My name is Shawn and I'm a biracial bubble butt linebacker from state U. I've always had a big butt which has gotten me a lot of attention. As I've become a man my ass has grown into a perfectly obscene bubble and my need to show it and tease has grown just as fast. To give you an idea, I weigh about 240 lbs of solid muscle and each ass cheek is probably at least 20 lbs. I have a thick, phat, gravity defying ass that makes people crazy. Nothing turns me on more than showing my ass off and watching the reactions. I had an amazing experience the other day and I wanted to share it.

My team was travelling for a spring practice so I had the chance to go out in a town where they didn't know me. I stopped in a small underwear store. I had never seen a whole store that only sold men's underwear. I've always had trouble buying underwear because of my normal sized waist and my massive globes. I hoped this place would have more of a selection. The place was empty, except for the two clerks who worked there. Both were thin, one was white, tall and thin, The other was a little shorter, black, and a bit more athletic. He was very cute. I normally not into guys like that (if you've read my stories you know i mainly date women but I love teasing guys with my ass and I'm fascinated with big, thick cocks) but he had a really nice face and build and I liked him right away. Luckily, he approached me and asked if I needed help.

I explained my underwear dilemma and turned and displayed my ass from various angles so he knew exactly what I was working with. I reached back and grabbed my ass and explained that it was too much for briefs, but I like the support, especially in the front. I turned to the side and squeezed my groin a bit to show him I have a big healthy cock and balls to support. Then I turned my back again and smacked my thighs which sent my whole ass and upper leg to shaking. I explained that my legs are too thick for boxer briefs, the legs are too tight.

He took it all in with a big smile. He explained that he had just the solution, boy shorts! I knew what boy shorts were, but i could tell he was excited about squeezing my big ole ass into some, and that excited me. and asked if I had time to try a couple of things on. I scanned the room and found their "dressing room" which was just a curtain hanging on the side wall. There was no real privacy if the curtain was slightly open. I readily agreed "if he thought it would help".

I got behind the thin white curtain and took off everything but the tank top I was wearing. I feel so exposed when I'm only bottomless like that. I poked my head around to let him know I was ready and he brought me his first round of suggestions. He brought me some different boy shorts, mostly pretty safe but in the back he snuck in a pair that were lace in front and back. He would get a good look at my cock and ass in those. I started to get hard.

I put on the some simple cotton shorts first and opened the curtain wide. He was standing just outside the curtain and I gave him various angles. I tried to shake my butt they the shorts were too tight. I told him and he went to look for some different fabrics. As all the boy shorts were the same make I moved to the see thru pair in the back. I slid into them and they looked amazing. The squeezed my ass cheeks together and lifted them even higher creating an optical illusion. my thick, semi erect cock was snaked across the lace front on full display. I looked like a whore. I quickly opened the curtain...

This time my attendant couldn't help but let out a low "hmmmmmmm". I postured and posed like a slut while he took it all in. He thought the back looked amazing, but admitted that the front didn't have room for "all this" he said while gesturing towards my swollen cock bulging out the crotch. My cock stiffened and he said he would run off to get me a couple other things to try.

When the salesperson returned he had a couple of very tight and thin briefs and then a couple of random pieces of string and material. He saw my suspicious look and laughed nervously. "I thought you might like to try something fun" he said. I decided to play along and let him dress me up like a sex doll. The fact that he was clearly bringing me items so he could check out my swollen ass and cock was making this so much more fun.

I tried on the briefs and they were sheer and revealing and his jaw dropped but we were both anxious to see what came next. When i closed the curtain again I picked up the hanger with the strings clipped to it. I figured out that this was a g-string with a pouch for my dick and balls in the front. I pulled it up as far as I could and poked my head through the curtain. I told the salesman. "you're gonna have to step inside to see this one". He grinned and slipped inside the curtain.

I had my back turned and watched him gasp in the mirror. My as swallowed the thong and it barely made it halfway up my ass so my whole booty was exposed. He said "let me see the front" with more bass than I expected. I turned around and he saw my fat, semi-hard cock stretching the pouch to it's limits. He told me I looked incredible and I couldn't help but agree. I posed and giggled my ass for him for a minute and then he handed me two more hangers. One was a weird thong kinda like the one I was currently wearing, the other looked like suspenders.

