By Simon Traum

Jacob pads through the doorway, over the threshold into moonlight as shockingly dazzling as the sun. Unbalanced, he looks around to orient himself. He places a hand on the big man's chest, finally noticing that the man's skin has turned jet black in the nuclear moonlight. It's so black it seems to steal the light around the outline of his hand, like touching a black hole. Shocked and frightened, he pulls his hand away and sees stars, tiny galaxies fly past his face, flung off-course by his impulsive action. The dark man darts forward, grabs his wrist and Jacob's coming, shooting black jizm into the black hole man, who's full of stars.


Trent wakes up with the morning light hitting him in the face. At first, he doesn't recognize his surroundings. Then he sees Will still sleeping next to him, and remembers: He arrived at the Station yesterday evening. He's been in Will's bed all night. He and Will hit it off when Will showed Trent his "trick" for the first time. Will has developed a talent for bringing guys off using only his butt muscles and some concentration. Since no one believes he can do this, he's often required to demonstrate, which makes him even better at it. In fact, he's at the Station in two capacities: as a student and as an instructor. (Education at the Station is quite frequently a two-way process.)

Trent's bladder is full, so he climbs out of bed as unobtrusively as he can and plods into the bathroom. It feels good to let the stream go, even if it seems to make a lot of noise. His big cock's swinging between his thighs as he walks back into the bedroom to find Will awake, waiting for him. "Good morning," Trent says cheerily.

"Hi," replies Will, looking a bit groggy still. His hair's sticking up in back.

Trent launches himself head-first at the younger man, landing on top of him, kissing him, getting their cocks tangled up. Will laughs, but his dick's waking up, too. Close proximity to Trent will do that to a guy.

Pinned down by the bigger man, Will tells him, "Look, you better let me piss or things are gonna get messy."

"Piss on me," Trent offers. Will nods, smiling.

They decide it'll be easier in the long run if they use the shower. Trent kneels in front of Will, who lets go all over the handsome muscle-guy. Trent closes his eyes, luxuriating under the stream. "Oh yeah, feels great," he sighs.

When Will's run out of piss, Trent leans forward to suck his cock back to full hardness. No one's taken care of Will's morning wood yet; Trent wants to be the guy. Will moans softly, moving his hips back and forth as Trent lovingly services his rigid tool. Trent's hands explore Will's gymnast physique, eventually ending up trapped by the energy whirlpool that is Will's butt. He deep-throats Will's erection as he probes Will's asshole with a couple of fingers.

Will grunts, "That's feeling way too good, bud. Uuhhh..." His whole body shudders and he tries to push his ass back onto Trent's fingers. "You're getting me real hot, Trent. Want to stick it in?" He's panting, sounding desperate.

Trent's fucktool is sticking straight up, ready to go. He stands up, turning the boy around, and lubes his cock with a tube from the counter. Steadying his huge prong, he pushes inside Will's horny butt. Will squeals, "Oooh, fuck!" and pushes himself back at Trent. "Oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck, aahhh, uuhhh." Trent bends him over a bit more for leverage and begins to move his hips. Will groans and lifts one leg, wrapping it back around Trent's waist, bracing himself with his hands on the edge of the tub. Trent holds on to Will's flexed thigh, fucking good now.

"Oh fuck, Trent," Will whines. "I fucking love your big dick inside me!"

"Fuck, nice ass," Trent hisses back.

"Don't stop, stud Use me, awwaahhhhahh!" Overheated and rested up from a night's sleep, Will's overenthusiastic dick starts pumping his load out several feet in front of him. Trent doesn't see this; like a fool, he's trying not to come too soon. This is a habit with him. Trent prides himself on his endurance, topping or bottoming, and has a mental chain of mnemonic associations that can keep him from shooting in normal circumstances, preferring to wait until his partner's gotten off. He's polite that way. So he just keeps pumping his big, fat sausage into Will's butt. Will's not going to stop him, he's riding it himself now, panting and groaning. In a few more strokes, Trent can feel his climax approaching, mnemonics be damned. "I think I might have to shoot..." he pants.

