Hi, my name is Shawn and I play linebacker at State U. I have developed into a big, muscular guy as I've grown up. One thing I have that's always been big is my butt. I've always had a big, round booty that has hypnotic powers. Men and women alike stop on the street to watch me walk by. I wish I could say I was embarrassed, but I love the attention. I'm black and white mixed, with a beautiful light brown complexion and I keep my tender booty well moisturized so it always looks inviting. I've only been with girls, but I sometimes dream about sucking a big thick cock deep down my throat, or letting a nice long dick pound my virgin ass. When I smoke pot I can actually feel my tight asshole throbbing for contact...a finger, a tongue, a thick hard long... Anyway, I got a call from a buddy of mine from high school.

His name is Mark and he is coming to town for a few days. Mark and I used to be really tight but we lost touch when I left for college. He was a good guy, but he would always be a jerk when he was having problems with one of his many girlfriends. See, Mark was a real player. He was a really dark-skinned black guy with a thick but lean muscular build. Girls found him really attractive and his body was perfect. He wasn't that bright, so I would always look out for him. I really cared about the guy. We were both on the wrestling team and around the same weight (even though I was several inches taller, because of his thick and densely muscled physique). I was very good but Mark always beat me easily. When he was in a bad mood because of girl problems he would really punish and embarrass me.

We used to just hang out after we graduated and I would benefit from success with the ladies by catching the rejects at times. The day Mark got to town he invited me over to his hotel. It was on the beach and he had a two-story bungalo with a balcony and private beach entrance. It was incredible! We started to drink and smoke and talk about life. It turns out that his primary problem with girls was his insatiable appetite for sex. He said he needed to cum at least 5 times a day. He said his body produced so much testosterone he was always getting hard. I asked why he didn't just jerk off, and he said he had had so much sex that he found it really difficult to get himself off. As he talked about beating his dick my mind wandered back to wrestling practice. Somehow I never saw him in the locker room, but his singlet left little to the imagination.

Everyone could see his thick, meaty cock running down his leg. People used to talk about it all the time. There were times when he'd be fucking a girl in the next room and I could hear her moaning and squealing with pleasure as he pounded her with that massive dick. I was envious of his ability to make her scream and beg for more. I still think back on those nights when I jerk off, only now I'm envious of the girls for getting to experience that powerful cock inside of them. As I awoke from my daze I told Mark we should walk down to the beach, there might be some hot chicks there. At least he could check them out and use them for 'beat-off' material later. He agreed and as I stood up I decided to test him. From the way I was sitting, my sweat pants had been consumed by my ass cheeks in a huge wedgie.

What little material left was clinging tightly to my swollen cheeks. They were also hanging down enough to show the top inch of my ass crack. I have to admit it looked so fucking hot! I bent over slow as I stood up to go change into my bathing suit. I watched Mark's face as I made my ass cheeks jump and jiggle in an apparent effort to dislodge my sweats from my ass crack. He watched in amazement and bit his bottom lip. That was all the encouragement I needed. I had planned to hit the beach in my cut-off sweats, but I couldn't help but tease my old friend. I told him I forgot my bathing suit 'but I guess I could wear these?' I half asked as I slowly lowered my sweats to unveil my skin tight white booty shorts. I spread my legs wide and turned my back to him as I pulled my sweatshirt over my head.

I took a long time so he could really check out my ass without fear of getting caught. He complimented me on my body and how I had developed. He said he would have to change before we left because 'otherwise you'll get all the girls with those tight shorts on' he laughed. When he came back into the room it was my turn to stare. He had been doing some exotic dancing to make ends meet and he was wearing on of his thongs from 'work'. This was no ordinary thong, it was a custom tailored nylon thong with a sleeve in the front that perfectly clung to his cock. It basically fit like a condom. His dick was clearly hard...huge...and the nylon was stretched so thin I could see everything. His dick was at least ten inches long, thick (but not too thick) and with the same muscles and veins as the rest of his body.

It swayed in front of me and I was hypnotized. Mark just laughed and asked if I was ready to go. I just nodded and we walked out to the beach. We walked along for a couple hours and I gave him a great show as I allowed my shorts to basically disappear into my ass crack so he was seeing my big booty from various angles throughout the day. We talked to a lot of girls on the beach, I think they couldn't resist coming over and getting a closer look at Mark's third leg which was on clear display. We never really persued them since we were too busy catching up on old times. When we cot back to the room Mark showered first and then I went in. I can't really get the little towels they supply in hotels to wrap around my butt, but I was able to tie it around my waist leaving about 6 inches open in the back. I walked out and picked up my conversation with mark knowing my ass was hanging out. I made sure to give him a great show and that was the first of several days of teasing. His room was so nice and big he invited me to stay over.

