By Simon Traum

The big man is naked, beautiful. Broad shouldered, dark-haired, clear-eyed in the bright moonlight. His thick cock juts out and up from his crotch like a rhino's horn, fully erect. He beckons, standing in the pool of moonlight beyond the open doors to the terrace. Was there something in that food?


Jacob's big, hard dick is pulsing, buried balls-deep in Michael's red-furred asshole. They're staying very still. Michael, easily the smaller of the two, is sitting in Jacob's lap facing him, hard cock pressed to Jacob's hairy abs. They both breathe deeply.

"Keep your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth," Michael tells him. "It's like closing an electric circuit."

Jacob's concentrating on nose-breathing while he keeps his tongue engaged, so he nods quickly, trying to keep up. The last time Michael did this with him, things got real intense. Jacob wants more.

"Time out," Michael says abruptly, pressing their mouths together. They suck face voluptuously, tongues each sliding around the other. Michael finally separates. "Whew," he whistles. "I couldn't resist that; you looked too cute. Sorry, I know we're supposed to be concentrating." He starts bouncing gently on Jacob's prong, eyes pleading. "Uuhhh, you feel so fucking good in there. Look, I'll show you the rest of the exercises later; I need to get dicked, stud! Can you help me out?"

Jacob smiles, lowering the horny redhead onto the surface of the bed and pumping his cock in and out of his grasping asshole. His dick feels so hard it's almost become numb, which means Michael's probably gonna be sore by the time Jacob shoots his load. His smile broadens. It'll be a grueling fuck. Michael loves this shit.

Jacob plants his mouth over Michael's, invading the territory with his tongue, roughly probing past moans and squeals as he fucks deep into the greedy assclench. Michael fits him like a velvet glove, gripping him tight as Jacob forces his girth back and forth. They grunt into the other's mouth, drooling. Jacob holds Michael down on the cot, slamming into him brutally. His body swells, flexing as he pounds relentlessly. Michael's hands explore the straining muscles along Jacob's ventral surface.

A deep crimson flush bursts out on Michael's chest and neck. Jacob plants a palm on the area and fucks harder. Michael's eyes drift closed. He moans, "Oh yeah, stud, that's what I need, uuuhuuaooww..." choking it off as his dick begins to shoot jets of come back over him. He whines, eyebrows scooped, holding onto the mattress as his ass gets used.

Their mouths find each other again, desperately closing another circuit as Jacob's pumping takes on a new purpose, closing in on his orgasm, dead ahead. Jacob pulls out, flipping Michael onto his elbows and knees. He pushes roughly back inside, grabbing Michael's hips to screw fast and hard. "Uuuuhhhh!" The bed complains as the two men wrestle and pound their way over its surface. They're both growling at each other now. Jacob grabs a handful of Michael's curly hair and pulls backward, slamming his ass even harder. "FUCK! FUCK!" he screams as his jizm shoots into Michael's stretched rectum. He wraps one big arm around Michael's heaving chest, drawing him up to embrace from behind as he's coming only to discover Michael's shooting off again as well, straight out onto the sheets. Michael whines breathlessly as his come is forced out, grinding his ass muscles over Jacob's marble erection.

After that, they're tired, so they go back to work on the exercises they were doing. "It's okay to take time out," Michael explains. "You'll learn more if you don't make a chore out of it." He's stroking Jacob's huge dick to full rigidity again, at which point he climbs back on, face to face. He pecks Jacob on the lips. Jacob throws his tongue into Michael's mouth, feeling his cock thicken inside him.

Once they break the kiss, Michael says, "Okay. Deep nose breathing and keep the tongue pressed to the palate." They both become very still, feeling energy rise...


"Yeah, but I already have a job, Michael."

"Oh, I know. I'm not suggesting you start streetwalking - although with a little practice you'd be real good at it. I know it isn't for everyone; it's what I'm drawn to. I'm talking about becoming Initiated. You decide what to do with the knowledge at that point. Everyone goes a different direction once they've gotten their certification. You've got potential, Jacob. I'd like to see you use it."

Jacob's already experienced some pretty cosmic stuff the first time Michael showed him how to combine yoga with sex. He was almost hallucinating, but with his whole body. He knows there's something to all this. "Okay, what do I do?"

