By Simon Traum

The big man's fucking Jacob on an altar in the Garden. This has Jacob thinking two things: First, he's feeling pretty lucky that he's getting pronged by the big guy. From what he'd been told, the man doesn't stick it in anybody, except Damon sometimes. Second, he's pretty sure there was something in his food. He's deeply stoned on something or other. Any sudden movement produces visual tracers that cloud up his vision for several seconds, and waves of dizziness keep hitting him. Luckily, he's already on his back so there's nowhere left to fall to, feeling the earth spinning beneath him as his ass gets plowed. He looks up at the man grunting above him. Jacob can see his heart, beating, glowing, nestled behind the dark chest hair. He reaches out to stroke it, beneath the frozen lake of stars.


Caleb's rubbing one out. It's the only way he can get through work these days.

He's locked himself into a supply closet and folded down the denim overalls he wears on the job in order to get at his steel erection, in grumpy disbelief that he's had to resort to this again. He likes his job, but the guys here are so hot they drive him crazy. He doesn't know where they all came from, or what they're doing here (he's been instructed to mind his own business - he thinks it's some kind of yoga monastery), but they're seriously distracting. He can't even concentrate on his work any more if he doesn't jack a load out three or four times a day. Shit, that's more often than he smokes lately.

Feeling tensed and backed up into a corner is no way to go through life, he realizes, but it's just so hard for him to relax after the last year and a half. Until he landed this, it was a royal bitch keeping himself employed. For the first time lately, he's had trouble making ends meet; that was hard to come to terms with. He doesn't want to fuck up.

Caleb's a big guy. He's been told that's why he was hired. Basic maintenance and heavy lifting. He's in his early 40's, he's been around a little, but he's never seen anything like this place, and the pay is, well, more than he ever thought he'd be making for maintenance and grunt work. So he gets paid to keep in shape, fix a few things here and there, and not lose his cool around all the attractive guys boarding here. He's had the job for three months, everything's going great if he doesn't fuck it up. He can handle it, he thinks, jacking his hard cock desperately.

It was the big, hairy one this time, one of the new ones. Caleb was tinkering with a bad sink in the showers when the hulking boy strolled in wearing a towel, over his shoulder. He walked right past Caleb, didn't even notice him. Caleb wasn't so lucky. He'd seen the kid before, thought he was cute. This was different. The guy was stark naked, which raised Caleb's pulse enough that he broke a sweat. And, Jesus H. Christ, what is that thing swinging between his legs? If that's what it looks like soft...

He couldn't even see straight as he fumbled at his key-ring to unlock the closet, hard-on pounding in his shorts, grumbling to himself, Goddamn, fucker that hot shouldn't be allowed to walk around like that, driving people fuckin' nuts... He finally got the door open, wrestling the key back from the lock. And now he's spanking his monkey, imagining what he'd do if he could to big, hot Jacob, showering obliviously a wall or two away. Caleb's a hot guy; he knows he's not the Elephant Man, but, god, he needs to keep this job. Whacking madly, his rigid tool finally erupts into the mop bucket he's positioned in front of himself. He pants through his orgasm, feeling calmer coming out the other side.

He lets himself back out of the closet, feeling relieved and in control again. Yeah, just try to cocktease me now, you bastard.

Jacob, still wet from the shower, walks right out in front of him, wearing the towel around his waist now. He stops dead in front of Caleb, who notices they're pretty much the same size and height. The handsome boy takes Caleb in with his eyes as if seeing him for the first time. "Oh, hi. Sorry if I'm in the way, just wanted a quick shower. I'm Jacob." Smiling, he puts his big hand forward.

"Caleb." Their hands are the same size. Caleb's getting a hard-on again, starting to sweat...

"You're the fix-it guy, right? I've only been here a few days. Nice meeting you, maybe I'll see you around, huh? I'll get out of your way..." He pats Caleb's left arm and trots off down the hall, ass bouncing under the towel...

So Caleb's back in the supply closet again, deliriously moaning as he strokes another one out. Maybe I'll see you around, huh? This place is driving him crazy...


