My name is Shawn. I play linebacker at Sate U. I'm half Black, half white, and all booty. I'm a muscular guy and pretty big too, but the only truly exceptional thing about my body is my butt. I was blessed with an ass that just keeps getting bigger, rounder, thicker, and hungrier for attention. I have always gotten a lot of looks and double takes because of my ass. I used to work really hard to hide it but lately I've been trying to show it off.

I love the attention. I'm a straight guy and I get my share of girls, but the lustful stares as people watch my ass bounce are intoxicating. I get so hot knowing people are watching me, I love it. The weird thing is I think my ass was made for this. It was made to tease and excite everyone who sees it. Anyway, unlike a lot of guys from the team I'm a pretty good student. I'm especially strong in science and I've been making some extra cash working for the school as a tutor. I've been working with Ben, the teams star receiver. I'm a starter for our football team, but Ben IS the team. He's a lock to be drafted in the first round.

All the other tutors who tried to work with him said he didn't work hard and usually didn't even show up for tutoring appointments. I knew that I needed the money (if he doesn't show up I don't get paid), plus the football coach had asked me to try end get Ben's grades up. He was on the verge of an academic suspension. At our first appointment I tried everything to get Ben to try harder. He barely even looked at me. Just as he started to get up and walk away I stepped around the table to block his exit and I just barely saw it. He gave my ass a triple take and his eyes got big. I've seen that look before. I knew how to get Ben to work harder. Based on the snake that was growing down his right pants leg I was going to make him do a lot of things harder. I made a deal with him. I promised to make the sessions 'fun' for him. He agreed to meet me the following week. Now that I knew what he wanted, this was going to be easy. First we met at the beach and I wore these little boy short swimming trunks that just barely covered my ass if I didn't move. Of course I did move and they crept up and slid down until they just covered the middle third of my ass leaving ample crack visible on the top and bottom. After our session we decided to stay for a little bit and I rolled over on my stomach and gave Ben (and the rest of the beach) a sight of my round meaty globes. Ben never missed an appt again. I was very creative in our meeting locations. We met in the hot tub (more sexy swimming trunks), the trainer's room (I know he loved watching the trainer massage my glutes), and the sauna (I made sure all I could find was a hand towel that couldn't even begin to cover my enormous round ass. This was when I got a glimpse of Ben's dick. It was so fast and it was dark so I think I must have seen a shadow, unless this dude's father was a donkey. It was just too big to be true). Ben's grades were going up rapidly and I was having a great time.

I loved the attention he was paying me. I felt powerful in the way my ass hypnotized him. The whole campus was kissing his ass, but he was dreaming of kissing mine. The best part was, I felt safe. He was a big time prospect so he wasn't going to try anything. I could tease him all day long. All good things must come to an end, and the semester was almost over. Ben told me some of the guys were going out to a club downtown that night and said I should come. I told him I couldn't really afford to go out and he told me it wasn't a problem. He was getting some 'assistance' from a pro agent so he could cover me. He'd even come and pick me up if I needed a ride. I agreed and went straight to the mall. This was probably the last time I'd see Ben and I wanted to send him off with a show, plus I felt I owed him since he was basically taking me out. I was at the gap shopping for low rise jeans and two gay dude's that work there were openly drooling over me. They helped me settle on a really low cut pair that barely covered the top of my dick in the front and showed the top third of my ass in the back. I knew the clerks were going to be talking about me all afternoon, but just to be sure I asked there opinion on one more thing. I had bought some underwear and I wanted to know which one's they liked better. They happily agreed to help and they reached for the bag and I said 'Oh no, I want you to tell me how they look ON'. Now they both looked dizzy.

I said I wasn't comfortable coming out front in just my underwear so I had them join me in the fitting room. I stripped down naked and took my time finding the underwear in the bag and putting them on. I kept slowly turning giving them different views of my ass and thickening cock. We settled on a pair of tiny briefs that were really a thong. They rode up and framed my ass beautifully. Just to be sure, I turned and showed the guys how I could make my ass dance and clap. They stared as I turned sideways and bent over. By now my cock was rock hard and had fallen out the front and I had my eyes closed just bathing in their stares.

