By Simon Traum

And then it's flipped, and Jacob's plowing the big man's ass on the other side of the altar, and good god, this was worth waiting for. His prong's hard as auraed stone as he slides it slowly back and forth in the handsome guy's pleasure-tunnel, making sparks inside both of them, making the man suck his breath through his teeth, his fingers a shiny blur around his thick, curved erection. His eyes might be playing tricks on him, but he thinks he can still see the guy's beating heart, glowing on the inside of his chest. It swells when he pumps his hard dick in the hole, turns purple and engorged. Jacob licks the hairy trail up the man's moist stomach, feeling - he can actually see it - incandescent energy pouring off their soaked, glowing bodies, pulsing out of what anchors them, their triple eyes, their tempered hearts, the tops of their heads...


"Yeah, just like that," Jacob tells his roommate, Hank. "Pull the breath down into the belly so you can feel the whole cycle." They're both naked, hanging out in Hank's room.

Hank's about two years older than Jacob, about as muscular, but much shorter. He wears glasses, which add to his appeal, making him appear slightly less apelike. They've been fuck-buddies for some time, relieving each other's tensions when there's no one else handy.

Jacob's been attempting to show Hank some basic exercises, but this has been complicated by the intrusive fact that Hank's lover, Chip, refuses to take Jacob's cock out of his mouth.

"Mmmm." Chip's eyes are closed in bliss, slobbering contentedly on the hard bone as he hums. Jacob, watching his erection vanish into Chip's bearded maw, tries to keep his mind on the instruction. "Mmmmm."

"He missed you," Hank says.

"I can tell."

"Mmmmm." Chip's mohawked head bobs.

"He gets this way after a work shift," explains Hank.

"Yeah, I know," confirms Jacob. "You can't even talk to him until he gets off."

Chip pulls his cute face back from Jacob's crotch. His big blue eyes stare up at him. "So fuck me and you can talk to me afterwards."

Jacob scoops the diminutive guy up in his big arms, depositing him on his back on Hank's bed and lining his hips up with his stiff prong. "You want me to fuck you, is that what I'm hearing you say?" He pokes his dickhead experimentally at Chip's pucker.

Chip grunts and then says, "Wait. Kiss him first," indicating Hank. Jacob leans forward and the two muscle guys lock lips, enthusiastically swapping spit. "Fucking hot," sighs Chip. "Okay, stick it in me and kiss him again."

Jacob can't stop grinning. Chip's much smaller and more compact than Hank, but he's unquestionably the one in charge in the relationship. He's also probably a genius, and he's capable of getting laid at a funeral. Jacob pushes his big dick inside Chip's rectum, savoring every inch. Then he and Hank start sucking face again as Jacob humps Hank's boyfriend like the cherry on the cake.

"Oh god," Chip moans, "you guys look so fucking good like that, ah fuck..." Hank's cock is swinging within range of his face so he grabs it, sticking it into his mouth. Hank starts to groan into Jacob's tongue as he floods Chip's mouth with his load. Chip swallows everything he can, although some leaks out the corner. He pushes Hank's shaft down his inverted neck, wrapping an arm around Hank's thick, furry thigh. Hank leans forward, supporting himself gasping on Jacob as his orgasm takes over. Chip's cock is erupting itself as Hank shoots down his throat.


Chip's climax causes his ass to clamp down just right on Jacob's pumping horsedick. "Oh fuck, man, that's perfect," Jacob pants, putting some force into it, and in a few more thrusts he's pushing sugar through his shaft and liquid fire out the crown. His eyes are closed, but Hank finds his mouth and their tongues wrestle good-naturedly, moaning softly. Jacob can feel Chip's hands caressing his hips and thighs, and eventually he comes back to himself, opening his eyes to find the other two staring at him.

"Since when did you start coming like that?" Chip asks him.

Jacob's puzzled. "Like what?"

"Man, you've been off in your own world for a few minutes," Hank says, watching him curiously. "We were starting to get worried."

Chip interrupts enthusiastically, "I could feel it when you came, like an energy load or something." He rubs the surface of his stomach, a strange look on his face. "What is that?"

Jacob considers. "It must be the Station. This is the first time I've been outside of it in weeks..." He's just starting to get a vague indication of the volume of training he's received without really knowing it.

"The Station?" asks Hank.

"That's where I've been for the past two weeks. That's why you haven't seen me. They've been teaching me these... techniques, it's like technology but you use your body." He shrugs. "It's really hard to explain. I'm not sure how to talk about it, but I want to bring you guys to the Station. You'd be perfect. They don't normally allow visitors, but I've got permission to show you around, if you want. I just have to get you up to speed on these breathing exercises. They won't let you in otherwise."

