Hi, I'm a biracial college linebacker with a huge, round bubble butt that I love to show off. My name is Shawn. I've written about some of the wilder experiences I've had, but I thought people might like to hear about one of my first experiences. It was after my freshman year at State University. It was time for our post-season bowl game and banquet. I had gained so much muscle mass in the football team's off season program that my only suit didn't fit any longer. I thought that by getting bigger it wouldn't make my butt stand out so much and I was really embarrassed because people always stare at my butt. Men, women, sometimes the look is just shock which is really embarrassing. Other times, the look is a little different. It still makes me blush...but when they give my booty that hungry stare of lust its kind of exciting. Surprisingly, the added muscle was actually making my ass bigger. Even more surprising, I was starting to really enjoy watching people stare at my round ass.

I found a seamstress off campus named Kim and took my suit over there to see if it could be let out. When I arrived the girl at the register showed me to the back and told me to put on the suit I wanted altered. I slipped on the pants and shirt I planned to wear to the awards banquet. I heard the door open behind me and a thin black man wearing a tailors apron walked in. He could tell by my face I was expecting a woman and he spoke to put me at ease. In an extremely deep voice he bellowed 'Sorry, I'm Kim. I know the name can be confusing. I'm the tailor'. Kim was very lean in build, but fit and imacculately dressed. He had a wide mouth and thick, full lips that naturally curled into a smile. As he approached me I saw his eyes linger in the mirror behind me. He barely reacted, but I could tell he wanted to see more. You see, when I say I have a bubble ass I'm being modest. My ass, quite simply, is the fatest, roundest booty you've ever seen. He walked around me slowly twice and then stood at my side and said he could see what the problem was.

He gently rested one hand on my shelf of an ass and said 'First, you have the perfect ass'. I was stunned by how forward he was. Then he took the index finger of his other hand and slowly traced the length of my visible cock. 'You also have a very thick, meaty dick' he added. By the time his finger reached the tip my meaty dick was rock hard. In a way that almost seemed appropriate, he cupped my ass with one hand and heavy cock and balls with the other. 'The good news is you are built like a God, the bad news is there is not enough material in these pants to cover all this'. He squeezed gently and then released me and left me stunned and erect. I had never been objectified like this, It was by far the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. I realized I was subtly arching my back to show him my ass and using my thigh to push my package out further. I caught my image in the mirror and I looked like a hooker on the corner. 'You'll need to buy some new pants' Kim said as he licked his thick lips and watched me pose for him. I explained that I was only on partial scholarship and I couldn't afford pants. The $20 I brought to pay him was all the money I would have for a while. He told me about a thrift shop around the corner and said the owner was a friend. He made a call and said his friend would work with me.

When I arrived at the thrift shop the small Hispanic man welcomed me in. Julio was even thinner than Kim, but still very well dressed and he smelled like great. He showed me some things that he thought would fit and said 'since there are no ladies here, you can change right here'. When I undressed the thrift store owner laughed openly. 'Looks like those undies are about to quit'. As I undressed I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing boxer briefs, as usual. The added weight was stretching my briefs at the seams, but in a good way. My ass cheeks were gently spilling out in the back and my cock looked huge trapped in the fabric in the crotch. The owner, Julio, firmly tugged at the waistband and my briefs basically exploded. My ass shook free in the back and my dick flopped out in front and started to swell. I was so embarrassed. Julio assured me it was no big deal and watched closely as I tried on 10 pairs of pants. He fawned over me like an old lady. He managed to grope me a few times in the process and then gave me a great deal on a pair of pants. He said I would still have enough left to pay Kim. He said they were sharing me. The pants were huge, but he said Kim was a miracle worker and would make them fit like a glove. Between the two guys, they had me realing. I was loving the attention and they knew it.

When I got back to the tailor the girl up front was gone and Kim greeted me. He ushered me into the back and instructed me to put on my new pants. When I stepped back into view I was holding the waist up with my hands. When Kim instructed me to put my hands at my side I explained that the pants were too big and that I had lost my briefs in an explosion. He laughed and said that was typical of Julio. He assured me he would take care of everything. When I lowered my hands the waist of my pants lid halfway down my ass. The last line of defense was my big booty and the base of my cock. So far that was holding my pants up. Kim saw I was embarrassed and told me not to worry. He actually had the same problem. When I asked what he meant he moved his apron aside and said 'I don't have that amazing ass that you do, but I do have trouble buying pants'. When the apron moved aside I saw the outline of Kim's huge cock running down his leg. His pants were perfectly fitted, except that I could see the entire shape of his circumcised cock.