"Well, the first thing is, you'll need to take at least three weeks off of work..."


As Michael explains it, the Panhandle Project raises funds and is the recruitment and public outreach arm for the Station, which provides private training in a variety of sexual and yogic techniques and disciplines. The training isn't open to everyone, and is segregated by gender (There's a women's training facility in another location, with a different name.). One must be brought in by someone already involved; frequently they are receiving training themselves. The typical minimum course lasts two and a half weeks. In that time, the student receives basic certification, and the Initiation takes place.

The students train as long as they feel they need to. Some stay for a few weeks, attaining the basic preliminary certification; some are there for years, shuffling through new research and practices, using their own bodies as laboratories. A couple of them have been here the whole time the Station has been operating, which is longer than anyone thinks. There is a preliminary amount of basic skills training before the Initiation can be passed. After that, all initiates are considered on equal footing, and the curriculum changes to reflect the interests of the participants. Interests of past trainees have subsequently broadened the curriculum into the subjects of martial arts and remote viewing, and it is not unusual for a student to graduate to instructor's status and then, sometimes, back again.

Jacob's plan (at Michael's suggestion) is to take the basic training to get certification and become Initiated, at which point he can decide what he wants to do. Students live at the Station while receiving instruction, so Jacob's aware as he arrives that he'll be here for at least another seventeen days. Michael's driven him to a large, nondescript building on the edge of the city, in a mostly abandoned industrial area. It's like Eraserhead outside: bleak industrial with everything pretty much shades of one color, but that's just camouflage. Once they get past a sliding reinforced metal door with flaking white paint, a comfortable, modern feel takes over as they find themselves in a verdant sun-flooded courtyard flanking the building, which looks entirely different from this angle.

Michael brings Jacob in through a side door in the kitchen, maneuvering him through a chaos of banging utensils and cutlery. When they reach a hall where he can be heard, Michael begins an impromptu tour of the estate, which has been designed not to look like one from the outside. Michael attempts to explain orgone energy to Jacob. "See, it's like there's this energy that flows through everything, even us, and it's sexual in nature, connected to sex, completely apart from that whole baby-making apparatus. Haven't you noticed yourself feeling hornier than usual?"

"I'm kind of always horny," Jacob admits.

Michael's left hand detours in midair as he strolls, grabbing Jacob's crotch. He grins through his beard. "Yeah, you're hard again."

Jacob rushes at Michael suddenly, pinning him to the wall, facing him. "You better not do that if you don't want me to use it on you," he husks, pressing his bulging groin at the cute redhead.

Michael rubs noses with him, grinning. "Oh, please don't throw me in the briar patch, stud! Save your energy for the other trainees. If you think you're horny now, wait until you've spent a few days here..."

As Michael explains it, the Station exists as a research and training facility, but it also functions as a kind of engine, running on orgone. It has an intensely pleasant effect on the inhabitants. There has been some debate over whether the Station makes you more attractive or if being present in the Station simply attunes one to attractive traits in others. Ultimately, who cares, since the sheer concentration of almost painfully-hot, horned-up men that have begun funneling into the Station for training would be distracting if they showed up anywhere, library, funeral or cafeteria.

"All of these guys have tuned into something internally that shines through their outer appearance," says Michael, as he shows Jacob off to the curious denizens. The place is like a maze inside. They wind through rooms and corridors, Jacob catching brief glimpses of masculine bodies through half-open doorways. A shaved head bobs between two bare thighs in a dimly-lit teal-tinted room. Elsewhere, a strikingly handsome guy with deep, dark eyes and an evil smile watches them pass, blows Jacob a kiss. Jacob seems to hear distant breathing, in and out, but it's echoey, hard to focus on, almost sounds like it's coming from the corridor itself.

"You could call it a glamour, if you want; it amounts to the same thing," continues Michael. "Put any one of these guys in a public place and you could watch everyone around him react to the draw of his magnetism. Put them all together in one building for purposes of training them to use their already prodigious sexual talents in undreamed-of new ways, and a cumulative effect gets set up. It ends up kind of infecting everything in the surrounding environment." It's true. As Michael demonstrates, the bricks in the walls even seem to have acquired a blue-tinged glow that wasn't there when the building was initially constructed. Jacob's never seen anything like it, outside of the movies. The communal shower area, it has been noted, also has collected a blue-green glow, only visible when all lights have been extinguished.