I agreed but since I hadn't brought any clothes I found several excuses to be completely nude in front of Mark. I even got him to gently spank my ass to help me get the sand off. I did my part by bending over and jiggling my booty while he slapped away the sand. Mark's last night in town arrived and he was saying he didn't want to go out. The drinking was making him horny and he needed to find a woman to take care of him tonight or he would explode. He was going to call his ex girlfriend who still lived in the area. I really wanted to spend time with him so I guaranteed him he would get his dick sucked that night, and we left. I didn't know how I would make good on my promise, but I wasn't worried, he never had a problem hooking up with girls. We partied all night and despite all his effort Mark struck out.

On the way home he was really drunk and he started blaming me. He said I ruined his last night and now he was going to go to bed in pain from his hard swollen dick. I had promised him a blow job and I was a fucking liar. I knew it was the liquor talking but I was a little drunk too and started to tear up. I asked him what I could do to make it up, I didn't want to lose him as a friend. He said there was only one way to make good on my promise and we'd talk about it when we got back. I said I would do anything, I didn't mean to ruin his night. When we got back he stripped naked and I just froze. Now looking at his naked cock it was a dark, pale black. It was rock hard, but the surface looked soft and inviting. I followed the lines of his rippling body and they all led to his massive tool. I told him I couldn't and claimed I didn't want to. We quickly came to an agreement not to tell anyone and he praised my friendship while I dropped to my knees and slathered saliva all over his cock and balls.

Once he was dripping wet I cupped and milked his balls with my hand while I forced all those thick inches down my throat. I could feel the veins as he slid in and out of my mouth. I swallowed repeatedly so my throat muscles could work his cock which was deep down my throat. I would pull his cock all the way out and suck and kiss the head before swallowing it all again. This went on for several minutes until he tensed up and buried himself deep in my mouth and unloaded. It was incredible and I swallowed as much as I could before gagging on his load.

As he cam he fell back onto the couch and passed out. I hobbled after him on my knees never releasing his cock from my mouth. I continued to slurp and lick his now soft (but still huge) cock as he slept. I didn't know if I would ever get another chance and I didn't want it to end. I awoke in the morning and realized his now swelling cock was still in my mouth. Having dreamt of his dick all night this was the perfect breakfast! I aggressively sucked his cock hard while he slept. He erupted in my mouth again and again I thoroughly licked him clean. As I quietly left the room I was thrown to the floor as Mark tackled and pinned me. He pressed me to the floor and his wet dick slapped against my ass. I had dreamed of this too. He asked me how long I had been a 'fag'.

I explained that I had never done anything like that before in my life and I just wanted to be a good friend to him, like always. He argued I was too good to have never done it before. I told him I knew how I liked it, plus I wanted to please him so badly it made me do a good job. As I tried to wiggle free I managed to separate my ass cheeks and allow his cock to slip in between. The rest of my 'struggles' were really just my working my ass to squeeze and manipulate his cock. He soon had a throbbing erection I could feel pulsing against my butt hole. I threatened to toss him from my back like a bucking bronco and he said 'I dare you' when I thrust my hips he locked down tight on top of me and I winced as his cock broke open my asshole. I clenched my ass and we didn't move for several seconds.

As the shock subsided I released my grip and he slowly slid deeper in. I felt every inch of his cock as he stretched my ass beyond reasonable limits. When he bottomed out, I felt the most incredible rush. He reached a spot I never could with my finger. He began riding me hard and I have to admit I could see what the girls liked so much. He had a smooth stroke and he turned me out just right. I suddenly realized I was raising and lowering my ass to meet his thrusts. Soon I was pushing back so hard he almost bounced off my back. I raised up underneath him and forced my ass back into him hard.

I raised up into a standing position and Mark just kept pounding away from behind. When the alarm clock radio started playing loud dance music I pressed him back to the wall and I bent at the waist and started pounding my ass back to swallow Marks dick to the beat. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but I couldn't get enough. Mark grabbed my neck and pulled me close to him and said he was going to come. With his other hand he grabbed and rapidly stroked my cock. I came hard all over the floor as Mark unloaded a gallon into my ass. I felt so full. I sucked his cock clean before I took him to the airport.

I hope he comes back soon.



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