By Simon Traum

His vision flashes with the orgasm and he's up against the wall of the house, the big man's mouth locked to his, their hands all over each other's bodies. He blinks rapidly, and his sight goes back to normal, even though the moonlight still seems excessively bright. He's got his left hand wrapped around the man's thick, hard dick. It's warm and he can feel it pulsing. The man's chewing on Jacob's chin when a wave of dizziness hits, so strong his legs give out, leaving him sliding down the wall. The big man doesn't even let him hit the ground, scooping him up in his arms and carrying him off the terrace. Into the Garden. Is he dying?


Dan leans in, fucking harder, putting his back into it. "Yeah, boy," he pants, dripping sweat onto Jacob's blushing chest. Jacob squeals, staring adorably up at Dan, twisting a slick fist around his massive erection. Dan's eyebrows shoot up his forehead, and he rasps, "You gonna come, huh? Give it to me, boy. Give daddy the load, now."

Jacob makes a high-pitched grunt as a little earthquake runs through his big body and he shoots a wad of come right up to Dan's grey-bearded chin. The second shot goes wild, they never do find it. The third sticks in Dan's chest hair as he roars to his own climax. The rest dribbles out onto Jacob's stomach to be devoured noisily by Dan as he licks his way up Jacob's body, stopping to nuzzle his fuzzy collarbone. "Damn, you are one good fuck," he growls amiably.

Jacob massages Dan's shoulders. Dan's 55 - the oldest guy Jacob's had sex with, so far. He's entranced by Dan's salt-and-pepper body hair, and his steady, intense energy. Yeah, Jacob's got a crush on the guy, can't keep his hands off him when he's around. Dan's a real good top, very comfortable there, which Jacob appreciates. Jacob's found that, being as large as he is, a lot of guys get submissive when they play with him. Jacob doesn't mind this, but it's rarer to encounter a skilled dominator, which is guaranteed to get his dick rock hard and have him agreeing to all kinds of crazy shit.

Jacob's been training at the Station for 4 days. It's been non-stop sex during all his waking hours, occasionally interrupted by some instruction on various physical and psychic disciplines. He's actually getting to the point where doing something other than fucking or sucking is beginning to look almost attractive. Almost. When he seriously thinks about it, there's no way he'd call a stop to what's happening. Deep down, he's hoped all his life that he'd be able to live this way. If he stops now, it might end forever, might never come back. He hopes the training he's getting will keep that from happening.

Dan lifts his bulk off of Jacob. "You hungry, sweetheart? I can arrange to order in."

"Yeah, sure, whatever you want to do is fine with me." Jacob likes playing the puppy for Dan, who scratches him under his chin.

"Stay put," Dan tells him. "I'll be back with breakfast..."


Five minutes later, a dark, heavy-browed giant's head appears under the doorframe and takes in Jacob lounging on the bed.

"Hi, Ted," says Jacob. Ted is Dan's other half, a hairy, hulking, towering Slovenian with the largest cock anyone at the Station's ever seen (which is saying something). Ted's penis size is kind of a shame, since he's really only interested in getting boned himself. However, plenty of guys will go along with this because Ted's cute and too big to argue with in any case. He and Dan have been together for sixteen years.

"Hi," says Ted. "Where is Dan?"

"He went to get breakfast."

"Oh." Ted enters, carrying two covered trays. "I thought I'd grab his as a surprise. I didn't know you were here."

"Don't sweat it," Jacob pats the bed next to him. "He'll probably be back any second. Have a seat, handsome."

Ted smiles shyly, sits down next to Jacob's naked body, runs a big hand over Jacob's hip. How could Jacob ever get sick of this? Every time he looks around there's some new hot guy in front of him.

As if to prove this assertion, Dan walks in and stops short when he sees Ted's trays. "Um, looks like we were both thinking the same thing." He grins suddenly, shuts the door. "Hope you're hungry, boys!"


"Tell me about RJ." Jacob requests.

Dan and Ted look up across the bed at him, then at each other. All three of them have stuffed themselves and they're basking in the afterglow and lethargy that follows a proper food orgy. Jacob in particular has consumed materials that his workout routines would never countenance normally, but here he figures What the hell...