Next thing I knew one was gently kissing my ass cheeks and the other was tonguing and sucking my balls. This evolved to some incredible deepthroat head and the best rim job I've ever had. I also got the jeans for free. When Ben came over I positioned him in front of the mirror on my desk which gave him a perfect view of me getting dressed in the bathroom. I showed him everything and I know he was watching. My dressing room fun had stretched out the new underwear, so decided to go commando. When I came out in the low-rise jeans his eyes almost fell out of his head. I put on a long button-down shirt and we headed out. While we waited for his friends in the car, Ben took out some weed and rolled a huge blunt. I couldn't help but watch his tongue and lops as he rolled it and it was kind of hot. We started smoking and ended up finishing the whole blunt ourselves. I was wrecked! We gave up on Ben's friends (were they ever coming?) and went inside. I'd hear about this club, Club Dark. They kept some of the rooms so dark that there were rumors of people having sex on the dance floor. We forced through the crowd and I reached the bar. I was yelling to the bartender who was barely paying attention and then he recognized Ben behind me. He reached right past me to shake Ben's hand. I was pissed, but then I realized that Ben was leaning over me to order our drinks and I could feel that enormous dick pressing against my ass.

Almost instinctively, I adjusted my position so that his long, meaty cock was resting down the crack of my ass. His dick immediately began to swell. When the bartender left to get our drinks, it was so crowded we didn't move. We had some idle banter, it was just weird because now Ben was leaning over talking softly in my ear'oh yeah and his huge cock was pressing against my ass crack. The bartender came back with a tray full of tequila shots and all three of us had one. He declared they were all on the house. The bartender left and Ben and I had 5 more shots each. Now I was gone. And between the weed and the tequila I was dying to show my ass to Ben and anyone else who could see in this dark ass club. We found the bathroom and we were the only ones in there except for the attendant. I was so fucked up I was about to collapse so I was game for anything. Ben stood about 2 feet back from the urinal and pulled out the longest dick I had ever seen. It looked like a magician's scarf because he just kept pulling out more and more of that thick black cock.

Finally he held what looked like a 10 inch dick (SOFT!) and started to pee. I stared for an eternity. Then I started to feel a familiar feeling. I wanted to compete. I knew my respectable 9 incher was no match, but when I lifted my shirt and lowered my jeans to get my dick out, even the attendant almost fell off his stool when he saw my ass. Ben was smacking his fat dick against his hand to get the last drops out, when I exposed my ass it immediately stiffened. We both took in the view for a minute and then we buttoned up and headed back to one of the dark corners of the bar. Ben secured a spot right in the corner and I stood in front of him. Because of the crowd (and the fact that we both wanted it) we ended up with his back to the wall and my back to him, and my ass again pressed against his crotch. We were right at the end of the bar and he leaned in and asked me to grab him a napkin. As I leaned over the bar to reach, I felt my jeans slide down to expose more ass. I made sure to really stretch, the cold air on my ass made me hot. I could feel a tingling of my puckered asshole. I moved back into position and handed the napkin back over my shoulder. I wondered how he would react when he realized how low my jeans had fallen. My ass was basically exposed covered only by my shirt.

He grabbed my hips, pulled me back and lifted my shirt slightly. I realized he had slipped that donkey dick free from his pants too! It slapped my ass a couple of times and then squeezed my glutes which caused me to open my cheeks and accept him. Again, it felt so natural. He slipped his lengthy girth between my buns like a hot dog. Perfect fit. My ass cheeks enveloped that huge cock. The music in this club was great and at first I was dancing but soon I was just bouncing and thrusting my ass and squeezing my ass cheeks around his cock. I felt a rush of cold as he poured his drink down the crack of my ass, I was wet but I didn't care because now that I was lubed up I could really start working that dick. I milked his dick like I was born to do it and he grabbed my hips tight and squeezed me close as he came gallons into my ass crack.

I kept milking him until he pulled his soft dick free. His softening cock head pressed against my asshole briefly on the way out and that was enough to push me over the edge. I added to his load and came in my pants too. We buttoned up and I walked out with pride even though there was cum running down my leg. It was strange, but I felt even more powerful because my ass had tamed that monster cock.

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