By Simon Traum

Underneath the Station, deep underground. Great pounding engines, steam, the prickling, physical press of heat. There is no time here. They have always been here; you are here again; they will always be here. The sun never comes up, on the longest night of the year. What time of year is it? I can't tell, either. Keep fucking me. Yeah, just like that. Mmmmm... Can feel the energy coming out the third eye... Don't even want to come, you know? Just keep at it, baby. So much heat... Am I dying? So good...


"Well, your references look satisfactory." RJ places the folder back on the desk in front of him.

Gus breathes a sigh of relief under his breath, still nervous. He hates interviews, always has, even though he usually comes off okay. Gus cleans up well, looks very nice in his polished shoes, black dress trousers and light blue collared shirt, whiskers well shaven and black hair cut and combed. Frankly, he looks like candy on two legs, and the interview's going well, but he remains anxious.

Amongst all the other pressures he's under, now he's worried RJ will ask him to stand up; he'd rather not show off the stiff boner he's grown just talking to the big stud. He knows what goes on at the Station, knows he shouldn't be self-conscious, but he can't help it. RJ's an Authority Figure. Gus wants him, but feels strangely guilty about it.

"How long have you been retired from the Force?" RJ asks.

"Just recently. Four months ago." Gus's resume lists his time as a police officer.

"And now you're here." RJ eyes Gus across the paper-strewn desk, freezing him to his chair and making his dick pound harder in his briefs. "What brings you to the Station?"

Gus almost squirms, but controls himself. He's always hated these questions. "I'd been hearing reports about it, here and there, but nothing specific. This is an area I've been trying to explore for a while. I met someone in a bar about a month back..."

"Yes, Will's recommended you. I know this might be a strange question, Mr Roode, but what do you want to offer the Station?

"Offer...?" The terminology throws Gus for a loop. It's all been pretty formal and routine so far. His mind thrashes about, trying to come up with a suitable answer. He feels sweat break out painfully on the back of his neck.

"Yes, in addition to the nominal fee for training and lodging, it's expected that a tribute of sorts be presented by the applicant." RJ stands up abruptly behind the desk. His dark suit clings to his muscular body, seeming to pull light into itself from around the room. The fabric is so black Gus has trouble seeing wrinkles in it, but does RJ have an erection?

Before he can adjust, RJ's circled around the desk. Standing beside Gus's chair, the big guy places a wide hand on the back of Gus's head and pushes it into RJ's crotch. Yeah, Gus realizes, RJ's definitely got an erection; its hardness is bruising his lips as RJ crushes Gus's face to his groin, rubbing it roughly back and forth. Well, the cat's out of the bag now. Gus may as well do what he wanted to in the first place: His hands reach over his head, struggling to gain purchase as they pull at RJ's belt buckle.

RJ shoves Gus's head away and pulls his trousers open, hauling out a monstrously beautiful horn, shiny and hard. Respectably wide at its tip, it grows even thicker down its length, ending in a base of amazing girth. It points straight up in the air and is the most attractive thing Gus has seen lately.

RJ's big hand finds the back of Gus's head again. "Suck this," Gus hears from above before the big fucker's crowding its way into his mouth, filling it up and advancing further. Luckily, Gus knows what to do with it; sucking cock's always been a talent of his. His body is flooding with endorphins as he realizes with profound gratitude that the hard questions are over and he can concentrate on what he really wants to do. RJ's big dick tastes fantastic. He swirls his tongue around what he can reach before he's making room for it in his throat. RJ grunts and fucks Gus's mouth. Gus feels his dick leaking on his hip. Jesus, he thinks vaguely, they don't waste time around here.

RJ fucks Gus's face about a dozen times, then pulls back out, leaving the other man coughing and drooling on his interview clothes. Gus has about a second in which to catch his breath, then the bigger man hauls him out of his seat, pushing him face down onto desk. Gus feels his trousers being violently pulled down over his legs, cold air on his exposed ass. RJ's big hands roughly separate Gus's buttcheeks and a wad of spit lands shockingly on his asshole, followed by RJ's thick shaft slapping weightily across it a few times. RJ spits again into his hand, and lubes his cock, sliding it through Gus's slickened asscrack, grunting ferally.