Briefly, Jacob wonders if maybe he should be spooked by all this, but these guys are so impossibly hot, and he's already spotted a couple of them having sex! He knows that's what they do here, but still. Needless to say, his electrified cock is throbbing, an angry prisoner in his jeans.

Michael leaves Jacob in a deserted hallway for a few minutes while he checks into some sort of office, then shows Jacob to his room. The whole thing feels like the inside of a hotel, but the suite itself is impressive, larger inside than the hall suggests. A mammoth four-poster bed dominates the bedroom, and there's a bathroom attached. Looking around, Jacob takes it all in and realizes he won't be hurting for any creature comforts while he's staying here.

Michael hands him an electronic key-card. "This will get you in and out of the facility itself, should that become necessary. There aren't a lot of locks in the training areas, and none of the students' quarters have locks, but the service areas and selected others are off limits. There are employees here who never mix with the students. If you get confused, there's a schedule and map of the complex behind the door there. Don't let it bother you if you can't keep track at first. You'll get the hang of it."

"Do I need to sign up for any of this?" Jacob asks, eyeing the schedule.

"You're here, aren't you? You just show up, if you're not busy. You have over two weeks to become proficient; that's plenty of time, believe me. They're very relaxed about the instruction. Half the time, you won't even notice it's happening."

Michael picks up his bag. "I have to go, stud," he tells Jacob, kissing him. "I'm due across town in a half-hour. I'm glad you decided to do this; you won't regret it. Play nice with the other kids. I'll check in on you later in the week." With that, he's off.

If Jacob's nervous, it doesn't last long. His cock quickly informs him that it would like to get a closer inspection of the other guys he saw on the way in. Eagerly exploring the hall outside his room, he takes a corner too fast, bumping right up against a good-looking older guy with a short grey beard and pretty blue eyes. Jacob looks into those eyes and thinks, Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner...

The older guy's hands are on Jacob's body immediately, steadying them both after the collision. "Whoa, bud! Slow down," the guy admonishes, then realizes what he's just made contact with. His warm palms begin to explore Jacob's massive trunk. "Hell, man, that's a great build..."

Jacob can't help grinning. "Yeah, you like it?" He snakes a big arm around the smaller older guy's sinewy shoulders, copping a feel of his chest with the other hand. "My name's Jacob."

"Call me Dan," the older man tells him, lifting Jacob's shirt up at the waist. "Mmm," Dan purrs, rubbing a palm across Jacob's hairy six-pack. "Nice and furry, Jacob. I'm getting a boner..."

Jacob strips the shirt off entirely. "I've had one since I got here," he rasps, digging at Dan's shirt, dragging his fingers through the copious grey body hair underneath. They begin to examine each other, petting.

"Hey," Jacob says, "you've got the same kind of whirls on your chest, too." His fingers touch two symmetrical cyclone-patterns high up in Dan's steel chest hair, indicating the same on his own dirty-blond chest.

"Nice," agrees Dan, rubbing his bearded chin over Jacob's nipples and hauling his inflating cock out of his pants.

Their lips meet. Dan's fingers brush the hardening bulge in Jacob's crotch. Two minutes later, Dan's maneuvered Jacob into a sort of salon, humming to himself on his knees as he slurps Jacob's hefty prong noisily down his throat.

Two other guys come around the corner at this point, getting an eyeful of Dan blowing Jacob on the couch. Jacob recognizes one of them from earlier in the afternoon; the handsome guy with the evil smile seems to remember him as well. His companion's shorter than him, smooth, pale, well-built. They're both naked, with towels draped over their shoulders. The two men stop short, watching Jacob's big horn disappearing into Dan's mouth.

"Hey," the shorter one says.

The handsome guy's feral grin is back. "Yeah, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..."

Only slightly embarrassed, Jacob waves a hand at them. "Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm new."

The shorter one tosses his towel away as if it irritates him, stepping closer to Jacob to cop a feel on that muscled pelt. "I'm Will," he tells Jacob guilelessly. Will is small comparatively, but he's well-proportioned and built like a gymnast, which he is. As Jacob later discovers, sometimes Will likes to walk on his hands naked around the grounds, just to see if anyone's interested in burying their face in his butt.