Caleb's biggest crush is on his employer, a big, muscular fucker who answers to RJ. Caleb's been minding his own business, but if that tattoo he's seen peeking out from under RJ's short sleeves means anything, the guy was a Marine. Caleb likes Marines, he doesn't have to take it easy on them.

Fuck, there he goes again. Maybe if his last relationship hadn't broken up. He hasn't had time or energy to start another one; hell, he's spending most of his time here. But maybe if he had someone in his bed, he wouldn't be so fucking horned-up at work. He grinds his back teeth absently, can feel a headache developing.

In all fairness, Caleb is in so far over his head it's just not funny. No one's explained the orgone-battery properties of the facility he spends his days inside, nor the fact that these guys frequently are doing a lot of the things he's been imagining behind closed doors. Caleb's not really going crazy, it just feels like it. In truth, he's becoming more sensitized to his surroundings.

RJ himself seemed to be giving off some sort of vibe, when he'd hired Caleb. He'd explained a (very) little about the Station: something about yoga and energy control. Caleb didn't quite understand it, but was so taken with RJ that he just nodded a lot and hoped he wouldn't be asked too many questions. That was weird, too. RJ's a very good-looking guy with what is obviously an impressive physique under those clothes, but that's nothing Caleb can't handle normally. No reason to lose his cool, just here for a job, he kept telling himself. RJ wasn't exactly coming on to him, but he seemed to display a level of interest in Caleb that triggered an amplified attraction on Caleb's part. He was trying not to drool, and it was hard. If RJ had told him to get on his knees, Caleb wouldn't even have to think about it. At that point, Caleb would have jumped out a window, if requested.

He got hired, and it's been that way ever since. He sees only a little of his employer; about twice a week RJ will check in with him. When he does, Caleb feels butterflies in his stomach and an overwhelming urge to do anything RJ asks of him, especially if it might involve getting RJ's clothes off. RJ's his favorite jackoff fantasy. The rest of the time, Caleb marvels at the cushy job he's found his way into. Sure, there's a bit of work, but the building's in much better repair than he would have thought on first inspection. He's got just barely enough to keep him busy most of the time, but he never gets swamped. And the eye-candy...


Caleb's been informed that a door's coming apart in one of the students' rooms, so he's headed over there now; Weldon's room. He steels himself, takes a deep breath and knocks lightly on the door.

Weldon opens it from inside. Even around here, Weldon is one of the handsomest guys Caleb's ever seen: Gorgeous brown eyes, nice full, well-proportioned lips, a ripe body Caleb aches to think of placing his big hands on. Weldon smiles wide, eyes flashing. "Hey, Caleb! You got here faster than I thought you would. Come in, I'll show you the damage."

He pats Caleb on his overalled stomach as he leads him inside. Caleb mumbles, "Don't make fun of my fat."

Weldon looks intrigued. "Fat? Where? You're in great shape as far as I can see."

Caleb grabs a handful on his own gut through the denim to show it to Weldon, who laughs. "You're probably in better shape than me. Here, this is why I called. This bathroom door's started coming off the hinges; I have to pick it up to get it closed."

"Yeah, I see. What the hell did you do to it?" he asks, then imagines Weldon braced against it, mewling as Caleb brutally pounds his butt from behind.

"Don't ask," Weldon tells him with a smirk, all but confirming Caleb's suspicions. "Well, how does it look? I might have to leave soon for a while, but if you need any help, I don't mind..."

"I'll let you know if I need a hand," Caleb says, gently pushing Weldon out of the bathroom, so he can think. A prickling sweat has broken out on the back of his neck. On closer inspection, it doesn't look like he needs to replace anything too important. He can take care of it right here, but the stupid door keeps falling out of line. He tries bracing his foot under it, but that doesn't work either.

There's not a lot of ventilation in here. It's beginning to feel hot. Caleb unclasps the top part of his overalls, letting the stifling denim fall around his waist. He's still wearing a white t-shirt beneath, but he feels a little cooler.