Gus can tell what's coming up, is not at all sure he can take a cock RJ's size, but the big guy's pinning him down to the surface of the desk. He can't move. RJ's cockhead probes at Gus's asslips. "Hey," Gus says weakly, "I don't know if that's--" before the huge prong's pushing its way in, distending Gus's asshole to maximum capacity. "OOOOHHHHH, FUCK, MAN!" Gus howls, eyes wide, unable suddenly to think or do anything but accommodate this mammoth intruder.

He continues to moan as RJ shoves all the way inside, dilating Gus's fuck-tunnel to a degree that leaves him gasping helplessly. His hands scramble, clutch desperately across sliding papers for purchase at the edges of the desk as RJ begins to move his cock inexorably in and out, forcing Gus's protesting asshole into unaccustomed new shapes. RJ holds Gus's shoulders as he thrusts all the way inside, making Gus sob, forcing him wide open. Gus's hard dick draws patterns in precome on the side of the desk. He feels like he's being split open from behind, but there's nothing he can do until RJ gets tired and lets him up.

Gus sobs again, but it's starting to feel good through the discomfort. Hell, in all honesty, Gus is really digging being held down and fucked by RJ. Walking in earlier, he never thought he'd get this lucky. The mammoth tool pushes brutally back inside to the hilt, and Gus feels his load burst out, shooting volleys all over the surface in front of it. He cries in unbearable pleasure as RJ forces the come out of him and keeps fucking. Gus whimpers and tries to push his ass back toward RJ's thrusts, gasping, grunting. With amazement, he notices his erection hasn't even gotten soft, still pounding, blood-engorged, thumping the desk.

With what feels like one swift motion, RJ slips out of Gus's ass, lifting him up to flip him over onto his back on the desk. RJ pulls Gus's hips to the edge and shoves roughly back inside him. Gus groans loud, grabbing hold of RJ's fuzzy forearms as the huge dick pile-drives hard and fast into his distended pucker. His whole body jerks from RJ's pounding slams, his erection waving over his stomach, dripping back onto him. He looks up into RJ's dark, inscrutable face, beaded with sweat. His hands hold onto the desk's edge, arms flexed, trying not to be driven back as RJ fucks. RJ seems to be chanting something; Gus can't hear what it is. His butt's throbbing nicely now, settling into the rhythm RJ's established. Feels great, best fuck he's ever had, maybe.

RJ looks incredible, irresistible right now. Gus, in awe, frees one hand to caress the stud's flexing, pumping body, feeling the hard muscles straining under the fabric. With a loud grunt, RJ pulls the shirt open without missing a stroke, revealing his dark-haired, sweat-slicked torso. His large hands pull open Gus's blue shirt, sending buttons flying, tearing the undershirt to rags as he paws at Gus's naked body beneath. RJ's cheeks puff as he fucks. "Nice," he hisses appreciatively, rubbing a palm across Gus's tight, furry chest. Gus feels RJ's cock getting, amazingly, thicker inside him, and his thrusts are becoming rougher, harder, slamming up against him.

RJ's breathing is ragged now, his whole body tensed with Gus's ankles locked around his back, clothes bunched over his shoes. He swivels his hips a little as he pounds, and Gus whines from internal pressure. "Ooohhh, fuck me, man..."

Eyes closed, RJ rasps, "You're making me come!"

"Oohhh, me, too," Gus moans back, and his dick's erupting again, like a fucking volcano. RJ pulls out at the same moment and they both shoot all over Gus, shouting and groaning.


RJ's gone and come back with a towel and a warm, wet rag. Gus, having recovered some composure in the interim, asks, "Did I pass?" as RJ cleans their loads out of Gus's body hair.

RJ smiles at him. "Yeah, you passed before I even stuck it in you. Sorry about your clothes. We'll get you some fresh ones. Come on," he finishes drying Gus's skin. Reaching under him, RJ lifts Gus's body off the desk, carrying him in his arms down a maze of hallways. Gus almost tells him that he's capable of walking, but then reconsiders, enjoying the sensation of the big, handsome guy supporting him. He wraps his arm around RJ's big shoulders. His cock's still sticking straight up. What the fuck is that?

Eventually, they arrive before a closed door. RJ sets Gus down in front of it and opens it onto a view of the cramped room within, furnished with a bed and night-table, with a dresser off to the side.