Dan's just lit a thin joint, puffing it to life as a cloud arranges itself around his head. "What do you want to know?" he asks, passing the J over to Ted.

"Well, you said he was a kind of caretaker for the Station, and he does the Initiations."

"Yeah, there's that," Dan avers. "You'll see him around every once in a while, but mostly he stays out of the way. He doesn't talk much. We don't know most of his background, but the story is that he's been at the Station longer than anyone still here. Might've been here for the ground-breaking."

"He was a Marine," Ted offers.

"Yeah, we know that for sure. The rumor I heard is that he was in the Corps when he got fucked for the first time, which was also the first time that he experienced the Rising of the Kundalini, so damn right he was going back for more! Wouldn't you be intrigued if you lost your anal cherry and started seeing new colors, seeing auras, tasting them?" Dan chuckles. "I think you could get a little fascinated by the experience. Hard to come back down after you've been that high." Jacob hands him the blazing roach. "Thanks."

There's a rapid knock at the door, which opens to admit Damon, who enters and shuts it behind him. "Thought I smelled weed. Man, have you seen that maintenance guy out there? Shit!" He glides over to the bed, straddles Jacob's bare hips. "I need to get off. How you doing, darlin'?" He pulls his shirt up over his nipples, flexes his dark-haired chest, grinning at Jacob.

"He's been asking about RJ," Ted informs him.

Damon shudders in melodramatic ecstasy, chin thrust forward. "RJ! Uhh! Hot fucker."

"Damon's had him," Ted offers.

"One of the few," seconds Dan.

"More than once," Damon winks at him, a shit-eating grin on his face. He glances down at Jacob and says, "RJ's got an amazing cock. I took one look at that thick fucker and I was having that, that's all."

"How'd you get that close in the first place?" Jacob wonders.

Every once in a while, Damon gets a look in his eyes that makes you think a pit bull somehow grew thumbs. He's got it now, it's very attractive. "He was in the showers, so I figured he was fair game. I'd been here about a week and a half, I think. This was the first time I'd seen him naked. I looked around, didn't see anyone, like that'd stop me anyway. Looked back at him; he looked even better the second time. He was bigger than me, so I waited until he was under the spray, then I tackled him against the wall and started kissing him. He kind of fought it at first, but then his bone got hard and there was no way I was staying away from that beautiful fucker. Man, I couldn't keep it out of my mouth, but I was still trying to lick his thighs, his stomach, his balls. He grabbed my head so he could fuck my mouth and my cock went off, no hands. I was slobbering and slurping and gagging. Hog heaven, bud, right there with his big horn using my face. I was feeling so far gone into Slutland that I'd reached behind myself to shove a couple of fingers up my butt, just 'cause I needed something in there-

"Hey, what the hell's this?" he suddenly asks, as if he'd never seen Jacob's erect dick before. "Damn, was it this big last time I saw it? Will you put it in me? Is Ted's bigger? Lemme get out of these clothes." He gets up, struggling with his attire.

"What else can you tell me about RJ?" Jacob asks him.

Damon pauses in the act of pulling off a shoe, thinking. "Let's see, ex-Marine, huge dick, sweet ass, handsome face, built like a truck and great in bed to boot. What else do you need?"

"Well, what did he do after the Marines?"

Damon purses his lips, considers. "I heard somewhere that he was affiliated with some Sufic cult overseas, but I don't know that much about Sufis. He's definitely learned some heavy stuff somewhere. I end up hallucinating every time he fucks me. It's intense. Maybe that's why he doesn't top much."

"No, I was seeing stuff when I fucked him," Dan volunteers. "I thought that was just me."

Since Jacob's with them, none of them mentions that, of course, when RJ initiated them they hallucinated like crazy. It would be bad form to spill the beans to Jacob before he's had the experience.

"RJ's kind of a cipher, you know?" Damon's saying. "Everyone tells me he's an exclusive bottom, and then he fucking rocks my ass. And comes back for more! He had me all over those showers that first time. Shit, I had my ass in the air and my face in a drain at one point, begging him for more as he pushed his tool down my sloppy hole. He made me come on my own face! I'll take that shit to the grave, man." He straddles Jacob's erection, pushing it up inside himself. "Aah, god! I need some cock, bud. So glad you're here..." he sighs, sinking down to Jacob's hips, riding him. His uncut dick sticks straight up, bouncing.