He wipes the excess sweat off his forehead before it runs into his eyes and admits defeat. He needs a hand. "Weldon!" he calls, squatting against the doorframe.

Weldon's appealing face is around the corner and facing him almost immediately. He was waiting. "Yeah? Can I help? Wow, it got hot in here." Weldon picks up his shirt front, fanning himself with it and giving Caleb a prime view from beneath of his furry abdomen. Caleb almost forgets to breathe. With an effort, he pulls his shit back together. He can't lose this job. His cock's granite hard in his pants again.

"Yeah, listen, hold this door up, about here, so I can get this done before I overheat."

"Okay." Weldon leans over him, grasping the door. "Right here?"

"Yeah, thanks." Pointedly ignoring Weldon's crotch, Caleb gets everything screwed back together. He tests the door. It opens and closes, good as new. "Looks all right now. You got anything else while I'm here?"

"Well, I wasn't going to mention it, it's not like an emergency or anything. But I think the mirror's coming loose over here." He points out the fastening over the large mirror above the sink, and his shirt rides up again, leaving the crack of his hairy ass peeking above his basketball shorts, causing Caleb to stare against his will. He doesn't need to lose this job He will not lose this job. He just needs to keep control of himself. Those shorts are actually conforming to the shape of Weldon's buns...

Caleb groans before he knows he's done it. Weldon turns to look at him inquisitively. To cover himself, Caleb complains, "Did it have to be in the bathroom? I'm getting sweaty--"

"Take off your shirt," Weldon suggests.

Not what Caleb had in mind. "I-I-I don't think so,' he stammers feebly. This situation is getting out of his control.

"Aw, come on. I'll do it, too." He strips off his own shirt, giving Caleb the first unobstructed view of what he's been teasing him with. It was worth waiting for. Weldon's about twenty-eight, in peak physical shape, and the front of him is covered in soft brown hair. He grins at a speechless Caleb, flexing his arms, the bantam little fucking cocktease. "I have to change before I leave anyway," he explains casually, than turns to face the mirror, running a toothbrush under the faucet. Caleb's mind screams at him that he can't lose this job! and he feels new rivers of sweat running down between his stifled, furry pecs, soaking his white t-shirt.

Oh Jesus, this is too much. Weldon's bent over the sink now. Caleb can see the brown fur on the kid's back running down below the waistband, under the perfect globes of his ass. It's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. He can't even think straight any more; there's an electrical storm in his brain. All he can see or think about is that amazing butt. Before he knows what he's doing, he's dropped his bag of tools and is manhandling Weldon's ass, pulling the shorts down, giving his big, fevered hands the access he's needed to those gorgeous hairy buns. Weldon doesn't even try to stop him - thank god! - just arches back into his big, rough hands. Resigned to the fact that he's going to lose his job anyway, Caleb sinks to his knees in surrender to the boy's beauty and works his big, bearded jaw up into the Promised Land between Weldon's buns. Weldon moans, reaching around for Caleb's head, pulling it closer. "Do it to me, big guy," he breathes, then gasps as Caleb's tongue spears him up the middle. "Oh fuck, don't stop."

Caleb's past any point of return, can't see how he's got anything to lose any more. He grabs and squeezes Weldon's flexing cheeks roughly as he tongues the twitching hole. Weldon squeals. Good. Little fucker's driven him to unemployment. He's gonna make sure this boy remembers him afterward.

For his part, Weldon's getting pretty worked up himself. He pushes Caleb's rough-bearded, lapping face further into his rump. "Fuck, stud," he growls, "I hope you're ready to screw. I think I want to break something again."

Caleb growls back at him, stands up, turns Weldon around to face him and slides a yard of tongue down the boy's throat. Weldon groans into his mouth, holding Caleb's big body as tight as he can. Weldon pulls the soaked t-shirt off, kissing Caleb's thickly-furred muscular chest, rubbing his face down his hairy stomach while undoing the buttons at the waist. The remaining clothing falls around Caleb's ankles. His big hard dick sticks out straight in the kneeling Weldon's face, a flesh python he reaches out to stroke. A drop of pre-come oozes out the tip and Weldon licks it off, smiling up at him. "Oh god, boy." groans Caleb.