Hank rubs his big jaw, dubious. "Jacob, is this some kind of cult?"

This possibility has never occurred to Jacob. It stops him dead. He scratches his head. "I don't think so. I mean, you can leave if you want. You probably won't want to. I think they're more concerned about privacy, you know?"

Chip's gotten interested. "I think I've heard or read about something like this. Something about Gnostics...? Show me how you do the breathing again..."

Jacob shows him once more, and Hank tries it out with him. Before long, all three of them are deep-breathing in unison.

"What is this supposed to do again?" Hank needs reminding.

"Let me put it this way," says Jacob, "If you think you've been having intense sex up to now..."

"So this is what you've been doing for the past two weeks?" Chip pipes in.

"No, but you need to know how to do this to make the other stuff work. Trust me."

Chip glances over at Hank. "Yeah, it's a cult. We should do it anyway."

Hank nods, taking a deep breath, tongue on the roof of his mouth.


It's a bright Saturday afternoon when Jacob brings Hank and Chip to the Station. After using his key-card, punching in the security codes and escorting his companions into the building, Jacob finds it deserted. He looks around, but no luck, everyone's out at the moment. Nobody around but there's a note, which informs him that an expedition left in search of extra groceries an hour ago.

"Well, hell, I thought at least Dan would be here," Jacob shrugs, a little embarrassed, "I didn't know everyone would be out when I brought you." He looks around him, at a loss. "Never seen it this quiet," he mumbles. "Ah, let me show you around anyway."

As he gives Chip and Hank a tour of the grounds, Jacob tries to acquaint them with the routines. "Guys kind of come and go here," he tells them. "Damon was around when I showed up, but he got a job so he's moved out. But two other guys showed up this week."

Chip asks, "Nobody holds you all to a schedule?"

"Not this side of an emergency," Jacob answers. "They trust you to run yourself here, after Initiation. Well, before too." Jacob scratches his head, considering. "You know, to be honest, you really don't notice most of the training once you get the basic techniques memorized. It's like learning a new language you speak with your body..." Jacob trails off, afraid he isn't making any sense. When did he start taking all of this for granted?

"Hot," Chip mumbles, making Jacob feel much better. Hank glances curiously at Chip, who pats Hank's stomach, grinning back at him. Chip's getting horny again, which is starting his own engine.

"Yeah, it's kind of funny," Jacob says. "I'm coming to the end of my two and a half weeks tonight, and I still haven't been through Initiation yet. I think maybe they forgot. Hey, this is the shower room..."

Chip grins big. "Everyone showers together?" he queries, eyes lit up.

"Not much: we have showers between our rooms too. These are here for fun, I think. They tried to make the place a good environment for sexual training. Some of this stuff is like a movie set, but everything works. You should see what goes on in the workout room."

Chip nods. The Station is tastefully decorated, but he's starting to evaluate every surface he sees as a plausible location for fucking. Whoever designed this place knew what they were doing. Both Chip and Hank notice a different quality to the light in here. Chip sees Hank reaching tentatively to touch the cold, dry tiles lining the wall.

"What's this?' Hank asks Jacob, puzzled. The other two look over to where he's got a palm on the wall, staring at it. They come closer. "See?" he asks.

Chip doesn't at first, but then he does. Hank's hand on the wall has been swallowed by a mostly-transparent blue-green haze, like he's submerged it in shallow water. "Oh yeah, that," Jacob says, and walks over to the lights, turning them off. This should throw the three of them into complete darkness, but surprisingly doesn't. Instead, they find themselves surrounded by the deep blue-green glow, the showers become a darkened aquarium filled with shining air.

"What the fuck is this?" asks Chip.

"Orgone," Jacob replies. "It's like a sexual energy, but it also keeps you healthy. You create it when you're having sex, so there's always some being made here. The whole Station is soaking in it."

Chip's nodding again in the cool gloom. Some of this is ringing bells with him. Hank's huge arms slide around him from behind, embracing him, and he feels the chub he's been growing get thicker.

"What do you think about all this?" Hank whispers in his ear. Chip can feel Hank's boner pressing against his butt through his clothing.

"Go with it," Chip returns. The place feels weird, but he doesn't feel threatened, just increasingly horny, which intrigues him. Jacob's just disappeared for two weeks and then shown up again with sexual superpowers; Chip definitely wants to find out more about that. Hank's big erection jerks once against Chip's ass. Yeah, Chip thinks, he's feeling it, too. He wiggles his butt back into Hank's warm crotch, and the monkey man moans softly in his ear. Chip's mind flashes to an fantasy image of himself pushed up against the tiles, getting his ass pounded. "Hot," he mumbles again.