"Mmmmm, go ahead, honey-cock, give it to me, uuhhh..." moans Will before Trent starts wailing and unloading into Will's warm cock-socket. Will watches in the mirror; he loves to see Trent come. His whole body tenses up, but his face looks seraphic. It's especially attractive if you're on top of him, making him shoot. Will hasn't gotten tired of it yet. For that matter, Trent can keep his dick stuck up Will's behind for as long as he wants; Will's fine with it. Trent's got the fattest, prettiest cock Will's seen in a while, and he loves how it feels up his butt. Whenever Trent shoots a load inside him, Will feels a buzz hit him, leaving him feeling almost superhuman. He's curious if Trent has this effect on everyone he fucks.


Jacob's eyes bug out.

"Wait a minute! Are you telling me your dad fucked you when you turned eighteen?"

Will shrugs. "Yeah, but I goaded him into it. It was kind of a birthday present to myself. My dad was still working as a fireman, and if you think he's hot now, I could show you some pictures. I'd behaved myself for eighteen years, even gotten good grades to keep him happy. I knew what I wanted, and I knew my dad liked guys. I thought there'd be some work involved convincing him, but the fucking he threw into me once I got him going was more than worth the effort."

"Jeez. So he didn't have any trouble over it?"

Will grins sheepishly. "Well, he freaked out at first, started seeing a shrink. I just kept waving my butt in front of him until he came to his senses. In all honesty, would you be able to resist a horny 18-year-old gymnast who's already started in on seducing his classmates two years earlier?"

"Jesus Christ! I guess not. You were having sex with your classmates?"

"I was old enough to understand that I'd get any adult in trouble if I put the moves on them, but I was dying for sexual contact. I figured if I stuck to minors, there might not be any major repercussions if we got caught. Everyone would just think it was a phase we were going through, but no one would go to jail. By the time my eighteenth birthday was coming up, I was sick of boys my own age and salivating over the idea of taking on a full-grown man. My dad was a natural choice. I lived with him, he'd been in a relationship with Ted for several years, and I knew he fooled around, so Ted probably wouldn't mind. As far as I was concerned, Ted was next on the menu anyway."

"You did Ted, too?"

"Yeah. I'd been taking cock up my butt for about a year, and I knew Ted was hung like a donkey. The challenge there was: Ted doesn't like topping."

"You actually got him to fuck you?"

"Uh huh. The trick is, you've got to play with his butt to keep him interested. I stuck a dildo in his hole while I rode him."

Jacob's getting horny. "D'you make him come." He rubs a hand across his stomach.

"Yeah," Will drawls, reaching over to stroke Jacob's new hard-on through his jeans. He looks up into Jacob's big, gorgeous eyes. "I'd like to make you come."

Jacob rolls on top of him, licks his ear. "You're going to if you keep this up."

"I keep hoping you'll push that big cock of yours inside me, but it just hasn't lined up yet."

"You want me to fuck you right here?"

"Hmmm. Let's go to my room. I want you to myself for a while."

"Will, can you show me that trick of yours?"

"I was planning to."


As Jacob lies on his back, Will begins by sitting on Jacob's erection, facing him. His eyes drift closed as he sinks onto it. "MMmmm, wow, that's big..." Will's own dick is fully hard, sticking straight up from his crotch, his ballsack resting on Jacob's stomach. His eyes open again, looking down at the other boy. He smiles; planting his hands on Jacob's chest, he starts riding the huge cock. Jacob puts his hands over Will's thighs, feeling the muscles flex as he bounces.

Will closes his eyes again, breathing through his nose as he milks Jacob relentlessly. It never takes more than five minutes. Placing his feet on the bed for better leverage, he begins to lift his ass up higher on Jacob's rigid meat. He hears Jacob gasp as he works his butt up and down the shaft, pulling on it steadily. Now the visualization...

It feels like Jacob's just about where Will wants him to be. He opens his eyes to check; his favorite part is the disbelieving look on their face when he makes them shoot. Yep, sure enough, Jacob's cheeks have turned beet red and his jaw is clenched. It's so cute when they try not to come, as if they had a chance.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, you hot little motherFUCKER! You're gonna get it, Oh GOD--" Jacob howls as Will takes his load, grunting softly. His hands have clamped like vises around Will's calves and his entire sweating body is tensed and flexed with his orgasm, shaking. He looks incredibly good like this, but Will doesn't let himself come. He rides the waves, enjoying the sights, feeling Jacob's horsedick jerking inside him.

Jacob shudders through his climax, staring helplessly up at Will, who has momentarily forgotten all about Trent.

"So that's the trick, huh?" Jacob pants.

"That's it," replies Will.

