Hi, my name is Shawn and I'm a linebacker at State U. You can check out my other stories on here, but basically I'm a alpha male football player by day and a biracial, bisexual, bubble butt booty slut by night and I love showing off my body when i get in the mood. Sometimes things get out of hand. This was one of those times.

This story involves my girlfriend Cindy. One day I got to her house and she was busy getting dressed up. She was standing naked in her closet trying to pick out a dress. She was all made up including her hair and she looked amazing. She has red hair and green eyes and a beautiful face with full pouty lips. Cindy has a nice round ass, tiny compared to mine but big on her little frame. She has a nice, trimmed pussy and D cup tits with long thick nipples. As you know, I have an oral fixation and I suck those long hard nipples all the time.

I asked her where she was going and she said to meet a friend who was in town. I asked her name and she said Marcus. I was surprised it was a guy and a little jealous. From asking some questions I found out he was more than a "friend" and they used to date. I was getting the picture, he was an old fuck buddy. Was she dressed up to show him what he was missing, or was she planning to fuck him?

Now what was I to do? And why was my dick getting hard. I know why. You see me and my girl have a good sex life, but she takes my nearly ten inch dick with ease. I'm not used to that. I bottom out in her pussy and I know it feels good but I sense she wants more. I'm suddenly realizing this guy probably has the big cock that spoiled her and it's turning me on watching her get dressed up for him. She puts on a black tube dress that makes her ass and tits look great and barely covers anything else. I imagine her bending over in front of Marcus and her entire ass on display. She pulls off her thong and says the dress is too tight for panties. Marcus is definitely going to get a look at her pussy tonight, i think. She's also braless and the top of the dress is basically clinging to her nipples and could slip at any moment. But can I let this happen?

I jokingly ask what she has planned tonight and she says she hasn't really thought about it. She admits she is dressed up for him because it is still important to her that he finds her sexy. I as where they are meeting and she says at his hotel. I decide to attend to keep an eye on things and surprising she puts up little resistance.

We don't talk much before we arrive at his room and she knocks in silence. The door opens and I realize what this was supposed to be. Marcus is about 6'3, Black, and he is ripped from head to toe. I know this because he opened the door in a towel. Not the big bath towels, he's soaking wet and barely wrapped in a hand towel. We can hear the shower in the background. He greets us, looks at my girl in confusion, and runs to turn off the water.

When he comes back he tells us to sit as my girl explains that I wanted to meet him so she brought me along. We were sitting on the bed across from him, he was in a chair. He has a disarming laugh and tell's me to call him Marc. I quickly realized, to my chagrin, that I liked him. He was interesting and funny. He was so cool I was almost rooting for him to fuck my girl.

While she is talking to him my girl is squirming and rubbing her legs together which must be giving him glimpses of her pussy. We could clearly see the outline of Marc's soft cock under the little towel, it was laying across his left thigh and the towel was draped over it. His entire right leg was bare which was extremely suggestive, but his dick was completely covered by the towel. It was big and fat. A soft 8-9 inches. And thick. I wondered how big it got. And about the size of his balls. The way the small towel barely covered him made me yearn for a gust of wind to move the towel and reveal his cock to us both. I barely notice that as Cindy laughs at his jokes and giggles on the bed her tits start to bounce in her dress.

Now that Cindy is making a slut of herself, I can see Marc start to react. His cock starts to swell visibly and slides down his thigh and the head becomes visible below the bottom of the towel. His cock head is chocolate brown, and swollen. Cindy obviously takes note and squeezes her arm against her side forcing her top down enough that her nipples were almost exposed. Each subsequent chuckle and wiggle let a nipple slip free for a moment. Marc watched intently. I had slid off to the side of the bed and was watching the show. And they do put on a show.

They begin a game of one-upmanship as he moves his leg to expose more of his thick cock to her obvious gaze. She responds by uncrossing her legs and allowing her dress to ride up. First she is showing her thighs and the bottom of her ass. Then she allows her bare pussy to show. Eventually she is sitting with her dress around her waist with her entire ass and pussy showing. The top has slipped to show her nipples and most of her breasts. She's stopped bothering to fix it. I wonder if she's even noticed.