The faint sound of voices drifts to them, bringing them out of the darkened chamber into the light of the hall. The sounds are coming from the kitchen area, so Jacob leads the other two in that direction, explaining, "See, the training's not open to everyone. They're looking for certain types, people who are already handling a sexual charge and are used to it. I've recommended you guys. The idea behind the open house is to bring you round to the Station and see how you interact with us. If you decide you're interested in training, I can vouch for you."

At that point, he leads them into the kitchen and first contact with the residents. Both Chip and Hank stop dead in their tracks. They hadn't realized; Jacob hadn't told them about this. They look at each other, then back at the quartet of unspeakably hot guys currently populating the room.

"It's like a high-class porn movie," breathes Hank, staring, awed at the display.

"Fuck," is all Chip can say, cute, bearded mouth hanging open.

Jacob's watching the pair of them, grinning ear to ear. This is priceless. "Yeah, I thought you'd dig it."

"Dig it?" Chip shoots back. "I want to eat it with a white plastic spoon..."

Not wanting to prolong the torture, Jacob quickly introduces the other men. "Hank, Chip; this is Trent, Chump, Caleb and RJ." Handshakes lead to open fondling, leads to kissing, groceries forgotten.

Trent zeroes in on Jacob, hands magnetized to his body. "Missed you," he husks into Jacob's furry collar.

Jacob's big hands grab Trent's asscheeks. Yeah, he thinks, there's no doubt he's falling for Trent. "I brought friends," he tells him.

"So I see." Trent pecks him on the jaw. "They're cute. But right now I got a deep itch, and you're the one I want scratching it." One of Trent's hands travels up the back of Jacob's thick neck and strokes his ear and jaw. "You think maybe I can get you to myself for a while, stud? My ass is fucking throbbing."

Jacob's breathing has become heavier. His body swells with lust. "Oh fuck, yeah," he rumbles, hard-on ready to go... Then he remembers his charges. He glances across the kitchen at the goings-on.

Hank's managed to get his stocky self wedged between RJ and Caleb's larger bodies. He's not wearing his glasses. He and RJ have locked mouths and Caleb's pulled Hank's shirt off, big hands pawing at Hank's sculpted, somewhat simian torso. Twelve feet away, Chump and Chip appear to be attempting to suck each others' faces off, licking and chewing at each other between kisses, grunting and moaning all the while. Hands on asses pressing madly, trying to push the other inside where it feels good. Chump pulls Chip's rigid cock out, strokes it a few times. Chip's blue eyes roll. Jacob sees the two of them, Hank and Chip, suddenly look over at each other across the room. Hank's gaze is searching, questioning: Are you okay with this? Chip winks at him and gives him a thumbs-up as Chump puts his cock in his mouth. Hank waves feebly to him before Caleb moves in to kiss him, submerging him for the last time.

Jacob decides everything looks under control. "Your room or mine," he asks, squeezing and rubbing Trent's crotch. Trent's cock is granite-hard.

"Mine's closer," Trent suggests, and they're off.

"Dinner's in an hour," RJ calls after them.


It takes Hank and Chip a few hours to get their bearings again, not that they're trying too hard as they suck and screw their separate ways back through the Station's rooms and corridors. They never did finish Jacob's tour before they were interrupted, and now neither of them knows his way around. The entire estate has become a barely-explored maze to them for the duration of their visit. They don't mind; they're being well taken care of. Mildly overdosed on affection, they drift pleasantly for an indeterminate time, being shown around and shown off.

RJ and Caleb become beached with Hank for a while, marooned over a divan halfway down an otherwise abandoned hallway. RJ, impatient for once, strips Hank's remaining clothes off, and pushes him down on his back. Hank's huge hard-on sways in the air before Caleb sucks it down his throat. "Oh god..." Hank intones, voice echoing off the walls. Caleb keeps bobbing on Hank's dick as RJ undresses, lubing his butt for the ride ahead.

Hank's had more than his share of blowjobs, but Caleb is one damn good cocksucker. Hank keeps forgetting where he is; it's all he can do to hold onto Caleb's hairy shoulders as the bigger man eats him alive. His eyes pop open in shock - he hadn't known he'd closed them - when Caleb removes his warm, humming mouth from Hank's straining hard-on. It doesn't stay exposed long, though, before RJ's sinking his yielding ass down over its gulping length.

RJ hits bottom with his eyes closed, squatting, then lifts his hips, dragging himself back up Hank's shaft. Gasping, Hank stares in adoration at the big, handsome man riding his cock. RJ's dark eyes look right back at him and his hands spreads themselves over Hank's muscular chest, supporting him as he pumps himself up and down.

