brad. I was too lost in my own sensation to wonder about anyone else's reaction. It became apparent that Leo was no speedster when it comes to shooting a wad. It was one of those couplings that seem to last forever; the kind of fuck that leaves you trembling and exhausted afterwards; the kind of fuck that lifts you to increasingly higher levels of pleasure.

I'm told that an ass can't experience orgasm like a vagina can, but, then again, I've heard that a woman's orgasm is more psychological than physical. That first time Leo fucked me, my thoughts and feelings ascended to such an elevated and pleasurable state that I truly believed I was having a rectal orgasm.

When Leo did finally unleash inside me, he concluded with a series of massively forceful thrusts. I could feel his cock throbbing; I envisaged his balls riding high as they discharged every fluid ounce of their precious load.

When Leo and I finally separated, Brad immediately took my dick in his mouth. I didn't last long. Even as he flicked his tongue at the droplets streaming from my piss-slit, I was ready to explode. So, almost as soon as I was entirely inside his mouth, my cock exploded, pumping jizz so fast and so copiously that he gagged momentarily before swallowing the load.

After this, all four of us exchanged kisses and sweet nothings. Andrew congratulated Leo and me on an outstanding performance. Both he and Brad agreed that it had been highly erotic and exciting to watch us fucking. Indeed, both guys confessed they'd had to exercise great self-restraint to avoid ejaculating with us.

We didn't rest for long. It was time for Andrew and Brad to perform. Brad whispered in my ear that he was a bit scared. He was terrified at the prospect of being penetrated by something so large. I squeezed his hand and suggested he relax as much as possible. Tensing up is not helpful. The more one's ass protests, the more painful it can be.

In an effort to be helpful, I parted Brad's buttocks and rimmed him for a few minutes. Andrew then inserted a lubricated finger to open Brad up a bit. I grabbed the lube and slathered Andrew's dick liberally. I didn't want Brad to suffer. I wanted him and Andrew to both enjoy the experience.

Brad was positioned on his knees and elbows. Andrew moved at a glacial pace. The tip of his dick rested at Brad's sphincter for an eternity before he allowed it to move forward a fraction. Brad was very quiet - I think he was holding his breath and biting a pillow.

'There's no rush' Andrew assured Brad. 'I'm not going to move forward until you ask me to. Just back on to me at your own pace.'

If you've ever seen a penetration in extreme slow-mo, then you'll appreciate how gradually Brad's ass swallowed Andrew's cock. I marvelled at how patient Andrew was, and I also marvelled at the sheer bulk of what he intended to bury inside Brad's rectum.

I have never used a strategically placed mirror to watch myself being fucked. If I had, then it would have seemed as challenging as watching Andrew's huge dick disappear inside Brad.

When he was a bit more than half-way in, Brad told Andrew he needed to rest for a while. Andrew offered to withdraw, but Brad insisted he was enjoying himself and wanted to keep going.

'It's just so thick' he moaned.

I reached for Brad's junk. His protestations about enjoyment seemed a bit hollow when I discovered how shrivelled and limp his dick was. His sac was tight and wrinkled too - just as though he was in a state of terror or else in an ice bath. I began to slowly tug at his cock. It was a while before it responded, but I eventually felt it begin to swell a little. At that time, he returned to pushing back against Andrew's dick.

As I continued stroking his cock, Brad finally reached the stage where Andrew's shaft was completely hidden from view. Andrew's heavy ball sac now rested against Brad's own scrotum.

'I won't move until you tell me it's OK' Andrew murmured.

We could all hear Brad's long, drawn-out moan. I imagined his insides in uproar, with delicate flesh desperately trying to adapt to this monstrous invasion. It was Brad who finally began to move. At first there were just tiny back and forth motions. Then he started to move an inch or so at a time.

I looked at Andrew's face. It was a study in concentration and patience. I could tell he longed to go for it; to fuck ass at whatever speed he desired. But I could also tell he was being solicitous of the man whose ass he was plundering.

Brad's dick was growing harder and harder as I continued to stroke it. I took this as a sign that he was starting to feel some level of enjoyment. He began to push backwards more insistently and his sighs began to outnumber his groans.

Andrew followed Brad's lead, picking up the pace with each thrust. It was like some momentous breakthrough when I saw that enormous dick disengaging almost completely before thrusting inwards again.

At last, the two guys abandoned themselves fully to the thrill of a wholehearted fuck. Andrew's cock began to sweep in and out of Brad's ass like a pile driver. It made whooshing sounds as it hammered away. And Brad - whose precum was making my hand slick - began to vocalise far more loudly.

'I love it. I love it' he cried. 'Faster. Harder. Please don't stop.'

Like me, Leo was mesmerised by the awesome sight before us. This enormously thick and lengthy dick was plunging deep inside Brad's ass. As they picked up the pace even further, we could hear Andrew's hefty ball-bag slamming against Brad's flesh. The bedroom was filled with the sounds of an epic slam-fuck.

'I'm going to blow soon!' Brad shouted.

Andrew hammered even harder. His hips were a blur. He began to pant and gasp. Just as he shuddered to a halt, I felt Brad's dick pulse in my hand. I jerked at it until it had finished spraying jizz all over the bed sheet.

At the same time, Andrew's cock was blasting its load deep inside Brad's ass. I reached to grasp Andrew's sac, twisting his balls and tugging at them just the way he likes.

When their loads were exhausted, Andrew and Brad began the slow process of disengagement. I know this can sometimes be painful because it feels as though your guts have been torn apart.

'That was beautiful, Brad' said Andrew as they collapsed side-by-side. 'Thank you.'

'It was amazing to watch' Leo added. 'Are you OK, honey?'

Brad smiled his pleasure and satisfaction. His cock had not subsided after ejaculating. It was still close to full erection.

'The night's still young' he declared. 'Who's next?'

Leo reached across and inserted his middle finger into Brad's ass. His face wore a mask of lust as he did so.

'I think I'm next' he murmured. 'You're as tight as ever, babe, but it's also quite creamy in there. I want to feel Andrew's cum all around my dick. I want to fuck you in his jizz.'

And he did.


Andrew Tait

[email protected]


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