The taller of the two doesn't bother introducing himself, just walks up and locks his mouth onto Jacob's like a lamprey eel. Jacob groans, feeling his cock get stiffer in Dan's sucking mouth. Dan grunts around it. The tall guy stops kissing him long enough to tell him his name is "Damon", then his hot tongue's occupying the inside of Jacob's mouth again.

"You're crowdin' me, boys," growls Dan from below, taking the cock out of his mouth. Damon and Will move across the room to the other couch to watch the action.

"That's better," Dan tells them. "I'll let you know when you're needed..." Damon takes Will's prick into his mouth as Will stares over at them.

Dan's going to town on Jacob's meat, which is assuming gigantic proportions. Pretty soon it starts to get too wide for Dan's mouth, stretching his lips around its girth. Feeling Dan's mouth raking over his engorged cockhead while watching Damon blow Will is seriously turning Jacob on. His big hands explore the grey hair the covers about half of Dan's muscular torso. Jacob likes that, too. Dan's the oldest guy he's ever had sex with - he's 55, Jacob finds out later. The guy's energy's incredible. Jacob hauls Dan off his dick and kisses him, feeling the rough grey beard on his lips. He thinks he can smell ozone as he hears Will ask Dan, "You going to fuck him?"

Dan separates from Jacob, breaking the kiss. "Well, what do you say?" he asks him, clearly excited.

Jacob stares back at him. "Oh hell, yeah."

Dan's got an impressive cock: nice and wide. Not as big as Jacob's, but Dan knows how to use it, so it'll do the job. He pushes it smoothly through Jacob's outer ring. Jacob, lying on his back on the couch, one big leg up for access, sighs "Aaaahh" as Dan slides home inside him. A nice fit.

Dan stops moving, getting accustomed to the feel, running his hands over Jacob's hairy, prone trunk. "Great ass," Dan tells him.

Jacob's fingers rub Dan's left nipple as he starts to fuck in and out, and they're both grunting with the pleasure of it. Jacob watches Dan's straining, muscular body. "Oohh, nice fuck, daddy," he moans. Looking across the hall, he sees Damon has stuck his dick inside Will, fucking him doggy-style as they both watch Dan and Jacob. They're pretty like that, he thinks, wishing they would come closer.

As if he overheard the thought, Damon pulls out of Will's butt. Will looks back at Damon, who rubs a hand through his own chest hair and nods toward Jacob. Dan's too busy fucking to stop them this time as they move in on either side of Jacob, whose huge dick is sticking straight up in the air. Will strokes it tentatively, making it leak down its side. Jacob reaches, grabs Will's head, pulling it to his own and shoving his hot tongue into Will's mouth. He groans appreciatively as Dan's cock works its way in and out of his depth-charging butthole. A half-second later, he's shooting his wad all over the fucking place, whining in ascending scales.

"Hot ass, boy!" pants Dan, grunting his way to his own climax. He pounds harder, getting red in the face, and then growls "Fuck yeah!" as he unloads inside Jacob's warm, willing assclench. He collapses on the boy's massive chest. "Fuckin' A," he breathes, pulling out. "Needed that." He kisses one of Jacob's nipples, then he feels someone's hard-on pressing up against his ass. He glances over his shoulder at a grinning Damon. "Something I can help you with?" he grumbles.

"You're blocking him, handsome." Damon winks at him, dry-humping his furry asscrack. "Unless you feel like giving it up." His uncut snake drools, dragging its skin back across the surface.

Dan arches his back. "Tempting, but it's not me you want." He looks into Jacob's eyes. "Is it okay with you if I throw you to the wolves?" Jacob nods and smiles, blushing. "You come to me if you need anything, understand? And we're doing this again, privately, sometime." Jacob kisses him. Dan growls quietly and rolls off of him.

He's immediately replaced by Damon, who stares at him a second with his gorgeous dark eyes before wrapping his body around Jacob's, kissing him like a drowning man clutches his life preserver. Damon's long, thick, pointed dick is poking into Jacob's ballsack, so he reaches down and guides Damon inside him.

Damon's eyes drift closed. "Aahhh, fuckin' nice,' he sighs, picking up Jacob's re-inflating hard-on. "I think this might be the second biggest dick I've ever seen." He starts to fuck back and forth and a smile slides across his face; he's obviously enjoying himself.

