By Simon Traum

There are galaxies above, and there are galaxies within. We've forgotten how to see either one. This is what they look like. And what we look like. Every Man and Woman is a Star. Matter is the Divine in its most condensed form. This entity I'm trying to describe is present is everything. The universe is so constructed as to be able to see itself. Mind and its contents are functionally identical. The knowledge grows from single nodes, meeting as they mushroom out, filling all conceptual space around them. It's spreading through your brain right now. You can feel it, a pleasant tingle at the base of your skull, a tiny fire, crackling, glowing. The logos, awakened.


Being friends with a magnetically hot guy can be more than you want to deal with sometimes. Ask Chump. He and Weldon have been friends since childhood and they're close, but Weldon always gets more attention than Chump (a dumb nickname that stuck).

It's not as if Chump's bad-looking. He's actually quite attractive: a well-put-together guy in his mid-20's, with dark hair, wide German features and freckles. If you get his shirt off, he's got freckles all over his shoulders and upper chest, too. It's just that everyone notices Weldon first, and once you've noticed Weldon, it can be hard to stay away.

Weldon's an exceptionally good-looking young guy, well-built for his slight frame and covered in body hair - when he wears a wifebeater, he can stop traffic. Weldon's also got an ass that guys lose their cool over, sometimes shoving it in before even asking if Weldon's okay with it. He is.

Weldon had been at the Station for a month before he decided to introduce his best friend, Chump, into the scene. By that time, Weldon had already become a kind of star around the Station. In addition to his other attractive features, there's a pristine quality about him that you want to soil somehow, but just can't when the moment comes. The devotion this quality inspires in other people is rivaled by his ability to take amazingly large cocks up his ass without blinking. Actually, one might stem from the other: If you're going to drive guys sexually crazy, it's probably a good thing if you can manage to accommodate all the dicks they're wanting to put inside you. Out of all the guys currently at the Station, Weldon and Will thrive more than anyone on the act of turning another person on; they get off on getting you off, on driving another human's nervous system into a realm where the body literally radiates with pleasure.

See, that's how it is: This story isn't even about Weldon and he's already high-jacked the introduction. He's like a hot little attention-magnet. It's really no wonder if Chump comes off a bit surly at times, getting passed over and ignored so much. But believe it or not, it's okay. Chump does alright in spite of it. He might be a little hard to approach up front, but he's habit-forming once the ice is broken, and being out of everyone's line of fire means he can assess a situation more astutely than someone who's right in the middle of it. Also, Chump's got a body just built for fucking - cut, smooth, muscular. Give or take, he don't mind. Chump knows what he wants, and will do what he has to to get it. "I ain't no cocktease," he'll assert if asked. Go ahead, stick it in, see if he's lying.

Chump decided a while ago that if he was going to be in the background, he wanted to make the position work for him.

Like when Weldon first brought Chump to the Station, all Weldon had to do was walk in and it was like every guy in the room was all over him. Chump was used to it; it's like that when they go anywhere. Everybody loves Weldon, they might eventually notice Chump. No exaggeration, there were no less than three huge-ass muscle guys fawning over him right now, plus two more slightly reasonably-sized ones.

Not like that guy over there, Chump thought, eyeing a cute brunet watching the action quietly from across the room. Nobody was paying any attention to Chump, so he slipped behind some furniture, circling around to come up behind the guy. Watching him, Chump decided he liked his looks. Might as well do something about it.

"Hi," he blurted, startling the guy, who turned around, spearing him with hazel eyes. Oh yeah, this one would be just fine.

"Hi, yourself." The hazel eyes were taking him in, checking him out. A smile appeared. "You're new, huh? I'm Tucker."

"Call me Chump, everyone does. You got a room here, Tucker?"


"Want to show it to me?"

"Uh huh." Tucker couldn't stop staring. Chump knew he had this one.