"Teach it to me."



Will lies back on his bed, wagging his erect penis at Jacob, who wastes no time sitting down on it. He takes it all the way inside, then bounces lightly on it, eager face grinning down at Will. His monstrous dick, only half-hard, drapes across Will's abs, gradually pulsing its way back to its full size. Will can't resist touching it. The heat increases under his fingertips and Jacob groans.

They need to focus, Will decides, or Jacob's going to blow another load on him before he can show him how this works. "All right, the first thing we need to cover here is the visualization. Everybody's is different."

"What's yours?" Jacob asks between grunts.

"I can't tell you, it wouldn't work then. You have to come up with your own, and then don't tell anyone. It's yours."

"Where did you learn this?"

"It was accidental. Tell you some other time."

"Well, what kind of visual do I use?"

"I was just coming to that. But we need to make sure your body's engaged before we can handle that part of it. How's my cock feeling in there?"

"Fucking great." Jacob's planted his hands behind him, supporting himself as he lifts and drops his butt over Will's thick tool. "Really fucking great!"

"Okay, keep that up; don't strain yourself, try to lose yourself in it, keep the pace up. Have you been taught deep breathing yet?"

Jacob nods.

"Good. Do that; remember to take it into the belly. Now close your eyes. I'm going to tell you a story..."


Most of the Station's teaching sessions involve some form of trance or hypnosis. It has been found that students learn the techniques better and faster if they enjoy themselves doing it, and if the normally resistant parts of their personalities are not engaged during the session. The subjective results of this for the students is that they frequently do not remember receiving instruction afterward, even though the new abilities and skills are obviously in evidence. It has been decided all around that this is a much more pleasant way to learn, both for the student and the instructor.


Will says, "My parents got divorced when I was four. They shared custody for a couple of years, but my mom's drinking got her in hot water, so my dad ended up with the job of raising me. My dad drank, too, but he kept it more under control. He stopped entirely when he got involved with Ted. Ted moved in when I was eight, and kind of became dad #2, and things stayed stable after that. Well, until I got old enough to stir things up.

"But mostly, I had a real quiet childhood; had a few friends, did well in school, got into gymnastics, nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. Dad and Ted were well-liked and did a good job of making their relationship look platonic, so we never had any trouble there.

"The year I turned fifteen, my hormones raced out of control. My pubes and pit hair grew, and my dick was hard all the time. I could feel my body revving like an engine under me, but there was nowhere I could aim this new energy. I felt like someone had stuck a saddle on my back and then left me standing there. I'd jack myself off, but that just made me crazier, imagining what I could be doing with myself instead. This is pretty much where I found out that I liked guys better. I mean, I'd take what I could get, but what really turned me on was the idea of sucking Ted's big dick. He'd been living with us for a few years and I'd briefly seen him naked, which wreaked havoc on my teenage hormones. There was no girl with anything to compare with my dad's lover. Yeah, I know: kinky.

"As soon as I got back into school, I started working my way through my classmates as discreetly as I could. Some of them stopped talking to me immediately afterward -

"There, right there!" he interrupts himself. "Hold that tension, but try to keep moving. Oh, fuck, yeah -" His head gives a quick shake. "Sorry, where was I?"

"Some guys didn't like you making passes at them?" pants Jacob, eyes closed, concentrating.

"Well, they weren't all guys. I'd take whatever came my way, if they were underage as well. Actually, there were more boys. You had to handle them a little differently than the girls. But the guys sometimes didn't take it too well. They'd enjoy themselves until they got off, then it was like they'd turned into someone else, somebody who was no longer interested. Or else they'd get too attached, and I wasn't interested in that. I'd discovered a whole other world through my sexuality; I wasn't about to stop exploring and settle down at sixteen. I knew there had to be more out there, something better than these scared little boys I was trying to coax out of their inhibitions. It began to seem clear to me that I needed an older man if I was going to experience anything more intense than the watered-down kicks I'd been getting..."

Will pauses, then continues.

"I'm not going to tell you which birthday this was, but I once made a birthday wish that came true within minutes.

"I was so horny at this point, and with nowhere to put it, it was backing up into my brain, spacing me out and keeping me from thinking clearly. It was hot out that day, which may have had something to do with it, too.

"We had this neighbor across the way, about two houses down. Bachelor, professional type, late-30's, well-built. My dad knew him; his name was Jake. I'd checked him out a few times, but never noticed him looking at me, so I figured he wasn't interested.

