Andrew is my best friend slash ex boyfriend. We dated for a while, but called it quits when he wanted to have sex, but was still in the closet. It never effected our friendship. I wanted to get up and hug him, but i was completely naked.

'That was so hot' he said grabbing his crotch. He has a really big package, but rarely uses it.

'Um....hey these are my boyfriends danny and lanny.'

'Nice to meet you, is it okay if i join you next time?' He said already stripping. I knew lanny wouldn't, but i wasn't so sure.

'Do you want him to?' Danny turned red and looked embarrased.

'I feel like that's cheating'

'No its ok, andrews a good guy, and I'm giving you the okay. Lanny you can too if you want.' Lanny removed his head from my chest and looked at me like i was stupid, before laying it back down.

'Ok come on andrew' he layed behind danny. It was quite a sight to see the four of us naked holding each other. We started to have some fun when the front door opened. We all dashed for our clothes, and managed to get dressed in time.

Andrew and i started showing them around seattle. At first he tried to touch lanny, but was shut down instantly. When he came on to danny, he showed a little hesitation, but warmed up when i smiled. Honestly i think danny wanted the relationship that lanny and i have. He never said anything, because he didn't want to hurt his brother.

We went to the movies first. It was absolutely horrible. Then we ate lunch at my favorite cafe'. Afterwards we went to the mall to look around. Danny seemed really happy with all of the attention he was receiving from andrew. I waa genuinely happy for him. Lanny and i were inseperable, and i lived every minute of me. He always just wanted to be held and loved. And trust me i had plenty of love to give.

It started to get dark as we arrived to my house. Lanny and andrew went inside, but danny stopped me.

' What's up'

'I.....i think......i have feelings for andrew' he said. This hurt like hell, but i knew one day this would happen.

'I think you should go for it'

'But what about you?'

'What about me? Danny its your life do whats going to make you happy.' We walked into the house and saw lanny and andrew sitting there waiting. I walked over to one couch and sat with lanny while danny went to the other and sat with andrew.

The next day i went downstairs to get some breakfast while everyone was asleep. Andrew came out of one of the room he and danny slelt in and joined me.

'Hey......sorry about stealing your boyfriend' he said with an arrogant smirk. I let it go and just continued eating. He seemed suprised by my reaction.

'You're not mad?' He said sounding a little disappointed.

'No I'm happy you two look really good together.' He looked pissed. I knew exactly what he was doing he wants to make me jealous. Before anything else was said danny came downstairs. After a little conversation the two of them left. Lanny came downstairs and sat on my lap as we watched t.v. About an hour later there was a loud banging on the door. I walked over to it and opened it. Danny sprung inside and kissed me.

'Mack i love you and only you!' He said pulling away with tears streaming down his face. Lanny walked in and i placed one arm around both of them. We sat down and danny told me after they'd kissed he felt nothing, and broke it off.

Andrew showed up a little later and asked if he could speak with me upstairs. I followed his lead into my bedroom. Andrew is about six foot four, blonde haor, green eyes, and very muscular. We talked everything out, and there were no hard feelings.

We returned to miami on Saturday and decided to go out to dinner. I excused myself to the bathroom when i collided into someone. We both fell, but i got up first. I reached my hand down to help him up, but he ignored it. He went right back to his phone call.

'Yeah sorry some idiot just ran into me' he was really cute until then. He had blond hair in a fake mohawk type style, he had piercing blue eyes, a delicious body, and he was my height.

'Asshole' i said. He turned around and glared at me.

'Asshole' i said again. I turned around and went into the bathroom. After i finished i washed my hands, and went for the exit. As i opened the door he pushed to the wall and locked us in. This did not look good for me at all.



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