Two seconds after Tucker shut the door they were up against it, kissing, Chump pulling Tucker's shirt up and over his shoulders, letting it hang from his neck. Tucker was holding Chump's chest and back tight as they sucked each other's mouths. Chump pawed at Tucker's dark-haired pecs, then sucked his nipples, pulling his shorts down to get at his hardening dick. Tucker had enough time to think that he'd somehow inadvertently hit the jackpot with this one when Chump started chowing down on his prong and erased any conscious thoughts he might have been having. He moaned helplessly, clutching a handful of the dark hair on Chump's head.

What Chump figured out later was that he'd singled out the other guy in the same position as him. Tucker himself had been brought to the Station five days earlier with little fanfare by his utterly hot friend, Damon. Damon's a badass, broad-shouldered, face like a pit bull, very cute and knows it. He's got a wicked smile that can make guys do things they're surprised about later, but he's just as likely to risk arrest going down on someone he finds attractive in public; a helpless slave to his passions. Usually, these guys consider themselves strictly heterosexual before Damon rewires them for his own purposes. He's a loose cannon but an incredible fuck.

By comparison, Tucker hardly registers amongst all these showboating horndogs, being quiet and introverted. He is also, however, a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor. He's a well-kept secret; a perfectly attractive, highly-sexed guy in his late 20's who, as Chump would discover, is somewhere between a tiger and a pig in the sack once you get his blood up.

Chump pulled back off Tucker's dripping cock, pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his smooth, muscular torso and freckled shoulders. He grinned up at Tucker, patting the cock on his collarbone, then slurped it back into his mouth, sawing back and forth. Tucker's whole body tensed in pleasure, gasping sharply. His stomach was trembling so Chump rubbed a warm palm across it while he sucked, moaning with the strokes, eyes closed.

Tucker had drifted a little bit himself when he opened his eyes to find himself lying on the bed, Chump straddling him, riding his hard dick. "Uuhh, ahh yeah," he breathed, working his tight butt muscles over Tucker's length. Tucker's hands went up to Chump's sides to steady him, and cop a feel while they were at it. Tucker was marveling at the guy's physique; kind of small, tight, but completely defined; hard but sensual at the same time. It's been mentioned before: Chump's built to fuck, and it's hard to keep your hands off him while he does it.

Chump's magnetism hit Tucker like a Mack truck, and it's possible he lost a little of his soul there while Chump was riding him. That sort of thing's been known to happen around here, where the outer limits of sexuality, identity and divinity are being actively explored. An etiquette has been advanced, but is not always observed. So if Chump perhaps took some small piece of Tucker's soul, Tucker certainly didn't mind the loss so no harm has been done. They've certainly had a bond ever since then that's a bit stronger than those they developed with any of the others. And, truth be known, Chump had his crush on Tucker first, before Tucker even saw him. Given the way Chump interacts with his environment, this actually gives him a leg up, so to speak. It has made Chump the initiator from the beginning, which is his comfort zone. If Tucker has intuited any of this, he certainly has no interest in rocking the boat. It would be difficult to determine which of them is more in love.

The long and short of it is that Tucker and Chump ate each other alive that night. Even after Weldon eventually tracked him down to introduce Chump as his new recruit, it was hard to keep them separated, so everyone figured why try? Chump's made the rounds since then; he's a horny fucker and it's to be expected, but he's never really left Tucker's room in some ways. He moved in the first night; Tucker wouldn't have him sleeping anywhere else. Well, every once in a while, okay, but he knows where to come back to. Tucker's quieter than most of the guys here, but he won't turn down a good piece of strange himself.


"Have you seen that new guy that got here a few days ago?" Tucker asks.

"Which one?" Chump's shaving his face over the sink, trying to decide if a goatee would look good on him.

"The big, cute one with the deep blue eyes."

"Hairy or smooth guy?" Chump makes his mind up, begins concentrating on the sides of his face.

"Smooth, with tattoos. And a nice fat dick, from the looks of it."

"Hmmm." He inspects his progress in the mirror. Not bad. "I've been kind of busy the past day or so, but I think I know who you mean. His name's Trent; you want to meet him?"

Tucker walks in behind Chump just as he's finishing the goatee, rinsing off. "Wow. That's fucking gorgeous. Why haven't you grown one of those before?" He embraces Chump from behind, chin over his freckled shoulder. "And yeah, I'd like to do more than meet him. You fucked him yet?"