Weldon puts Caleb's cock in his mouth, sucking in and out, feeling it thicken, stiffen. He withdraws, stroking one side of its jerking length, staring at it with a lopsided grin. "You look like you need some relief." He stands up, turns around, bends over and braces himself on the counter. "C'mon, Caleb. Make us both happy." Weldon grabs one buttcheek, spreads it. His asshole winks at Caleb, whose cock jumps again. There's only one thing Caleb can think about doing right now, so he pushes his cock inside as Weldon groans in relief of his own, pushes his way in to paradise.

He's way too worked up to take it easy on the boy. As soon as he gets inside, he's slamming that ass, his cock diamond-hard. He grunts and snarls at Weldon, who just encourages him, so he fucks harder. "God, yeah, feels so good, man!" Weldon growls over his shoulder, voice deepening, arms flexing as he braces himself against the onslaught. "Uhhh! Fuckin' pound my hole, big hairy fucker! The only fat on you is your cock, daddy. Come on, use my ass!"

Caleb's sounding like a bull in heat, dripping sweat onto Weldon's heaving back. His big hands are gripping Weldon's gorgeous hips. Watching his own cock disappear up the boy's hole is almost hypnotizing. Weldon squeals again. Caleb grunts from pleasure, reaming that wet hole out for all he's worth. Weldon gasps rhythmically as Caleb gives him some short, sharp thrusts. Caleb was getting turned on at the idea of hurting Weldon a little, but that's beginning to look impossible. The kid just takes everything he throws into him, laps it up and begs for more. Amazingly enough, Caleb's the one getting fatigued.

Pulling out of Weldon's ass, he picks the boy up bodily, shuffles into the bedroom with his clothes tangled up around his boots, and falls onto the bed still holding him. "It's too fucking hot in there," he explains before Weldon's kissing him again. They roll around a bit, but Caleb's overalls and boots are getting in the way. Weldon tells him to lie back on the bed and goes to work pulling his boots off. Once he's freed the big guy from his clothes, he crawls back over Caleb's prone body. Lowering his mouth over Caleb's, he reaches behind him, straddling the older man's sweaty hips, and strokes the big cock back to a state of rigidity. When it feels right, he pushes it back inside his butt, sitting up and sliding down on it. "Oooh, goddamn..." sighs Caleb as Weldon starts working his fucktunnel over the prong, closing his eyes as his head falls back in bliss. "Aaahhh..."


At that moment, Weldon's friend Chump comes barging in. "Come on, Weldon. We're gonna be late if you don't--" He stops dead at the sight of Weldon busily riding a prone Caleb's exultant cock.

Looking over, Weldon tells him casually, "We're gonna be late," and keeps bouncing.

Chump strips off his shirt, flexes his freckled shoulders. "Fuck, yeah, we are! Jackpot!" He dives onto the bed, gives Weldon's erection a couple of strokes as he rides. Curious, Caleb guides a hand over Chump's muscular body. Chump luxuriates in the physical contact, stroking Caleb's furry arm. "Yeah, big man. Love having you touch me." He pulls his jeans open, letting his growing cock out to play. Caleb stares, then wraps a palm around it as Weldon squeals and grunts on top of him, suddenly shooting his wad all over Caleb's hairy chest and stomach. Weldon's hips slow down as he comes, grinding themselves over Caleb's tool. Chump's lowers his head, licking the load off of Caleb as Weldon coasts to a stop.

Chump's erection is standing at full mast when he sits up again. Caleb's mesmerized by it, stroking it with his fingertips to watch it puff up. "Yeah, you like that?" Chump asks, walking on his knees to kneel closer to Caleb's face. He pats his cock's underside, bouncing it off his fingers over Caleb's open mouth.

