Hey, my name is Shawn. I'm half black and half white with the juiciest bubble butt you've ever seen. I'm a linebacker at State U so I have a pretty meaty build overall, but my butt gets all the attention. We won a bowl game this year and to celebrate the school took the whole team to a resort in Jamaica. After a week of being on my good behavior around the team I was going nuts! I am discovering my exhibitionist side and was dying to put on a show. The problem is that all the girls that were around were into the superstar players.

I'm just a role player and nobody gave me a second look. I kept seeing hot girls in skin-tight, tiny white bathing suits with the hotel logo. I asked and found out they all worked in the spa. Right then I decided to go get a massage. I was pretty beat up from the football season plus it was a chance to get naked and show off my booty and maybe even my cock. I walked down to the spa and signed in for my appointment. While I was waiting the star receiver from the team walked up the desk and explained he didn't have an appointment but he needed a massage urgently.

She recognized him and took him right in the back and set him up in a room. That bastard spent an entire semester worshiping my booty while I tutored him in science and he didn't even notice I was in the room. This vacation wasn't helping my self esteem at all. I realized the receptionist was talking to me. She was explaining very matter-of-factly that there had been a scheduling error and my appointment was cancelled. She had given my appointment away right in front of me! I thought I might cry! I uttered some nonsense that wasn't even whole words and turned and walked away. I looked back at the girl to make sure she wasn't kidding and she was already in a new conversation with on of the male massage therapists. He was speaking to her but his eyes were fixed on my big ass. I watched his eyes sway with my walk and even started really switching my hips and sure enough his eyes sped up to match. He appeared to be Jamaican and he was huge! He was very dark skinned and had a shaved head and perfect teeth.

His chest was massive and heavy and stood out from his body. He had huge ab muscles that looked like perfect squares. His thighs were massively muscled, but like many islanders he had small claves. He could have been a defensive lineman if not for the lack of body fat. He was chiseled and all muscle. He must have been 6'3 and around 265 lbs. He was wearing basically the same bikini bottom as the girls and it gave new meaning to the phrase 'banana hammock'. His heavy endowment was causing the waistband to sag so low I could tell he was fully shaved. I could see the thick veins that were tasked with supplying blood to his hefty cock. As I was studying the outline of his cock in those tiny shorts I walked into the closed door!

As I staggered to recover, the receptionist called out to me. The Adonis was gone and she was waiving me back towards her desk. I walked over and she explained that one of the male therapists had just had a cancellation, if I didn't mind a guy working on me. After a week of rejection, I was happy anybody had noticed me and was trying to be nice. Plus, I wanted another look at that giant. He had the body I dreamed of having. Once the receptionist left me in the room I got naked and laid face down on the table. There was a small hand towel on the table so I draped it loosely over my ass. It didn't cover anything, which I liked. The head rest had the customary cut out for my face, but it was angled up so I could open my eyes and see in front of me. I was very comfortable.

When my therapist Dexter came in he smiled and introduced himself. He said I could call him 'D'. He gathered some oils and walked over to the table. D tried to fix my towel for me so it covered more and I explained 'It's kind of warm in here and I'm not shy, we can lose the towel if you want. I just didn't want you to think I was a weirdo'. He laughed and explained that he was glad I wasn't uptight. He said he wished he didn't have to wear his uniform either. I laughed and said it was so tiny it couldn't be making him warm. No, he explained that it was just the opposite. It was so tight and restrictive it was hard for him to move around like he would like during the massage. I quickly offered that if it meant a better massage, he should get as comfortable as he wanted. He thanked me and lowered his shorts to reveal heaven.

His cock was at least 8 inches long completely soft. It was meaty and looked very powerful. As he walked back towards me I watched his heavy manhood swing between his legs. When it accidentally hit his thigh it actually knocked him slightly off balance. I was hypnotized. He said since I was so cool he had a surprise for me. He produced a huge joint which we smoked while he started my massage. He was very good and his strong hands felt very good on my soft skin. He must have noticed my drooling at the sight of his cock, but just to be sure he firmly smacked my ass. I instinctively purred like a cat and spread my legs and ass cheeks further apart. He slapped the other cheek harder and I spread my cheeks until I could feel the cool air tickling my anus. He worked the kinks out of my hamstrings like never before.

He could grasp the whole muscle in one hand! He rolled something that felt like a rolling pin up and down the backs of my thighs and it felt so good I started to get hard. He worked my left leg for a long lime and when he passed in front of me to switch sides I got another look at his dick. It was rock hard now and well over 12 inches long! It was dripping with massage oils and I realized that was the 'rolling pin' he'd been using on my leg! When he started working my other leg I could feel the muscles and grooves of his cock while he kneaded me with it. As he worked his way up my thighs I was slowly arching my back in anticipation. By the time he reached the top of my thigh I had my ass sticking straight up in the air with my legs spread as much as I could without falling off the table. I was so high I had no inhibitions and I was making my ass an open invitation to him. I got a little too aggressive and slipped off the side of the table. D slid around to catch me and it was so strange. I gently fell into his arms and he held me softly. He had just had his hands all over me but this was different. I rested in his arms longer than I should and without a word I eventually gathered myself and repositioned myself back on the table. He moved to the top of the table and worked on my shoulders.

As he did so I was staring straight down the length of his monster cock. I studied it so I would never forget. It was perfect. I wished I had a cock like that. The weed and the massage got my words mixed up and soon I was wishing I had that cock...in my hand, them my mouth, then maybe he'd mount me and really control me. What were these thoughts? His cock accidentally brushed my lips and I just froze! It was probably a test but I was so surprised I didn't move. When he did it again I didn't hesitate and spread my lips to kiss and eventually suck his swollen heavy member into my mouth. I would hardly call myself an experienced cocksucker, but I guess I'm a natural. I deepthroated his massive cock and sucked like there was no tomorrow. At first he was fucking my face, but soon he was pulling back as I sucked all that Black cock down my throat. I stretched my tongue out under his shaft and licked his blass while I worked his shaft into submission. I soon tamed his beast and made it surrender a huge load of cum and I got every drop.

He smacked my ass and I arched my back and exposed my entire asshole for his amusement. He finally massaged my globes and gently worked down the crack and tickled my ass. He ran his hands up and down the crack of my ass over my throbbing asshole.

He slowly inserted one finger, then another. Instead of finger fucking me, which I was begging him to do, he was making widening circles and stretching my rectum out. Suddenly, in one motion he mounted the table and position himself between my legs and dropped his huge between my ass cheeks. He didn't try to penetrate me, but instead he fucked my round ass cheeks. I knew this game and started squeezing my ass and working his cock. It was rock hard in an instant. In his thick accent he told me how perfect my ass was and how he knew he would own me from the moment he saw me in the lobby switching my ass for him. He told me he knew just what I needed and he was the one to give it to me.

I listened silently while my heart raced and when I couldn't take it any longer I whispered 'take my booty Daddy, make it yours'. He plunged his length (and girth) into me in one blast and I was on fire. He rested his weight on me gently and slid his hands under me and stroked my hard cock. He slid his hands up and down my sides and used the small of my back to push up and he started riding me. I bucked back and took that magical cock as deep as it would go. He was well past my prostate. He worked my ass just right and soon he was fucking the shit out of me! He kept talking and I kept praising Daddy for satisfying my hungry ass. 'fuck me D. Ride my ass D, thank you Daddy!' After some really primal ass fucking he came deep inside of me and held me close and whispered in my ear. After a while we rose silently and I got dressed and left.



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