"No time," Chump shakes his head, checking himself out in the mirror. "I've been busy with a couple of classes and that new maintenance guy."

Tucker whistles, impressed. "You got Caleb? Fuck, jackpot."

"That's what I said." Chump gives his reflection a wink and spins around, planting a kiss on his lover's mouth. Tucker's got a boner. Chump smiles with his new goatee. "Let's take this thing for a test drive, baby. Then we'll see what we can do about Trent."


Trent and Jacob are new arrivals, having been here about a week. They arrived on the same day, ending up in a 5-way clusterfuck with three other trainees before Trent had even found his room. Since then, they haven't seen much of each other. Being new meat, a lot of their time gets monopolized interfacing with the other guys. Both Jacob and Trent are huge, about the same size in fact (although Jacob might be a bit bigger), with extremely large cocks. Trent's big dick is a real attention-getter: an almost-perpetual hard-on of mammoth proportions that bounces up inquisitively, wondering if maybe you'd like to play? Naturally, no one can resist this come-on, so Trent's been busy. There's no shortage of guys around here willing to experimentally cram his tool into all kinds of tight, confined, hot spaces. Jacob's cock's been getting plenty of use lately, too. Neither one can complain, their heads are reeling with new and unfamiliar pleasures.

Over the past day or so, Trent's been ending up in Damon's room a lot. Trent's impressed by the way Damon sucks his cock, how he slurps and moans and pants around the meat in his mouth, keeping Trent rock hard but backing off if he gets too close to coming. For his part, Trent's specialty is staying hard and not coming until his partner does, so these sessions have the flavor of a test of endurance; each man trying to push the other closer to the edge without going over himself.

They've been teasing and sucking on each other's dicks for about a half hour. It's beginning to make them crazy, turning into a kind of torture, but neither one's ready to call time on it. Damon's groaning rhythmically around Trent's slickened prong; flogging his own leaking tool, when Tucker walks in. He doesn't bother to knock, he can hear what's happening from outside, but he knows Damon won't mind.

Damon looks up, takes Trent's dick out of his mouth. He smiles up at Tucker, who's found him this way before. "What's up?"

"Nothing much." Tucker shrugs, trying to seem nonchalant. He hadn't expected to find Trent, the exact guy he wants, in here. It's kind of a shock, but he makes an attempt at seeming aloof. "Just came by to see what you're doing."

Damon points. "His name's Trent. Trent, this is my friend Tucker."

Trent, who's noticed Tucker's bare legs, moves closer and squats so he can slide a hand up one of Tucker's calves. "Hi, Tucker."

"Nice dick, Trent," Tucker returns, staring right at it, getting horny, losing any urge to hide it.

"Want to try it out?" Trent asks and that's all the invitation Tucker needs. In a flash, he's on his hands and knees between Trent's legs, sucking that big hog into his hungry mouth.


Jacob's been taking a nap, having nothing scheduled for the afternoon. He wakes up horned with a huge erection, not much of a surprise any more. Everyone at the Station seems endlessly horny. It's just lucky there's so many guys ready to put out around here. Jacob keeps thinking he'll get used to hanging around a bunch of sexual athletes with yogic training, maybe even get bored with it, but he's been here a week now and it feels like he's even more highly sensitized. It's become hard to remember things that used to seem important, like going to work. He's much more interested in finding another cock to put in his mouth, and there's been plenty to choose from.

He walks to the window to see if anything's going on and, right on cue, gets a fantastic view of Chump jogging past wearing a pair of running shoes and shorts. He hasn't run into Chump yet, so he checks the guy out. Cute, Jacob thinks, wanting to ruffle his black hair. The guy's got a nice body, medium-sized but very well-defined. His butt, when he passes is well worth catching, too. Jacob's horsedick gulps, very interested.

Throwing caution to the wind, Jacob doesn't bother to put on clothes, just walks on out through the building in the opposite direction. He's not sure of the guy's destination, but figures maybe he can intercept him on the other side of the property. As luck would have it, this is more or less what occurs. Chump jogs puffing around a corner and finds big, hairy, naked Jacob waiting for him with a frighteningly large hard-on.