"We're short on space for the next few days, but we'll get you a larger room when one frees up. This will be your quarters in the meantime. Bathroom's right there," he indicates a closed door off to the side. "You're going to be sharing it with the guys next door. They're out for now, but they'll be back later. Their names are Ted and Dan. If you need anything, you'll want to talk to them. They're nice guys, and they'll get you adjusted. Any questions for now?"

"You're leaving?" Gus was just getting into the idea of having RJ around for a while longer, feels like someone's swiped the carpet out from under him.

"Afraid so. This place keeps me pretty busy." RJ pats him on the bare ass. "Go ahead and get dressed, angel-butt. We should have clothes your size in the dresser. I'll check in on you in a few days. If you have any problems, Dan and Ted will be happy to help you out."

After watching RJ saunter away naked, down the hall and around a corner, Gus looks in one of the dresser's drawers. He pulls a kelly green t-shirt out, holds it up in front of him. Looks like the right size, but he feels funny about putting it on; he's kind of digging being naked. The temperature's comfortable, and his erection still hasn't gone soft yet. He decides to stay nude for the time being.

Gus is checking out the common bathroom between the two doors when one opens inward, hitting him painfully on the tailbone. "Hey!" he exclaims, rubbing a palm over the area.

There's a muffled "Sorry" from the other side, followed by a handsome grey-bearded head craning around the door's edge. "Hi. You must be the new trainee. I'm Dan, from next door."

Gus, realizing he's still stark naked, backs up involuntarily. His hard-on is still jutting defiantly upward. Dan's gaze drifts to it, fascinated. He tracks after Gus into the bathroom, obviously horny and taking the erection as an invitation.

"Ohhh," Dan coos, taking the jumping cock in his warm palm, "that's right." Gus melts, falling against the doorframe. "Whoa, hold on now." Dan holds him up, steadies him on the counter. His hand grips Gus's chin lightly. "Are you okay, buddy?"

Gus nods, panting. He's feeling a little light-headed; a feverish heat passes over him. "Don't stop, please. I don't know why I'm so horny. I've had a hard-on since I got here..."

"That'll be the orgone," Dan informs him, stripping his shirt over his head, revealing a salt-and-pepper furred torso beneath. "The whole place is soaked in it. Here, let's take care of this thing." He helps Gus off the counter, leading him into his and Ted's more spacious room. Gus can't keep his hands off of Dan's pelt, and the next thing they know, they're rolling on the bed, kissing manically as Gus pulls at Dan's button-fly.

When he finally gets it open, Dan's fat erection pops out. "Oh god," moans Gus. "I think I need to suck that," he tells Dan, who replies, "Have at it, handsome."

Gus thrusts the cock all the way down his throat and presses his face into Dan's hairy belly. He can't believe how fucking hungry for cock he is. He'll have to ask Dan later what he meant about 'orgone.' Does that mean they do this shit all the time? Suddenly, he can imagine it; it's turning him on, thinking about having sex with several guys at once, getting used by all of them. He's never had the chance to do this stuff, most people don't. That's why he jumped at the opportunity to get into the Station. It appears the rumors are true...

He shoves his mouth back and forth over Dan's fleshy steel. "Ah, fuck yeah," the older guy mutters, grabbing Gus's drooling head so he can fuck his face. "Yeah, that's it, that's what I needed, right there, yeah," he grunts as he saws his dick in and out of Gus's mouth. Gus stares up at him, eyes watering, slurping as Dan's hard meat uses him. He's too fucking pretty is what he is, Dan thinks as he pulls his dick out and kneels down to kiss him. Gus's arms wind around his shoulders.

Their tongues fight for dominance before Gus decides he's going to give in. "Fuck me," he pleads, disbelieving the sound of his own voice. What kind of fucking slut is he? He's still sore from RJ, but who fucking cares? His asshole's throbbing with lust, and Dan's got just what the doctor ordered. "Come on, man," Gus turns around, spreading his cheeks, "I'm going crazy for it. Give me that thick cock, fucker!"

Dan pushes him back onto the mattress, turning him over and lifting his legs out of the way. "That's what I like to hear." He grins like a bearded shark as he positions his fat cockhead at the opening of Gus's spasming, tingling asshole. "You know, I never did catch your name..."