"Who's got the biggest?" Jacob's curious. Shit, this guy knows how to fuck!

Damon's just finding his rhythm. "His partner." Panting, he jerks his head at Dan, who blushes a little and strokes his own cock, watching.

"Bring that thing over here," Jacob tells him. Dan gets closer, so Jacob can jack his re-hardening cock, guiding it to his face so he can suck on it. Dan's head falls back and he feels Damon's hand caressing his fuzzy butt. Will kneels on the other side of Jacob's face, whacking him in the shoulder with his hard meat, watching him suck Dan's veiny erection.

Jacob looks up at Will. "Is it always like this?" he asks, jerking from Damon's brutal thrusts.

"Yeah, most of the time. Sometimes we sleep," Will replies. "Were you hoping for something else?"

"Not really." Jacob grins. "Doesn't it get a little, uh, incestuous, though?"

Will jacks his dick faster, riding a wave. "Fuck, I'll say! I've been watching you suck my dad's cock! Way hot!"

Jacob suddenly realizes that Will's thick, curved trouser snake is looking like it could use some attention. Funny how attractive they can become if neglected. He grabs hold of Will's dangling scrotum and pulls the other boy's dick closer where he can get his mouth on it. Will moans adorably while Jacob sucks his rod, enjoying every stroke up and down its hard smooth surface.

Damon's pounding away at Jacob's ass, throwing his whole goddamn body into it, pouring sweat. His handsome face stares demonically up at Dan and Will kissing as Jacob runs his tongue over both their dicks. "Fuckin' hot," he pants, fucking as hard as he can. He can't even see straight anymore, but Jacob's making them all pretty crazy. He's breathing through his nose in an effort to not come too soon. This is too hot to blow with an orgasm, he thinks.

A throat clears itself nearby. They all pause to look in the clearer's direction.

What they see is an amazingly handsome, tall, well-built man who's poured his dazzling body into a muscle tee, a pair of jeans and scuffed cowboy boots. He looks back at them, a lopsided grin plastered over his face. He drops his bag and rubs his bulging crotch absent-mindedly, like a Tom of Finland character come to life. "Sweet. I guess I must be in the right place. I was given this key-card, but couldn't find anybody after I got inside, so, uh..."

They've all gotten off the couch and are surrounding the newcomer. Damon circles behind him, pulling the guy's shirt up, exposing a smooth, defined chest and abdomen. "My name's Trent," the guy says, pulling open the button-fly on his jeans. His cock sticks out, fucking huge and bouncing. Both Jacob and Will drop to their knees in front of this beautiful monument, sucking it from both sides.

Damon takes Trent's face in both hands, staring into his eyes. "I'm Damon, Trent. Welcome to the Station." He locks mouths with the other man, wrestling his tongue down aggressively. Trent's hands explore Damon's body, slide down the length of his horn. He groans as Jacob and Will take his big cock into their mouths alternately, and then his jeans are being yanked down from behind and Dan's rough bearded jaw is forcing its way between his big glutes, warm, wet tongue screwing into the crevice. "Ohhoh fuck!" Trent bellows.

They drag him over to one of the couches, trailing his clothes behind. Dan's the first to get inside him, bending his pretty butt over the couch. He pumps his cock in and out a few times gently, testing the waters. "Whoah, nice ride, Trent."

Trent's mouth is hanging open, eyes closed, shoulders flexed. "You like my ass, daddy?" he taunts Dan as he fucks. "You wanna blow a load in there, huh?" He grins to himself. The old guy sounds ready to overload, but he's fucking good. Nice cock, and he knows what to do with it. Trent's own big dick is leaving stains all over the armrest. All he needs now is a cock in his mouth. He reaches out for the biggest one he sees - the really big, hairy guy - and pulls it into his greedy mouth. He slobbers around its width, making Jacob moan uncontrollably. He licks Jacob's furry thigh, then drags his tongue over the shaft. Jacob grabs Trent's head, fucking his mouth as Dan fucks his ass.