"So there I was, so horned-up my head was almost buzzing. I was walking on my hands around the driveway with my shirt off, bored shiftless, wishing the universe would throw me something to help take care of my rampaging libido, when I heard the sound of water hitting concrete, distantly. I craned by head sideways for an upside-down view down the street and noticed Jake in his front yard, spraying down his plants, but looking back at me. I flipped onto my feet to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Jake noticed me looking, swung his head back around to his plants, but I knew I'd caught him.

"Barely able to think straight through the heat of the afternoon and the shrieking of my sex-drive, I was in no position to be cool about this. I probably had something to lose, but I couldn't remember what it was. I strolled over to his yard, hands shaking, noticing Jake had his shirt off as well, which was the first time I'd seen him like that. He was wearing denim cutoffs. He looked amazing, his muscular body sweating in the open sunlight, moisture matting his copious brown body hair. Deep inside, I promised myself I'd have this one, resistance be damned.

"I walked up and said Hi. He seemed uncomfortable, but didn't put me off. We introduced ourselves, talked about my dad a little. Talked about the heat. He relaxed after a while, started telling me about his hot tub.

"I heard an opening. 'Hot tub?" I asked.

"I could see from Jake's face that he was having an idea. He saw the opening, too. Good.

"Yeah,' Jake said, 'you want to try it out?'

"'I don't know,' I hesitated, fucking with his head. 'Isn't it kinda warm for that?'

"It totally worked. He was falling all over himself, trying to get me inside the house. "No, no, it's completely refreshing, you'll love it. Come on.' He wrapped a big furry arm around my shoulders and guided me onto his back patio.

"Okay, you're doing good, but don't wear yourself out," Will advises as Jacob pumps himself on top of him.

"Am I getting it right?" asks Jacob, slightly out of breath.

"You're getting there. You'll probably know when you hit it. It's something you'll feel, deep. Don't worry about it for now. Try to relax and stay with the movement. Some time soon, you're going to see a mental image related to the actions you're performing; you want to hold on to that. That's your visualization. That's the key that makes the whole thing work.

"So, the hot tub..."


Will watched Jake's muscles flex as he wrestled the cover off of the Jacuzzi, hard-on growing in his shorts. Oh yeah, his fevered brain swaggered blindly, he was gonna have this one. He actually got dizzy watching the water's churning surface when Jake turned the jets on.

"Go ahead," Jake told him, "climb in."

Unsure, Will tried sounding out the situation. "Maybe I should run home to get a suit..."

A nervous smile flickered over Jake's face. "Noooo. No, no, no. You never wear clothes in one of these." He unfastened his cutoffs, pushing them down his legs and jumping quickly into the water. Will could see Jake was blushing under his casual demeanor, which put Will at his ease. At last, was all he could think as he dropped his shorts and climbed, naked and rampantly erect into the hot, bubbling water.

It was an immediate shock. Both his nipples and ballsack became bright buzzing zones of sensitivity. His eyes popped wide. "Wow!" One of his feet slipped on the bottom and his hand shot out, supporting itself on Jake's shoulder. Jake steadied him with a hand on his hip. Will's erection gulped under the water.

He realized that he wasn't going to be able to hold back any more, and didn't want to. He let his hand travel over Jake's shoulder down onto his hairy chest, thumb flicking at his nipple. Jake grasped Will's hips with both hands, pulling him closer. Their mouths met in mutual relief, tongues exploring as hot fluid broke itself against their submerged bodies. Jake's hands hungrily pawed at Will's smooth newly-developing pecs. Will's hand had located Jake's growing erection under the surface and was helping it along with light strokes that had the older man moaning into his mouth.

Abruptly, Jake pulled back, holding Will away from him. He looked concerned. "Listen. Your dad and I--"

Will cut him off, still fondling the pulsing meat. "I won't say a thing."

Jake stared at him for about a second. "Aah, I guess that'll have to work." He crushed Will to him, smashing their mouths back together. Will moved his legs to either side so they could grind their cocks together. He felt exuberant; everything was working out great so far...


"Hey, you got it!"

"What, I do?" Jacob's shocked, jarred out of reverie. His eyes flip open. He looks down curiously.

"No, keep your eyes closed. Don't try to watch it. Imagine it. Visualize it."