"Pretty," Caleb says, taking the hot tool into his hungry, bearded maw, sucking on it greedily. Chump's whole body tenses, flexing in pleasure. He leans his torso back, letting Caleb do the work, basking in the waves Caleb's sending through his body. One hand goes to his own nipple, the other to Caleb's, twisting. Caleb grunts, thrusting his dick back up Weldon, who cries out and grinds against him again, planting his hands on Caleb's big pecs for leverage. Caleb reflects (as Weldon rides his dick and Chump fucks his face) that although he's going to lose his job over this, at least he's going out with a bang. This is the most intense sex he's had in years. This is worth everything. The only thing that could make it better is...

Caleb pulls Chump away from his face. "Fuck me," he suggests.

A huge smile splits Chump's mug. "You're on, bitch!"

Caleb couldn't have chosen better if he wanted to have his ass rocked. Chump was born to fuck, give or take, he don't care. The compact stud lines himself up under Caleb's big hips, rubbing his dickhead through the forested canyon of Caleb's cleft. "Oh yeah," he says as he pushes inside, feeling the big man's chute relax around him. Caleb shudders as Chump gets comfortable inside him.

Chump starts to move his hips, then stops. He's staring at Caleb. Every guy at the Station has been trying to get this big, hairy slice of masculine pulchritude naked for months now, and here's Chump with his cock balls-deep in the stud's furry hole. It's been a good day. He flexes his dick in Caleb's back passage and tells him, "You are one beautiful hunk of man, buddy." Then he starts driving his throbbing hard-on in and out of the bigger man's clutching fuck-tunnel.

"Oh Jesus..." gasps Caleb, holding on to the mattress. Chump picks Caleb's legs up, lifts them out of the way. Caleb grabs his own thighs, pulling them up, telling Chump, "Fuck, do it to me, handsome." Chump happily jackhammers away at Caleb's hole, panting. "Feels good, man. Uuhh, fuck yeah! Oh god, oh fuck, fuck, fuck , uuhhhh!" Chump's fucking him good, raking right past his prostate and the fucker knows it; keeps grabbing Caleb's fat dick and jacking it while he pounds, grinning.

"You're just pretty as fuck," Chump pants at him.

Caleb's losing it, Chump's driving him nuts between the cock in his butt and that handsome face staring him down. The guy's working his hole so good while he plays with Caleb's hard prick. Caleb whines as he grabs Chump's head, mashing their mouths together as they fuck. Chump's grunts are getting more intense, moving up in scale, and then he's coming, shooting his stuff deep into Caleb, drooling and grunting into his mouth.

When he's finished shooting, Chump just keeps fucking, leaning into it, staring Caleb in the eyes. "I ain't stopping 'til I see you squirt, fucker. I'm gonna make you come!" He's slowly jacking Caleb's dick as he fucks. Caleb's eyes roll back and his chest heaves. Chump grunts, "Nice" in a husky voice, concentrating on his partner's body. Caleb rubs one big paw across Chump's smooth pecs.

"Fuck, you've almost got me there," Caleb pants. Chump doubles up some of his thrusts. Caleb grabs both his nipples as Chump leans in pumping. Caleb's chin juts forward and his eyes screw shut. He groans like he's in pain. Chump leans forward, licks his fuzzy chin.

"Come on, beefcake, give it to me," Chump coaxes, pumping. Caleb whimpers in reply. "Let it out, big boy. Come on, Caleb, baby, shoot it right on me."

That does it. Caleb whines "Oh baby" and shoots a stream of spunk up onto Chump's chest.

Chump grins big and keeps pumping the rest of the load out. "Fuck yeah, daddy! Come all over me." Suddenly, his eyes get wide, bulging. "Oh FUCK!!!" he shouts.

Weldon's come up behind him and shoved his greased dick in Chump's hole without warning. Chump's eyes pop, and he immediately shoots a second load into Caleb's rectum, gasping for breath.

Caleb's arms embrace Chump, kissing him while Weldon uses his ass. They make out for a few minutes until Weldon pulls out and comes on the pair of them.