"Hohh, Jesus," pants Damon, and they all feel the warm shower of his load spewing over their pumping, heaving bodies. The drops and globules land, leaving explosions of energy as after-images in the ether, absorbed through the skin and recycled through their own energy systems as they drive themselves deeper into pleasure. Damon has moved into slow-motion. As he wrings the last of his come from his reddened cock, he couldn't possibly be more attractive than now. Will can't resist him, moving over to suck on his neck, hard-on poking him in the hip.

Watching Jacob moan while he fucks Trent's mouth has put Dan over the edge. He shakes his head, still fucking, and breathes, "Boy, you are too fucking much." He pulls his cock out - "Here ya go!" - and shoots right across Trent's body to hit Jacob square in the chest.

Jacob grunts and starts blowing his own wad down Trent's neck. His big body tenses, and he pulls Trent's head down harder onto his erupting cock, grunting, "Uh, take it, big guy! Uh! UH!" Trent swallows it all, holding on tight to Jacob's huge thighs. Jacob's body swells with the orgasm, feeling absolutely incredible.

Poor Will's neglected cock looks like it could split stone, spilling a steady stream of pre-come down its jerking length. Trent can't leave it alone, stroking it, licking it, wrapping his lips around its straining base. He lays down on his back, positioning Will's hips over his face, allowing Will to fuck his mouth while he works on Trent's big tool. They're both groaning around the cocks in their horny mouths as if there weren't three more guys watching them, or maybe because of it, who knows.

Will drags the mammoth dick out of his throat and licks up its spitty length. Trent's hands grab Will's amazing asscheeks - they actually protrude from his slim hips, begging to be fucked, they almost talk - and plants his handsome face between them, which garners applause from the onlookers. "Fuck yeah," grunts Will, straightening up to sit back on Trent's face, hard cock wagging from his crotch. "Eat my fuckin' hole, gorgeous!" His dick shoots one single viscous jet of semen onto Trent's smooth chest, trailing back to his erect cockhead. "God, you're hot! You want to see me do my trick?"

Jacob hears Dan start chuckling beside him. Trent says something like "Yes" into Will's butthole. Smiling big, Will stands up, turns around and sits back down onto Trent's engorged fuck-sausage. He gasps and grunts, sweating as he takes the whole cock inside, accommodating it, then coming to rest, squatting, still. Then he begins to bounce lightly, gently, riding it. Trent stares as if hypnotized, pretty blue eyes unblinking. Will puts his hands on Trent's ribcage for support as he rides.

Once he gets positioned, he changes the angle and pressure of his ass. He's very good at this; in fact, he teaches this ability here at the Station. Most guys need to have it demonstrated before they'll admit it's possible. What he does is to milk the hard-on, slowly, relentlessly. There's also a visualization, a mental framework that seems to trigger the ability, that has to be decided on by the individual. He's never told anyone his, so who knows what's going through his head as he works his magic on Trent, who's actually trying not to come, the fool.

It won't work, it never does. Trent lasts about seventy-five seconds with Will riding him before he's gasping and panting, white-knuckling Will's hips as he shoots what looks like a hell of a load inside his buttclench. Will couldn't look prouder as he aims his cock and comes all over Trent's face.


Afterward, while the five of them lie in an exhausted, naked pile over the couch, a large, good-looking man in his mid-30's, dressed in black, with a square jaw darkened by a 5 o'clock shadow comes padding up the hall. He stops when he comes opposite of them. Damon, Dan and Will all perk up at the sight of him.

The big man singles out Jacob first. "Welcome to the Station," he says, putting his huge hand forward. "I'm RJ. Glad to see you're settling in." He smiles.

Jacob thinks he's seen this guy before, but can't recall where. He grips the warm palm, feeling horny all over again. "I'm Jacob. Maybe we'll get to see some more of each other before I have to go."

"I'd like that, Jacob." RJ smiles, then looks over at Trent. "Glad you could make it, Trent."

Trent's wiping some stray jizz off his face. "My pleasure." He licks it off his hand, shakes RJ's.

After he leaves, Jacob asks, "Who was that?"

"RJ's a kind of caretaker for the Station," Dan tells him.

"And he'll do your Initiation," adds Damon.


Jacob's already considering sticking around longer than the initial two and a half weeks. Outside the Station, he has to actually work to get laid. But the rate at which this place attracts hot, horny guys has him thinking he might as well stick around for a while and enjoy himself.

Stay put and let the studs come to him...


Simon Traum

[email protected]


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