Hi, I'm a bubble-butted, biracial linebacker at State U...my name is Shawn. I can't seem to help showing off my big booty to the world, and because of my big bottom I keep coming out on top. I recently got a job as a waiter at a pub downtown. Because its in the city we get a pretty diverse crowd and I get plenty of chances to 'accidentally' give great looks at my best asset. I had a table of guys seated in my area one day. As I took their order I could tell that a couple of them were gay, and the others I wasn't sure. Just to be sure I got a good tip, I made sure they each got a great look at enormous ass and I even managed to accidentally rub it across one guys face while spinning around to pick up an empty glass. He didn't complain, in fact he let his face linger there until I moved away. I was wearing skin tight slacks and I could feel his hot breath on my asshole before I reluctantly walked away. I was really busy that day and gave them pretty bad service. When I was able to get over to their table I found myself being rude because I was so overworked. I made sure to let them feast their eyes on my ass, and figured that would be enough. After over an hour of this teasing, the guys settled their bill and left me a great tip. As they left one of them approached me.

He introduced himself as Mike and explained they were having a small party and needed some guys to serve drinks. I was surprised he was asking me after I treated them so poorly, but I knew they loved my big ass too. I was still pretty busy so I blew him off and walked away. As I did Mike watched my ass and realized there was a little 'bitch' in my walk. With an ass this big it's gotta switch when I walk, and I was giving a little extra to be sure this loser left disappointed. I enjoyed turning him down and now I was making him watch the ass of his dreams fade away. He followed and approached me again. He told me that for his 3 hour party he pay me double a day's work. I inflated my daily haul to $200 and he quickly agreed to pay me $400. Now he had my attention. I agreed to work the party and asked what I should wear. I was hoping it was something revealing so I could tease these guys all night. He said he had the uniform taken care of. I tapped my round booty and said I wasn't a 'one size fits all' body type. He agreed and said he'd pay be an even $500 if I was willing to try and stuff my talents in the uniform he had for me.

Now I was even more excited and readily agreed. I showed up a few minutes early and Mike greeted me warmly. He showed me to a guest room and handed me a garment bag with my uniform. It was very light, just like I had hoped! He closed the door behind him and I opened the bag to find sturrupt pants, a thong with a sleeve for my cock in the front, and a long sleeve half shirt. The shirt had a weird strap design on the back. Once I put it on I was busting out in every direction. The sight made my dick hard. The thong was so small that when my dick got hard and filled the sleeve in front the back was pulled down to reveal my puckered butthole. I calmed myself down and cover my starfish as I walked out into the main room. Everything stopped as all Mike's guests watched me walk over the bar and pick up a tray full of drinks. I could feel their eyes burning holes in my cheeks as I crossed the room to serve them. I put on a show, but in this outfit it wasn't hard. The guys tried to feel me up, but I was much bigger than them and made it clear they would keep their hands off. They were stuffing dollars in my thong for a quick touch. I felt even more powerful.

I suddenly felt all the eyes leave me at once. I spun around to see what happened and saw the other guestroom open and another guy walk out in the same outfit I was wearing. As he came into the main room I could see he was a couple of inches shorter than me, but about 30 lbs heavier and it was all muscle. He was a dark-skinned black man with a low hair cut. He was handsome, but had a hard look to him. He looked to be etched out of stone with a thick chest and back and his cock looked enormous. The sleeve in his g-string was literally overflowing as half his flaccid dick spilled out into view. I asked Mike and he explained that was the other waiter he had hired. His name was G. Mike could tell I was disappointed, and he took me to the bar for a couple of drinks. He explained that there was plenty of money and attention to go around. After a few drinks with Mike, I was more than loosened up and went back to work. As G started making his rounds he allowed the guests to grope him openly and suddenly all the tips were being stuffed in his pants. They tugged at his meaty cock until it was rock hard and had torn free of the sleeve. His bare cock swaying freely had the guys hands and wallets getting looser. They tugged at his big dick and threw cash at his feet. I decided to change strategy and stood next to him with my back to the crowd and bent at the waist and started making my booty clap.

Now they were throwing cash at us both and I heard them encouraging G to spank my ass. The first smack hit my ass hard and loud. Like clockwork, my dick got rock hard and my thong pulled down in the back to reveal my throbbing butthole. The crowd roared! G proceed to spank my ass like I was a bad child. I bounced and shook my ass and felt the dollars rain down over me. At the crowds encouragement G moved into position behind me and started grinding against my round booty. I spread my cheeks and enveloped that monster cock between my cheeks like a hot dog bun. We bumped and grinded for a long time. As the drinks really took their toll I was also drunk on the crowds cheers and affection. G suddenly thrust me forward roughly and forced me on the ground, face down. I couldn't lift up and looked back to see Mike hand him a tube. G squeezed what felt like lube straight into my asshole. I tried to speak but before I could G was forcing the head of his huge dick through my tight sphincter. I felt a pop and then he slowly forced inch after inch into my flaming ass. Mike slipped a mall pill in my mouth and in seconds I felt myself relax and accommodate all of G's big dick as he fed my hungry ass.

Once He was in, Mike pointed out the straps on the back of my shirt and G held them with one hand while he started to ride me! They had saddled me! They were planning this all along. After my rude treatment at the bar they brought me here to have my beautiful ass tamed by this big-dicked black cowboy. He rode my ass like a mechanical bull. Instead of feeling shame, all I felt was desire and I bucked back against his big cock just like the bull I supposed to be. The crowd cheered as they watched these two giants fuck and grunt on their living room floor. G was giving me long strokes as he pulled almost all the way out before thrusting deep again. He held my saddle with one hand and smacked my ass with the other. He taunted me to take that big dick and I just moaned and begged him to fuck my sweet bubble booty.

I taunted him back asking if he liked my big booty. He finally thrust deep until I squealed with delight and asked me 'who's booty is this?' and I groaned 'It's your booty daddy' as he came deep into my colon. I ground my dick into the carpet and came too. I opened my eyes to see most of the guests were standing over us with their dicks out beating them. Soon they started to come on my face and back and I laid there too exhausted to move. I was so happy Mike and his friends decided to teach me a lesson.



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