Chump comes to a rapid halt. He's only ever seen Jacob briefly across the room. This is a good deal more intense, not to mention alluring. His gaze travels quickly over Jacob's heavily-muscled, hirstute body, taking it in, feeling his dick stir in his shorts. Jesus, this guy looks good.

"Hi," Jacob says pleasantly. "I'm horny. Want to fuck?"

Chump drops his shorts, kicking them away.


Anyone watching would think they were attacking each other. Chump's a lot stronger than his relatively short stature would imply, so he can hold his own with Jacob when it comes to the rough stuff, which, as it happens, it has. Jacob and Chump throw each other noisily at walls and onto furniture, kissing and licking at each others' bodies, hard-ons dueling.

Jacob wrestles Chump into his hallway, pushes him up against the wall, grabs his head with both hands and kisses him roughly enough to bruise. Chump rabbit-punches him in the ribs. Jacob cries out, releasing him momentarily, and Chump shoulders him backwards. They both end up on the floor, hard-ons drooling all over each other.

A pinned Chump looks up at Jacob. "Come on, stick it in, man."

Jacob shakes his head, out of breath. "Later. I want to put my cock in your mouth." He pins Chump's arms above his head, placing his knees over them to straddle Chump's head. He slaps Chump's face with his big, hot prong a few times: Pretty. "Open up," Jacob orders. Slowly, he fucks his horn in and out of Chump's sucking mouth, stars going nova inside him. "Ooohh, fuck, that's nice, man. Aahhh, take it all, now. Come on... Ah yeah, that's more like it, ahaahhh..."

He pulls his dripping meat out of Chump's mouth, settling himself down on top of him so their mouths can meet, their dicks rubbing together.

Abruptly, his head rises. "Do you hear that?"

Chump, whose head is spinning from the endorphin rush, isn't sure what he should be listening for. Then he hears it. "Sounds like us, huh?"

"Who is it?" Jacob asks, concentrating

Chump's listening harder now, too. "Is that Tucker?"

"I think I hear Damon. How many are there?"

"Three, I think..." They've gotten up and are following the sounds down the hall to Damon's half-open door. "Hmmm, should've known."

"So I suppose if you leave your door open, you're kind of sending a message that you're not that interested in privacy," Jacob intones, looking over at Chump inquisitively. "What do you think?"

Chump rubs his stomach absently. "Hey, we're already naked..."

"Who's out there," comes Damon's voice from within. His head pokes around the door. "Oh, it's you. Cool. Come on in, you're dressed for it. Your guy's here," he grins wickedly at Chump, "He's a real fucking piggy once he gets going!"

Sure enough, they get inside to find Tucker on his side on the floor, one leg draped over Trent's shoulder as Trent profoundly pumps Tucker's back passage. They both look incredibly hot.

"Jesus," says Jacob, who thought he was shock-proof at this point. There's something so feral about the scene, he hears himself start growling. In something like panic, he glances around to discover Chump and Damon sucking face brutally up against the now-closed door. He looks back around at the guys fucking on the floor. Trent is looking right back at him while he fucks Tucker. He and Jacob lock eyes and he doesn't break the stare until Jacob comes over to put his dick in Trent's mouth. Trent moans around it, fucking a squealing Tucker.

Hearing gasps behind him, Jacob looks over to find Damon beginning to pound Chump, who's bent over with his ass up. Fucking hot, he thinks, breaking a sweat as handsome Trent sucks his bone. God, but he looks good with a cock in his mouth. Jacob pulls his dick out. "Suck my balls, man." Trent sucks them both in, greedily, panting through his nose like an enraged bull.

Tucker's moaning beneath them. "Oh fuck, man, you're gonna make me shoot... AAAaahhh, uh!" His shiny hard cock ejaculates his load over the arm he's using to support himself on the floor. "Oh FUCK, that feels good! Uuhh! Keep fuckin' me... AAaaahhh..."