"Fucker, you could have warned me," Chump glares back at Weldon over his shoulder.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. You looked so good." Weldon can't stop smiling. He can't believe they just seduced the maintenance guy, either. It's a buzz.

As he watches Caleb and Chump suck face, Weldon reflects that they are well and truly late by now...


"I know what just happened," RJ informs him.

Caleb feels himself flushing in shame. He lowers his head, mumbling, "I'll just get my stuff..."

RJ lays a hand on Caleb's chest. "There's no need for that." Caleb looks up in surprise at RJ, who explains. "It was expected that you'd give in to temptation eventually. We exposed you to it. Things are more different here than you've realized. You haven't broken any rules. Relax. Have a seat." He indicates a chair. Caleb sinks into it, cautiously.

RJ sits on a corner of the desk, fixing Caleb in his gaze. "Do you like it here, Caleb?"

"Oh, yes, sir!"

"Caleb, you can call me RJ, you know."

Caleb gulps. "Okay, RJ. Yes, I like it here."

"Good, because we'd like to make two changes to your current contract. First, we'd like you to move on-site. The Organization will pay for the move and provide lodging at no cost. Would that be amenable to you?"

"Sure, my lease is up in two months anyway."

"Outstanding. Because the other part of the situation is, you'll be rooming with me, at least at first. Will that be all right?"

Caleb's mouth dries up. All he can do is nod.

RJ stands up, indicating that Caleb should as well. "Marvelous! We'd like you to take the next few days and the weekend off. We'll have a temp in if we have any emergencies. Make any arrangements you need to. We'll expect you back on Monday, and you can start moving in then, if you like."


Caleb's been wearing out the knees on his overalls. He's gonna have to get another pair. Aaah, whatever, he'll take care of it. It's been two weeks since he moved on-site and into RJ's bed. He's practically walking on air these days.

It's gotten warm out: Caleb's taken to wearing his overalls without a shirt beneath, frankly digging the hungry looks this garners from the guys. Come get it, boys, he thinks. Turns out Caleb's been driving everyone just as crazy as they made him. Literally every guy here has been trying to get into the hot maintenance man's pants for weeks. It was a huge relief for all concerned when word got around that he was fair game. "Just don't let it interfere with the work," RJ told him. Hell, there's not much work to interfere with, unless he means the training.

Caleb's been sleeping with RJ since he moved in, which only increases the buzz around him. RJ doesn't sleep with anyone, usually, according to everyone he's talked to, including RJ, who's been very upfront about the fact that he's got plans for Caleb. Caleb doesn't mind. Nights with RJ are well-nigh indescribable, since RJ's training Caleb when they're together, punctuated by bouts of sex that leave Caleb's head spinning. His dick's getting hard now just thinking about last night.

The sun feels great on his bare shoulders this morning. He takes a deep breath, feeling his chest expand. RJ's been showing him some breathing exercises at night. Caleb's noticed he's been feeling good lately and in a better mood than usual. His senses seem sharper, more defined somehow, and he's more naturally alert. He likes it. He smiles; he can still feel RJ's cock up his ass. He's got a full hard-on himself now. He salivates, thinking about dick. He's stopped wearing underwear as well; it just gets in the way. Between yogic exercises, the ranks of hot guys clambering to have sex with him, and nights spent with RJ, Caleb barely recognizes his life.

His hand's absent-mindedly caressing his hard-on through the denim as he stares at the sun-drenched lawn. Out of nowhere, the big cute guy, Jacob, comes trotting across the courtyard toward him. He's wearing a skimpy pair of running shorts and that's about it. Caleb can clearly see the outline of Jacob's huge dick flopping around.

"Hey, Caleb," he comes to a halt in front of the maintenance man, blue eyes blatantly greedy. "Can I take care of that for you?" Jacob's warm palm brushes down Caleb's hairy forearm to where his hand grips his crotch. Jacob smiles at him, dropping to his knees on the lawn. Caleb releases the straps over his bushy chest, lets the overalls fall, feels a rush of pleasure through his entire body as Jacob goes down on him out in the open.

Life is good.


Simon Traum

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