Gus smiles up at him, gorgeous. "I'm Gus. Sorry, I've been distracted." He laughs nervously.

"Well, Gus, it's good to meet you--" Dan says as he pushes inside.

"Oh god!" Gus sounds more relieved than anything else.

"--and I'm gonna enjoy fucking the living daylights out of you!" And with that, Dan starts to fuck, fast and hard. He pants like an animal as he pumps, talking in a soft growl to his bottom. "Yeah, that's it, bear down a little on it. Oooohhhh, yeah, that's fuckin' nice, boy." He reaches behind Gus's head, grabbing a handful of his dark hair. "Oooh, fuck, you're one pretty fucking man, Gus. You just keep gettin' my dick harder and harder. Uh! You like that? Huh! Hahh! Fuck yeah!" He slaps a palm across Gus's solar plexus, and Gus squirms, moaning. "Nice fuckin' ass, man," pants Dan, bringing his face close to Gus's as he screws. Gus's eyes are wide, staring right back at Dan. He's so fucking handsome that Dan's over the brink before he can stop himself. "OOHHH, FUCK," he howls as his prong unloads inside the younger man's clutching rectum. "OH GOD, you're a hot fuck!"

"Don't fucking stop! Keep fucking me, I'm almost there!" Dan keeps thrusting, stroking Gus's cock which spews his wad back onto him. "Oh fuck, oh yeah, oh that's so fucking good," Gus sobs as Dan jacks his cock. Gus stares up at Dan like he's fallen in love. Maybe he has. He reaches up to pull Dan down on top of him, kissing him as deeply as he can, holding his warm, fuzzy body tight.


An hour later, exhausted, they sprawl over the bed, dozing. Ted walks in, sees his husband naked in bed with a very good-looking guy. There is no overt reaction. He simply begins to remove his shoes, scrutinizing the handsome newcomer: nice dark eyebrows, full lips, body's in good shape - not too big or small, what's this? The guy's sleeping with a straining hard-on!

"It doesn't go down, I guess," Ted looks over at the sound of Dan's voice across the bed. "He's already worn me out. I think it's your turn."

Gus has awakened and is staring up at Ted, a huge, cute Slovenian giant of a man in obvious appreciation and not a little calculation. "Hi, I'm Gus," he extends his hand to Ted. As soon as he touches it, Ted gets a dizzying hard-on and he's pulling his shirt over his head as Gus tears at his trousers. After kicking his pants off, he tackles Gus, pinning him to the mattress.

"You will fuck me, yes?" Ted inquires, deep voice rumbling.

"Whatever you say, stud," says Gus, who could happily fuck 'til he's dead. Ted climbs off the bed to lube his ass, then crawls back to squat on top of Gus's prone body, aiming Gus's hard-on at his descending asshole, slickening it up with his fingers. He gets positioned, then sits back on the rigid tool, rocking his way down to Gus's balls. His own huge, uncut hard-on, hovering in front of Gus's face, has mesmerized the other man. Gus pets it with the fingers of one hand, watching it jump as Ted's butthole swallows his cock.

Gus feels incredible. He's never felt so good in his life. Ted's the best-looking guy he has ever seen, and look! he's bouncing on Gus's hard dick, causing waves of multi-hued sensations to radiate outward through the inside of their exulting bodies. Why does anyone ever leave this place? He'd stay forever if he thought he could, being lapped at on all sides for an eternity of pleasures, losing the outlines he'd acquired over a misspent lifetime, the habits and postures, compromises put in place to make up for a crippling lack of physical contact.

He starts to sob, tears running down the sides of his face, into his hair. He can feel his chest breaking open and he can't get enough air into his lungs. His breathing gets ragged, wheezing. Ted stops riding, leans forward, taking Gus's face in his hands. "It is all right," he tells a convulsively sobbing Gus. "Keep breathing as deeply as you can, from down here," he strokes Gus's heaving stomach lightly, over and over. "You are in exactly the right place in the whole universe. Your entire life has built up to this moment." He leans down and kisses Gus, whose dick jumps inside Ted's warm sphincter. Gus moans helplessly. Ted continues to stroke his stomach.