Jacob's backed up a little to watch the fireworks. Trent's jacking Jacob's hog as he fucks the come out of Tucker. It occurs to Jacob that Trent is possibly the hottest guy Jacob's ever seen, and then he recognizes with a jolt that he's about to come himself. "OH fuck-" is all he manages before he's shooting a copious load of semen. Trent ducks under it, catching as much on his face as he can with his eyes closed. In the midst of his climax, Jacob reminds himself to get some more of this one later.

Tucker shakes during his orgasms, just like Jacob. It's adorable to see someone else doing it, so Jacob lays on the floor behind him, holding him, after Trent pulls out. Then they both watch the other three go at it in front of them.

What happens is that Trent steps over to Damon, who's fucking Chump doggy-style on the carpet. Trent puts a hand on Damon's shoulder. Damon glances up at him, stops moving. Trent moves Damon back, away from a supine Chump and inserts himself between them.

He pushes his huge greased dick into Chump's rectum. "Ooohhh, nice," groans Chump, who flexes his glutes and thighs, shivering with pleasure. He looks over at Tucker. "You got good taste, you know that? Aah, fuck..." He groans even louder as Trent starts to fuck that huge thing back and forth. "Jesus Fuck, honey-cock..." His body gripping the massive erection, Chump's voice cracks, descending into fevered panting and grunts as Trent picks up the pace, obviously enjoying himself.

Damon kneels next to them, jacking his hard dick, watching. He strokes a palm down Trent's pumping back, lingering on his ass. Trent looks over and smiles. "Go ahead, Damon. I know you want to. Come on, it'll feel incredible..."

Damon doesn't reply, but slips himself behind Trent who backs his ass up for him. They both gasp when Damon slides inside, then Trent takes over, bucking himself between them, fucking one and getting fucked by the other. They all make a racket. Jacob, discovering that Tucker's getting hard again, has reached around him to help it along. His own snake is firmly planted between Tucker's warm, arched buttcheeks, waiting its turn to come inside.

The heaving trio on the other side of the room wear themselves out without coming, settling instead on double-stuffing Chump on the bed. Chump's done this once before, and he bled a lot afterward, but he'd been drinking. He figures he should try it twice, just to be certain. So he squats down on Trent's pleasure-sausage, bouncing, growling, getting himself adjusted. He feels Damon move in behind him, breathes more deeply as Damon's cock works its way up against Trent's.

"Oohhh, Jesus H. Fuck," rasps Chump.

"Uh-huh," confirms a panting Trent.

Damon can't help fucking his cock in and out, being the only one in a position to do so. He can feel his orgasm, ready to manifest inside him. He lets himself go into the fucking, grunting louder until he's shooting a delicious load up Chump's stuffed hole.

"Don't stop," he hears Trent beg breathlessly. "Keep fucking. Oh god, that feels good. Oh, you're sending me over, oh god..." Damon can feel Trent's rigid shaft convulse against his own and he almost comes again, licking the space between Chump's sweaty shoulder-blades.

Chump's thrashing his cock wildly, bringing himself off. "Oh fuck, here I go," Chump gasps, his face contorted with effort. "Oh yeah, oh fuck, huhhhh..." A fountain of sperm erupts from his granite prick, spraying Trent all the way up to his nose. Chump whimpers as Damon holds him from behind, still heaving from his own climax.

Jacob's cock has bloomed to its full size again. He pushes it deep inside Tucker's rectum, letting it rest there. He holds Tucker from behind as they lie on their sides. He's got the fingers of one hand wrapped around Tucker's pretty cock. Tucker whines in pleasure, pumping his hips between Jacob's fist and his dick. Jacob kisses a line down Tucker's neck and feels the prong go off in his hand, spewing ropes of come a couple of feet away. Jacob's not going to come, doesn't even want to. He's just digging the sensations of Tucker helplessly getting off on him, the way his body shivers with Jacob's dick inside him.

Jacob feels an inner outpouring of affection. Right now, he could fall in love with Tucker, he thinks. But looking across the room he realizes he'd rather fall in love with Trent. Oh well, Trent's busy. Tucker will do just fine. Jacob hugs him tight from behind, driving his huge hard-on deeper up the other man's butt and kissing the back of his neck, happy and content for now.


Simon Traum

[email protected]


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