"I think I'm gonna come..." Jacob pants.

"No, breathe deep, relax into it, don't let it boil over yet... Stay with it. Fuck, you're getting so close..."


The second they broke the kiss, Will's head was diving underwater, sucking Jake's veiny hard-on into his hungry mouth. He let his tongue lovingly traverse the fleshy underside as he bobbed on the tool.

When he came up for air, Jake pushed him, growling, against the other wall of the tub, turning him around and bending him over the lip. Will felt Jake's strong hands separate his buttcheeks and a calloused thumb stroke down the middle of his asshole. He groaned involuntarily, and then Jake's face was shoved into his crack, tongue screwing him up the middle.

"Oh god--" he gasped as Jake chowed down on his butt and nutsack. He knew what was coming, and it couldn't get here soon enough. He started whining and babbling, crazy for it. "Oh yeah, that feels great, Jake! Fuckin' eat my hole, stud! Uuhhh! Yeah, get me ready, big man! I need your dick in my fuckhole, Jake. God, your tongue feels so good, but your cock'll feel even better, fuckin' slamming into me from behind. C'mon, Jake, fuck me..."

This was more than Jake could handle. His cock was huge and pounding with lust, suspended by its own desire between his squatting legs in the hot rush of water. With a feral growl he stood up in the froth, positioning his wide cockhead at the entrance to Will's chute. Too wound up by now to be patient, he pushed through violently, panting and grunting, holding on to Will's prone torso for leverage.

Will was hardly a stranger to being ass-fucked, but Jake had the biggest cock he'd taken at that point. When Jake pushed inside, Will's body realized on its own that resistance would be useless and relaxed to accommodate the intrusion. This was a very good thing for both of them, and Will always remembered that afterward, recognizing that there are times when his body knows exactly what it's doing, and getting in its way would be a grave mistake. He's made it a point since then to try to stay in touch with that part of himself.

Jake was panting as he fucked Will's ass. He leaned forward, draping himself over Will's back, driving his hard cock inside the boy again and again. "Hot ass, boy," he rasped, thrusting. "Dick feel good in there?"

Will nodded. "Uh huh. Feels good when you fuck me..."

Jake licked the back of Will's neck, grabbed his shoulders and drove his cock in harder. "You fucking little cocktease, you have any idea how crazy you drive a guy, walking half-naked on your fuckin' hands, UUHH! Take it, you hot little fucker! Take my horny cock up your ass, 'cause you fuckin', YOU FUCKIN' ASKED FOR IT!" As he brutally slammed Will's ass, the fingers of Jake's left hand worked their way into Will's mouth and gradually down his throat. Will had to relax his gag reflex to take the fingers as his butt got reamed. It almost took him out of his body, but he could still feel his dick expand in the water.

"Oh fuck, boy," moaned Jake, "I'm tryin' not to shoot, but you're making me... Ooooh god," he moaned as his cock erupted honey into Will's assclench.

Will felt like he'd been handed an award, feeling Jake's big sweaty body writhing in ecstasy on top of him.


"You've found your visual, haven't you?"

"...Yeah, how did you know?" Jacob inquires.

"You've got me right on the edge of it...." Will pants, lines creasing his forehead. "Oh shit, here I go. Oh fuck, you're making me come..." Jacob opens his eyes in time to see Will's face contort in bliss. "Oh yeah, big guy, take it all... Ooohhh..."

Jacob leans forward, kissing him deep. "You look great doing that," he tells him.

Will strokes Jacob's broad, furry back, kisses him again. "Thanks, big guy. Congratulations."

"So what happened after he came?"

"I made him stay inside me until I shot, which was maybe another minute. He was cool about making sure I got off, and we kept fooling around until I moved out of the neighborhood a few years later. I don't think my dad ever found out, and it sure as hell saved me from going insane until I was old enough for some other options. It was a pretty good situation for both of us. Jake was hotter than anyone I'd been playing with before. Besides, half of them weren't talking to me any more anyway. All in all, I made out like a bandit."

"Nice," Jacob says. "So do you still let your dad fuck you?"

"Every once in a while, it happens. But we're old news to each other, especially around here, where there are so many other options. We're more likely to find each other on opposite ends of the same guy, like yesterday. It's kind of cool, though; we're a little like best friends."

"With benefits," suggests Jacob.

"And then some. You hungry? For something other than cock?"


Simon Traum

[email protected]


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