"You are learning now," Ted intones in his thick accent. "Very soon, you will see your True Face, the way it was before your parents conceived you. You are one of the Chosen."

Gus whimpers. His spine feels like it's vibrating, giving off heat. There's a buzzing sensation in his asshole that seems to be in tune with it somehow. He's afraid he might turn to liquid any second if he isn't very, very careful.

Dan curls his body around Gus's head and shoulders on the bed, rubbing his hands over the surface of Gus's torso, and Gus feels better immediately, safer. He and Dan begin to kiss as Ted rides the Erection That Won't Die. Between the two of them, they level Gus out again; it was clear he was getting a bit too far out into the stratosphere.

Once he can keep himself upright again, they position Gus at the edge of the bed so he can fuck a reclining Ted's butt. He's still a little bit dizzy as he screws his stiff prick between the giant's huge, beautiful asscheeks, but the motion is tying him down to one time and place now, even if the waves of sensation emanating from his still-vibrating spine threaten to absorb his identity every now and then.

He's getting into a good rhythm with his thrusts, Ted's hands massaging his shoulders and pecs, when he feels Dan move in behind him, fat dick poking at his ass. "Oh, fuck, man," he breathes, "I gotta have that, now..." He hears Dan's throaty chuckle behind him as the thick snake pushes into his rectum, waking another snake up, an electric one further inside. Gus feels Dan's arms around him, but he can also feel wings burst out his back and static shoot out of his eyes. It's like he's in two places at once, and something multicolored and burning is dissolving his spine from the bottom up. Moaning, he bucks between his partners, making them groan in unison. He can't even remember who he is any more. He was here to find out something, wasn't he? He can no longer recall what it was.

He's found out something else, though. There's a snake made of fire that's been living quietly near his rectum all his life, without his ever noticing it. He can't help noticing it now, as it speeds in looping slowmotion, wheels throwing sparks as it travels up his molten spine, preparing to burst through the top of his head. He thinks he might be screaming as his orgasm overtakes him. He feels the other two men clutching at him as their climaxes take over as well. He goes blind for a few minutes, but is unable to speak to tell anyone what has happened. By the time he can talk again, his vision's returned, so why bother.

The three of them seem unwilling or unable to take their hands off of each other, or otherwise break physical contact, keeping to a warm nest made of piled-up bedding and masculine bodies.

At some point, sleeping arrangements are discussed. An invitation is extended to Gus, who accepts, having no intention of returning to that tiny room any sooner than necessary. Besides, he's falling head over heels for both Dan and Ted, who've made it clear that they intend to keep him busy for as long as he wants them to. Utterly exhausted, for the moment at least, Gus drifts back to sleep between their bodies.

Silent, dreamless, calm, secure.


"You were right," Caleb says to RJ. "Gus is a plant, still on active duty. He's been sent in as reconnaissance. We think they're gathering information for a sting."

"Sorry, I didn't know," Will tells him, obviously embarrassed.

"No reason you should have," RJ reassures him. "I don't want you worrying about this. We saw this coming; we've already got it under control. I've briefed Dan and Ted. They're handling it."

"You're letting him stay?" Will's still worried.

"If we keep him out, they'll send another one in." RJ shakes his dark head. "No, his own biology has put him halfway onto our side anyway. We're effectively inducting him; that's what the 'interview' psychodrama was all about. You should feel him from the inside; I've woken up his Serpent. He's here for the wrong reasons, but we can turn him. That will buy us time to re-evaluate the situation."

"I'd like to try," Will says. He's feeling betrayed, but still attached. "I can't believe I got used like that..."

RJ grabs him, gives him a long kiss. "Hey, you're young; you're still learning, even if you're an instructor yourself. If anything, we're grateful that you brought him to our attention. We're not completely without defenses here, you know."

"And it'll be a lot harder for someone to fool you next time," Caleb tells him, moving in from behind. Will trembles in pleasurable anticipation. RJ and Caleb have started doing this to him lately: coming at him amorously from two directions. It's almost more than he can handle.

"Ahhh, guys," he murmurs blissfully, running a palm down RJ's deep chest, "I fucking love when you gang up on me like this..." Then he's making out with RJ, feeling Caleb's hands pulling his shorts down, groping his ass...


Simon Traum


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