He decided to take control and explained that the "suspenders" were lingerie based on a wrestling singlet. He told me to put it on and said I had to walk the length of the store. I noticed there was just the other salesman and a customer they both seemed familiar with. He was going to trick me out and put my ass on display for his friends. Fuck this was great. I wanted to put on a good show so his friend complimented on the slut he was showing off.

The singlet was insane, just a thin pouch for my dick in the front attached to the shoulder straps that converged into a thong in the back. I looked in the mirror and was ashamed and excited and pushed boldly out of the curtain. The guys were lined up expecting me and I strutted towards them with my cock bouncing obscenely in front of me. They watched it swing with their mouths agape. I strode past them and let my amply butt cheeks bounce and jiggle.

The other salesman had a sly grin on his face so I walked up in front of him, turned my back, and let my ass bounce and jiggle in his face. I bent at the waist like a stripper and looked back thru my legs in time to watch the tall thin salesman's cock start to snake down the leg of his tight pants. By the time it was done I was the one staring at his cock which looked to be a foot long.

I started to get hot, big cocks always make me a thirsty slut. I slid back and let my round cock gently brush against his big dick...just to be sure it was real. It was and i let it slip between my cheeks and squeezed. I looked back to let him see the lust in my eyes and caught him smirking at the cute rep who'd been helping me. He was just looking away. I realized I had gone to far, but I really wanted to keep investigating his friend's huge cock. I gathered myself and let the hard dick slip from between my cheeks and returned to the dressing room.

I was trying to put on the other thong when my original salesman rudely asked if I was ok through the curtain. Clearly I'd embarrassed him by succumbing to his rival's huge cock. I asked him to step inside. I hadn't figured out the thong at all so I was basically standing there with both legs in one hole so my cock was dangling out free and entire ass was out as well. I wanted to show him I was sorry and expose myself so I was vulnerable. He quietly helped me adjust the thong and and I realized why it looked different. It wasn't a thong, it was more like a sexy jock strap with a sheer pouch in the front and black straps hugging and shaping my ass but my entire ass crack and hole were uncovered. I posed and objectified myself for him while he watched silently. FInally he stepped out so I could get dressed.

As I walked to the register I felt kind of bad because I was going to have this amazing story to remember while I jerk my cock and the guy who was nice enough to play with me and let me tease him was embarrassed. We made eye contact while he rung me up and we smiled. He said "I think I need to go smoke a cigarette". I don't know what came over me but I replied "I feel the same way, but I don't smoke...do you have something else i can suck on?"

5 Minutes later we were in the surprisingly clean alley behind the store. I pressed him against the wall and rapidly pulled his jeans down. His cock was cute, just like him. It was about 8 inches long and had a nice shape. It was rock hard and the head was enlarged with a nice ridge that I licked with my tongue. I licked all over his cock while staring into his eyes and then kissed the head and sucked it into my mouth through my pursed lips.

I sucked his cock deep into my throat and then let it slip out and sucked the lead and teased him with my tongue. I licked the whole at the tip of his dick and then sucked him hard and fast and felt him quiver. Eventually his knees buckled and his come flooded my mouth and it was so sweet to taste. I kept sucking until he pulled his sensitive cock head out of my mouth. He helped me to my feet, gently wiped some cum from my chin, and turned me around to face the wall.

He reached around my waist and undid my pants and pulled them down with my underwear. He dropped to his knees and gently kissed my ass cheek. He slowly repeated this kiss all over my ass. As he worked closer to the more sensitive middle the kisses got longer and a little wet. When he reached my crack he started at my taint and licked all the way up my crack. I bent at the waist and spread my legs to offer him my whole ass. He licked me into a frenzy and then ate my asshole like never before. I trembled while he thrust his tongue into my tight little hole. Thank god I'd drained his dick otherwise he could have had his way with me.

He still kinda did, taking my ass with his mouth. He had my ass tingling so much I thought I might cum. Then he grabbed my hard dick and pulled it back between my legs and took the head in this mouth. while he sucked more and more of my cock into his mouth he started thrusting two fingers into my asshole. This was all I could take. I bounced my ass down on his fingers and begged him to finger fuck my ass harder. He was sucking my cock so hard I couldn't hold out and shook as I came in his mouth. Cum spilled over and he swallowed and kept sucking until my cock was drained.

As we stood up and were pulling our clothes on I tossed him the sexy new underwear I was wearing. He looked surprised and I said "show your friend, tell him you had me bent over like a trick in the alley". He smiled and I walked away.



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