Caleb's dropped his overalls. Stepping out of them naked and magnificent, he saunters closer to the two fuckers. Once he gets within range, Hank's arm shoots out for Caleb's hard, uncut dick, bringing it to his drooling mouth. He groans loudly around the leaking meat.

RJ and Caleb kiss deeply as they use Hank's body beneath them, a three-way pleasure battery.


"Okay," Chump says to Chip, "it looks like you've got the breathing down. Keep your tongue pressed upward and try to feel the energy cycling forward through you."

Chip grunts, concentrating, lying on his back. Chump's erection is buried up his butt; both of them are very still, simply breathing. "See if you can direct the flow so it comes in through your asshole, cycles through you, and comes out again from your cock."

"That's not gonna be too hard with your dick inside me," smiles Chip. His own big hard-on is lying across his furry stomach; Chump strokes a finger up it and Chip tenses adorably.

"That's the easy part," Chump tells him, starting to move his cock very slowly inside Chip's back passage.

"Oooooohhhh..." moans Chip, temporarily blissed blind.

Chump, who knows just what he's doing, strokes his finger down Chip's drooling shaft again, just once, teasing. Hips. Moving. Very. Slowly.

"Oh god, what the fuck are you doing to me...?" Chip rasps hoarsely.

"Keep breathing deep," Chump advises him. "It's about to get more intense. Try to direct the flow of energy-" he touches Chip between the eyebrows "-up here."

"Oh god. Oh fuck. Aaaaooohhh..."

"Oh yeah, suck it up, you hot little fucker," Chump grins down at his helpless victim, absolutely in love with him for the moment.

Chip's gasping like a fish out of water, which it could be supposed he is right now. He manages to get his breath back under enough control to ask, "Am I dying?"

Chump shakes his head, smiling at him. "Nah. This is more like murder in reverse. You want to stop?"

"Fuck no! I don't think I can come though."

"You don't need to for this," Chump says before his own Serpent energy starts to rise, leaving him silent, deep breathing along with Chip. They both forget who they are for a while, remembering Something Else for a change.


Jacob wakes in semi-darkness, fuzzy-headed and dizzy. The room is veiled in shadows, the only illumination coming from somewhere outside. His body seems unfamiliar, awkward as he tries to rise from the plush couch he's been lying on. He can remember nothing that's happened since dinner.

Swaying on his feet, he squints about in the gloom. No one around, he's completely alone. What happened to everyone? Hank? Chip? Trent?

Something inside him shifts itself almost imperceptibly. He feels his body begin deep breathing. His tongue cleaves to the roof of his mouth, completing the circuit, and it's like lightning hitting him: He knows what's happening here.

There's a scraping, shuffling noise behind him, coming from the direction of the light, which dims somewhat at the same time. Jacob turns in its direction, and discovers RJ staring back at him.

The big man is naked, beautiful. Broad shouldered, dark-haired, clear-eyed in the bright moonlight. His thick cock juts out and up from his crotch like a rhino's horn, fully erect. He beckons, standing in the pool of moonlight beyond the open doors to the terrace. Was there something in that food?


It's spreading through your brain right now. You can feel it, a pleasant tingle at the base of your skull, a tiny fire, crackling, glowing: the logos, awakened. Remember? The knowledge grows from single nodes, meeting as they mushroom out, filling all conceptual space around them.

Mind and its contents are functionally identical. The universe is so constructed as to be able to see itself.

Synapses fire in a fusillade, the necessary connections growing together, independent of conscious interference, jumping across gaps, building new bridges, passageways between memories... This is what a neural pathway feels like when it first forms. The seed has been planted.

The Station is functioning, has been running smoothly for some time now. It has been given energy, imagination, resources, attention, direction. It has been Internal, but could become External at any time. What happens next?

SYSTEMS ACTIVATE: The internal code has been retrieved, interfaced, potentialized. Matter is the Divine in its most condensed form.

You've made it this far. Come on, just a little further to go. Can you feel it inside? Would you like to feel it somewhere else? Can you imagine it real?

There are galaxies above, and there are galaxies within.

Soft, precise technologies organize like music. Everything lights up. Energies flowing, spontaneously organizing. Making the leap into the beyond. Moving forward and up.

FULL SYSTEMS ACTIVATION: The reintegration process has begun. It feels just like finding something you've needed and have been separated from for most of your life, like taking a breath for the first time.

The body expands, inhaling, inspiring, pulling in Prana, swirling it through the entire organism.

The seed has been planted. It is growing now. Be prepared.

Thank you for your participation.


Simon Traum

[email protected]


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