Ted reaches a massive hand over to engulf Damon's jumping cock. Damon braces his arms behind him, fucking himself on Jacob's prong and fucking Ted's hand at the same time. "Aah, fuck, that's it, man," he sighs huskily, closing his eyes. "That's just what I needed, boys."

Ted decides he wants a little more than just a feel of Damon's meat. He crawls over Jacob's prone body, taking Damon's prong into his mouth, letting Damon fuck his face. Damon keeps one hand behind to prop himself up while he rides, but his other hand finds its way around the back of Ted's huge, sucking head. His grunts become gradually louder as he works himself up and down.

Jacob's sitting back, enjoying himself as Damon's butt sucks him off. He notices Ted's monster dick hanging to the side of his face, and he can't resist giving it a few strokes. He stares transfixed as the huge snake dribbles a liquid spider-web all over his fingers. Ted's begun groaning around the cock in his mouth.

Ted's dick is utterly hypnotic. It really is the biggest one Jacob's ever seen, uncut and amazingly thick. Fully hard, it pulls its own foreskin down taut against the shaft, exposing the huge, purple head. It jerks, stiffly, and Jacob can't stop himself from craning his head forward to lick the warm, convex underside. He hears Ted groaning louder. That cock's too good to pass up. He props himself on his elbows so he can reach and sucks Ted's hog right into his mouth, a line of drool escaping to pool on his chest.

Ted and Damon have both become louder. Jacob can feel his cock stiffening even more up Damon's sweet, churning hole. He hears a low growling chuckle from somewhere above him, but he's too busy making his neck available for Ted's thrusting bludgeon. Ted's body begins to jerk spasmodically. Dan must be fucking him; Jacob can't see with Ted's balls hanging in his face. Who cares? Ted's fantastic cock is all he wants to keep track of.

He realizes he's about to come, so he takes Ted in as far as he can, to bring it on. Damon feels Jacob's eruption inside him. With a high-pitched grunt, he increases his speed. "Yeah, shoot it, fuck! I'm right behind you." His forehead wrinkles with effort as he brings himself, panting, to climax. When he comes, he clamps his arm around the back of Ted's stubbly head, shooting down his neck as Dan prongs him from behind. "Fuck, take that load, man." He sinks all the way back on Jacob's tool, rubbing Ted's hairy back.

Dan's face is turning crimson, the grey in his beard in high relief. "Gettin' close," he puffs, pounding Ted faster. Jacob keeps sucking Ted's huge prick, licking and slurping at its increasing width. Ted's fucking his pelvis back and forth between Dan's cock and Jacob's mouth, groaning louder. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, baby," Ted whines before his cock shoots off down Jacob's distended throat.

"Yeah, fucker," Dan's hoarse voice calls out, "gonna make me come again, too!" His whole sweating, flexing body is turning dark red. His handsome face twists. "Oh god..." He comes to a shuddering stop as he ejaculates inside his partner, collapsing over the bigger man.

"Never get tired of fucking you, baby," he breathes into Ted's massive shoulders.


What none of them can or will tell Jacob about RJ is something that's hard for any of them to talk about. It has been conjectured that RJ might be the Station's resident Zen master, if they ever need one. In the meantime, every single one of them who has been Initiated waits for his return, no matter who they have in their beds as it is. He leaves everyone he's touched with a lingering memory of another existence glimpsed briefly while under his gaze, something they would return to in a heartbeat if they could. They are all in love with him, and they all know they can't have him, but they live in order to perhaps see again the Garden he showed them on an otherworldly night he gives all of them once, secretly. No wonder he's well-liked. His is the first face they all see before and after they are Initiated; afterward he withdraws again, is seen less often.

Truth be known, the trainees practically consider him God, in hiding. Myths spring up around the man, infecting everything he touches. The other guys wouldn't be able to communicate this to Jacob even if they fully understood it themselves. But they're not worried about it. Jacob will find out soon enough. Anyway, right now, he's finding it hard to concentrate on anything but the cute guy grinding his ass over Jacob's bone, and the sensation of orgone soaking his spine.

Ignorance is bliss. Bliss is ignorant.


Simon Traum

[email protected]


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