But that wasn't all. His balls were enormous! They looked almost like oranges stuffed in his pants. His genitals were huge...like there was a magnifying glass over his groin. I now understood why he has such a deep voice. He cast aside the apron and I watched his massive dick and balls adjust in his pants as he walked. I was mesmerized. I also found my self waiting for him to lick those full lips. I imagined that wide mouth being the first to fully swallow my entire length. I couldn't stop staring at his huge balls and imagining how big his cock could grow. Speaking of growing cocks, I was at about half-mast and rising slowly. When he took my inseam he managed to grope my swollen dick and balls and even graze my butthole. He was so smooth and confident I didn't say a word. He leaned in close to my crotch as he pinned the cuff of my pants, so close that when he licked his lips his tongue came within an inch of my dick!

The sight of his wet lips so close to the plump head of my cock was too much. My cock swelled as hard as a rock and stuck straight out. The head of my hard dick was stretching the fabric of my new pants and pressing against Kim's swelled lips! He laughed and spoke into my raging wood like it was a microphone. 'Check, check 1-2' Kim joked. The feeling of his lips rubbing the head of my cock caused it to throb. He continued this 'joke' for a while and even allowed my fabric-covered cock-head to slip between his lips a few times. He hummed and his lips vibrated up and down the length of my shaft through the pants. When he circled around back it was all business...sort of. I know he wanted a better look and my swelled up booty and I wanted to give it to him.. Kim took matters into his own hands and pinned my pants so tight the material was stretched thin. He pinned the seat so the fabric was swallowed up in my ass crack. I had a permanent weggie.

I looked in the mirror and I looked hot as hell from every angle. My rock hard cock hung low down my leg and the pants strained to contain my bubble butt in the back. My thick muscled thighs looked so powerful. I caught the look on Kim's face and watched him get lost in the thought of destroying my beautiful virgin ass with that starved creature in his pants. I couldn't blame him. I don't mean to be arrogant, but I looked amazing. Before I could explain to Kim that I couldn't wear pants this tight, he explained he just wanted to give me a look at myself in fitted pants. He admitted he wanted to see it too. We laughed and he asked if I felt comfortable moving. I walked around a little and then turned my ass towards him and started to make my booty clap. It had always been easy for me with my meaty butt cheeks strong legs. I was really giving him a show and his enormous cock had swollen so big it was kind of scary. I was standing in front of a stranger making my ass dance for his pleasure.

As I really let loose the pins started to pop free and I couldn't stop! As the pins continued to fail the pants slipped off and I was standing nude with my pants around my ankles smacking my ass cheeks together violently. Kim sedated me by placing soft wet kisses all over my butt cheeks. I slowed down and arched my back to invite him to keep worshipping my booty. I was drunk on power as I stood over this man as he slurped and smooched my ass. When he ran his tongue up the crack I instinctively opened up wider. He began licking and eating my asshole with vigor. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as his tongue broke through and explored my virgin ass. I became nervous, did he really think he was going to fuck my tight little asshole? With that monster in his pants? I had never done anything like this and suddenly he wanted to turn me out. Rather than run away, I decided to play to my strength. I lifted Kim to his feet and backed him up against the wall. I turned my back to him and reached back and spread my butt cheeks and wrapped them around his cock thru his pants. I got into a steady motion of pumping his enormous cock with my huge ass. He smacked my booty and begged me to let him fuck it. I couldn't go that far, but clenched my ass tight and milked his cock until it swelled and exploded in his pants. I could feel the gush of those giant balls cuming releasing his seed.

He spun me around and pressed me to the wall. Kim dropped to his knees and spit all over my cock and balls. He proceeded to systematically spread his tongue all over my cock and balls making sure they were soaked. He then open his mouth wide and swallowed my cock and moaned with pleasure. His tongue was stretched out under my cock and licking my balls. He twisted his head pressed harder until my entire cock was down his throat and balls were resting in the front of his mouth. He slowly slid my whole cock out and back in deep again. He would pull it out and suck on the head and tongue my pee hole. His thick lips made me weak. He licked and sucked my balls tenderly and then got into a good rhythm of sucking my cock deep down his throat. My knees buckled as I whimpered and came deep into his throat. I think I came again from the feeling of his throat as he swallowed my nut.

We chatted for a while as e cleaned up. We exchanged some emails too. I made a visit back months later, but that's another story all together. Do you guys like hearing about my adventures?



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