We're both staring at the biggest cock I've ever seen. Marcus' towel has slid down and is draped over his dick. A fat cock at least a foot long is pointing at Cindy's pussy like a diving rod. They continue to reminisce over old times and continue their mating ritual as I watch. I can feel their attraction. I can smell her wet pussy. I can taste his hard cock. I feel like I'm the one who doesn't belong. Their lust is undeniable. Suddenly they remember I'm in the room.

Marcus speaks to me gently as he explains he had had invited Cindy here hoping to seduce her. She feigns surprise, which is hysterical because her pussy is soaking wet and she's grinding it into the bed. I nod knowingly. He continues and explains his plan had been to greet her in his towel and make small talk and try to expose his cock. "I have a really big cock" he says as he stands. His hard cock is just inches from Cindy's face. He discards the towel and his dick is fucking beautiful. It's over a foot long, 13 inches at least and is mostly vein free. It looks smooth and inviting. It was intimidating but also comforting all at once. Cindy drools and fights the urge to consume his meat. He tells me he respects our relationship, but he thought they could fuck with "no strings" and he could scratch her itch. He explained she was trained on big dick and would always crave it. He would help me out by giving her all the cock she needed so she didn't stray on me.

This all sounded so much more reasonable with his massive cock swinging in our faces. As he spoke I noticed Cindy's eyes were tracking his cock as it swayed with his words, like an animal tracking it's prey. She probably didn't notice when her head started to follow his cocks movements like a cobra about to strike. I barely noticed when my head and neck started to mirror her actions and I too began to follow his swollen cock head. Cindy looked at me and said she loved me, but needed that cock. I just silently nodded and she swallowed more than half his cock in one gulp. She sucked 8 inches of his cock with enthusiasm while she jerked his dick with two hands. She stared at me while she moaned and slurped on his dick. I love her.

Eventually he laid her at the edge of the bed with her legs spread and pounded her pussy. She could only take about ten inches for while but her cervix relented under the pounding and all 12 inches of his huge cock found it's way in. Cindy's eyes rolled back and she started cumming over and over. The site of the length of his cock sliding in and out of her was amazing. I pulled out my dick and started stroking it.

After some time and many orgasms Marc chuckled and asked Cindy if she remembered the time they tried anal. She got a serious look and told him "Still NO Marc, that cock is too big it just won't fit!" "I know" he said, "But i bet Shawn will fit". They both looked at me stroking my 10 inch cock and invited me the join them. Marcus rolled over on his back and Cindy lowered herself on his cock. I kneeled be hid her and started licking her ass crack. She moaned loudly inviting me to step it up. I tongued her ass passionately and watched in awe as Marc's massive member pounded in and out of her. When she was good and wet I I pressed my cock against her until her hole parted and she yelped as I popped through her anal ring with the head of my cock.

I worked in slowly and then Marc and I found a rhythm and started alternating strokes and pounding into her. At first we competed to see who could make her scream the loudest. But at some point we realized that on the out stroke my cock and balls were sliding along the length of his shaft like two snakes intertwined. We didn't say anything but my stokes become more focused on grinding my cock into his. We also found our dicks colliding as we thrust into her, she was just a thin barrier between our hard meat. I noticed Marcus looking in the wall mirror. I tracked his gaze and realized it was happening. He was watching in shock as my massive booty shook as I thrust myself into Cindy. He finally noticed me. He was realizing that I'm special. His eyes got wide as I made an effort to give hims real show. I started bouncing which allowed my massive cheeks to jump and drop hard causing a lot of movement. He shook his head in disbelief at one point. Cindy's arms were getting tired and she was flopping in between us like a rag doll as we pounded her from all angles. Under the guise of helping her out, I suggested we change positions.

Marcus positioned Cindy face down on the bed with her knees spread but her body laying down on the bed. He stood at the edge of the bed and entered her pussy from behind and she purred like a cat. He instructed me to straddle her and mimic her position and bend my knees so my dick lined up on her ass. I realized my ass would be spread wide right in front of Marc, I knew he knew it too. My asshole started to throb. I seductively crawled between them and since Cindy couldn't see i made a show rolling my booty into position. I could feel Marc's approval in the way his cock was pulsing with my every move. Instead of just spreading my knees, i decided to present my ass to Marcus for his enjoyment.

I spread my feet wide and basically did a split with my legs straight and my ass cheeks wide open hovering over Marc's cock. I pressed my rock hard dick up against Cindy's ass and pressed until the head, soaked with precum, slipped in. She moaned softly as I slowly slid more of my cock in her. I rolled my hips while doing so and Marc had to pull his cock out of Cindy's pussy a couple of times because the site of my round ass grinding for him was going to make him cum. The second time he pulled out he gently slapped his cock against my ass cheeks. My asshole started throbbing visibly. The third time I made him so hot he had to pull out he firmly slapped his cock head against my butthole. I nearly came so i quickly pulled out.

My quick motion backwards caused his dick, still pressed against my hole, to stretch my virgin hole and the tip of his enormous cock entered my ass. In the moment i realized I reacted instinctively...and pressed back against his cock. Now most of head was inside me. Knowing he could press forward and fuck my fat ass was enough to push me over the edge. His cock fell out as I spasmed and shot my load across Cindy's back. I jerked violently and came harder than ever before as I drenched her back. I collapsed back and my ass fell across Marcus' cock as he slid back into Cindy. Now, as he fucked her, I was squeezing my muscular ass cheeks around the base of his cock and helping her milk the cum out of his monster cock.n I was also getting the amazing sensation of the veins and contours of his cock across my asshole.

As he pulled out of her, he pushed me down on her back. My face landed in my own cum which I didn't mind. I was turned on by the forceful way he shoved me. Then he ejaculated a huge load across my ass cheeks and exposed hole. He yelled something about take his load bitch, which Cindy thought was for her but I figured was for me since he was cumin all over my bubble butt. For a while no one spoke, then Cindy broke the silence by sliding out of the bed and saying she needed to clean up. She thanked Marcus and kissed his pussy soaked cock. She immediately turned and kissed me on the mouth. She smiled and went in the bathroom and closed the door.

With Cindy out of the room I spread my legs even wider and put my puckered hole on display for Marcus. He took the bait. "Hey" he said "looks like you need some help getting cleaned up...do you mind?" I thank him and say I'd appreciate the help. I'm surprised when he leans forward and starts licking his own cum off my ass cheeks. I don't mind though because the gentle kissed and tender licking of my ass is driving me crazy. He asks if I think it's gross of him to eat his own cum. I just moan that I love what he's doing and that I'm "open Minded". He spreads my cheeks and makes a joke about me opening more than my mind. Then he eats my ass and by the time he's done my ass belongs to him. I grind the bed beneath me while he tongues my ass until I cum hard and squeeze his face between my fat cheeks.

He asks if I'll help him get cleaned up and without a word I just swallow his cock. 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches. Being an amateur I gag and choke, but i am persistent and eventually his whole cock is in my throat. I bob on his cock for a while, then I slide down to his large egg sized balls and suck each one thoroughly. I slide under his balls and list and suck the inner part of his cock through his perineum. He is going crazy and we don't even notice Cindy in the room until i feel her gently pressing my head and encouraging me to such his cock while she strokes my semi erect cock. Eventually Marcus tenses up and I fell him shoot a spurt of thick cum in my mouth. I swirled it on my tongue while he pulled out and came on Cindy's tits. before he was done cumming i was licking and sucking the cum off her tits. I even caught a couple stray cum shots across my cheek, which Cindy ate for me.

We knelt at his feet kissing each other and his sensitive cock head. We tickled each other's tongues as we licked either side of his softening cock. We smiled at each other in bliss as we collected his cum on our tongues and shared it with each other. I don't know what this means for our relationship, but in this moment we are very much in love. With each other and the cock we were still nuzzling between us.



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